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Showdown At Linoone (389)


Oh, they pronounce "Linoone" differently than I do. This was an okay episode. I wasn't really interested in Linoone's problems or its trainer's problems.
Neat seeing the anime show a Pokemon with the 'pickup' ability.
I liked that mention of how disobedient Ash's Charizard use to be. :)(


Good to see Linoone, my favorite regional evolved normal type(Raticate, Sentret, Linoone, Bibarel, Watchog)
Laughed my ***** off at May reaction to Pikachu handing her the thick club.

Mrs. Oreo

Hee hee it was funny how the Linoone stole May's Poke balls and how Linoone had a fascination with round things. I also liked its stash of video game items including a Rare Bone and a Soothe Bell. ^^


Token was actually enjoyable with his hoarding knack and the kid's parents were pretty funny with their love gag. I liked seeing so many items too. 6/10
Good episode and Token was a great PotD. This foreshadowed Snorunt's training for the first time, even if he wasn't directly referred to. I thought it was cool seeing all those items on the anime, the Soothe Bell in particular.


Okay so oddly, I REALLY enjoyed this episode. The animation was good, there were some funny jokes (Ash getting stepped on by May & also the parents being in love scenes), and I thought the story was sweet. Linoone and Zigzagoon also looked super cute in this episode. :)


I liked how Satoshi called Okido-hakase to inform him that he'd won eight Houen badges. Keima's Massuguma stealing various objects was a neat plot idea as well since it kind of fit with Massuguma's Ability. The fact that Massuguma's Monster Ball obsession stemmed from his experiences as a Zigzaguma was intriguing, too.


So the boy's Linoone was snatching stuff left and right, but neither him or his owner were punished? I get that Linoone wasn't bad, but he was still a thief.


One good thing regarding Massuguma's strange hoarding habit in this episode was that we got to see his stash of items, which included in-game items that we'd never seen before like a Fluffy Tail and a Thick Club. I just enjoyed that tidbit.


I call you honey
Linoone was pretty cool. And I liked the character of the day, I pretty much knew it was gonna happen, but I'm glad that Kimmy and Tokin were good friends again at the end, that was sweet.
Tokin is cool, and him as a Zigzagoon is so cute! Love the Charizard reference.
OMG that animation cut of when Tokin was running towards the balloon