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Shrine of Darkness

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by lugia*master, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. lugia*master

    lugia*master Cheese XD

    The story of Adrian, who conquered the Hoenn league after being too late to enter the Sinnoh league. Now he's back, and trying to get into this years Sinnoh league, but weird time barriers keep cropping up, and restrict him to certain extents. Eterna forest is the Epicentre of all the evils, and this time, no-ones coming along with a magic wand to help save the day...

    Wally ran through the grass of Eterna forest, tripping over knotted grass as he ran. The sound of the Mightyena pack got closer behind him, he didn't know how close as he dared not look back. He came to a corner, which led to a small path that went straight ahead, and he pounded down it, the growls of the dark type pack of dogs increased from behind him. He tripped, and scrambled up without hast, scraping his knee, and cutting his left palm as he did so. He ran as fast as he could, but the trip had cost him dearly, and the space between the Mightyenas had shortened rapidly.

    He came to the end of the path, and turned right, nearly running into a clump of bushes as he did so. He turned right again, and saw a clearing, with another tunnel of trees at the other side. He darted for it, the sounds of barking almost right behind him, and her an through the clearing and sprinted down the tunnel, the thick tall trees blocking the sunlight as he went, and when he reached the end, there was no where to go.

    There was a small round area surrounded by tall imposing trees, and thick shrubs, with sharp twigs strutting out at random angles. There was a small path that went to the right, but ended in a small wooden shrine about two meters down, revealing no salvation. He ran for it, even if it only prolonged what was to come, and turned. just as he did, the pack cornered him off, and came close as he backed away. They looked ready to pounce, but as soon as they did, a great gale of wind billowed from behind him, almost knocking Wally over.

    He turned round, and saw a bright light shining through the crack of the door, and it was rattling, as if something was desperate to get out. The Mightyenas growled at it, and as the doors flew open, the impossibly blinding light blazed out, strange tendrils of energy whipping and curling from inside it, as an exceedingly powerful gust of wind powered through the doors, this time knocking over not just Wally, but causing the entire pack of Mightyenas to be blown backwards several meters.

    The long light-filled tendrils exploded outwards, hundreds of them lashing out, and then they grabbed him. The light lit up, tenfold as it seemed to converge around the young boy, and the pack of Mightyenas, scared senseless, ran for there lives, at the sight of what came out of the shrine. Wally began to see the shape come into focus. It was small, but he only saw it for a second, before the light lit up brighter, burning through his closed eyes, and as he seemed to be ripped, yet pulled in every direction, his head beginning to focus out, he felt himself falling, and that was the last thing ever felt.


    The TV screen lit up the darkened room, as a man in a black overcoat, brown bowler hat and shiny one-way glasses hooked on the end of his nose watched it progress.T he TV newswoman coughed, and then began.

    "Top story, Eterna forest has claimed yet another victim, as the troublesome Mightyena hunt down another civilian. The most recent victim, Wally Parsons was last seen near the nesting grounds, before the dogs took chase, and he was never seen again. Local gym leader Gardenia Parsons found her sons possessions and shirt in a clearing. She quoted they were down a path at the end of the forest, which surprisingly corresponds with the location of the other victims, as well as been in the same place residents heard a disturbance coming from late last night, as they finished packing up their fishing gear for the day. David Moore gives us tips on how to deal with this troublesome pack of Pokemon. Dav-"

    the TV turned off. The man laughed quietly, stroking his Pokemon as he did so.

    "these reporters make me laugh..." he said, in a sinister rasping voice. He coughed loudly, doubling over and holding his hand over his mouth, and wiping his hand on his sleeve. His old age was getting to him, and he thought very little of personal hygiene; He thought that so long as you were alive, you were okay. His Pokemon hopped down from his knee, and nudged his leg. The man looked down and chuckled evilly. " Okay, let's get you some meat".


    The sun shimmered down on Adrian's body, as he lounged lazily on the rope hammock, that swung gently between the two trees it was tied to. He lived in a barn located in a small clearing in the southern area's of Veilstone city; After losing his parents to a terrible creature that had claimed the lives of millions of people in Hoenn, he had been living here ever since.

    The call of his grandmother snapped him out of his daydream; It was time for his tea. He swung off the hammock, and ran through the grass onto the
    decking, and through the open glass door to the living room. His grandparents were already sipping their own hot soup; That's when he noticed his own bowl waiting for him in front of an empty chair.

    His grandmothers soup was the best, and only soup he had ever tasted. It was a mixture of ingredients made from different berries, which had been specially grown in the allotment behind their house with special fertilizers. It was hot, but the delicious, warm taste it left in your mouth left no room for a burning tongue.

    As they sat, eating soup, they discussed what time Adrian would be getting up for his brand new adventure tomorrow, after becoming champion of the Hoenn league five weeks earlier, it was soon time to set off again. He was annoyed once his grandmother had told him that since his Pokemon, which were Lucario Gabite Kirlia and Bibarel, were too strong, they would have to stay and help out in the barn; But was delighted to hear that they had sent word ahead to Prof. Rowan in Sandgem town so he could get a new one to battle and become friends with.

    He finished his soup, and took it into the kitchen and put it into the sink to be washed later, before jogging lightly up the stairs, turning left before arriving in his own bedroom, to pack his bag.
  2. lugia*master

    lugia*master Cheese XD

    Chapter two- New pokemon = new rivals

    It had been a few hours since Adrian had left his pokemon ranch in Veilstone city. He had left behind all his pokemon, because since they were so high level, it wouldn't be fair.

    In the hours since he had left the ranch, his grandmothers meditite had teleported him to sandgem town, where he was walking up to professor rowan's lab, where he would receive one of the official sinnoh pokemon starters.

    However, it wasn't quite that simple, so he found out upon reaching for the door handle.As his hand closed around the golden handle, a scream sounded from inside. It was a shrill, pitted scream, followed by a crash and a thud. There was more smashing sounds, and something rattled the door violently, and adrian sharply withdrew his hand. After a few moments of silence, he extended his hand once more and grabbed the door handle, opening the door and going inside.

    The foyer was a mess. There was glass on the floor, probably coming from two glass cabinets that hung on the wall, with sharp jutting points around the edges.

    There was what looked like a reception desk, but it was up-turned, and a computer with a smashed monitor and a crushed hard-drive lay on the floor sparking. More crashing came from behind a door, and suddenly, a short man came running through, wearing a ripped whtie lab coat, and cracked, dislodged glasses, which fell to the floor as he ran.

    He noticed adrian, and hid behind him, saying "please get it! we can't control it!". Adrian looked forward, and the almost-closed door opened seemingly by an invisible being.There was footsteps, and the scientist behind adrian whimpered.

    Then, from behind the up-turned desk came the secret villain, or rather, a small red monkey, which cocked it's head to the right and muttered "char?".The scientist screamed like a girl, and ran from the room, a door slamming seconds later. The small red monkey, chimchar, looked up at adrian as he reached down to stroke it.

    Adrian reached out to stroke the small monkey, but it's sweet smile turned into a frowning growl, as it clamped onto his hand with small sharp teeth. Adrian looked at the pokemon on his hand, blood trickling down through the gaps in it's mouth, and after a few seconds said:


    The small boy walked down the streets of twinleaf town, holding his fathers hand, who stopped as his son did. "daddy, did you hear something?" he asked. The boy's father gave him a quizzical look, before shaking his head. The boy shrugged his shoulders, and walked on.

    Back in sandgem town...
    "...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..." screamed adrian, and stopped to breath for a few seconds.He looke down, to see the chimchar hiding behind hands, and that there was no blood, and no bite marks at all.

    He looked at the chimchar's sweet smiling face and, hesitating slightly, reached out to stroke it. He waited for the bite to come, but it didn't, and he looked to see the chimchar smiling, after which it lied down on it's back while adrian gently stroked it's tummy. It giggled, and relaxed, as adrian smiled.

    "it's quite cute but don't be fooled" said a voice from behind adrian, which made him jump up with suprise, chimchar opening it's eyes to see why it's tummy was not being stroked.

    Before adrian was a tall man in a white coat, slightly on the fat side, who had spiky white hair, a big white moustache, and looked at least sixty years old.

    "i'm professor rowan, i'm assuming you're Adrian come to collect your new pokemon for the sinnoh league. I was most impressed by your triumph in the hoenn league, which brings us back to the question, have you chosen your starter to help you win the sinnoh league?" he said.

    He pointed to three posters on the wall.

    One was a green poster, on which had a small green turtle poemon, with a twig with a leaf on it's head. 'TURTWIG' it said in big black letters on the top.

    The next one was red, and had a picture of chimchar on it.

    The one after that was a blue one, with bubbles in the back ground, it had a small blue and white penguin like pokemon, with a small yellow beak. It said on the top 'PIPLUP'. After not so much consideration, he chose chimchar, having already developed some kind of frendship with it.

    "very good. Please take these, use them wisely now, they won't always be free." he said, and handed adrian 5 pokeballs. Then he said " Would you like a new pokedex? it's the latest version, and i can transfer the data from your old one so you won't lose it. It will also automaticly add in the extra bits that come with it, such as the gender differences, height and weight check, it can tell you it's level, stats, moves, where and when you got it, it's status conditions and contest moves, etcetera"

    "Well in that case, let's up-grade away!" said Adrian gleefully, and followed the professor into another room that wasn't tottaly destroyed, although professor rowan didn't seem to have noticed the rooms that were.

    After about half an hour, Adrian left professor Rowans messed up lab, with five shrunken pokeballs on his belt, and a brand new shiny pokedex with data on all the heonn reigon pokemon, he left for the pokemon centre. The big, red-domed building wasn't that hard to find, as it was only a small town, and as he walked to it, a guy bumped into him.

    The guy turned around and said "hey watch were you're goin' , twerp" adrian growled, and said "hey, you bumped into me! why if I had my," this next bit he said with emphasis "'hoenn reigon pokemon league beating' pokemon with me, I'd whoop your butt big time! as it happens, I was forced to get a new pokemon becaue they were too strong, so i only have this chimchar..." he said, looking at the small red and orange monkey at his feet.

    "pphht, I know who you are, I also know that you're strong, but that thing looks pathetic!" the guy said, laughing to himself.

    Adrian growled, before throwing a well aimed jab with his lower palm to the guy's nose. He made a clumsy attempt to retort with a badly put together punch, but adrian blocked it away with his arm, and sweeping his legs under the other guys and knocking him to the floor." Make a joke like that again, and i'll knock you out" snapped adrian to the guy, before walking away silently.

    "wait" said the guy from behind him.Adrian slowly halted, and turned around, to see the guy standing crookedly, with a bleeding nose.He was holding out a hand. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean it. ... i'm jack" Adrian smiled at the attempt to make friends. He walked over, staring at the smile on jack's face."you're an ***" said adrian. Jack looked puzzled. Suddenly, adrian knocked down with one punch. As he walked away, he muttered "jack-***...i should remember that one.." and he walked into the pokemon centre, and the sliding doors closed behind him quietly.

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