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Should homosexuals be allowed to marry

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by Mark1006, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. KibaLG8

    KibaLG8 Well-Known Member

    Gay Marriage is bad. It's supposed to be between a man & a woman. But I shouldn't even butt into this since its pointless. Thats what I think... I know that was a bad comparison, & I could get into a wicked debate if I wanted to but I don't see what it will resolve on the long run... nobody here is probably going to change what they believe anyways and about 90% of the people on the darn planet think that "If it makes both sides happy, they should do it."
  2. Chris-kun

    Chris-kun i still believe

    So, then, what about the legal side of marriage? I can completely understand the religious side of marriage. No one should ever force a religion to accept something that goes against its dogmas. It is their right to refuse homosexuals the right to marry within the confines of their church. However, what about the legal rights associated with marriage? Should homosexuals be denied those as well?
  3. Pesky Persian

    Pesky Persian Caffeine Queen

    That's your personal definition of marriage. Marriage is different across cultures. Polygyny, polyandry, arranged marriages, "wife stealing," these are all just a few forms of marriage across various cultures. You're allowed your opinion, but making the statement "gay marriage is bad" doesn't help your side of the argument at all.
  4. Trainer Evan

    Trainer Evan Local Crackpot

    I'm all for gay rights and I don't see why they shouldn't marry. The only things that stand in the way are people who are truly arrogant or religious nuts. And even if a homosexual couple DOES marry, what effect does it have on you personally?? None. None at all. "OH IT OFFENDS THE HOLY TRADITION OF MARRIAGE." Boohoo. Uphold your own traditions. Just because someone does something against your religion or your own personal beliefs doesn't mean you have to wring them by the neck.

    And as for the homophobes; guess what? They're not going to make out on your lawn or any of that junk. (You'll never be that lucky, I swear.) What makes it "gross" or "unjust"? I'd be willing to bet that it's just your own inability to accept something you're unfamiliar. And that makes homosexuality, in your own eyes, a "no-no".

    I'm all for gay marriage. Everyone deserves some love.
  5. Pseudo-Unlegendary

    Pseudo-Unlegendary I be an Exotic One

    I had to look back up again to see if you were a n00b, and I'm kind of surprised you aren't.

    Gay marraige= all parties are happy on most occasions.
    murder= that P.O.s almost everyone except one person.
  6. legendarypokemonmaster

    legendarypokemonmaster Well-Known Member

    No, I think they can have those rights.
  7. TheHauntedOne

    TheHauntedOne evil tofu!!!

    Hey relax dude, I wasn't trying to insult. Everyone is ignorant in some way shape or form. Really though, If you're going to say crap like "homosexuality is a sickness" and "gay marriage = AIDS" on a public forum, which many gay/gay friendly people obviously frequent... What kind of responses did you expect? Come on now, don't get your knickers in a knot over it.

    Also, equating homosexuality with murder is just beyond ridiculous. I can't believe anyone would actually think that to be a valid comparison. (yet another wonderful example of ignorance)
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2011
  8. insanityhand

    insanityhand Well-Known Member

    While I believe that fundamentally they should have the right I do not believe that it should be the right of the United States Government to make it legal. However I believe that it should be a state right and done by issue of states deeming people ready for gay marriage in their state. I believe that in this way everyone would be happier (at least in America). I cannot really say anything for other countries as I'm not completely versed in the systems of different governments.
  9. Pesky Persian

    Pesky Persian Caffeine Queen

    But why should the government (either state or federal) get to decide who gets to marry? In my eyes, it's a basic human right to be allowed to marry. To my knowledge, heterosexuals didn't have to get their right to marry approved. Why should homosexuals be forced to fight to have a basic right guaranteed to any heterosexual?
  10. Sea Swampert

    Sea Swampert being piratey

    My answer....is naturally gonna be yes, of course they can. In this day and age, it's crazy that people can think that it's ok to say that people can't do something (within reason natch)
  11. bel9

    bel9 n3w 2 sppf :3

    The Catholic Church's official policy is that homosexuality is not a choice. The official policy is that homogenital contact before marriage is as sinful as sex before marriage. They acknowledged that homosexuality is something a person cannot control or choose. Therefore, they state that Catholics should defend homosexuals and treat them with respect like any other disenfranchised group or minority. Unfortuneatly they have yet to support homosexual marriage. Should they be allowed to marry? Yes.
  12. KrayzieBuddha

    KrayzieBuddha 英雄豪傑

    I would say yes to gay marriage. I mean gays/lesbians are people as well and not everyone in the world is perfect.
  13. ashhleeyy

    ashhleeyy εμπιστοσύνη

    parts of this thread are making me rage. it's so hard for me to understand that there's still people in our generation that are anti-gay marriage and even anti-gay, and even harder to understand why these are still issues. i've had boyfriends, i've had girlfriends; i'm obviously all for gay marriage. if i time comes where i feel marriage isn't a dated and unnecessary custom, i'll cause a scene if i can't marry my girlfran.

    bahaha. <3
  14. Lulu_used_SunnyDay

    Lulu_used_SunnyDay Petal Blizzard

    Well, that was just my opinion. I don't know if this means anything,but I've been studying psychology for a while at school, and I honestly believe kids should have a female and male basic reference figures in their life.

    Of course, this goes beyond just girls who need to talk to mum and boys to dad when they hit puberty....
    It's more about having two different points of view in the family. Dunno if I explained it well :|
  15. Trainer Evan

    Trainer Evan Local Crackpot

    I mean, honestly; those assumptions are based on nothing but the fear of those saying it. Homosexuals aren't all about gay pride parades or rubbing it in your face that they're gay; and for those that do...I think a majority of those that do are just giving homosexuals a bad name, because it leads people to take homosexuals less seriously because they're waving around their sexuality in your face like, "HAY. HAY. ACCEPT ME. HAY." All I'm saying is that it's just easier for some people to accept others when they're not all up in your face. That isn't to say that all homosexuals are like that. Absolutely not.

    I have a lot of friends who are homosexuals. And they are the most honest people I know. I guess someone (a really stupid someone) could say that I'm biased because I happen to have homosexual friends.

    REALISTICALLY, no homosexual couple is going to go to the extent of having sexual contact on someone's lawn, under any circumstance.
  16. PsychedelicJellyfish

    PsychedelicJellyfish formerly R. New

    Yes. They should. They're people. If they love each other then who has the right to stop them? End post.
  17. ashhleeyy

    ashhleeyy εμπιστοσύνη

    you clearly don't know me that well.

    but seriously, what you say is very true. i don't know how many times i've heard "i'm all for gay rights until they start making out in public." raaage.
  18. Chris-kun

    Chris-kun i still believe

    Honestly, I'm having a hard time finding studies that say that gay parents negatively affect their children.
  19. Trainer Evan

    Trainer Evan Local Crackpot

    I know people who will go to that extent to just make people red in the face. But I love trolls. So it's okay <3

    I've honestly never heard that...it's either "I support gay rights" or "they're gonna make out on my lawn so I don't". Blatant homophobes irritate me, especially when they have nothing to back up their opinion with. Every reason they have translates to me as, "Oh it's gross and icky and I don't like it", like they're talking about some guy or girl on the playground that they have a crush on, but they can't like onna counta they gots cooties :(

    Don't get me wrong; I respect other people's opinions and beliefs. I DON'T respect people who doesn't respect other people's opinions and beliefs.

    Also, on the topic of gay parents; my music conductor is a single parent, a homosexual, and raises one kid who is 10 years old. The two of them could not be happier. To say that gay parents can't raise a kid is rather ludicrous. If that's all that the relationship is based upon; "Oh, my parents are both boys/girls, is there something wrong with me, my parents are wrong, etc" is probably going to make the relationships (between both the parents, and the parents and the kid) in the family a little rocky. Obviously these situations aren't always the case.
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2011
  20. Indeed. Tenchar.
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