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Should Pokemon eventually get 4 or 5 stages of Evolution?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by CAH, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. CAH

    CAH Calm And Hyper

    4th Evolution

    The maximum number of times a Pokemon can currently evolve is twice, but do you think they should ever introduce a 4th evolution?

    Why/Why not? and which Pokemon do you think could do with one?
  2. ShiningKnightXY

    ShiningKnightXY <----Newest Shiny

    Probably not. Evolution increases stats and a lot of pokemon already have high stats. Legendaries would become obsolete with 4th evos.
  3. CAH

    CAH Calm And Hyper

    I agree that if certain Pokemon got a 4th evolution they may very well be overpowered, however some of them aren't that strong even as third evolutions e.g. Wigglytuff, Beedrill, Butterfree, Pidgeot and many more from multiple gens (seeing as I only named gen one Pokemon there). Giving these Pokemon a 4th evolution could potentially make them more useable again. However if they gave something powerful like Dragonite a 4th evolution, it'd be too much..... UNLESS the 4th evolution changed some aspect of the pokemon without drastically altering stats e.g. maybe its evolution simply has a new typing or ability that makes it stand out, rather than its stats increasing.
  4. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    I don't want a 4th evolution to be introduced, and they will never do that either.

    1) Three stages is a standard since Gen 1.

    2) As the poster above said, many third-stage Pokemons already have high stats.
  5. CAH

    CAH Calm And Hyper

    You never know, anything is possible. Pokemon fusion was never possible until Black and White 2. And X and Y introduces the first grass starter not based on some kind of reptile or dinosaur. There are loads of new potential directions Pokemon could go in. Besides, like I said in an earlier post, the stat thing could easily be resolved i.e. by only giving weak third evolution pokemon an additional evolution, or by changing the Pokemon in a way other than just raising stats.
  6. iGotNoiPad

    iGotNoiPad Well-Known Member

    Its going to make a lot of Pokemon OP.Plus, if they did that; a lot of things can be change and I feel you should not change whats not broken.
  7. CAH

    CAH Calm And Hyper

    Special/Physical split for different move types, the introduction of natures and abilities and many other ideas come to mind. Pokemon definitely wasn't "Broken" but these huge changes improved the game. Plus it really wouldn't be that drastic if done correctly. People seem to be only thinking of the extremes here e.g. a Gyarados, Tyranitar or Metagross getting all their stats boosted. If you think about it realistically in a way that it could work e.g. Beedrill getting a 4th evolution to make it useable again, seeing as it isn't even as powerful as some Pokemon that evolve only once.

    Think outside of the box is all I'm saying.
  8. iGotNoiPad

    iGotNoiPad Well-Known Member

    We are talking about GameFreak here.Plus, what would happen to the RU,UU,NU tier if that happens.Adding 4th evolutions, would only cause Pokemon to crowd the OU tier.Adding a 4th evolution would also cause many Pokemon to evolve late.Yes, I do agree that many things can be implemented to make the game better but by adding 4th evolution it would not work.We are 6 gen in Pokemon and adding that drastic change would be like changing the type chart completely.
  9. Missingno.Fan

    Missingno.Fan Well-Known Member

    No. I think that if that 3 stages have been the standard since Gen I. I think if they wanted a 4 stage line they should of added it several generations ago. Plus there is really no need for it.
  10. Lucario95

    Lucario95 Behold The Aura!

    It will be cool, but I don't think that is a good idea, they will be overpowered, and it will make legendaries make less sense to have on your team.
  11. CAH

    CAH Calm And Hyper

    That's only an assumption though. Having a 4th evolution doesn't necessarily mean a Pokemon will be overused. There are plenty of third evolutions that can't hold their own, so really it's all about the individual Pokemon and the balance. Also there's nothing wrong in giving people more good Pokemon to choose from, it'd make things funner in that sense.

    As for evolving late, that's yet another assumption. Like I said, think outside of the box! If you think about it, no new evolution given to a Pokemon has ever been via JUST levelling up. Either the introduction to a new stone, having a certain move, trading with a certain item etc. has been the norm so far. This means there are a great variety of ways a 4thevolution could be obtained, NOT just generic levelling up.

    The only thing that limits this idea is people thinking too generically or not being creative enough with it. Everyone seems to be coming to the same conclusion "omg that would mean stats would be unbalanced" rather than thinking "actually, what if they did it in a way in which stats were NOT unbalanced".

    Also, this would be NOTHING like changing the type chart completely, it's really not that drastic of a change compared to previous decisions made by GameFreak (which all worked).
  12. I very highly doubt fourth stages will ever be added; however, there's always the possibility of adding split evolutions.
  13. iGotNoiPad

    iGotNoiPad Well-Known Member

    If they were to introduce 4th evolutions, it would be creative but it is not practical.Think about it, there are tons of Pokemon that are haven't third stage evolutions and below; changing all that would take several generations plus Game Freak would have to include a ton of new Pokemon every generations.And if you give a Pokemon a 4th evolution and you don't make it to be overpowered; what's the use?To give Pokemon 4th evolution will make Pokekon that are able to hold on their own third stages would lose their meaning to let's say a 4th evolution Pokemon that got more power.And how many more evolutions methods can you think of? We are not just taking about a few Pokemon; we are talking about the 700++ Pokemon to be as a whole.
  14. blaze boy

    blaze boy Aka SamuraiDon

    You need to check your maths, if the max number pokémon can currently evolve is twice then logically then next step is a 3rd evolution.

    As for your question the answer is no. Pokémon evolution is growth from a child to a grown adult, which is why there is a limit on how many time a pokémon can evolve.

    Furthermore the limit is what separate the Pokémon series from the Digimon series.
  15. CAH

    CAH Calm And Hyper

    You misunderstand. I didn't say 4th evolutions themseleves were creative, I said you and other people making assumptions should be more creative. You see "4th evolution" and immediately assume that this means overpowered Pokemon, late levelling up etc. when really that's because you was just being too narrow minded to think of different ways of implementing this idea.

    Several generations? LOL. How in any way would it take that long. It really wouldn't be that hard, especially as other ideas only took them a single gen (other ideas which are WAY more game changing). Also, firstly you're once again assuming that they would HAVE to make a "ton of new Pokemon" every gen, and secondly, why are you complaining? Making more Pokemon would be a blessing. However, they would be under no obligation to make any more than usual if this was introduced.

    "If you give a Pokemon a 4th evolution and don't make it overpowered, what's the use" - Maybe to make it usable ? In fact it'd be retarded to give a Pokemon a 4th evolution just to make it overpowered. The goal here is to improve certain Pokemon whilst maintaining the balance. Giving a powerful Pokemon a 4th evolution and changing aspects other than stats could give it different advantages such as a type change. There would obviously always be a beneficial justifcation to each one.

    Your argument for third stage Pokemon losing their meaning is flawed, because using that logic you could argue that ALL evolutions make the former Pokemon redundant and thus no evolutions should exist.

    I can think of quite a few evolution methods to be honest, and I'm sure GameFreak can and will think of more.

    And I don't know what you was talking about, but I never once said give every single Pokemon an evolution. I simply said introducing the concept and implementing it on some Pokemon that could benefit from it.

    A Pokemon can evolve twice, however by the second time it has evolved it is the Third stage of its evolution line. This is suggesting a Fourth stage of an evolution line.

    Secondly it is your view that evolution is based that way, however this is not necessarily the case. Evolution is based on a transformation and has nothing to do with age in the same way that humans grow up. In fact, using your logic there should be 5 stages: baby > child > teenager > adult > pensioner. Evolution is not the same as age, so it's not really a valid comparison, and therefore there's no limit on the amount of times a Pokemon could potentially evolve.

    Lastly there are many other attributes that separate Pokemon and Digimon. If you think the three stages of evolution is the key thing that separates them you clearly don't know enough about either series.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2013
  16. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    I wouldn't want a fourth evolution, but I like the idea of a split for the third evolution. That would be a neat idea, getting to choose what evolution you want for the starter. Unless they go down the Tyrogue route and have the EVs choose for you.

    Though they would also have to make sure at least one Trainer has one or all of those evolutions so you would be able to see them and not have to fully rely on finding someone to trade with. It'd be a jerk-move otherwise.
  17. Nyarlathotep

    Nyarlathotep Eldritch Abomination

    Some aspects should never change. The franchise is fine with Pokémon having only two evolutions/three forms. You don't fix what isn't broken.
  18. Hilda

    Hilda Well-Known Member

    Maybe one Pokemon line just be like one of those special cases.
  19. iGotNoiPad

    iGotNoiPad Well-Known Member

    Just to make a Pokemon useful by adding a 4th evolution would be redundant.There are many approaches to this matter like adding useful abilities and move sets which are already in place.Adding a 4th evolution to some Pokemon would only make that some Pokemon more useful.There would be still other Pokemon that are less useful and Game Freak would have to think of ways to improve them in several Gens.Like you said, GameFreak is an creative unit and I am sure that they are thinking of methods to make other Pokemon more useful.

    I am not complaining but if you follow the pattern of each Gen, there is an certain amount of new Pokemon that every Gen introduces and I am happy for that.

    The 3rd stage is usually an adult stage for Pokemon as adding one more stage would be like adding an old version of our Pokemon.

    Besides, if we are creative enough, we would not be typing this front of a computer( for me it would be my phone).

    EDIT:I probably should be sleeping...it's 2.27am here.Just saying.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2013
  20. Popboi

    Popboi The Elusive Trainer

    Not at all, it's a known fact that evolutions are based on life stages, and what would a pensioner do in battle? lol.

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