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Showdown at the PokeCorall! (067)


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Showdown at the PokéCorall!

Back at Pallet Town, Ash finds Gary already there wantning to partake in the Pokémon League. Having a constant quarral with Gary, Oak tells them both the meaning of Pokemon. Meanwhile, Team Rocket are trying to get inside the Lab and steal the Pokémon. Can they be stopped

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I remember being so confused and feeling out of the loop when Ash all of a sudden had a bunch of Tauros. I of course know why now, but it still felt weird.

"Somebody get the license plate on that thing!" (James when Snorlax rolls on top of TR)

Not that much happened, except that he finally comes to Oak's place again.



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Well, we learnt about the Tauros herd and the other trainers (the Bulbasaur and Charmander dudes), that's about it.


Team Awesome
This episode has one of my favorite James moments, when Team Rocket get blasted by voltorbs and electrodes, and he paraphrases the song classic "Show me the way to go home, I'm tired and I want to go to bed." :D LOL His face especially is priceless.

I also really like Gary in this episode. Although he's not as great as he was in "The Battle of the Badge", it's nice to see him and Ash get along reasonably well after the first half of the season.

I also find it interesting that Jessie, James, and Meowth actually considered quitting for all of three minutes. Personally, I'm glad they're still here. Where would the show be today without Jessie's temper, James's personality, and Meowth's wit?


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Aside from being confused by Satoshi's Kentauros the first time I saw this one, I also thought it was dumb how Shigeru was so surprised to see a talking Nyasu, when he had seen him a mere four episodes before this one. >_>

Eh, aside from that little slip-up this was a good episode. Kojirou-tachi were amusing, and it was cool to see and Sakaki and Myuutsuu again. And Shigeru too, of course. Wonder where his girlfriend-tachi were though. Starting with this episode they're very inconsistant with showing them.


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i thought it was an ok episode. wasnt great, but at least it wasnt bad like other episode fillers in the first season. 7/10


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An ok epi. Seeing Tauros really made me confused. Gary was kool again. Could of been better,could of been worse imo. 7/10


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An excellent episode, I always love the episodes on the Oak Ranch. This episode was really great we got some info on the other two trainers and we learn that out of the four who left Pallet only Ash and Gary did the best. Also interesting to see how their Pokedex's turned out and how many each caught with both Gary and Ash winning different ways. Gary was really good in this episode he wasn't as rude as he usually is. Lastly I loved seeing all the Pokemon on Oaks Ranch that a very nice treat.


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This was a good episode. I love Ash's Tauros!


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Did anyone notice the heard of shiny Nidoran Professor Oak had. Anyways I remember the first time I saw this one and saw Ash's Tauros I was like "Did I miss something?"


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I always just assumed he caught them in a space between episodes, and figured the capture was too boring to be worth showing on tv... It was actually pretty cool when he did catch them!

I liked this ep cos it gave a good run around of Oak's lab and all the rest. He must get funding from the government or something, to have the money to feed all of those Pokémon every day...

Oak also delivers some solid philosophy at the end, which was nice!

Haunter Hunter Sohrab

Johto Champion
I just watched this episode and I gotta say one thing: MEWTWO!!

That was so unexpected and amazing. I never knew he made an appearance in this episode as well! That was a pretty cool how it fit together.


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I think we were all pretty confused at the sudden apparition of Ash's 30 Tauros XD

I loved the episode because Ash and Gary got to talk together and hang out and just... be cool ^^ No fighting (well ok just a little), but hey, Professor Oak made them fix the fence. That was just AWESOME. I was half expecting Gary to try and pull a Tom Sawyer trick on Ash XD Sadly, it didn't happen, but good episode nonetheless ^^


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The sudden appearance of all the Tauros was weird. But it was a good episode to say the least. It was cool to see Gary again.
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Blue Snover

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I like many people was confused when a big group of Tauros appeared.

I still don't understand why he needed so many.