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Showdown in Pewter City (005)


Shiny Flygon
I really liked the training Ash and Pikachu have done with Brock's father, Flint. Turns out he was also very nice person who helped to people, though he concealed his identity.
I think the fight was pretty okay, I just wished it would be longer.

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
Pikachu getting charged up was cool and the battles were intense. Pretty good way for Brock to join the group with his father taking over and all. Oh and by the way that will be a $2 charge for sitting on my rocks.


No longer posting
Back when I 1st saw this episode I really loved the gym battle (didn't know types back then), but after learning way more about Pokemon, not as much. When the siblings hung onto Ash I couldn't stop laughing.



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Staff member
Back when I 1st saw this episode I really loved the gym battle (didn't know types back then), but after learning way more about Pokemon, not as much.

Same here. I saw this when I didn't know too much about Pokemon, so when the sprinklers went off and beat Onix, I was thinking, "Oh, that's a great way to win the battle!" But now, it seems ridiculous. Though not as crazy as "aim for the horn," of course.

I always wondered why Brock would leave the gym to go travel with Ash. He doesn't get to do nearly as much battling on the road as he did as a Gym Leader, so it seems like a waste of his skills. :/


Wigglytuff Guild recruit
^ Kinda hard to study to be a breeder if you're stuck fighting trainers and passing out badges all day. And that's on top of taking care of his nine younger siblings.
All of this at the age of fifteen. I'm impressed.

I don't like pity badges, but I'd think I was cheating too if I set off the sprinkler and weakened ;095;
Either way, Ash has a new traveling companion, so it's all cool.


Well-Known Member
This episode was pretty cool. Nice to see Ash win his first gym battle though he kinda cheated. Brock joined the group which I liked at the time but later he just became a pain. Seeing Pikachu get charged up was cool also.



Almost Never Online.
This episode was very enjoyable even if it was untrue to the type-matchups in the games.

The only thing I wasn't fond of was how Ash got the badge without actually beating Brock.
I think I would have preferred a rematch later on, maybe between the second and third gyms. Ash and Brock could have found a good place to battle, and he could have won it fairly.


Yay, we learn about the chain of Nurse Joys, and we meet Brock. =D
I don't understand why he asks if this is his first Gym match. Surely they have the number system in the anime too, for Gyms. D= And I like how Ash loses the match first, he deserves it for being too over-confident. Brock's father sure was weird though, and it makes sense seeing as he has 11 children. Also, the whole way that they strengthen up Pikachu seems a lot like a case of Animal abuse. D=
Brock is sort of mean to Ash lol, and it's nice to see Pikachu win. Although I still think they should have kept the whole idea of Ground types being immune to Electric attacks. The Onix battle is so much cheating though, and those kids were so cute helping out their big bro. Ash was a good sport though denying the win.
Yay for Brock's good for nothing dad going back to his family so that Brock can join Ash and Misty. =)


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I'm not sure what you mean by a number system but there are more gyms in the anime than in the games and there's no specific order you have to face them either especially since not every single trainer comes from Pallet Town.


I liked Pikachu receiving the extra power from Ash using the mill. I thought that it was a really clever way to get him stronger even though it shouldn't work against Brock. At all. The writers had to do something though for Ash to win a badge a considering that all he had at the time were Pikachu, Butterfree, and Pidgeotto sprinklers were really the best options for them to go with I guess. I think it would've been worse if they let Pikachu beat Onix in a straight up battle to be honest.
I don't understand why he asks if this is his first Gym match. Surely they have the number system in the anime too, for Gyms. D=

They most likely don't. Not all trainers would live in Pallet Town.


aka Lamia
I actually didn't like the way that Pikachu was trained in this episode. It really does resemble forms of animal cruelty. And I agree with those that say that Ash had no chance of winning this battle. Firstly his Pikachu shouldn't be able to do anything to Geodude or Onix, and then winning by ruining some sprinklers should be against the league rules. If anything he should have had to pay for repair costs!!


Hoenn Challenger
Ash and Misty make it to Pewter City, first running into a Rock Salesman one the way in. Ash challenges Brock, only to be beaten quite badly due to Pikachu not being able to harm Ground-Types with electricity, with Brock calling Ash out on not forfeiting when his Pokemon were clearly outmatched. Rock Salesman shows Ash Brock's home-life with his 10 brothers and sisters and explains that his father ran away a failure and depending on either the Dub or original, his mother was dead or simply running away like said father. Rock Salesman then volunteers to increase Pikachu's power to the point where it could ignore type immunity, Ash accepts. Ash vs. Brock 2, a more powerful thundershock beats Geodude, but doesn't work on Onix until Pikachu sets off the gym's sprinkler systems, weakening it's resistance to the point were Ash could win, until the Brock siblings show up and beg him to stop. Ash conceded that if the sprinklers hadn't gone off, he wouldn't have won and leaves the gym. Brock follows him a gives him a Pewter Badge, saying Ash earned it due to his kindness to Pokemon, and explains he wants to become a Pokemon Breeder but can't do so because of his family duties. Rock Salesman shows up, says he's Brock's dad and that he will look over the gym so Brock can go on his journey. Brock joins Ash and Misty.

The following review contains extreme amounts of EPIC FAILURE. Veiwer discretion is advised.

You're selling rocks? Yeah, I'll buy all of them!
I'll even pay an extra $5 if you let me sit on one!
Ha ha ha, I sound leik a robot, ha ha ha.
Misty is a cheapskate.
Yay, Ash lost! I mean, oh no, Ash lost!
Actually, you're all wrong. Brock's mother really is dead. Flint just shoved her in a cloning machine and made an exact duplicate. He never told Brock about it.
And apparently animal abuse is helping him do better in the rematch...
Don't use Misty's pokemon! They suck!
Good, you didn't use Misty's pokemon.
Pidgeotto was quite useless here.....
I don't care how much Pikachu suffered when Ash generated electricity into him: He should not be able to do that to Geodude!
Onix comes out and shows Pikachu what rock/ground pokemon REALLY do to electric types!
........that rain looks painful.
Crap, Ash won! I mean, yay Ash won!
Congratulations! Brock's fist evolved into Pity Badge!
I wouldn't let that guy near those kids if he ran away like that....
And now another weirdo to stalk Ash! Brock is added to the list.

Team Rocket

You're still in that hole, Team Rocket?


The Beast Is Unleash
Well, I didn't like the battle. He only really won because of the sprinklers. As far as brock joining ash and misty I like.

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
It was a good episode... Knowing about Brock's family and their condition. The battle was good too
The match was awesome, with the sprinklers Ashyboy used to "cheat-win". However, odd that Flint said that Brocks mother was dead, while Lola appears later on. Also, Flint was quite funny. I love this episode, because of Brock being introduced.

However, Ash didn't deserve the badge. And it would have been better if there would be a hot woman in this episode, to get Brock in love and introduce Brock even better. Flint selling rocks was cool too.



Well-Known Member
Another enjoyable episode for me.

Brock appears...seemed more rude then I remember him to be, at less at the start that is. He sure has a lot of siblings...says a lot about his parents :p.

Hmm, so Electric moves do work on Ground types, games lied to me :O

Ash gets his first badge...despite not winning the battle.

Episode was emotional, action pack, funny, and informative.
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Brock's first debut! :) I liked how Ash & Misty were alone for a while until Brock finallly joined them, anyway I love this episode because Brock now travels with Ash & Misty!!!