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silver symbol battle arena team


All Gravy
this is the team i am going to use against greta:

-sky uppercut
-bulk up
-ariel ace

-arial ace
-dragon dance
-dragon claw
-ice beam

snorlax@chesto berry
-shadow ball


Well-Known Member
Against Silver team of Greta, correct?

You should pay attention to Natures, as they are advantageous.

-sky uppercut
-Swords Dance
-Rock Slide
-Fire Blast

-Focus Punch
-ice beam

Dragon Dance only powers up Aerial Ace. Ice Beam and Dragon Claw do the same job, so you don't need both.

Thick Fat Ablity

-shadow ball

All three are best with Leftovers, but since there are item restrictions in the BF, you will have to give them Berries/other items.

The order of the team doesn't seem exactly safe. E.g, An Aerodactyl can sweep Blaziken and Dragonite with STAB Rock Slides. Bulky waters like Suicune can also pose problems for the first two. Then you will only be left with Snorlax alone to defeat the rest of the opponent's team which may not alway result in your victory.