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Showcase, Debut! (863)

Discussion in 'Pokémon the Series: XY - Kalos Quest' started by Serebii, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Aim to Become Kalos Queen! Serena's Grand Debut!!

    After lots of time practicing, it is time for Serena's showcase debut. Serena is overly nervous for her debut but reassuring words from Shauna, that they're rivals from here on, gets her nerves under control and allows for her to be ready. When she enters, she finds that there are more opponents than she realises, including Shauna and Jessie. As the Coumarine Showcase begins, everyone goes all out. Will Serena be able to win her debut showcase?

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  2. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

    Serena cuts her hair.

    And gets a new look.


    Edit: Serena loses in the first round, because of a accidental mishap from Fennekin.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2015
  3. DaDonYordel

    DaDonYordel The Gazing Eye

    This episode, man. Wow, I was expecting the loss and the cut but how it was portrayed blew me the **** out. I thought it was going to be a simple Waifu Wars, which it was but Shauna just dominated the competition as everyone else's performances were only snippets.

    I don't care anymore, this episode godly. 10/10. I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode, anticipating her loss but her to be completely BTFO in that manner was way out of there. They used both the music and the animation well. The atmosphere was great as well as despite the appearance of color and song (there are comedic parts as well courtesy of Jessie), beneath it all there is a more serious matter within the Tripokalons, brought to you by Yashio. Jesus, it's as if I strayed into a drama anime whenever she is shown on the screen. Bloody, Meryl Streep.

    But the coup de grace and the highlight of the entire episode was of course Serena's CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. The build up was god-like, the animation was perfect, and the lack of music (f I recall correctly) during her breakdown added to that affect. Shippers would really love this episode as well as Serena uses Ash's ribbon from the episode before her new look.

    I once said that XY gets better and better each and new episode, and though it wavers, when XY wants to be good it bloody hell it is. I'm expecting great things from XY, and I pity those and those who are dead for they know not these pleasures.
  4. mavyric

    mavyric Member

    Holy crap they're really going all out with the Shoujo anime heroine tropes now. (and to my surprise, I'm actually loving this)

    I wonder if they'll show her gradually regrowing her hair and change styles as the series goes on.

    I've gotta say though, is Serena the candidate for worst treated female lead in the history of Pokemon? (at least for the first third of the saga and non shipping-wise)

    Last to meet up with Ash, last to get a new pokemon, last to have an actual battle, virtually ditching her story throughout the first 40 episodes, and now she gets knocked out first round without even much of a fighting chance. She didn't even get a chance to strike poses since Fennekin fell down walking up instead of walking back. Not to mention no chance of showing off her style moves.

    Finally, I want to talk about something that I never thought I'd experience from Pokemon again- the sense of dread and anticipation.

    Throughout the whole episode I was literally on the edge of my seat from anxiety and how Serena was going to perform, something I haven't had since Ash's first League endeavor like 15 years ago. I think I was almost as nervous as Serena on screen. I think a large part of it goes to the fact that here the pressure is more on the human trainers rather than the Pokemon, and doubly so since this is something that's out of their nature element of battling.

    And that crying scene man........so heartbreaking yet so good at the same time.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, whatever you think of Amourshipping or the Tripokalon, Serena is the best character to happen in Pokemon in a long time.

    EDIT: Oh BTW, Serena trended as #1 Twitter topic as the episode ended.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2015
  5. Captain America X

    Captain America X Well-Known Member

    Love the new hair
  6. giratina the shadow

    giratina the shadow Well-Known Member

    so can someone tell me how theses things are judged and who is yashio?
  7. WillDaSnail

    WillDaSnail Soon™?

    Well, what can I say. There were quite a few surprises here, I must say.

    I did not expect Serena to get eliminated so early (via her Fennekin having a very unfortunate mishap on stage), but while that did impact Serena incredibly hard, it'll be a good character development moment for her later down the line.

    And of course, the rather heart-wrenching moment she has on the Coumarine City pier right before she cuts her hair. That was a bit dramatic I must say.

    Lastly, Serena's new look. I must say, I'm impressed - I really love it. And I did not expect the wardrobe change, but that was awesome as well. IIRC, this is the very first time that a wardrobe change has happened to a main character deep into the series (not beginning nor end)

    Great episode, onto the next!
  8. AshSerena

    AshSerena Well-Known Member

    I Love Her new hair omg, i tho its gonna be bad on her but actually she become more pretty and that outfit, i dunno if is still a pokemon or what
  9. DaDonYordel

    DaDonYordel The Gazing Eye

    Each audience member has a stick which can switch to three different colors. During the competition each girl is given a designated color, and when judging begins the audience merely has to switch to the color to that of the girl's. The stick will then give out orbs of light depending on the color the user chooses. The orbs then go to the girl whom its color is designated on, and the more the girl has the more points she has and the more points she has then that means she is the winner.

    Yashio is some super important TriPokalon person, basically looks like Meryl Streep from the Devil Wears Prada.
  10. K.N.

    K.N. Well-Known Member

    I liked this episode well enough, but I hope the Tripokalons in the future will either be more exciting or they'll continue having actual character development in them.

    Also Jessie should've won. She was the only one who actually had a creative idea.
  11. Captain America X

    Captain America X Well-Known Member

    Who won in the end?
  12. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

    Shauna won it at the end.
  13. charmed90

    charmed90 Member

    Shauna was the one and only person I didn't want to win. May give this episode a miss then.
  14. giratina the shadow

    giratina the shadow Well-Known Member

    okay so is this going the dawn-zoey way? serena-shauna? I hope not :(

    also what is the winner given? like a ribbon?badge?
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2015
  15. Captain America X

    Captain America X Well-Known Member

    Ah thanks for that.Although I guess Shauna winning was the most expected outcome,but at-least it wasn't random character #4501
  16. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

    Don't actually remember it, but i think they didn't show what was given to the winner. Have to re-watch for confirmation.
  17. K.N.

    K.N. Well-Known Member

    I believe it was a key.
  18. Dephender

    Dephender Gizakawayusu Staff Member Moderator

    Serena is so cute I'm dying.

    And I'm not going to make that point stand out less by providing any further commentary.
  19. izmir

    izmir Well-Known Member

    I love Serena's new design.She looks so perfect!

    Poor Fennekin though.I wasn't expecting something like that at all.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2015
  20. Little Hero

    Little Hero Well-Known Member

    Well, I suppose I was wrong in my speculations from before.

    Didn't really expect it to be Fennekin's mistake that cost her the round though...

    She looks rather cute, though. Must I say she looks even cuter like this but I still prefer her long hair but she looks alright with short hair as well (she reminds me of Grace, actually). And her design, well, I must say, from a certain point of view she looks like she based her new look on a Delphox (or maybe its just me) and did she actually use her apron for her new look, too or maybe I'm confusing it because it was the same color?

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