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[Sign-Up] Islands of Origin

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Squiddly Dee, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Squiddly Dee

    Squiddly Dee ∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋


    (If you are new and hoping to sign up, please read the newest post on this thread first.)

    “And with a single toss of His mighty head, the universe was born anew, and a never ending expanse of time and space was at His command...”

    RP Thread || Discussion Thread

    200 years ago, in the land of Aelodil, a land where only Pokemon dwell, a mysterious Alakazam who called himself Odin decided he wanted to expand his already extensive knowledge. He learned of time and space and how they keep the world running, he learned of nature and living beings. But yet he was still unsatisfied. He himself didn't even know why. He was the most knowledgeable Pokemon in all of Aelodil's six islands. His wisdom was a sacred thing to the citizens of Aelodil, and he knew full well that he should be satisfied with all he had learned. And then, one day, it dawned on him.

    He knew nothing of how the world itself came into being. Or the universe, for that matter. What was the point of knowing so much about Pokemon if he had know idea how they came to exist? Why should he care about time or space or the universe if he had not a clue where they all began? And who was the mastermind behind it all?

    Who was God?

    Nearly every Pokemon of Aelodil was engrossed in their legends and lore, the ones that spoke of the mighty being Mew, who breathed life into Pokemon, who defeated demons with his holy magic, who commanded legendary beasts that rose up mountains from the earth and created an almost infinite sea. But Odin was skeptical about these revered legends. He wanted a way to know for sure. What is Mew was just a fairy tale, dreamed up by some fool? He decided to investigate.

    The other Pokemon thought he was going mad. How could he deny the existence of Mew, a being that they'd taken for granted for years upon years? They decided not to trust his knowledge anymore, and figured that he was just a madman who'd lost himself forever. But he changed their minds as soon as he discovered proof.

    In the forest-covered island of Feulis, Odin ventured deep into its ancient ruins, and discovered something incredible. Buried deep beneath the earth was a secret tunnel that was just begging to be explored. As Odin traveled through the tunnel, he found sacred writings carved into the walls. They spoke of a Pokemon named Arceus, who created the universe and brought Mew itself into the world. Drawings of the Pokemon were spread across the walls, and not a single stone was left untouched by etchings honoring the deity. And Odin just knew it had to be true. The tales of Mew were fraud just as he'd suspected, just lies meant to trick gullible Pokemon into believing in a fake God. But they wouldn't trick Odin. And if he had anything to do with it, they wouldn't trick anyone else anymore, either.

    Odin spread his discovery to all the islands of Aelodil, and he got just the reaction he was hoping for. As Pokemon found out hidden clues of their own that proved the mighty Arceus' existence, their trust in Odin began to blossom all the more. Odin had changed the world, and he knew Pokemon were happy to have finally found the truth. But then, one day, he realized it wouldn't be that easy.

    A massive group of Pokemon began to rebel, supporters of Mew who wouldn't let Odin get away with taking away Aelodil's trust in their one true God. They attacked Odin's supporters, and immediately a gruesome battle broke out. Pokemon hurt each other left and right, not showing a single sign of mercy. A few Pokemon were even killed in the brutal conflict. Finally, the Mew supporters rose in victory, having been given the massive advantage of surprise.

    Odin had never been so angry in his life. The Mew supporters were growing and growing, and he had no way to stop it. They were simply too strong. He had only one way: to outsmart them. But fortunately, being an Alakazam, that was his specialty.

    He formed his Arceus supporters into his own personal army, deploying them on two of the six islands. And they decided to go after the Mew supporters. With their organized methods of fighting and pre-planned strategies, they won this battle easily. So, the Mew supporters did the same.

    Soon, the conflict raged across Aelodil, and four of the six islands were fully involved in the battles. The wars, soon known as crusades, went on for many years, and eventually, Odin fell in battle. But the Arceus army went on strong, not wanting to let the loss of their original leader stop them. However, there were two islands who refused to immerse themselves in combat. The Pokemon living on the peaceful island of Feulis, a dense forest-covered island, and the Pokemon of Lithulia, an island filled with beautiful waterfalls and canals. Both islands believe that there is no true single 'God,' and that many god-like creatures worked together to create the world of Aelodil themselves. This enraged both sides, and they soon began to attack the islands, trying to force them to one side. However, neither side would budge. It was a struggle of willpower, and Feulis and Lithulia wouldn't back down. But after many years of brutal war, a tragedy occurred on the island of Lithulia.

    A strange portal appeared out of nowhere, and pulled several Pokemon in.

    The Pokemon of Lithulia were deathly afraid of being taken away themselves, and became more cautious. As portal sightings grew and grew, and more Pokemon were being devoured by the rips in space-time, they locked themselves in their homes, refusing to leave. Some heard voices in their dreams. Screams of agony, or sometimes a single cruel being telling them to give up. To give up, and stop trying to save themselves. It was a terrifying omen, and the Pokemon of Lithulia had never been so scared. Meanwhile, the other islands fighting for their gods scoffed at the pathetic Lithulia. They figured the portals were a sign. A sign from Arceus and Mew, sealing their fate to die if they refuse to pick a side. But even they didn't expect what happened next.

    Lithulia, after suffering from the portals for many months, was swallowed whole.

    It happened slowly. First, the southern half began to break apart. Pokemon's homes, their land, their sea... all of it became devoured by the portals. Pokemon from the northern part of the island attempted to escape, readying ships to take them away, but few succeeded. Only a very small handful of Pokemon escaped from the massacre, and they were not left without damage. Some became mentally traumatized, others lost limbs, some even lost portions of their memories. But none of the survivors will speak of what happened on that terrible day. It remains a deep secret.

    Now, the crusades are still raging on, and show no signs of stopping soon. Portals have been sighted on Feulis as well, and the Pokemon of the other islands have no doubts in their mind that they will suffer the same fate as Lithulia. But the Pokemon of Feulis are determined to live on, and maybe even finally bring an end to the wrath of the crusades.

    The Factions

    Feulis-Dwellers - You are a Pokemon who lives on Feulis, and is thus neutral to the combat of Mew vs. Arceus. Feulis Pokemon are generally very peaceful, though there are some exceptions, such as fighters training under Bullet’s wing (see NPC descriptions). Most of the Pokemon living in Feulis are Pokemon who thrive well in the forest (This could be most Pokemon aside from Steel, Ice, or Fire types.), but you may be an exception if you have a reason for it. Pokemon living in Feulis are devoted to the pursuit of following Celebi, aside from a few Pokemon who are neutral (as well as a certain Aipom). Overall, there aren’t really many limits to being a Feulis Pokemon, so go wild, I guess.

    Soldiers - Soldiers are split into two groups, Mew Soldiers and Arceus Soldiers, who are each stationed on different islands. Nitraga and Runark are Mew islands, while Destirae and Quartzir are Arceus islands (see the island section for more information). As a soldier, you must be wholeheartedly devoted to the cause of supporting Mew/Arceus, unless you joined the military for a different reason, for example, to get money to support a family. You must keep in mind the island’s ecosystem while choosing which island your Pokemon should be stationed on. For example, if you have a Lanturn character who you want to be an Arceus soldier, it wouldn’t make much sense for them to live on Destirae, so it would be a smarter choice to make them live on Quartzir.

    The Islands

    Feulis - A small, quaint tropical island filled with dense forests and ancient ruins begging to be explored. There aren’t many Pokemon living on the island itself, and most of its population lives in a small village within the heart of the forest. These Pokemon are religious like many of the others, but they have a very different belief - there is no single God, only a multitude of gods that each provided a different piece of the world we live in now. The villagers themselves worship Celebi, as the time-travelling legend is thought to be the single Pokemon holding the balance of their forests in place. They occasionally hold ceremonies in Celebi’s honor, usually in front of the island’s pride and joy, a majestic waterfall. The island is not nearly as peaceful as it once was, however, as Pokemon have been suddenly disappearing, assumingly because of the very same dimensional rifts that swallowed Lithulia whole. Because the majority of the villagers are generally peaceful and rarely fight, Feulis has no military. However, a select few villagers are prepared to protect the village from any threats, namely other armies. The leader of said group is Bullet the Sceptile, the loyal right-hand to the wise village leader, Glenn. The other islands tend to look down on the villagers of Feulis, as they did for the Pokemon of Lithulia, as the members of Feulis have yet to pick a side in the battle between Arceus and Mew. They think that the dimensional rifts throwing the island into chaos is a sign from Mew or Arceus - a sign that the island will fall if they remain neutral about the conflict. But the villagers of Feulis are unwavering in heart, wanting to stand strong alongside their beliefs even if it is their downfall.

    Destirae - Destirae is a mountainous island, with huge cliffs reaching to the horizon and reaching past the clouds. It takes a very brave and tough Pokemon to live here, because those mountainsides don’t joke around. Fall off, and you’re just about done for. Because of this, many Flying type Pokemon make their home here - they don’t have to deal with that risk. The citizens of Destirae have many villages spreading throughout its cliff, with its biggest city at the top. But, there’s a catch - you have to climb to the top to get there. Many Pokemon lose their lives attempting to get to the top, but the few who make it are said to be blessed by Arceus, as He has allowed their home to be closest to his perch in the heavens. Destirae sports what is probably the strongest military, as its Pokemon have been trained in a very tough region and become strong because of it. But that’s also a problem for them. While they could probably destroy the other armies in a contest of strength, they tend to focus much less on strategizing and careful battle plans. This can be a major problem for them while fighting solo, but when fighting with their fellow Arceus supporters, the army of Quartzir, Quartzir can just handle the strategizing for them. Proud, tough, and dangerous, the members of Destirae aren’t to be messed with.

    Nitraga - Known as the “island split in two,” Nitraga has earned this nickname for good reason. The southern and northern halves of the island are very different. Where the northern half is freezing cold, the southern half is almost unbearably hot and humid. Where the northern half has countless forests, the southern half is filled with massive desserts. Where the northern half takes pride in its secluded ice caves, the southern half can boast about its massive volcano, which is active, thank you very much. As you could probably guess, Nitraga’s northern half is home to a wide variety of Pokemon, though its population is mainly Ice types, while its southern half is home to lots of Fire types, as well as some Ground and Rock types. Nitraga’s climates aren’t the only strange thing, though. Its army, which battles for Mew, is also very different. The two halves train separately, until it is time for them to unite. With each half fighting very differently, they can cover each other's weaknesses with ease. But, this is a bit of a double-edged sword for them. While this can obliterate the other side in some situations, this can make it difficult for the halves to work together and strategize. So, Nitraga can be either a massive force in battle, or the laughingstock of the islands - never in between.

    Runark - From above, Runark looks like a barren, desolate wasteland, with absolutely no life. But that’s because you’re missing what’s below. All of Runark’s Pokemon live underground, in a maze of passages that are nearly impossible to navigate if you aren’t a native of the area. The Pokemon themselves are constantly living on the brink of starvation, since food underground is scarce. Because of this, Pokemon bond together to form unlikely tight groups of communities, sharing food and water. The Pokemon of Runark are extremely loyal to each other because of these communities, and it isn’t unusual for one to sacrifice its food, shelter, or even their life for another. The Pokemon of Runark are strong believers in Mew, who they believe created Pokemon and gave them intelligence so they could face hardships together. This belief is what binds the Runark army, which is the smallest army of them all. Don’t let this underestimate you, however. Pokemon from Runark have extremely high stamina, as they would need to have to live such a dangerous lifestyle. Because of this, they can keep fighting for as long as they need to, and will always leap into battle fighting hard. And if you challenge them in their homeland? You won’t stand a chance. Only the Runark Pokemon know the layout of the passages, and you could get lost down there forever. Their tight community can form unusual strategies that would seem foolish to other armies, but end up winning Runark the battle. But, Pokemon from Runark lack the strength that other Pokemon do, mainly because they don’t get enough food as nourishment. Runark Pokemon need to rely on each other to win because of this, but fortunately for them, that’s what they’re best at.

    Quartzir - A very strange island, it appears to be an absolutely tiny patch of land that couldn’t hold any Pokemon, but this is only because the majority of the island has been completely submerged underwater. Underneath the surface, the island is almost like an aquarium - a powerful, near indestructible barrier surrounds the bustling cities and Pokemon of Quartzir, and through the barrier, Water-type Pokemon can be seen swimming about. Quartzir’s military, trained to fight for the glory of Arceus, is very uptight. If you can’t perform up to the army’s standards, you’re out. This particular island is in the best condition out of the others, simply because it is very difficult to attack and locate. The island used to have a series of pipes connecting it to the other islands, but they were shut off due to the danger of oncoming attacks from Mew supporters. The military is extremely dangerous because, as said before, Quartzir’s mighty commander will not take in any stragglers. She’ll work you to exhaustion if she has to, and will not take no for an answer.

    The Supporting Cast

    This is just a little bit of info about important characters from each island that may make creating a sign-up and writing actual posts a bit easier. You can create your own NPCs, of course, but you have to message me about it first.


    Glenn -
    An old, wise Venusaur who is far past his prime, Glenn has been the leader of the Feulis Village for who knows how long. His long life, though it may be coming to an end, has taught him many things, and his only hope is that he can pass them on to his dear village before his time is up. Because of his age, he isn’t as much the leader anymore as the one who watches over the village. He can no longer battle, and he is growing weaker and weaker each day. But he still remains a kindly and thoughtful Pokemon who loves nothing more than his wonderful community.

    Bullet -
    Glenn’s right-hand-man and next in line for the position of leader, Bullet is a no-nonsense, rule following Sceptile who never wants any Pokemon to be out of line. Fortunately, none of the villagers usually give him trouble (aside from one certain Aipom). He is extremely focused, and will work hard to get the job done, and wants only the best for the village. But, because of all this, he has no sense of humor and stresses out very easily. But despite his uptight qualities, he is fiercely loyal to Glenn, and will protect him with all he’s got.

    Molla - A shy, timid little thing, Molla is perhaps the sweetest Altaria you’ll ever meet. She is very bashful and prefers to be away from other Pokemon, but is fantastic at taking care of the young ones, often taking in baby Pokemon who have no parents, mainly survivors of the sinking of Lithulia. However, she has problems taking care of troublemakers (such as one certain Aipom), since she simply can’t stand punishing such “sweet, innocent little dears.” Though she is easily flustered and may be a little too kind, Molla is a very hard worker.


    Vic -
    The tough-as-nails commander of Destirae, this Braviary is as strong as an ox and as stubborn as one, too. If one of his trainees decides to give him “no” for an answer, they may as well have spoken their last words. Despite this, though, he has a definite sense of humor, and doesn’t really take much too seriously. Other than battle, that is. Vic is fierce in battle, wanting to live up to his namesake as a leading force of victory for his lord Arceus, and will never back down from a challenge.


    Sinatra - A generally relaxed Pokemon, Sinatra is the commander of Nitraga’s northern army. Being a Froslass, her claim to fame in battle is slowly whittling down the foe with the help of her array of status condition causing attacks. She is an optimistic Pokemon, who prefers to go with the flow and is able to keep her cool even within the heat of battle. Because of this, she is pretty much the polar opposite of her fellow commander, Fianna.

    Fianna - A tough girl who isn’t to be messed with, Fianna is the commander of Nitraga’s southern army. She’s a Rampardos with a serious attitude who isn’t afraid to prove in battle that she’s the best commander of them all. In fact, magma from the southern half’s active volcano cooled on top of the rock on her head, making her head smashes hurt all the more. As a contrast to her fellow commander, Sinatra, she focuses purely on offense, as well as distracting the foes so Sinatra is free to run wild with her status conditions. She gets infuriated pretty easily, so watch out. A mad Fianna is a dangerous Fianna, and that’s the most important thing to know if you want to face up against this rough-and-tumble Pokemon.


    Rufus -
    This giant behemoth of an Excadrill seems to be fierce and heartless to any average onlooker, but every Pokemon living in Runark knows of his soft, kindly interior. Rufus loves his little band of misfits in Runark, and could probably go to any length to protect them, and he has an especially soft spot for small, cute Pokemon. However, his views can sometimes cloud his judgment, leading him to make mistakes more easily than the other commanders. But his selflessness doesn’t go to waste when taking care of his community through tough situations.

    Griff - To any Pokemon living outside of Runark, this smooth-talking, laid-back Sandslash might seem a little strange. But, to the Pokemon of Runark, he is their beloved instructor of sorts, focusing on training Pokemon into powerful soldiers when he’s not in the heat of battle. Griff is a very quirky Pokemon, seeming to be relaxed in even the bleakest of situations and preferring to take take life’s challenges as they come and go with the flow, rather than rushing ahead recklessly. But despite his relaxed nature, he is surprisingly extremely sociable, able to strike up conversation with complete strangers and talk for hours. He’s also got quite a few odd catchphrases under his belt, and passes out weird nicknames like party favors. But even though he seems careless, and always cool and calm, Griff changes dramatically once he enters a fight. He’s a tough, ruthless fighter who strikes fast and hard, and will only hit harder if you dare to hurt one of his companions. This especially holds true for Rufus, seeing as the two have pretty much known each other since birth, and eventually went on to become mates. But, whether he’s a rough berserker or an odd yet endearing rascal, Griff is someone who can definitely be relied on.


    Sepres -
    A cold-hearted and stoic Milotic, Sepres is not only the Quartzir military’s commander, but she is also the self-proclaimed beautiful queen of Quartzir itself. She, like the other commanders, is a fierce foe in battle. Her unusually high speed for her species allows her to strike faster than you could ever imagine, and she may as well be unrivaled in water combat. She is a bit on the egotistical side, taking pride in her skills, but hey, she really does have a good reason to be. She is the sole reason for her military’s uptight standards and won’t hesitate to personally kill any Pokemon who disobeys her or isn’t performing up to snuff. But, rumor has it this cruel empress may be hiding a secret...

    So, you want to sign up?

    Well, you'll need to know the rules, first. Here they are:

    1. Rather than being a first-come-first-serve basis, this RP will take as many sign-ups as are submitted for ten days. If a sign-up follows all the rules, and is otherwise one I consider to be strong, I will put it on the “potential sign-ups” list. In one month, I will look over all of the sign-ups on the list and choose the 5 best to get into the RP along with my own character. So, feel free to go beyond the 100-word limits and do your best!
    2. You can’t be too overpowered at the start of the RP. Your Pokemon may be around Level 20-25 and if they evolve with a stone, I’d prefer that they aren’t evolved yet (Though I may make exceptions). Your Pokemon must begin with only 4 moves, but they may learn more later on. They can also each have one unique egg move, but they cannot know TM or HM moves yet.
    They will be able to learn TM and HM moves later on, however.
    3. Read the other sign-ups! If your character is too similar to mine, or anyone else’s, I might ask you to go back and change some things. I want a diverse set of characters participating, not a bunch that are all the same. This includes being too similar in terms of personality, history, and being the same species as someone else.

    And a sign-up form:

    Name: (Only a first name is needed, but you can add a last name if you want.)
    Species: (Self-explanatory.)
    Gender: (Male, female, or non-binary.)
    Faction: (Soldier or Feulis-Dweller. You can specify whether they’re an Arceus or Mew soldier if you want to.)
    Island: (Which island you are deployed on, if you are a soldier. This field is only for soldiers.)
    Moves: (Four moves, no TMs/HMs, no move tutor moves unless you have a specific reason for it, one egg move.)
    Personality: (At least 100 words, but you can type more if you want a better shot at making it into the RP.)
    History: (At least 100 words, but you can type more if you want a better shot at getting into the RP.)
    Other: (This section is optional. Just any other random factoids you want to include about your character.)

    Potential Sign-Ups:
    Jet the Floatzel - Feulis-Dweller - Billy Mays
    Diana the Kirlia - Feulis-Dweller - Jonah the Slaking
    Valyrian the Litwick - Feulis-Dweller - Elysian
    Lisander the Kecleon - Mew Soldier - rabidepicgoose
    Nitten the Aron - Arceus Soldier - InfernalBlaze
    Ryuka the Riolu - Feulis-Dweller - Andydemon
    Uzi the Umbreon - Arceus Soldier - LCrackedCD
    Falken the Skarmory - Arceus Soldier - legnak
    Skaro the Weavile - Arceus Soldier - The.Meta
    Lamina the Scyther - Mew Soldier - SteelKing 2012

    Accepted Sign-Ups:
    1. Littna the Aipom - Feulis-Dweller - Epic-Inferno
    2. Ryuka the Riolu - Andydemon
    3. Diana the Kirlia - Jonah the Slaking

    (Oh, and also, that awesome banner at the top was made by kyogreblue3, in case you were wondering.)
    Last edited: May 24, 2013
  2. Squiddly Dee

    Squiddly Dee ∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋

    My Sign-Up

    Name: Littna
    Species: Aipom
    Faction: Feulis-Dwellers
    Moves: Fake Out, Ice Punch, Sand Attack, Fury Swipes
    Personality: Brash and stubborn, with a mischievous streak, Littna is the polar opposite of the other citizens of Feulis. Where they are wise, dedicated, and noble, she is childish, careless, and hot-headed. But she does have one thing on her side - she’s got a razor-sharp cleverness that can work her out of the toughest of situations. But, she doesn’t always use this wit of hers for the benefit of others. Trickery, manipulation, and even sacrificing others... she’ll use her cleverness to help her and only her, with no exceptions. Because of this, she is very self-centered, and will not budge unless she gets her way. And to get her way, she’ll stoop very low.

    Littna can be pretty manipulative, though she has a hard time winning over smarter Pokemon. But thanks to her manipulation, she has managed to convince a few other Pokemon to help her out with her schemes, namely a rather naive Linoone named Benji. Though her cunning smooth talk isn’t the extent of her skills, it’s definitely helped her weasel her way out of trouble more than once.

    Her biggest talent? That’d be her pranks. Littna has a way with items and tools - give her an item, and I guarantee you she’ll be able to execute an ingenious prank with it quicker than you could ever believe. Her trusty tools have helped her get her way more times than she could count on all three of her hands, whether its because she managed to get her foe frozen, tied upside down, or covered in sap. But, these don’t just help Littna when she’s terrorizing the island. They’re the secret to her prowess in battle. While she’s not too strong normally, her trickery can seriously mess with her foes’ plans, so she can turn a disadvantage into an advantage before they even know it. She’s got plenty of tools she can use to help her out, that she’s proud to say she crafted herself, thank you very much. But her tools are a bit of a double-edged sword. While they can seriously trip up some foes, she relies just a bit too much on them, and a clever Pokemon that can see through her tricks and traps will find that she can even fall easily to just one blow - if you can hit her, that is. Because though she doesn’t have much in the way of pure power and rock solid defense, she’s packing lots of speed. So if you want to beat her, you’ll have to be quick on your feet and watch where you step.

    Oh, and watch out for her when she’s bored. The times when she’s just lying around, with no clue what to do? Those times are when her most wonderfully despicable plans pop into her head. The times when her victims don’t have any idea how she even came up with half the ideas for her devious tricks. And those are the times when wreaking havoc on the normally peaceful island of Feulis has never made her prouder.

    Littna has the tendency to be just a little careless. Okay, maybe more than a little. She doesn’t really think about other Pokemons’ thoughts and feelings because, according to Littna, hers come first. Why should she care about the Feulis Island’s shrine to Celebi? She doesn’t believe in that bull. Why should she care about what the other Feulis Pokemon think of her? They’re all idiots. Unless it stands in the way of her and whatever her goal may be, Littna will just brush it aside. Because of this, she is actually quite childish. She will throw a tantrum if she doesn’t get her way, and may even kick and scream if you push her far enough. With her hard-to-tame personality, she’ll usually need a Pokemon or two there to babysit her. Maybe even three.

    Speaking of the citizens of Feulis, they are at the top of the list of things that infuriate Littna to no end. Their foolish allegiance to Celebi, their belief in those idiotic legends and lore, and that smartass second-in-command of the village. Littna would love nothing more than to get off that wretched island, away from her so-called “babysitters.” Legends are one thing that she can't stand in general. They're clearly all just nonsense dreamed up by fools, so why do other Pokemon follow them so blindly? A Pokemon that grants wishes? That's impossible! A Pokemon that controls time itself? No way! But she holds the deepest grudge towards Mew and Arceus, the very myths that are tearing the world apart. Why? Their very concept destroyed her beloved home, Lithulia. Though she hides it best she can, all she really wants is to return to her dear home, and she'd do anything to get back that humble island she loved so much.

    That’s about all there is to Littna. You’ll never know what kinds of schemes she’s dreaming up, or who she’ll strike next. You can look, but don’t touch. You’ll end up regretting it.

    History: Littna’s memory is more than a bit hazy, with some parts of her tale unclear to even her, and others having been deleted completely, even though she knew in the back of her head that they happened. But as far as she knows, it all began with a simple story.

    There was a time a few years back, in a small cottage right off the shore of a humble port town in Lithulia, when the young Littna lived alone with her dear mother. But the little Aipom was in distress. Her mother always seemed bothered by something, rarely speaking to her at all. All she ever did was stare out the window, day after day, hardly moving from her secluded place in the corner of the house. Littna didn't know what to do. Her mother was the only thing she'd ever known. She'd never seen her father before, and every time she mentioned him, her mother would only dodge her questions, leaving the poor Littna confused. But that all changed one day, when Littna's mother brought to her a massive storybook.

    Littna, wondering what the book's pages could possibly hold, eagerly asked her mother what the story could be. Her mother only smiled and laughed, telling her it was a surprise. The tale told of a mystical dragon that ruled the sky, and its never ending battle with a strange creature from the depths of space. Their fight raged for eons and eons, and may have even gone on forever. But when Littna asked her mother who won the fight, she told the young child she would have to find out for herself.

    This magical story was something beyond Littna's wildest dreams. She could only imagine what such awesome being could do. And that began Littna's unquenchable taste for adventure.

    Once she became old enough to leave the house on her own, Littna made it her goal to explore every last nook and cranny of the island. She just knew that an amazing creature just had to be on the island somewhere, and she just knew she'd find it if she searched hard enough. Soon, she'd seen almost everything there was to see. She knew the riverbanks like the back of her hands (all three of them, that is), she could identify every last tree in each of the dense forests, and she could find her way easily over the island's steepest, tallest mountain - without any equipment. There was only one place she hadn't had the guts to investigate: the Spirit's Den.

    A massive cavern resting at the heart of the island, the Spirit's Den was the one place she'd been forbidden to go. "Absolutely NOT," were the only two words her mother had ever used to describe it, so the cave's dangers were still unknown to her. Now, if Littna hadn't been so ignorant to the fact that the Spirit's Den was known for winding passages nearly impossible to navigate, or that it was rumored to be filled with vengeful spirits hungry for life, she probably wouldn't have been so reckless. But, as far as Littna knew, it was just another place waiting to be conquered by Lithulia's greatest explorer. So, off she went.

    As soon as she entered the deep cavern, she could immediately tell it was of a higher caliber than anywhere else she’d been. Even though she’d taken a light with her, she was utterly and completely lost, with each and every winding passageway seeming to lead to the exact same place. It was the first time she’d been willing to admit that she had no idea where she was. But even though that was scary for the young Aipom, the most terrifying thing was that the cave was almost completely silent, with no signs of life anywhere. That is, except for a single bloodcurdling scream that echoed through the cavern every once in a while, always making Littna’s spine shiver and her knees weak. And she was starting to think this might have not been the best idea after all.

    Time passed, she wasn’t even sure if it was minutes, hours, or weeks, and Littna could do nothing but force herself to race along hallway after hallway, hoping one would finally lead to the exit. Even though she was Lithulia’s greatest explorer, she was downright terrified. She was tired, scared out of her wits, and her light had almost gone out completely. She didn’t even know if she could make it out alive, and she knew that if she did, she should listen to her mother more often.

    And suddenly, she heard a different noise. Not the scream that had been haunting her as she made her way through the corridors, but a distant howl. And suddenly, as of out of nowhere, a bright light filled the room, surprising the Aipom. And when she came to her senses, she was face-to-face with a snarling Manectric, glaring at her with wild eyes. And as it showed off rows of long, sharp, teeth, she was petrified by fear. She’d never seen anything so menacing. And this was when her regrets were deeper than ever before. As it leaned closer, sparks crackling across its body, she prepared for the worst. But that’s not what she got.

    Before the Manectric could unleash its wrath upon the pathetic, sniveling Littna, a figure leapt in from behind, slashing at the formidable Pokemon. And it immediately dissipated, turning to dust as if it had never been there in the first place. She looked up, confused when there had been no impact, only to see that a Weavile had come to her rescue. And suddenly, everything faded around her. The caverns, the tunnels, they all disappeared. She was in a forest, the place she’d been before entering the labyrinth, and it all happened so fast.

    The Weavile explained to her that she’d fallen into a trap. The Spirit’s Den was but an illusion, set up by vengeful spirits so they could drain the life force of hopeful explorers. She couldn’t find her way out, simply because there was no way out. And Littna was brimming with questions. Where did that Manectric come from? Where did you come from? Why did you help me? But just as she was ready to spew out her list of inquiries, the Weavile gave her a single challenge: “I’m going to be staying here for a while, but I won’t always be in the same place. If you can find me, I just might tell you a few things.” And he sped off, not leaving even a trace behind.

    Littna only had one thought in her head as she rushed home. That Weavile just had to be the coolest Pokemon she’d ever seen.

    The next day, she’d made up her mind to become as awesome as he was. She just knew she could do it. She found him easily that day, having a map of the entire island in her head. And when she discovered his hiding place, he taught her a few tricks. He took her on as a student almost accidentally, after he told her that strength isn’t the key to winning battles - it’s smarts. And she slowly managed to convince the loner to teach her some of his tricks. These outings were the highlight of her day - she soon had a number of tricks at her arsenal, perfect for tripping foes up. And she managed to grow close to the Weavile, though to this day she can’t quite remember his name.

    But things can’t always end happily, unfortunately for Littna.

    As the rumors about the portals spread more and more, more and more innocent citizens of Lithulia were being swallowed whole. Towns were being destroyed. And other armies were coming to Lithulia, trying to convince the stubborn Pokemon to pick a side, before their lives are ended for good. Finally, one of the southern towns was bombed. The Pokemon were in chaos. And this was when Littna’s mother put her foot down. She simply couldn’t have her darling daughter leave the house anymore.

    Littna protested and protested, begging to see Weavile, but her mother was obstinate. It was dangerous outside. She wouldn’t let Littna have her life stripped away. All Littna was worried about was Weavile. He was a teacher, a friend, and in her eyes, a hero. What about his life? She stopped talking to her mother, refusing to see her side.

    And then, judgment day came.

    When Littna woke up a few days later, she looked out the window to see a dark, distorted sky and could hear nothing but the wild screaming of Pokemon all around. Villagers were being devoured by a massive, inescapable, wall of portals, and that’s when Littna’s instinct kicked in. She ran as fast as she possibly could out of the house, right before it was destroyed behind her. Her incredible fear was only pushing her forward, urging her on. She couldn’t end up like the others. She couldn’t. And then she saw a boat, leaving the island, with only a tiny handful of survivors on it. Some were crying. Some had their heads in their hands. Others stared on silently, their eyes wide. But at least they were alive. Littna sighed with relief as she made her way to the edge of the shore. She was scared, sure, she was absolutely shaking with fear, but she could be alive. The Pokemon on board were shouting for her to get on, but right as she was racing towards the ship, a terrible, awful thought hit her.

    Weavile wasn’t on the ship.

    She scanned the boat again and again, searching the island with wide eyes. He was nowhere to be found. Where was he?! He had to be somewhere! He couldn’t just die! Even though the wall of impending doom was right before her, ready to guide her to the same fate that had been met by so many of the other Pokemon, she couldn’t stop looking. He just had to be alive. He just had to.

    But before she could discover her savior’s fate, she was scooped up by her mother, and dragged onto the ship. And as they sailed away, seeing the island sink under the bobbing waves, that’s when the truth hit her.

    Weavile was dead.

    She collapsed, weeping in her mother’s arms. She was kicking and screaming, not wanting to believe it. She wanted so badly to see him again, to just go back and return to the past, but she knew it was just impossible. She was just a young, innocent child. She’d never experienced death before. And even she didn’t know it would be so painful.

    Weeks later, when the ship finally reached the shore of Feulis, she was bitter with regret. She discovered a deep hatred for the legendaries, choosing to believe that it was the Pokemons’ belief in those stupid legends that had destroyed her home. She refused to eat, wouldn’t talk to anyone, and remained solitary for weeks. And then a plan dawned on her. It was a twisted plan, with twisted, impossible logic, but in her screwed-up, still child-like mind, it made perfect sense to her.

    If she tormented the villagers enough, maybe they would let her go. Just maybe, she could go back to how Lithulia was before. And that belief is what has driven her to continue. With her master’s teachings, she would return everything to how it was before.

    Other: Weavile did teach her one new attack: Ice Punch.
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  3. Samantha Sparks

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    Ill reserve please.
  4. Squiddly Dee

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    There are no reserves - the sign-ups are based on quality, not first-come-first-serve.
  5. Jonah the Slaking

    Jonah the Slaking Couch-bound Warrior

    Name: Diana

    Species: Kirlia

    Gender: Female

    Faction: Feulis-Dweller

    Moves: Confusion, Confuse Ray, Teleport, Double Team

    Personality: She's often seen as a snobby, arrogant girl due to her upbringing, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. In reality, she is a fun-loving, kind girl who desperately craves the attention of others--especially her father. She'll go to great lengths to get this attention, often putting on a "little girl" act. This act makes it so she rarely acts her age, which annoys others to a great extent. She devotes a lot of time to making herself look good as well, wearing eye shadow and occasionally putting blue highlights in her hair. She has developed only one close friendship, with an Escavalier named Lance. She affectionately refers to Lance as "Buckethead." She and Lance are rarely seen apart, and he finds her little girl act charming. She's very stubborn, which has the unfortunate side effect of reinforcing others' view of her as snobby and arrogant. She's so stubborn, in fact, that Lance describes her as a "determinator." She just doesn't give up if she wants to do something--simple as that. Giving up is, after all, a sign of weakness according to her father's militaristic attitude. If there's one thing that Diana got from her father, it's that.

    Not many people know that Diana is hurt badly inside. Though she's mostly gotten over her mother disappearing--thanks to Lance--she fervently believes that her father doesn't care about her, because she was too young to remember why he took her to Feulis in the first place. Because of this, she's prone to immediate attraction--with the exception of Lance, oddly enough--to substitute for the fatherly love that she lacks.

    If Diana is found in a combat situation, she'll stay on the defensive--a Confuse Ray here, a Teleport there. She teleports around a lot, due to her tactics working much better at long range. Her thought process there is that if she's going to have to fight, she doesn't want to hurt anyone too badly.

    History: Diana was born into a family of Pokemon that were high on the social ladder in Destirae. Her father was a powerful soldier, and her mother usually stayed at home. When Diana was born, however, both of her parents decided to move to Feulis so she didn't have to be raised in the war environment. When they got to Feulis, it took time for them to be accepted--most Feulis-dwellers thought they were trying to bring the war to their island--but they eventually earned the islanders' trust. Diana's father began to help the island with foreign affairs, doing his best to make sure the war never reached Feulis. Unfortunately, this meant that he was so busy, he never had time for his daughter. Diana was fine with this, however, because her mother was always there to make sure she wasn't alone.

    One day, Diana's father was called to both Lithulia and Nitraga in such a short time that he wouldn't be able to make it to both meetings in time. Diana's mother decided to go in his stead to Lithulia. Unfortunately, that was the day that it was swallowed whole by the portals. As the island disappeared, Diana's mother did along with it.

    Diana had a hard time finding ways to cope with her mother's disappearance. She would stay locked in her room for days, even weeks, at a time, eating very little. She became malnourished. Her father desperately wanted to be there for her, but he couldn't because he was so busy. Instead, he hired a retired soldier from Quartzir: an Escavalier named Lance. With Lance's company, Diana's wounds slowly began to heal. Eventually, she began to seek attention, and started acting immaturely. She first tried this with Lance--she asked him for a piggyback ride. Lance not only tolerated this, but actually found it funny. The spark of their friendship turned into a roaring fire, and now they're barely ever seen apart. Despite this, Diana is still desperate for her father's approval, and her father is desperate to give it to her...but his job keeps them apart.

    Other: Diana has blue eyes. The main reason she wears eye shadow is so they'll stand out from her hair.
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  6. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    Name: Valyrian

    Species: Litwick :607:

    Gender: Male

    Faction: Feulis-Dweller

    Moves: Heat Wave, Hex, Confuse Ray and Minimize

    Personality: Valyrian is quite average, actually. His family were middle class, and they lived a good life until hell broke out. He's very caring for his younger siblings. Or.. he used to be. Valyrian is a hollow mysterious shell of the personality he once were, so traumatized by the disappearence of his family that he's no longer capable of showing emotions. He's an honest and serious Pokemon, and people often get insulted when they talk to him. Being a Ghost-Type, other pokemon usually are a bit scared of him, and they keep their distance. He also developed a dark, sinister sense of morbid humor after witnessing his family's demise, and freaks out pretty much everyone who try speaking to him. He's very lonely, and often talks to himself. He miss his old life and his family, and he hopes that he one day may find them again, and that everything will go back to the way they were.

    History: Valyrian lived an average life on Lithulia, away from the war of religion. He lived with his parents and two younger siblings. He usually babysat them when his parents were off to somewhere. He liked listening to tales about the great wars, or crusades, as he had learnt they were called, raging across the six islands, despite his parents telling him not to listen to it. they did not want a warrior's life for their only son.

    Then one day, portals appeared every now and then, and a few Pokemon went missing. "Be careful now, we don't want you to disappear!" his mother told him at least twice a day. She had lost a friend of hers as well, and did not want to suffer the loss of her son. the citizens of Lithulia became more and more careful, and the daily life of Valyrian was clouded with doubts and fear. it did not get any better when the towns elder, a wise old Gothitelle one day started yelling "Is there a god who can hear our cry? Is there a god who can rescue our souls?" after a rather nasty Future Sight. After this incidence, people rarely went out of their homes. "What is life, when you can't live?" His father said

    Then one day, everything went literally to hell. the portals widened and appeared more often, and the town of Valyrian and his family were about to get sucked away. Valyrian grabbed his younger sisters and tried to run, but he got caught in the stampede and passed out a few moments. He woke up hearing his siblings cries, and saw them get sucked into the dark void that was eating their once peaceful village. Valyrian and his parents were trapped at the edge of a cliff near the sea, watching their town get eaten alive. they had nowhere to run. Valyrian tried to comfort his mother when his father suddenly turned to him. "I love you, son!" he cried, before releasing a Dark Pulse attack, blasting Valyrian off the island and out to the sea. (His father was very strong)

    After drifting in the salty air of the ocean, Valyrian evntually reached the forests of Feulis Island, where he sank down to the ground and immediatly passed out.
    Later, he would just float around, trying to find civilization, which he eventually found. But they didn't erally like the idea of a Fire-type in their village, so they weren't too nice to him, calling him an outsider.
    Now, he usually float around the forest at night, keeping mostly to himself.

    Other: Valyrian's a shiny
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  7. Pir8Heart

    Pir8Heart ƸӜƷ

    Name: Anga (AHN-guh)

    Species: Wailmer ;320;

    Gender: Totally female, no matter what the deep voice tells you.

    Faction: Soldier, for now

    Island: Quartzir

    Moves: Rest*, Snore, Water Pulse, Rollout

    Personality: Cloud. Cuckoo. Lander.

    Seriously, Anga can be considered more "out there" compared to other Pokemon, personality-wise. Let's start with the good things; first and foremost, Anga has a really big heart to fit with her even bigger body. Generally oblivious to the ongoing chaos, she enjoys flowing with the current among other meaningless things.

    History: (At least 100 words, but you can type more if you want a better shot at getting into the RP.)

    Other: * This implies Anga's at least level 27. However, after going over this with E-I, she doesn't appear to have any problems, since Rest is a status move and all. Unless she wants to voice something else.

    Incomplete, for I am being dragged somewhere for most of the day. :p
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  8. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays Ace Advertiser

    Name: Jet
    Species: Floatzel
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Feulis-Dweller
    Moves: Aqua Jet, Quick Attack, Crunch, Ice Fang
    Personality: No words can describe Jet's personality better than laid-back and carefree. Being an extremely calm person, Jet wants nothing more than to be able to sit back and enjoy life. Of course, giant wars engulfing the entire island chain tend to get in the way of peace. Jet personally doesn't care either way in terms of the beliefs of either side. As he would put it, "Why does it matter who created the world? What matters is that we're alive to enjoy it." He hates conflict, and can be willing to do anything to end it (even fighting himself if nessesary to end it).

    Jet would consider himself to be a lover, not a fighter. He tries to be nice to everyone he meets and not get mad towards anyone, including his oppoents (if he has any). One thing he really hates though is restrictions. Jet likes to do what he wants, when he wants to, and not being able to do that bothers him. In that sense, freedom is the second most important thing he holds dear to him, next to peace. If a problem of his is alot bigger than him, he tends to just run away from it and try to find somewhere else to stay, as he has done throughout his life.

    He also happens to be very patient, if not too much so. Jet is the kind of person who always takes his time in doing things and always arriving "fashionablely" late. Because of this he comes off as being a lazy freeloader; though 'lazy' fits him fairly well, he is by no means a freeloader. He has taken care of himself for a long time, and rarely relies on other people.

    One of his favorite places or things in general is the ocean. In fact, he has lived around and/or in it for so long, he's pratically a master of traversing and fighting in it. He goes for a swim on pretty much a daily basis, to have a good time and to keep himself from getting rusty at swimming. Despite not being much of a fighter, Jet is a force to be reckoned with while underwater. He's actually a very swift Pokemon who can be hard to hit on land, but underwater he's as fast as a lightning bolt.

    In battle (if he manages to find himself in one), Jet relies on his blinding speed to attack his oppoent before they have a chance to hit him. For a Pokemon who's comparable to a hippie surfer, he is surprisingly strong, though obviously not as much as a trained soldier. He fights relentlessly, following up one attack after another to try to prevent his opponent from having time to even begin thinking about what to do next. Against slow enemies, this works pretty well. Against equally fast enemies though, Jet usually doesn't fare too well. He can't take a hit very well, so if you actually manage to hit him you are going to be dealing alot of damage. When in water he becomes about twice as fast as he does on land (which is saying alot since he's already very fast on land), making him even more deadly.

    It is possible for Jet to become so enraged, so angry, that he drops his calm attitude and becomes so mad he fights with a passion equal to a thousand volcanos erupting all at once. This can only happen if something such as someone important to him dying or something equal, or more than that magnitude. Needless to say, it isn't very easy to cause this to happen. Only once in his life has he completely lost his calm demeanor, but it wasn't to this far of an extent. No one, not even Jet himself, has ever seen this side of him before to it's full extent, and for his opponents' sakes, they better hope no one ever will.

    History: Jet was born on Quartzir, with his parents both being soldiers. Even before he could walk his parents had decided that their son would be an Arceus Soldier, much like themselves. So when he grew older, he was trained for war. Jet wasn't so sure about being a soldier though. It felt odd to fight for someone he'd never even met before, and risk his life fighting for him. He often got scolded for not trying hard enough or being late for something, both by his trainers and his own parents.

    Jet soon grew to hate everything about being a soldier. But he held it in, and just accepted it...until one faitful day: the day he met Sepres.

    The trainees were told by their instructor to be ready for an inspection, but to be aware that today they were going to be inspected by "higher authority". Jet did his best to make himself look proper, if only to prevent himself from getting yelled at...again. When ready, their inspector entered the barracks. She was a Milotic, who looked both beautiful and cruel. Jet gulped and took a deep breath, and prepared to get screamed at for forgetting to do something. To his surprise, the Milotic passed him by after inspecting him, without saying a word. Just as he sighed in relief, he nearly jumped when she began screaming at the trainee right next to him, a small Oshawott named Wave. She was one of the only Pokemon Jet knew that was nice to him.

    The Milotic got madder as she yelled. Every time Wave tried to explain herself, she was interrupted and told that she was just making excuses. Then, the Milotic whacked Wave with her tail, sending her a few feet back. At that very moment, Jet decided that he had had enough. He lunged at Sepres, putting all of his power into once attack. The surprised Milotic was knocked away by the hit, but almost immediately got back up. By the time she did however, Jet was already gone.

    Jet just kept running. When he got out of Quartzil, he switched to swimming and continued on, swimming away from everything he had ever known. He had no idea where he was going, he just wanted to swim away...

    And so he swam, for days on end, until eventually reaching another island. It was the island of Destirae, which Jet could see from miles away thanks to it's large mountains. When he arrived though he collapsed on the small beach just in front of a giant cliff, tired from swimming for so long. When he awoke, he found himself inside a house. Some of the residents of a village residing on the side of the cliff had spotted Jet knocked out on the beach, so a few Flying Pokemon took him up to the village and nursed him back to health. The grateful Jet thanked them and explained that he was from Quartzil, as they had guessed since he was a Water type. Since the two islands were allies fighting for the same cause, they welcomed Jet with open arms.

    Jet was finally at peace, living with the Pokemon on the small cliffside village. But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end...

    Eventually word got out that a Buizel had royally pissed off and embarressed the commander of the Quartzil military, and apparently she wanted his head on a stick. Though a good amount of the residents didn't want to turn him in, soldiers of Destirae army eventually came to town, asking for them to turn Jet in. Some of them agreed, but others protested, saying that Jet didn't deserve to be brought in like a criminal. The soldiers pushed passed them however and went after Jet. Cornered on the side of the cliff, Jet said goodbye to the friends he had made at the village and leapt off the cliffside, landing in the water far below. Most assumed he died from the fall, but Jet, although hurt, had survived, and once again went off again in search of another place to call home...

    The next island he went to was Runark. Jet thought at first the place was an abandoned wasteland...until he accidently fell into a hole and found himself surrounded by angry looking Pokemon. Knowing the island was technically the "enemy" to his own home, he skipped the part where he explained he was from Quartzil and just stated he was a wanderer looking for his place in life. Though uneasy, the Pokemon accepted his story, but explained to him that Runark wasn't exactly the right place for him. The close community would probably never accept him as one of their own due to him being an outsider, and they could barely feed themselves, let alone Jet as well. Understanding what they said, Jet went off once more to find a place he could call home.

    After Runark was the island of Nitraga. Jet first landed at the cold northern side; though he was freezing, he figured he could learn to get used to it. When he talked to the locals however, he learned that there was a warmer southern side on the island. Figuring that sounded like a more tolerable option than living in the cold, Jet traveled south to the warm side. Unfortunately for him though, it turned out to not be as much as a relief for him as he though it'd be. But again, he figured he could tolerate it...that is until the residents of the island figured out he was from Quartzil, and assuming he was a spy, attacked him. So Jet was forced to flee once more, and find another home...

    Jet was beginning to grow tired from all of the traveling, and wasn't very hopeful that the next island, Lithulia, would be very different. He was soon proven wrong as he found the island to be practically a paradise to him. the people welcomed with open arms, understanding of his neutral views of the war. Jet stayed on the island for a long time, and even eventually evolved into a Floatzel. He had decided that he had finally found home.

    That is of course, until the portals began to appear. Unlike most residents, Jet ignored them, not wanting to believe that it could be possible that he'd have to find another home yet again. He began to have strange dreams of Pokemon in despair and screaming in agony, but still Jet wouldn't believe that the island was in trouble. That is, until judgement day.

    Jet was out on his daily swim when he saw a giant portal appear over the island. He watched in awe and in horror as his new home was consumed, until there was nothing left. Saddened by the island's demise, Jet swam off in silence once more, to the last island he hadn't gone to yet: the island of Feulis.

    Fortunately for him, Feulis was just as accepting as Lithulia was, and like his previous home welcomed Jet. Even the residents of the island were peaceful, just like him (with the exception of one certain Aipom). He was still sad that Lithulia was gone, but was happy that Feulis a nice place as well (though he prefered the canals and waterfalls of Lithulia over the dence forests of Feulis). Once again, he felt like he had finally found a place he could call home.

    But what happened on Lithulia is now beginning to happen once more on Feulis. Reminded of the previous island, Jet is determined to make sure what happened to it doesn't happen to Feulis, and he'll stop at nothing to protect his new home.

    Other: Jet wishes to find out what happened to his friend Wave, whom he protected so long ago.

    Also, though most of the Pokemon on Arceus's side believe Jet died when he jumped off that cliff in Destirae, Sepres is certain that Jet is still alive, and she is still holding a grunge against him. If she becomes aware of Jet's presence, expect her to want to hunt him down.

    (Also I realize him being a Floatzel would mean he is at least level 26, but I assume that's close enough to your level range to be acceptable.)
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  9. Squiddly Dee

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    Alright, here's what I've got to say about the SUs so far:
    Jonah the Slaking Decent. I'd prefer a little more details, and if you could possibly edit more in, I'll add you.
    Elysian: Same as what I had to say for Jonah's.
    Billy Mays: Really great job! It had a great amount of detail and was really fun to read through. Adding you to the potential list.
  10. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    What kind of details would you like to see?
  11. Squiddly Dee

    Squiddly Dee ∈ (⊙ ⊖ ⊙) ∋

    I'm mostly requesting more detail in the personality field. I don't feel like your's gives us as good of a feel for the character as I'd like (you don't have to add in a ton, I'd just like a little bit more).
  12. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    I'm not very good at adding details, but I'll give it my best shot
  13. Spandex Faffy

    Spandex Faffy Campin' it up

    Name: Elle

    Species: Shellos (Pink)

    Gender: Female

    Faction: Soldier (Mew)

    Island: Runark

    Moves: Amnesia, Mud bomb, Mud slap and Harden

    Fiercely loyal to Rufus and the other denizens of Runark. She wants to do all she can to help her friends, she has always been fiercely protected by most of the islanders partly due to the fact that any water abilities will be useful for growing the community of Runark to the size of the other islands. She has recently discovered that she has an inability to use any water moves despite all of the training she put herself through, she has yet to tell anyone, but thinks that some suspect this. To alleviate her guilt she has decided to devote herself to the protection of Runark, no matter who confronts her. Sees all the islanders as her family and reacts very badly to anyone who would threaten that family.

    She has seen very little of Pokemon from other islands safe to say Runark is not a popular tourist destination basing her knowledge of the outside world on tales of her community and due to the somewhat biased opinions on outsiders she does not trust Pokemon she doesn't know. When outsiders do come to Runark she hides in one of her favorite hidden tunnels (The others know about these tunnels but leave her to it). This timidness does not last if she feels that she or any of her friends are threatened, she will then fiercely oppose this threat. She will not harm outsiders for no reason but neither will she trust them.

    She wants to see the good in all and wishes she was that kind of pokemon, but she can't, she sees the good in only those who prove themselves to be good, intentions mean little to her, she believes actions are what makes a good person not intentions or beliefs or ideals. She doesn't think believing in Mew makes you good, and believing in Arceus doesn't make you bad, it just makes you misguided. She believes that if you do good things it doesn't matter if you think bad things and no matter how good your intentions doing bad things makes you bad.

    Her fierce training has made her very useful during guerrilla warfare in the tunnels, her mud bomb is able to quickly be used to block up tunnels stopping progress, her training has altered some of the side tunnels to make many citizens of Runark confused, entire unused tunnel systems have disappeared due to her training. She also is able to use her size to sneak around people in wide dark tunnels allowing her to attack from behind or even avoid the enemy all together.

    At a young age she was found wondering the barren surface of Runark with no memory of how she got there or where she came from. When discovered, on the brink of starvation a vote was held to see whether she should be allowed stay or whether she should be left to die on the surface. This issue at first divided the citizens, the realists claimed that she would be a drain on resources that where scarce as it was. But they where eventually swayed by Rufus who convinced them that other than it being cruel to leave her to die she may also prove useful, as a part water Pokemon.

    As she grew up she was quite spoiled (in comparison to other citizens) being accepted and cared for by most of the islanders. She had all of the freedom she could have asked for able to go wherever she wanted through the vast tunnel system learning how to tell her location from the subtle markings on the tunnel walls. She spent much of her time looking for lost treasure, making her own markings so as to never get lost, she never found anything but that was all part of the fun.

    As a relatively sheltered Pokemon she hadn't heard of the problems in the rest of the world until a few years ago, it shocked her that anyone could deny the power of Mew, the power of Mew had spared her as a child and protected her ever since she wished to help any way she could so started training in some unused passages readying herself so she could apply to defend her island and maybe even help to stop the poisonous rumor that Arceus may be the one true God.

    A few months pass and she goes to sign up for Mew's army she is accepted, it turns out the army is outnumbered massively by those of the other islands so they can't afford to be picky about who they let in, this comes as a bit of a shock as she was prepared to fight her entry case hard. She thought it would be more difficult for such a small pokemon to join the army. For the next few months she continued to train, she had been training her power but now she must train her tactics, make yourself unseen, stop their progress, hide, escape, tire them out, know the tunnels, recognize a chance to strike, these are the lessons she learnt while training.

    Other: She can't learn or use water type moves
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    I edited the sign-up. Is it acceptable?
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    Jonah the Slaking: Much better. I'll add you right away.
    Elysian: The detail is better, but there's one more thing I'd like to ask - I'd prefer that he stay a Litwick for now, so that he isn't too overpowered. Is this alright?
    Spandex Faffy: Pretty good. I'll go ahead and add you.
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    Lampent is owerpowered? Oh well, if it's better he's a Litwick (They can levitate... right?)
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    Litwick evolves at a pretty high level. And yes, they can levitate.
  18. Schade

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    Aah, I didn't think of that! *Facepalm*
    Sure, he'll be Litwick.
  19. Name: Lysander Ramia
    Species: Kecleon
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Soldier (Mew)
    Island: Runark
    Moves: Foul Play (Egg Move), Psybeam, Feint, Shadow Sneak
    Personality: Lysander is ready to bolt at a moments notice, it is not fear that makes him do this, but his intense awareness of the world around him. Although many Pokemon are jealous of his abilities; he knows that abilities like his don't come without a price. He finds it hard to express his feelings, and often replaces them with intense anger, which he takes out on others. After an outburst, Sometimes his awareness is a detriment, Lysander has a hard time staying focused on one thing because his mind tries to focus on everything at once, this makes him suffer from headaches, and even the occasional migraine. He doesn’t get migraines often, but when he does, he is often immobilized in his bed for hours, sometimes days. Despite having these shortcomings, he doesn't let them hold him down, determined to work every day, Lysander sometimes pushes himself out of bed, even if he can barely stand up at all.

    Lysander, like many Runarkians, is very deeply affected by death; he tries not to care, but even hearing of death will make him seem somber.

    Lysander loves his small community with a great passion, and is always ready to risk his life for his comrades. On the other hand, Lysander is cold to Pokemon he doesn’t know, especially supporters of Arceus, which he despises with a passion. He tries to instill belief in Mew to many of his hesitant comrades. Some would call him xenophobic, which is partly true, as he accepts other followers of Mew, but not so much to others. Lysander is hesitant to make friends with outsiders, but he generally opens up to Pokemon that move to Runark, albeit not quickly.

    Though he is generally kind, Lysander can hold a grudge for a very long time, sometimes for stupid reasons, such as the grudge he holds on his sister, Amina, for stealing his book.

    He has a very determined nature, and he attempts to finish everything he does, however impossible it may seem, sometimes he doesn't sleep for days, because he is working on something that he deems important.

    Some Pokemon would call Lysander a genius, others would call him mentally challenged, Lysander acts in a strange way, observing his surroundings constantly, and writes with a jerky hand, to outside Pokemon, this would make him seem stupid, but his comrades know better. Lysander draws maps for use in war, his log is full of charts and maps from his journey, and it is a useful reference for the soldiers of Runark. He has no interest in becoming anything other than a regular soldier however, where he often takes up duties as a scout or spy.

    Lysander is very strongly devoted to Mew, so devoted that he wouldn’t hesitate for a second if Mew stood before him, and told him to die. He prays religiously every day, waiting patiently for a response from his god. Lisander hasn’t gotten one yet, but knows it’s only a matter of time. Extremely judgmental, Lisander sometimes looks at things too black and white, without noticing the shades of grey at all, he is extraordinarily adamant that Pokemon who don't strongly believe in Mew are befouling to the religion, and should be punished. He sometimes takes it upon himself to be a missionary, and to convince a Pokemon to believe in Mew, whether they like it or not. He can be extraordinarily pushy when it comes to his religion, and wont back down in defending it. He is so passionate about his religion that it sometimes makes other Pokemon a bit reluctant to converse about such a subject with him. His friends don't recommend even trying to start such a conversation with him, as he will likely rant about it for longer than necessary, sometimes hours if he gets really into it.

    Although he is indifferent about fighting itself, Lisander takes his job very seriously, generally putting it at utmost importance, training every day if he can, and working for the community if he can't. He stresses the value of pushing limits, and demonstrates it quite well. He is often tired from working long hours, and hungry from giving his food to those who need it more.

    Lisander is a Pokemon of few words; he generally avoids conversing with Pokemon he doesn’t know, opening up only to his close friends, and community. Despite not speaking as much as some, Lisander is known amongst his friends as having a great singing voice, singing hymns, prayers and songs that weave pictures of beauty.

    Lisander is kind to others, but not himself, he often pushes himself too hard, and doesn’t eat enough, often giving his share of food to younger members of the community. Any Pokemon can see that he is hurt beyond repair, not physically, but mentally, he has hurt reflected in his eyes, and refuses to speak of his past, saying it doesn’t matter any more. He won’t let anyone comfort him, and he is plagued by horrible nightmares and premonitions. All the Pokemon of his small community know whom it is who screams at night, when a terrible shriek cuts through the silence at night, it’s most likely Lisander.

    Lisander is the eyes and ears of the community, he is often the first to know if someone gets back from a journey, or the first to know if the community is under attack. He is Runark’s watchman, and sometimes it comes in handy.

    Lisander can be very pessimistic, but in his heart, like many of his community members, is hope, it may be a tiny spark, but in his community, all of the sparks of hope can form a burning fire, and that is how they survive each day.

    He and his brother Alden share a love for children, like his brother before him, Lisander became a mentor to young Runarkians, giving hope to the next generation of warriors. Now that his brother has returned from war, and his friend has joined the cause, the three of them work as a team of mentors, dividing the children amongst themselves.

    He is a Pokemon with a different kind of wisdom, Lisander knows how to go unnoticed without even using his camouflage, he knows how to sneak into small spaces, his feet make nary a sound when he walks. Lisander is a teacher, someone who can reach out to even the saddest cases; he teaches agility, speed and stamina. Lisander is not strong however; he focused too much on these aspects for too long, and is only just catching up to other soldiers his age. Because of this, he tries to use his opponent’s strength against them.

    History: When Lisander was very young, he didn’t speak to anyone, he hid in his room for weeks on end, only leaving to get food and water. Not one Pokemon knew why Lisander acted this way, shying away from society and religion; never once looking a Pokemon in the eye. He often looked gaunt and thin, and his scales had lost their shimmer. Lisander was just that way, he didn’t enjoy time spent with others, he only truly enjoyed his own company, and he talked to himself, as if exchanging secrets with another. Eventually Lisander decided to travel to the other islands alone, he wanted to see society outside of the caves, and so he left, not saying a word to anyone, just leaving behind a small scrap of paper on his mother’s bed, which read:

    Dear Mother and Father,
    I am leaving, but I promise to come back; I won’t be more than six months. I want to discover myself, I want to learn to enjoy other’s company, I want to learn to fit in.

    Lisander set out to sea, rowing his tiny boat further and further away from home, looking for a place where he could find himself. After only a week at sea, a storm struck, the sea seemed almost angry, as if Lisander had hurt it, he clung onto his boat, as wave after wave of cold seawater ripped at him, eventually, he let go, yelling apologies to his parents into the wind. Lisander sank under water, feeling death yank at him, telling him not to hold on. Lisander began to give in, from the dark of death; he saw a light in the water. A Pokemon that glowed faintly pink pulled him back into his boat, its very presence calming the storm. Lisander later woke up in his boat, sure that the Pokemon who saved his life was Mew.

    Lisander traveled from island to island, spreading his story to other Pokemon, most didn’t believe the young Kecleon however, which made him even more determined. He became more sociable, speaking to many Pokemon about his experience at sea. He hoped that maybe one day, Mew would return and save more Pokemon. He bought a bible of Mew, and began to pray every day without fail. Lisander even tried to travel to the island of Quartzir, but was denied access, because he was not a water type, and believed in Mew.

    Lisander wrote of his adventures in a log, he wrote of fantastical stories that were told to him by Pokemon of many shapes and sizes. He collected books, a rarity in Runark, to bring back to his family, they spoke of legends, two dragons that defeated an ice king, and brought peace to a land far away. Three pixies that created emotions, willpower and wisdom; a Pokemon that pulled the land out of the sea, and its brothers, a dragon that created the sky, and a monster than created the sea. These legends enchanted Lisander, he wanted to see them with his own eyes, and he desperately wanted them to be real. Lisander sang of these legends, in his tiny boat, out at sea, drawing pictures of the legends in his mind’s eye. He also charted maps of the islands, although they were simple, they were useful, and Lisander loved them dearly. He took great care of his log, trying not to get it wet when possible, luckily the log was made from skins, it was very sturdy, and mostly waterproof.

    Lisander had one more stop to make, Lithulia, an island said to contain the legends themselves. He began to row his tiny boat towards the fabled island, faintly hoping that he might get to see the legends with his own eyes. But when Lisander got there, the only thing he saw was darkness eating away at the remains of the island. The only thing he heard was the screams of dying Pokemon, being swallowed up by the darkness that was consuming the island. Staring in horror at the portals eating away at the remains of the island; he saw a Pokemon trying frantically to swim towards his boat, only to get ripped to shreds by a portal; he heard it scream as it died, he saw the water become red with blood.

    Absolutely terrified, Lisander didn't dare to move a muscle, in fear that he would be swallowed up too, even though he knew in the back of his mind that he was too far away to be swallowed. Frozen in fear, he watched the island turn into a few chunks of rock, and a few bodies floating in the water, which was stained an angry red. For days afterwards, Lisander constantly heard the terrified screams of dying Pokemon echoing in his ears.

    On that day, Lisander witnessed a massacre, but he couldn’t even save one Pokemon. Lisander was crushed; he blamed the followers of Arceus for the tragedy, sinking into a pit of depression. Lisander went back to Runark, hopes crushed, only his belief in Mew kept him going. Plagued by nightmares to this day, Lisander still sees the screaming Pokemon being torn to shreds in his sleep. He can’t hide his grief, but he won’t talk about it either. He has no reason to speak of the tragedy he witnessed, and doesn't want anyone to know of such a terrifying experience.

    Not long after Lisander's return, a refugee came to the island from Nitraga, where she didn't seem to fit in, she was a Cubone, her name Lillian. The Runarkians welcomed her with open arms, but soon realized that they had made a grave mistake, Lillian constantly put the Runarkians in danger, by not following the rules of Runark. She was reckless, putting stress on the small community, she was loud at night, threatening to lure night dwelling criminals into the caves. Even after being told the rules of Runark, Lillian paid no heed, and refused to abide by the rules.

    Lisander tried his best to ignore her, but after a particularly foul breaking of the rules, he decided to confront her.

    "L-listen to m-me, Y-YOU A-ARE P-PUTTING THI-IS I-ISLAND I-IN DA-ANGER! D-do y-you e-even und-dersta-and wha-at you a-are doi-ing?" He bellowed at Lillian, who laughed at his stutter.

    "Your stutter is freakin' hilarious, Lis' ah gotta' puttit to ya', but yer gonna hafta' stahp me." Lillian jeered, poking Lisander with her bone.

    "W-well, i'm goi-ing to st-top y-you ri-ight h-here!" Lisander stuttered, not expecting Lillian to make such a comeback, "Y-your a-accent i-is st-tupid b-by t-the wa-ay, p-plus, I-I o-only s-stutter s-somet-times!"

    "Well, ah never! Maybe ah should follow tha rules." Lillian grinned from underneath the skull she was wearing, before taking it off, "Maybe ya'll aren't so bad after all."

    Although Lillian still broke rules occasionally, she wasn't nearly as bad as before, and Lisander even became her unlikely friend. They still had many differences to settle, but Lisander kept Lillian in check, and Lillian kept Lisander from accidentally starving himself when he studied for weeks on end. Lillian proved to be much smarter than Lisander originally thought, and became a very important part of his life. Lillian also got along very well with the younger members of Runark, probably because of her childish ways, but also because she just liked kids.

    At this moment in time, it would be unlikely for Lisander to be seen without Lillian at his side, the Runarkians have come to love her like any other member of their small community. Lillian, the Cubone who didn't wear her skull, was here to stay.

    Other: Lisander did not actually see Mew, a friendly Lanturn saved him, Mew was a hallucination. Lisander witnessed the tragedy of Lithulia, but he was not close enough to get caught in it. When Lisander gets upset or angry, he stutters.

    (*EDIT*: Deleted some stuff, made minor edits. I got carried away, as Epic once said, length is not always quality. Changed Lysander's name to the correct spelling, have not finished changing it in my SU yet. )
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    Rabidepicgoose: Text wall? Mine was the one that was a text wall. Anyway, great character. I always appreciate seeing quirkier Pokemon in RPs. Added to potentials.

    I just hope we'll get to see some Arceus Soldier SUs soon. *wink wink nudge nudge*

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