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Should I get PBR?

Discussion in 'Battle Revolution (Hidden)' started by mypetmorkie, May 6, 2012.

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  1. mypetmorkie

    mypetmorkie Member

    Hey, im considering buying pokemon battle revolution but i wanted to know if its worth it. I have both heartgold and platinum, which i think works with PBR, and i cant battle online on my ds becuase i dont have the proper wifi set up (however my wii has wifi) I do have pokemon white, but im not into the competitve 5th gen battle scene. Should i pick up PBR?
  2. mypetmorkie

    mypetmorkie Member

    Also are people still online on PBR?
  3. Michelob

    Michelob Member

    There are still people online with PBR. It can be fun but be prepared to see a lot of people playing with Ubers.
  4. Earth Wolf-Howl

    Earth Wolf-Howl Nuzlocker

    Aye. I never would know how Raven, a mere little Murkrow, would take them all down! But, yes, I got it recently and enjoy it so far. Hope you do as well!

    *About online: if you want, I could challenge you in battle online. What level range are you?
  5. mypetmorkie

    mypetmorkie Member

    im just picked up the game and am loving it. And Warrior Scolipede, i can't really battle you right now as i am using the rental pokemon, as i just started a new game in platinum and in my heartgold game i am doing a solo run. But once i get some good pokes i might battle :D
  6. Earth Wolf-Howl

    Earth Wolf-Howl Nuzlocker

    Sure! Glad you like the game so far, it really is rather good!
  7. ShadowAskyz

    ShadowAskyz MasterChief

    I am also up to fights online in PBR, if you are strong or need a good challenge just pm me if your ready =)

    Btw a little tip: just to see if your good enough:
    If you managed in Pokemon XD and Colosseum the Orre Colosseum with those very strong enemies, you could try going up against me ;d

    and if you didn't have these games, then you have to decide whether your good or not hehe (or also you could try beat the last boss in PBR, theres a pretty strong one too)
  8. Pokemon Trainer (Kanto)

    Pokemon Trainer (Kanto) Environmentalist

    Yes, i believe there are still people that play PBR cause is the latest game in 3D , i also still play it :)
  9. overlordmewtwo

    overlordmewtwo Supreme Overlord

    I pretty much have no reason to be on PBR, as the competition is down since Gen 5 started, but I still pick it up every once in a while. I'm up for a battle on PBR too when you're ready, I guess... (but depending on your time zone and my schedule, that might not always work out).
  10. Pokemon Trainer (Kanto)

    Pokemon Trainer (Kanto) Environmentalist

    hi im good enough really, i managed to defeat Lovrina, Snattle, Gorigan, Chobin, Gonzap and Ardos, reach two times with Eldes but i lost miserably lol
    love XD but i couldn't play Colosseum, anyway if u still play Battle Revolution pm me please bye
  11. joep05

    joep05 master of disaster

    i would get it. i got mine about a month ago, i had been wanting to get it for a very long time but i could never find it until recently for some reason, and im glad i did, it lacks the multi-purpose gaming that you find in older games like stadium 1 and 2 e.g. mini-games, and gym/colloseum leaders in conjunction with the ones on d/p, it is basically battling and nothing else, but it is still a really good game and i'd recommend it to any pokemon fan. i think its got arguably THE hardest CPU battles you will face in ANY game. mysterial is awesome to fight, very very hard but awesome.
  12. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Glad you decided for yourself; this is not an advice column and you would be a fool to ask people on the internet (kids no less!) how you should spend your money.

    Also glad you're enjoying it.
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