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Should Pokemon White owners buy White 2 and Vice Versa?

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Vinny White

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I have White, but I'm going to get Black 2. The main reason is I bough White because you only can have Braviary in White. The reason I'm getting Black 2 is, because of the challange key and shiny Gible, futuristic designs so and so forth. White > Black, but Black 2 > White 2. To be honest.

Marbi Z

Should owners of Pokemon White buy White 2 and vice versa? I suspect that it would benefit you to buy the opposite version given how you can experience things you missed as well as obtain version exclusive Pokemon you may not otherwise have.
NOPE! I picked Pokemon White in 2011 and I stayed on the White side by picking White 2. WHITE POWER!!!
Between accessing Challenge Mode and the far better (IMO) Pass Powers that Black Levels net you in the Entralink, it was a no brainer to go from my White version to Black 2. My only problem now is I don't know anyone in the area who's actually bought White 2 XP


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Yes, I think it they should as it is the sequel. I did, and things are going great :D
Purely so the boxes look right on my shelf, I chose to get White 2, having had White previously.


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I got White 2 because I have White 1. I need to finish the story. I don't care for exclusives. But I wouldn't mind if I could get Garchomp. But I wanted to do the Memory Link.


Master of Puppets
Back in the day, I chose Black simply because of two things: I prefer the color, and I like the futuristic environments. This generation was actually the first time I didn't prefer one cover legendary over the other. I think Reshiram is just as cool as Zekrom.

Because of this choice, I bought Black 2. It just makes more sense to me to choose the sequel to the game you own. Game Freak also recommended that you did so... So I did so. (And I secretly adore the Black 2 box art.)

Trainer Grey

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I'm definitely going for Black2. In the prequels I bought White, with the idea that White Forest might be awesome. Since back then nothing much was known to me about Black&White so I imagined it'd be something like the treehouse city in the RSE games. Since Black had a city I couldn't imagine that White would just have a forest. I was wrong. It's just a forest where you can catch some lvl5 pokemon from previous regions. I had my SoulSilver game for that, so it was a total let down :( Hearing Black having a city where you can battle trainers, I was kind of jealouse :p So I am defiinitely going to buy Black2!


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Bought White originally, so this time I went for...Black 2.

Funny how it seems that nobody is going with a Black 1/White 2 pattern though.


I'll do my Lilliest
I never intended to get White2 coz I have White. I rather get B2 since I get to play in the diff version. There's no continuation since the games are the same. But mom bought me White2 ^^; I had no other choice, nya~


Bought White originally, so this time I went for...Black 2.

Funny how it seems that nobody is going with a Black 1/White 2 pattern though.

Actually, I did lol. I got Black the first time so I got White 2 this time...not really thinking about "continuing the story" because I kinda figured the story is pretty much the same in both games, unless I'm missing something? Besides the version exclusives, Black City/White Forest, and aesthetic differences I don't really see them as completely separate games. Yet again I didn't do too much research into these games before I received White 2 because I didn't really want to be spoiled. I doubt I will regret getting the opposite of what I got last time.


Turn my Swag on!
So I had Black origanally bthen lost it(along with 3 years of events and about 400 pokemon I have trained completley). Then a friend gave me his Wwhite to replace it and he never played it. So I've played through both multiple times. So I'll get both probably whenever I get the moneys.


Bum Eyes
I tend to always pick the least popular of the two versions (Blue over Red, Gold over Silver, Pearl over Diamond, etc). So since everyone bought White, I got Black and 2 is a continuation and so bLACK II

Flame Mistress

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Although Black was my primary game (I had White, too, and I'd finished it before restarting), I bought White 2, mainly because they didn't have Black 2 in stock at Tesco, and besides, Fire > Water to me. However, it did lead to some amusing instances when I Memory Linked with my Black, such as N being the hero of Reshiram when my PC in Black should've been.
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