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Sick (Othelloshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by ChloboShoka, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Title: Sick
    Rating: K+
    Fandom: Pokemon
    Shipping: Othelloshipping (Ash/Hilda)
    Notes: This story is a response to a prompt on the Pokemon Trainers Unite Forum by Marsetta. Out of the prompts given, I've chosen to sick. I've also been dared by Sotoshi & Touka from Serebii Forums to write an Othelloshipping fic. So I'm killing two birds with one stone. I think this will make a nice break from the Advanceshipping fics I've been writing.
    Also availible on FF.net.

    Hilda dashed into the room as she gasped for air. She gulped what was left in her water bottle and halted taking three high-pitched pants. She had woken up Pikachu, the patient's main pokemon. The young man he was standing on looked as if he was only sleeping. His hair as black as a raven's wing was the perfect contrast to the white pillows and bedding.

    Hilda had to see him. She wanted to make sure for herself that everything was okay.

    The beeping in the room was so systematic, it almost felt like beats to a commercial pop song. She sighed in relief: at least his heart was still beating. The nurse on the patient's left had recently finished her shift. Hilda was engraved on her nametag. She dragged the chair by the window and placed it where it was facing Pikachu. She stroked Pikachu's ears as took her seat.

    With her other hand, Hilda held onto the patient's hand. She wanted to spend more time with him during her shift, but she was called to work on another unit were it was short staffed. The patient was someone that Hilda had admired greatly for years every since she was younger. She knew the patient's name. His name was Ash Ketchum, a very famous trainer from Pallet Town. Hilda had always admired him for his courage, strong charisma and his dedication to his pokemon. She hoped that one day she would be an expert trainer just like him. Hilda had always been dying to meet Ash, but not like this.

    She felt as if she knew Ash. She had heard so much about him through her friends and through the media. In her youth, she only managed to see him from the distance where she watched all of his league battles. When Ash won, he showed great pride. When he lost, he showed great dignity and an even stronger desire to win the next league.

    Hilda's heart had been racing for twelve hours. When Ash was rushed into hospital in the afternoon, the paramedics and doctors were rushing all over him. For an unknown reason, he had collapsed in a restaurant. There were ecstasy pills found in his system, which left the doctors confirming that someone spiked his drink. The restaurant was closed and the person dining with him had been arrested.

    "Don't worry," Hilda told Pikachu. "We will take good care of Ash."

    "Pika! Pika!"

    "He's not dead!" Hilda assured Pikachu as she continued petting him. "Ash is just in a coma. It will only be a few days until he's better again." Pikachu remained distort. He rolled around Ash's stomach and continued whaling. It prompted Hilda to pick Pikachu up and cradle the pokemon in her arms. She didn't know when Ash was going to wake up, but when he does, she will make sure that she is the first one he sees.

    She leaned over to Ash and pressed her lips against his mouth.

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