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Showdown At Linoone (389)

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Yup. That's why I'm thinking the ending lines all started sounding the same/sounded boring. As much as I admire them, 4Kids! isn't exactly known for its originality.

"Let's Go!"


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This was a pretty interesting episode, though Cacnea and Seviper getting confused and attacking TR was more than a little disturbing for me. I did like the barely-seen moment of Wobbuffet using counter while pin missiles are raining down around TR (he is glowing :D ). My two favorite moments of the episode had to be May freaking out about the bone (best moment so far this whole season!) and Korban and Harmony rejoicing about Harmony finding her ring. LOL I loved the linoone in this episode too. Linoone, furret, and mightyena are really underrated pokemon, IMO.

Overall, 8/10, taken down two notches because of Cacnea and Seviper attacking TR.


I didn't like this episode that much. I thought it was kind of cheesy, and really boring if you ask me. Linoone was cool, but that's about the only good thing in the episode. This epi also reminds me of that episode back in Johto when Wynaut stole Ash's badges after he defeated Claire.



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Didn't anyone think that the kid - Kimmy? - was slightly dense? Wouldn't he think that his Pokémon was the same on the inside? Did we really need Ash and the crew showing up to tell him that? Poor dense little kid. Or maybe I'm being too harsh.

The episode just falls under the old cliché plotline: Helping a trainer. How many times do we need that? The only good parts were the in-game items.


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Whoa...why didn't I comment for this episode? Then again, I usually don't >.> Ho Well...

At the very beginning of this episode, I must say I was REALLY enjoying myself. I think the part that got me going was when Ash was scanning Token on his PokeDex, and immediately after it said he doesn't take corners well, he smashes into the railing while turning. That was brilliant :)

I also enjoyed when they found all the stuff Token was hoarding, and it was a great reference to otherwise nonexistent items [in anime terms]. However, at the very end, it turned into a generic episode with a lengthy Team Rocket Pokemon Stealing. At least we were rewarded at the end with a confused Seviper/Cacnea showdown.

Ooh, the insanity :rolleyes:

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That episode is hilarious especially with Team Rocket when James accidently popped up the balloon which caused them to fall down like crazy and got beaten up because of it
This wasn't my favourite filler of the season, and Hoenn fillers are generally quite interesting. Apart from some of TR's funny lines, that was it really. Linoone having some surprise attacks was quite cool though. But I've seen better. Sorry if this counts as bumping, I'm not sure if you're allowed to talk about an episode that hasn't been talked about in awhile...


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A good episode, certainly interesting to see all the stuff Token collected, it was really funny to see May's reaction when Pikachu handed her a Thick Club. Over all this was a nice feel good episode.


another i steal your pokeballs episode, somehow i have the feeling they repeat this kind of thing it's allways ash's hat or something else like in this case may's balls.


Linnone was very funny, with the pokeball in his mouth....



Not a bad episode, I liked how the mom and dad (I forget their names) were dancing or showing their love, whatever you want to call that. Token was cute. I liked that it hid items in trees and various locations for use at another time. What made that great was that the items were actual in-game items and not just anime-only stuff. This didn't seem to be very Filler-y because of the funny scenes and the cool plot involved. I was impressed. 7/10.
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Not a bad episode really, I liked the name Token. Quite a few funny scenes, makes you wonder of Korman and Harmony were doing their version of sex (Lol jk) but they were really in love lo.

Why did what his name (The kid) stop playing with Token when it evolved anyway?


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This episode was ok... It was cool to see a Linoone in this episode. That Linoone was definitely a thief stealing all those items and May's Pokeballs. I liked the reference to Charizard originally disobeying Ash, with Linoone disobeying in this episode. It was interesting how most of the stolen items were very important Pokemon Hold Items.



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Wasn't there a Zatch Bell referenced in this episode?