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Shugo Chara V2!


swift and lol
Not sure if I'm allowed to make another thread. The other one died, someone bumped it and it got closed. So here's the new thread! Enjoy kiddies. (Ikuto is back in Shugo Chara Party :))


I watched a few episodes, and i loved this show. Ikuto Tsukiyomi is my favorite character, he also a skilled violinist. I also read the volumes, that coming out every few months.


Pokemon Breeder
I really liked the first season, the second season was only alright but I don't like the third season. The shugo chara party thing isn't great. The main anime is only like 10 minutes so it feels like I'm being robbed of my favourite characters, even though I like Rikka.

I wonder where it's going to go when Amu graduates in the series...Rikka used open heart with Amu, so I'm not sure if I like it or not yet.