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Showdown in Pewter City (005)

Kenta master

Marsh Trainer
Types not respected

About this episode, I have to say I like the special training of Pikachu very original, but - an electric PKMN defeating two rock/ground types it's really stupied. The Pewter Gym it's awsome with all of rocks...


Team Awesome
Yay, the introduction of Brock! :D :D :D It's funny how he was so cool and detached during his gym scenes, but so warm and friendly outside of the gym, to his family and to Ash. This episode is so interesting to watch years later, especially if you compare this gym battle against Ash and Roxanne's in season six. Wow, Pikachu has really grown a lot over the years.

And, we have Team Rocket's very first pit trap! It's funny that they do them almost constantly now with few problems, but in the early days they kept falling in. LOL


Yes, this is the first episode they meet Takeshi, but the dub screws on his family and makes it seem that Takeshi's mother died. I thought that they're trying to cover death on the shows that they're dubbing, not create them, it's kind of funny, actually. This is the reason why the dubbed Hoso, where Takeshi meets up with his family, he has a certain hate for his "new" mother for no reason (except for changing the Gym). I like how the writers put in that little Fushigi Yuugi reference, very creative, great job writers.

One of the great points of this episode was Takeshi's first appearence. He was so serious and badass when we first saw him (but as the episodes started to progress, his hormones started to show :/). We also saw the motherly side of him and his love for his siblings.

It seems 4kids screwed up the price of one little meal in the Pokemon world. I noticed in the dub, the scene were Satoshi was eating at a resturant (for the people that think that was the Pokemon Center, it couldn't have been, since everything's free there) on the bill, they changed that Yen sign into a U.S. dollar sign, but they slipped up, thanks to that, it looked like more than it's actually worth (the dub made it look like it was over one thousand dollars, I believe), I know that Ash is a bigger pig than Satoshi, but that's a little to much. They could've added a decimal sign so it's actually reasonable, but no. Great job 4kids, you've shown us how much resturants are cheapasses in the Pokemon world.

Well, as for the episode itself, it's actually one of my favorite episodes. This episode is one of the first episodes that show you don't only need to have strong Pokemon to be a good trainer, but you also need to care for other pokemon as well.

I give the dub 7/10 thanks to those paint edits and/or storyline edits. Aside that, it was perfect.

And I give the original and/or full episode a 8/10. Ya for Takeshi's first appearence. :D
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Oh my goodness how long it's been since I've seen these episodes. I'm reliving some old memories myself lol! I still remember this episode as well as the first time I saw it. Very good! and welcome to the team Brock!!!

Mini Apocalypse

Soul Trainer
i like this one too. it realy shows how two similar pokemon can be trained in different ways.....but dont you think richu has a scary voice.....it sounds like its smoked to much...


This episode was fine and it was interesting watching Brock take care of his siblings, but they could have shown more of how Brock joined the team.


Ultimate Mewtwo said:
Nice episode, but I don't like that electric attacks can damage ground type Pokémon, it's impossible!
It was established many many times that Ground-Type Pokemon lose their Ground-Type characteristics in the anime. It was also established many many times that the anime isn't exactly like the games.
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Well-Known Member
Brock joining the group was good.The battle was pretty good to. 5/10


Active Member
Nice early ep

This ep is inherently important as Brock's first appearance. But it's still a pretty good early ep on its own. It's a little odd for the sprinkler system to count as fair fighting though, and it's weird that TR has almost no airtime. Oh, well. And I gotta point out that this ep is notable for one other thing: It has the best fanservice shot of Misty's rear in the whole series. :) ( Right after Misty says "There's no way you'll beat Brock in the Pewter City Gym. Hmf." )


Your Worst Nightmare
It was a good episode but seriously

Ash is evil I finally know how Pikachu is soo strong in Gym battles or when he is in a city.

Every night Ash and Pikachu sneak away and break into a power plant then juice up Pikachu for battles the next day!

Well it was a nice way to show Brock and Flint... wlel not so much Flint


Well-Known Member
This is the episode where Ash gets his first badge, the Boulder Badge. And Brock joins the group. But there is no way Pikachu could beat Geodude and Onix. Overall it was a pretty good episode.


Rev up those fryers
I like the way Ash supercharges Pikachu. I think that's why Pikachu became super-powerful, because of the electric training thing.
(The intense music helped supercharge Pikachu too, of course ;) lol)


Abort, Retry, Fail?
An OK episode, but I didn't like how Brock gave Ash a 'pity badge'. I like to think what would happen if Brock did not decide to follow Ash on his Pokemon journey.

Maestro Kinético

Well-Known Member
I love this episode, lots of drama with the Pikachu vs Onix thing. The part where Brock's father revealed himself was marvelous, I miss that intelligent writting. Overall a great episode, very emotional. The writers should rewatch this season.

SOS! Its Not Healthy..

He Say Whaaa...
This episode starts the infamous pity for the badges. But seriously, the overall episode was a great introduction for Brock. Back when he was an awesome character comparing him to now. I remember how Pikachu was so scared of its first battle.

I saw this in Japanese not long ago, and for some reason I saw edits that was obvious and a couple of what many comparers missed. The part when Pikachu fights Onix, and it starts shooting electric attacks all over the place. Pikachu did hella damage more then the dub. Onix headed bounced twice, the rocks shattered more in the Japanese verison, and the lamp posts broked and got on fire. I had to compare to the English version, and it was a weird video edit. Like they slowed it down. If anyone reading this who have the Jap version of this episode, you'll see what I mean.