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Silly Poke Pics

Sushi Bunny

ハチミツをたべてる フっフっフっ
Silly or terrifying, your pick.

Alright before you see these pictures I think I should explain, or tell a little story, Me and my sister have a dark sense of humor, we like to make up storys using Pokemon characters or even characters from different animes, one that we made up is about Eldershipping (Oak and Delia). We never go into anything graphic just slightly disturbing. And Tracy is kind of all knowing
in the storys. He always knows what's going on between Delia and Oak, and draws pictures and shows them to Ash, and that's what this first picture is,


It's hard to see what their saying on here, so i'll just type it up,

Tracy: Ash there's something I need to show you. It's about your mom and Prof. Oak.

Brock:Hey! What are you guys looking at? I want to see too!

Max: May don't do that!

We don't have a scanner so we just took that picture with a digital camara.

Now this one's a little harder to explain, this Picture also fits into the Oak and Delia storys. I can't really remember how this one started, But for some reason one day Prof. Oak went and killed Prof. Birch... We tend to go on and
ramble so it's hard to remember how this happened.


That picture was a done on the paint program, so it was hard to do.
and both pictures were done by my sister.

And if any of these pictures are found inapropriate please inform me and i'll take them down, or close the thread.

Sushi Bunny

ハチミツをたべてる フっフっフっ
Thank you! He's very senile! And a little crazed...

I was a little nervous... this is the first thread i've made.


Occultus Ara

Senile old man! These are excellent, your sister has excellent art skills.

I must disagree... it is crap compared to alot of other artists that still do crap artwork when the good artists get minimal comments due to the idioticy of not being able to COMPLIMENT. I hope i said enough =]