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Should Krokorok Be Considered One of Ash's Rivals

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Mr.Munchlax, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. gliscor&yanmega

    gliscor&yanmega Well-Known Member

    It's more of a rival to just Pikachu, in a sense that would make it Ash's rival too but the main rivalry going on is between it and Pikachu. The rivalry I'd say will eventually turn into a capture for Ash though.
  2. Shadowface

    Shadowface Shokubutsu no kaijin

    That would be a nice twist in the show! I say why not!
  3. Tepig 5000

    Tepig 5000 Darkness Filled Me

    No it can't it will be his pokemon
  4. (P.O.K.E.M.O.N)

    (P.O.K.E.M.O.N) AshXSerena = Canon

    rofl.. ^.^
  5. Tepig 5000

    Tepig 5000 Darkness Filled Me

    hey cut me some slack lol
  6. shady56

    shady56 Blazing With Heart

    i believe he is pikachus rival to help pikachu get stronger
    seeing how he lost to a panpour at the start of the journey then starting sweeping stronger pokemon along the way
    could lead to a epic capture but i wouldnt know
  7. Mew~

    Mew~ ...

    It does somewhat seem like a really great idea, but I don't think we'll ever really see it again now, I thought it was kinda like the snubull that kept following them in johto but evolved and then stopped. Though if it does I hope Ash catches it somehow..
  8. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Lol, do we really need to when you don't give a further argumentation then 'No, because it's going to be Ash's'?

    It's hard to take that stuff at face value, although in my eyes that seems like a possible scenario I've conjured up a while back ago as well.. Because:

    Ash met Sandile/Krokorok once between each badge he has gotten thusfar and overcame there initial negative disposition.. In effect, he has gotten to know the little croc, and then it evolved.

    If anything, this is the history:

    Pre-Striaton Gym: Sandile is mesmerized by Ash and Pikachu's bond.
    Pre-Nacrene Gym: Sandile challenges Ash and Pikachu's bond to get Ash's attention, but doesn't get the point through.
    Pre-Castelia Gym: Sandile challenges Ash and Pikachu again, and gets the point through. Evolves, but isn't a match yet.
    Speculated Pre-Nimbassa Gym Appearance: Krokorok challenges Ash and Pikachu again and Ash captures the croc.

    Nimbassa Gym line-up: Krokorok, Swadloon, Snivy
    - Krokorok manages to beat the first Emolga, but is switched out against the second.
    - Snivy is thrown in against the second Emolga and will beat it.
    - Ash decides to give Snivy a rest
    - Swadloon comes in, but takes the fall here against Zebstrika, although it did due a few String Shots to slow it down initially, but Flame Charge wrecked it.
    - Krokorok comes in and does a really got job at hurting Zebstrika with Dig, but falls.
    - Snivy comes back in and rounds the match off, tripping the Zebra's speed through the use of Krokorok's digging holes and Vine Whip... Then when the Zebra can't charge, Snivy takes it down with a Leaf Storm and then a Leaf Blade to the face.

    But Krokorok never saw Pikachu as weak did it? And Pikachu only lost to Panpour because of Cress' superior strategy using Mud Sport, which meant Pikachu had to once again really on Quick Attack and Iron Tail alone..

    And we all know how Ash reacts to situations where he can't use Electric attacks: See Paul's Electivire (well, he could, but he tripped himself up), and Trip's Snivy...

    Nèh.. With Snubbull we knew it was trainer owned I believe.. Krokorok is 100% confirmed to be wild as heck, and wants to challenge Ash and Pikachu, and that will probably not stop until it wins, or gets captured...

    If I'm right, its most recent exit that it got was similar to the one it had in BW12, right? That should be a dead giveaway that it will show up at least once more as a wild pokemon.

    In my opinion, there are only two outcomes of Krokorok's storyline:

    It will become one of Ash's major powerhouses, along with Samurott, Pikachu, and Scrafty (and Emboar if it goes all the way).


    It will become Trip's major powerhouse along with Serperior and Chandelure, and Bisharp, just hoping for this makes my mouth water... ():p
  9. Maxim

    Maxim Beyond repair

    Has it even reappeared as a Krokorok at all?

    I really don't understand why people put their hopes up on this Pokemon.

    A rival? Get fukkin real...
  10. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Again.. What's your problem?!

    I though you got your mouth closed when it first reapppeared as a Sandile.. It got the same kind of exit this time as it got in BW12, so who are you to say that it will or can't appear again?

    If anything, that's proof that it will..

    Maxim, just stop watching Best Wishes.. Perhaps it will be better for your health if you didn't work yourself up over something as petty as this so much..
  11. Tyranitarquake

    Tyranitarquake HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!!!

    Well ash has rotated his pidove for sewaddle so maybe he might rotate one of his pokemon for krokorok
  12. Maxim

    Maxim Beyond repair

    Did I ever say that Sandile would be an one-time Pokemon? No, I didn't. I've always KNEW that it'd become a recurring one (like Jigglypuff) but no one will catch it (like Jigglypuff).

    I'm just saying that it hasn't even reappeared as a Krokorok, so it's really too early to judge what it'll be doing as a Krokorok. But calling him a rival is far-fetched anyway.

    The only thing that annoys me is that people make a big deal of this critter and STILL believe that Ash will catch him. The chances are that it's just another Jigglypuff or Snubble, just a bit stronger.

    Why are you people changing my EVERY SINGLE WORD into a curse?
  13. playerking

    playerking Sick of dealing with idiots.

    Well a Krokorok, is/was in episode BW023. And Sunglasses Krokorok's VA/Giovanni's VA, is listed for the Druddigon Episode.

    But as for it being a Rival for Ash, no, just plain, no.

    And it's not impossible for Ash not to catch it, but if it evolves, I'd rather it stay wild.
  14. Legendary Dreams

    Legendary Dreams Well-Known Member

    I consider it Pikachu's rival solely for the idea that the series sounds more interesting if it was so.

    Such things are relatively subjective, I would say.

    I do have a pipe dream of it friending 5 Pokemon and entering the leaque, employing itself as the 6th Pokemon. Nearest realistic scenario would be the 6 of them being N's Friends in the Leaque.
  15. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    The way you said your previous first line, kinda insinuated that you think that the ongoing thing Krokorok has was in your mind discontinued and that anybody who thought otherwise wasn't 'gettin fukkin real'...

    That's why I took it as offensive because as Playerking said, there was one supposedly in BW23, and it's VA is again listed for next weeks episode.

    As a rival I kinda agree.. No.. That would mean that it would have to have official matches with Ash at some point, but rather its systematically challenging him and Pikachu in order to get their attention.. It's got its eyes set on them for some reason.. So I still stand by my two hypotheses..

    Jigglypuff followed the group because it wanted an audience, and in my recollection.. It kinda popped up out of nowhere most of the time, while Sandile had shown to want Ash and Pikachu specifically, even making a trap so it got them seperated from the group.

    Snubbull was owned by a trainer. No comparison.

    If it evolves, I'd want Ash to have at least two fully evolved pokemon to at least match its status. If it evolves into Krookodile, then Ash at least needs to have Dewott, Pignite, Unfezant and Leavanny to compensate..

    If Ash were to catch it in the form it is now, I wouldn't mind as much as Ash already has Tranquill and Swadloon to provide the matching status as middle forms. But an evolved starter would help tremendously.

    Pikachu, Tranquill, Dewott, Tepig, Snivy, Scraggy, Swadloon, Krokorok.
    That seems balanced enough to make it not weird, and perhaps Swadloon could have evolved by that time and it would be perfectly fine..
  16. (P.O.K.E.M.O.N)

    (P.O.K.E.M.O.N) AshXSerena = Canon

    dude dw krokrock will not be a rival and if so ash's pignite or embeor brick break = x4 damage = 1hitk0
  17. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Actually.. x2 damage.. plus stab, which is x1.5

    So.. 75x1.5=112.5
    Applying weakness: 225 damage

    Which means that it is three times the damage.. But probably still a 1HKO on Emboar's part.. But then again.. Who is faster? Krokorok has a speed stat that's better then Emboar's. So I bet yeah two bucks that an EQ from Krokorok is enough to knock out Emboar, and Pignite for sure...

    Then there's the question of who they fought first of course.. Did Emboar have the chance to use Flame Charge and up its speed? Did Krokorok fight something weak and did it get a Moxie attack bonus so it would knock out Emboar for sure?

    We don't know, but Krokorok has the better stats speaking for itself.
  18. (P.O.K.E.M.O.N)

    (P.O.K.E.M.O.N) AshXSerena = Canon

    wait isn't krokrock a dark and ground? and ground are x2 and so is dark?
  19. Burakoru

    Burakoru Belly Slide

    I think Krokorok will be a rival, or maybe caught by Trip.
  20. Grey Wind

    Grey Wind Only rescues maidens

    Ground isn't weak to Dark.

    And Bekidding that would be an interesting twist...

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