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Should I start spriting again?


God of Fusions
Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well.
I originally joined serebii forums some many years ago in order to display my sprites (a time at which this sub forum was exploding with many many daily updated threads).

However, due to being busy with academics and my person life, among other responsibilities, my spriting days came to an end. Not only spriting, but in regards to many other art forms as well....

However, I've regained interest in returning this art, just for a little bit of fun. Unfortunately, many of my old sprites have been deleted and I no longer have access to the many hundreds that I have created over the years.
You may view the comments on my old threads here:

Also, if I get enough interest, I may restart the "Whose that Pokemon" contest that I ran last year (sorry for having to leave that):

I do somehow still have just a few old mixes left!



Linecolors were also something that I came up with:

Let me know what you think, and you would be interested in seeing me return to the spriting scene.
I suggest you open a sprite shop, but please keep this thread updated.

Frosty Voltorb

Well-Known Member
I would highly recommend that you get back into spriting. That is, if you have the time and will for it. It's a fun hobby, I'm sure you can agree on that. It is time consuming though. Plus, if you're looking to better your skills at it, the best way is to keep it up! I can attest to coming back to spriting as being one of the fun things I decided to get back into.

Also: That was you in charge of the Who's that Pokemon contest? I loved that one! It was a refreshing take to scratch spriting. I say def give that another go, or try to find someone willing to take it up for you once again. Whatever you decide on, know it's just a matter of will and want to do it.


~Master Coordinator~
I agree with them. I find spriting fun, but, the instant it becomes an annoying chore, stop. Nothing that goes from fun to work should be continued. But, if you like it, go ahead and get back into it.



Well-Known Member
Well, spriting as a whole has started to pick-up a little around the net as a "unique" craft to have, almost akin to sewing or something like that. On the flip side, especially with the newest generation banishing sprites to the dust, pokemon spriting is about as dead as can be.

So what I'm trying to say is-

If you want to do it for fun: Open up a pokemon sprite shop here or post a few sprites in this section on your free time.

If you feel your time is wasted on something with such few followers: Sprite things other then pokemon, or maybe join a pokemon hack or something like that.


The One To BEAT!!
I think you should comeback to the spriting scene. Seeing your works makes me want to see more! Though, if it gets too tiring or you feel like it is too much work, take a break for awhile. But not too long though ;) What I'm trying to say is do what you want to do. If you want to sprite, sprite. If you don't, don't then.


6 different pokemon
I also think you should only do it if you enjoy doing it.
Maybe we should do a project. Like frosty said the 'who's that' contest was really fun, or maybe we can do something bigger. Like CAP on the smogon forums. Or maybe we should start a project to make sprites of the 6th gen pokemon, since there won't be any sprites anymore.