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Simon's Fusion Shop!


Beginning Breeder
Hey I just checked and theres only one on the list, so may I ask for the Tyrantiar/Nidoking mix? All I ask is that it be spikey like Nidoking, the rest is up to you :D
Can you make me a Fire-Water fusion?
I'm really sorry guys, I have had a ton of work, I'll get them done as soon as I can, but that doesn't mean you can break the rules. missing# and pokemonlover20072, you each get a strike.


Gaze upon the slayer
Yeah, Simon, you look like you could use some help.

I'm gonna appoint myself guardian- I know he won't have any qualms about it.
ok....I'll get started right now on the fusions.

Ackron, is it ok if I use an older Nidoking sprite? the D/P sprite is kinda hard to work with. In the meantime, I'll do the next one on the waiting list.
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Here's the Shaytina.


EDIT: whoops. messed it up. But I'm tired. I'll try again tomorrow.

EDIT2: there. fixed it.
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New Member
yo guys!

hey im back on! im sorry ive been gone but ive been talking to my little brother over neopets. its a stupid game but it is the only one little jack can go one. see my parents were divorced and... never mind back on subject. so i am asking if you guys can all help me get him a gift by making a neopet accout and make it say the "Jonaro" referred you. if we get 100 people he would get some thing that he wants to get. i forget what it is. the game is stupid. but he likes so soo.. im sorry! keep talking! bladabladabla. il shut up now.


New Member

go to this site and hit the neopets link on top of the page and make an acc ty. oh ya. dude. i just want to say that im soon getting photoshop and in school i learned how to make real life pokemon. so once i get it il show you some of my work, and i want to now if i can get a job here. but that will be around next month.

and guys. please. my lil brother is such a nice dude! i would just make alot of accs but the stupid staff will ban my lil bro's acc! plz guys, i love him and we only need 100. when you realize that there are over 1000 ppl that go on the site, we could get him 10 of w/e that thing is. he told me i was something that does something that lets you do something. so please guys.
FINALLY I had some spare time. Here's the Tyranoking.


and xionzaro, FYI, you have 4 pics in ur sig. u gotta delete 2 if u dont want an infraction. just giving you a heads-up.