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Should I use Aegislash or Kartana?


My current team, just an all around national deck team. As well as kartana or aegislash, any suggestions on rest of team are welcome.

Ability: Rough Skin. Item: Rocky Helmet
Scale Shot; Fire Fang;
Earthquake; Swords Dance
Jolly. Evs 252 atk 252 spd 6 spdef

Ability: Flame Body.
Item: Heavy Duty Boots
Bug Buzz; Quiver Dance;
Fire Blast; Giga Drain
Timid Evs 252 spak 252 spd 6 speed

Ability: Protean. Item: Groundium Z
Dig(ZMove); Ice Punch; Gunk Shot; Spikes
Jolly or Hasty. EVS atk 252 spd 252

Ability: Trace/Pixilate. Item: Gardevoirite
Hyper Voice; Mystical Fire;
Psyshock; Taunt
Timid Evs 252 spak 252 spd 6 def

Toxtricity low key
Ability: Punk Rock. Item: Life Orb
Boomburst; Overdrive;
Sludge Wave; Volt Switch
Timid Evs 252 spak 252 spd

The options

Ability: BeastBoost Item: ? F sash maybe
Sacred Sword; Leaf Blade;
Smart Strike; Swords Dance or Knock Off
Ev: 252 atk 252 spd

Ability: Change Stance.
Item: Weakness Policy
Automotize; Shadow Ball;
Flash Cannon; Close Combat
Hasty Evs 252 spak 252 spd

Other suggestions welcome but I need a fighting move, a steel move, and ideally something effective against ghost types and/or water rypes