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Should Kenta/Jimmy and Marina have thier own spin-off


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This is the first thread i create so if it doesn't belong here could the mods please move it to the correct place.

recently I re-watched Raikou the legend of thunder, the raw version with sub-titles. And it got me wondering if Kenta/Jimmy and Marina could have gotten a spin-off serie. It would be nice to see how Kenta/Jimmy, Marina, and Junichi/ Vincent/ Jackson( I will call him Vincent from now on) started out their journeys. Also to see the rivalry between Jimmy and Silver. it would also be nice to see what the future had for them. We know that Vincent went to participate in the Silver conference and that Marina accomplished her dream of becoming an Idol trainer/ Master Coordinator. But we know nothing of Kenta/Jimmy. it would have been cool to see some cronicles episodes with them in it, rather than some of the one's we got Ritichie and Celebi, copy of 4th movie.

Could they be ignoring kenta/jimmy do to the annoucment of HeartGold / Soulsilver. Could it be he would have a role in the anime, what do you think.


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No. Frankly, Jackson/Vincent is annoying, and I doubt Jimmy and Marina could carry their own series.


I would personally enjoy watching a series starring Marina and/or May. A series with Jimmy would be a bit much for me though. I really don't like his character though and I don't think he can carry his own series. As Chaos Mage already stated, it would essentially be what the anime is already only with different characters.


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Ok I can understand if the spin-off series wouldn't work but what about if the created new chronicles episodes. I mean maybe have an epsiode or two dedicated to jimmy and his fight to defeat his rival silver. And there could also be an episode or two dedicated to Marina and see how she managed to become an Idol trainer.

I particularly don't care about Vincent, ... saw enough of him in the silver conference... so i wouldn't care if they never bring back vincent

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As much as I'd love a new series, no, I don't think it'd hold it's own...Not many people liked Jimmy and Marina iirc.

Now, mor episodes of Chronicles? I'd like that very much.

Blackjack Gabbiani

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Kenta and Marina? Hell no. I'd probably throw my TV out the window if I had to see them in everything.

Now Junichi? I'd watch that. I'd get up at all hours to watch that. It'd be hilarious.


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Yeaah, no. Those two were incredibly bland and they just would not be able to do much on their own unless there's some amazing plot that drives their spin off. Vincent, on the otherhand, I'd watch for the lulz.


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No, I doubt they will have another spin off series. But, considering the GS remake, they will probably appear in the original anime series as a hint/reference to HG/SS. I don't think it will really happen though.


And waste more money for animation? Be nice to have them appear again though.