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Showdown in Dark City (042)


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Showdown in Dark City!

Entering Dark City, Ash & Co discover that Pokemon trainers aren't liked due to two warring gyms who involve Ash & Co. aswell as Team Rocket in their feuds. Can Ash stop this feud?

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Property of Jesus
One word: Ketchup! XD

Pikachu showing it's undying love for Ketchup was enough to make this episode memorable in my opinion. XD I also loved the whole "Tom Ato, Caesar Salad, and Ann Covy" scene. *lol* Great times...

Burnt Flower

Horror Mistress
I can't believe I was once so naive thinking that Ash would get a Gym Badge in this episode. :p I was very surprised that the Nurse Joy was actually the Pokemon League Inspector - that was a nice twist. The best part was all the ketchup references; Pikachu's love for that bottle of ketchup was hilarious - too bad that it was never mentioned again.

It was good episode. :)


Custom User Title
They have had Pikachu eating ketchup a few times since then, one episode in particular that I can remember is "Air Time", but I know they've done it in AG too. Anyway, this is one of my favorite episodes. This particluar period in Kanto produced some really good ones. Both Elactabuzz and Scyther made their debut in this one, and that's saying something because they're really cool pokémon. The ketchup thing was hilarious, and it was really cool to see Brock use Vulpix since it was severely neglected most of the time. The Nurse Joy inspecting the two gyms for the pokémon legue was a cool idea, and I actually didn't see it coming. The fight between the Yas and Kas gyms was cool, and I thought the animation on Pikachu's thunder attack was really awesome. There's also so much comedy in this episode, like Ash saying his name was Tom Ato.XD I also like Ash's lecture to the Yas and Kas gym leaders. It was something like this:

Ash: You battle with all your strength trying to win.
Kas Gym Leader: With all your strength? Isn't that the same as fighting?
Ash: No, it's completely different. Of course you try to win, but you don't try to beat each other!
Gym Leaders: Huh?


I thought this episode was so funny too. The name switching scene made me so confused when I first saw it. I'm a little slow at jokes until I realized what they said and I carcked up. piachu's love for Ketchup was funny too, with his eyes=XD.


Old Coot
It was nice seeing how they tried explaining how one becomes a Gym Leader. Not to mention, Electabuzz's voice was incredibly hilarious. @_@

Psychic Venusaur

Pokemon Master
Yes! One of my favorite episodes ever.

Yup, Pikachu and his ketchup was great.

Nice names too.

I felt sorry for the restaurant owner when he was being harassed by Team Rocket.

It was cool when Ash lectured the Yas Gym owner, then as he was leaving he thought, "That was dramatic", but then tripped and said, "That was pathetic"

I loved Electabuzz's voice too.

The Yas Gym is so much cooler than the Kas Gym. Yup...

I didn't expect Nurse Joy either.

"We'll miss you...Pikachu!"

Haunter Hunter Sohrab

Johto Champion
This was the first episode I saw and it got me so interested at the end when Team Rocket got trapped by Scyther and Electabuzz. Made me want to see the next episode but thenat that time I never knew every episode was "To be Continued.."


Team Awesome
This is another early episode that I can't stand. Yes, the ketchup bit is cute, and the "aliases" are pretty funny (Caesar Salad LOL :D ), but apart from that I really don't like it. For one thing, I don't like electabuzz, it's incredibly annoying, and my third-least favorite pokemon (after Lickitung and sudowoodo). For another, I can see the change in animation with this episode, getting away from the strobe lighting, and it looks really awful, especially with Pikachu's thunderbolt. I know it was because of "Electric Soldier Porygon" that they changed it, but it wasn't the only time a change in the show's animation looked awful the first time it was used. "Here's Looking at You Elekid" (the first with Jessie's mauve hair) also looks awful.

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
We didn't get to see much of the Kas gym because all we got was a close up shot and a scene of one room with all the peons.

I don't know why they needed to fight in the city. They seemed to have tons of open space to beat the snot out of each other around it. I guess to make them look bad. I'm surprised any self-respecting trainer would agree to join something who seems to only bring violence and dispair.


Well-Known Member
An ok epi. Scyther and Electabuzz where kool. Yas and Kas gyms where both pretty dumb imo. Could of been better though


Don't die, ketchup!
Oh man. I love this episode for one reason and one reason only: Pikachu and its ketchup! That part was so funny! I miss those cute Pikachu scenes in the early series...

pokemon fan 132

Well-Known Member
Not one of my favorite,but still great episode.The scene with pikachu and bottle of ketchup was hilarious,and i was really surprised when it was revealed that Nurse Joy is pokemon league inspector.That kind of twist i didnt espected at all.The battle between Kas and Yas gyms was entertaining to watch,and it was interesting to know how Scyther and Electabuzz get out of control when they see red.Overall a solid episode.


i liked this epiosode, the voice of the elektrabuzz sounds weird though.
sometimes i wonder who the voice actors are.


i liked this epiosode, the voice of the elektrabuzz sounds weird though.
sometimes i wonder who the voice actors are.


kiss my greens
Pikachu and the kecthup were meant to be ^_^ I loved that bit so much! <3

Electabuzz & Scyther made me wonder if all Pokemon can see in black and white, since apparently only those two can distinguish the color red.

Decent episode all & all ^^