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Showdown in Dark City (042)


Pikachu falling in love with the bottle of ketchup was priceless. It's too bad that they didn't continue this throughout the series. I thought the rivalries between those two gyms were hilarious. The made up names for Ash and co. were also funny.


aka Lamia
For some reason I found this episode extremely dull and boring to watch. The actual concept of the episode does seem interesting, but I think it could have been executed better. (just my opinion)
The only part of this episode that I actually did like was Pikachu and it's new found love.... The Ketchup Bottle!


Well-Known Member
Awww, don't we love how Ash steps in solving the feud between the two gyms that are fighting each other endlessly. The Ketchup scene has always been stuck in my mind and also the names Ash and co gave themselves. Ceasar Salad= FTW

Pikachu Fan Number Nine

Don't Mess wit Texas
This episode reminds me a lot of various Westerns.


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Tom Ato haha that was so great


Just a member
This episode is one of my favorite Kanto saga episodes, the location where this episode took place was cool. Both Yam and Kaz gyms were trying to make their respective gyms official, but there could be only one gym per city.......each gym were trying to eliminate the other one. The scene with Pikachu and ketchup bottle was funny, Pikachu seemed to really liked it. This time Team Rocket was trying to steal foods from the resturant, but Ash and the others stopped them. I liked the female Yas Gym recruiter's design, she's so cute.
It's funny when the Yas leader's Scyther get squirted in the eyes with ketchup and started attacking it's own trainer. It's cool when Ash refused to join the Yas leader, he did the right thing. Ash and the others stopping the gym leaders and their Pokémon with Tomato juice was really funny, Pikachu hitting the two leaders with Thunder was funny as well. It was surprising when the Pokemon League inspector revealed to be Nurse Joy, it was a good and unexpeted twist in my opinion.


Well-Known Member
Real good episode man, loved the Yas and Kaz Gyms.

A few times in the anime we've seen trainers, like Gary and Otoshi, with badges outside of the usual game Gym badges, so seeing other gyms, albeit unofficial ones, was quite interesting.
Go Pikachu! Avenge your fallen ketchup!!!

No seriously, Pikachus whole ketchup obsession in this episode was too funny! :)
Especially ihis reaction after it got destroyed!


Let's go to the beach, each.
I thought that the Nurse Joy here was Jessie in disguise at first tbh. Dark City was really gloomy even without the Yas and Kas Gyms battling against each other and wrecking things in my view. Seeing Electabuzz and Scyther's debut was cool though, even though I expected more from two powerful Pokemon like themselves.


Pikachu suddenly liking ketchup was weird as hell. The two Gym factions not getting along reminded me of an old samurai movie I once saw.

Mrs. Oreo

The two gyms fighting each other was a cool subplot even tho they weren't official gyms. I liked how the Nurse Joy here had a job other than just being a nurse, plus Pikachu liking ketchup was cute.
My favorite part was how Pikachu liked ketchup all of a sudden and also how the color red sent Electabuzz and Scyther into a crazed frenzy.

Mega Altaria

☆~Shiny hunter▢~
I loved Pikachu's obsession with ketchup in this episode and I remember well the intense rivalry between two unsanctioned Gyms, Yas and Kaz. I liked Nurse Joy's role in this episode as a Pokémon League Inspector, not just someone who works in the Pokémon Center.


Good episode, even though not much occurred. I liked Pikachu's ketchup obsession, as well as seeing Satoshi's group standing up against the town's two warring Gym factions. Eleboo and Strike going berserk due to the color red seemed like a bit much, but the episode was still very funny.


Meowth fanatic
Go Pikachu! Avenge your fallen ketchup!!!

No seriously, Pikachus whole ketchup obsession in this episode was too funny! :)
Especially ihis reaction after it got destroyed!

It was funny the first time, but then his obsession turned all melodramatic and forced. It was just a cheap way to set up the red paint thing that Ash's pals did.