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Simple guide to deck building


Here's my deck list. What do you guys think? How could I improve it? Main tactic is to attack with Yanmega U-turn and switch with the other yanmas. Nidoking provide an extra beatstick with meganium prime supporting.

1 x Meganium Prime HGSS08
2 x Bayleef 35/123
4 x Chikorita 59/123
2 x Yanmega 54/102
4 x Yanma 84/102
1 x Zangoose lv.29 66/127
2 x Nidoking 6/102
2 x Nidorino 46/102
2 x Nidoran male 70/102

2 x PokeNav 83/100
2 x Pokemon Communication 98/123
2 x Energy Exchanger 73/90
3 x Energy Search 86/100
2 x Switch 102/123

2 x Mr. Stone's Project 72/101
2 x Interviewer's Questions 77/95
1 x Professor Oak's Visit 122/132
3 x Professor Elm's Training Method 100/123
2 x Celio's Network 73/100
1 x Professor Oak's New Theory 101/123
1 x Bill's Maintenance 71/100
1 x Twins 89/102
1 x Wally's Training

1 x Fluffy Berry 85/115

1 x Double Colorless Energy 103/123
9 x Grass Energy
4 x Fighting Energy
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Kanto Region Champ
OthersiderME@23 is a bad number for energy cards, also you run to many pokemon, and not enough trainers.

J20hawkz@You also could have just posted this by itself, we don't really post deck ideas in here, just ways to improve deck construction, ect.

Just for the pokemon, you need set names, otherwise we have no idea what they are.

As for the T/S/S
-1 or -3 elms training for 1 more wallys training, the reason to this is it's played down instead of having to have the rare candy or take an extra turn to evolve wasting you're turns having to draw into the second elms, or search card, wallys training does by-pass this all (and since you run fluffy berry, you could put in something like keldeo EX, just for the use of switching pokemon around, w/o using switch).

-3 energy search +2 roseannes research, 1 card versus 4 and it lets you search for pokemon.

-2 Interviewers for +2 Prof oaks new theory, new hand versus and very 50/50 shot at drawing nothing.


Thanks a lot Ven. Should I start a new thread? Also how do you know the set names? Sorry although I have been playing for some time I took a massive break. I am not familiar with all the new decks and packs as such. I literally popped into tesco, saw a few decks and booster packs on sale and bought them.

Edit: reason I run the fluffy berry is because I focus on Yanmega U-turn attack. It allows me to attack with 50 damage then switch it with one of my benched. I normally tank with the Nidoking, attaching a fluffy berry to it so I can retreat for free and repeat with Yanmega again. I don't think out of 20 or so games my Yanmega has been knocked out this way.
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Kanto Region Champ
Then they must not run tool scrapper, windstorm or gust of wind.

We have a card errata for serebii http://www.serebii.net/card/dex/

It's a not bad strategy however running 1 fluffy berry, float stone, etc isn't very consistent, if you where to run 2-3 it could create more synergy in using U-turn, but again it's slightly better to run the keldeo to lets say wallys training turn 1, keldeo/rereat.

This deck kind of seems like gothitelle/accelgor, paralyze back to the deck using mewEX (copying accelgors paralyze and poison, goes back to the deck for 50+30 with virbank), bring out gothitelle (trainer lock) and tank.


Thanks again. But that's why I run the 2 switch as well. I normally use haunter and sandslash. Mainly because they have 0 retreat cost. But I wanted to try out a more tank approach with the Nidokings. So far I have won 5 games in a row.

What is your ultimate deck list?
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New Member
My deck please rate!!
Zubat x3 plasma blast
Golbat x2 plasma blast
Crobat x2 team plasma
Koffing x2plasma blast
Weezing x2 plasma blast
Phantump x2
Trevenant x2
Chandelure EX x3
Mewtwo EX x2
Shauna x4
Proff sycamore x4
Great ball x3
Hypnotoxi laser x3
Superpotion x2
Cassius x1
Hard charm x2
Evosoda x2
Float stone x1
Reversal trigger x1
Dbl colorless x3
Psychic energy x16


Kanto Region Champ
^This deck list isn't that terrible, the pokemon lines are confusing because plasma blast doesn't have those cards in that set, other then that, you can reduce 6 physchic energy for 1 more supporter, switch and virbanks, and instead or running great ball, run ultra ball.


New Member
Hey guys, Im kinda new to the serribii forms, (I have been on the website for 3 years now but I decided to sign up for the forms at last) not including energies can you guys rate my deck?
Litten (Holo,SM)
Torracat (Holo,SM)
Incineroar GX (Fullart,SM promo)
Entei GX (Fullart,Shining Legends)
Blastoise EX (Generations)
Mega Blastoise EX (Evolutions)
Alolan Vulpix (Guardians Risings)
Alolan Ninetales GX (Guardians Risings)
Pikachu (Shining Legends)
Raichu GX (Shining Legends)
Tapu Koko GX (Guardians Risings Promo Tin)
Chimchar (Steam Siege)
Monferno (Steam Siege)
Infernape (Holo,Steam Siege)
Machop (Evolutions)
Machoke (Evolutions)
Machamp (Holo,Evolutions)
Blastoise Spirit Link (Evolutions)
Here Comes Team Rocket! (Evolutions)
Rescue Stretcher (Reverse, Guardians Risings)
Energey Revival x2 (Shining Legends)
Pokemon Catcher (Shining Legends)
Switch (Shining Legends
I have not put energies in my deck yet.