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Sinnoh Map tiles project

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by kyledove, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. kyledove

    kyledove Rainbow Trainer

    So a friend of mine requested to remake and map Sinnoh in 2D and I was trying but stopped for a while, and I stop and start now and then.

    I figured it was pointless keeping them to myself as some of the public desperately ask for such tiles, and if I didnt release them, someone else would do it and render my work useless.


    For an example of how they work for real, here's a Work in Progress image of Sinnoh so far.
    It has a lot of placeholder tiles.


    Oh and please dont ask me what tile goes where, or how to hack something, or to put them in a tileset. Sorry.
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2008
  2. FenixOfTheFlame

    FenixOfTheFlame Pearly White Dream

    howd u maik a hack out of this? Jk, jk.

    They look really nice, I especially like the ocean tiles and the GTS. :D
  3. Douger

    Douger Veteran Spriter

    If you don't make a tutorial, I'm going to scream. :)
    Hey, dude, you're that good!
    I actually thought you just ripped D/P tilesets when I first looked here.
    Then I figured, "Hey, this is kyledove. He doesn't do that, he makes his own stuff."
    They are scratch, custom, whatever right?
    I'm busy working on the written portion for MY project right now.

    But anyways, nice stuff. You never fail to amuse me.
    Post in my thread sometime, I need some good crit.
    Nice work, kyledove!

  4. Umbreon Ruler

    Umbreon Ruler Swim for your life.

    Wait... did you make these from scratch? =0

    Wow... just, wow.
  5. duncan

    duncan Well-Known Member

    ^ What he said.

    Seriously, fantastic sprites. And thank you so much for allowing us to use them, as well. I'll be sure to put them to some good use (and give credit, should I post anything). Thanks!
  6. venom12

    venom12 Member

    This is amazing!!! Fantastic work. Congratulations.
  7. Tyran

    Tyran Blast from the past

    I saw it on DA and just.... Wow o_O
    It's hard to give good C+C to perfected work.

    How long did u work on it?

    And GameFreak should use your tiles and work.
  8. stezy

    stezy Active Member

    superb dude!
  9. AceTrainerTim

    AceTrainerTim Well-Known Member

    Nice Work.
    Two Thumbs Up.
  10. HWarrior


    sweet, they look great kyledove. You have talent as these and other tiles show!
  11. Blivsey

    Blivsey DATA_ERROR

    Oh... my... Arceus. I've wanted to use these tiles for so long. This is absolutely fantastic, quality work that could be seen in a real game.

    Have to learn how to make OW maps properly now, kthxbai.
  12. Spriter2

    Spriter2 Pikreeko!

    OMFG! Dude, you HAVE to make a tutorial...or i will fuffing kill myself. So, spare a life and make a tut *-* please

    Anyway. you did a great job on the improtant jubalife buildings. I hope you continue with the church and the contest hall.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2008
  13. trapezechimpanz

    trapezechimpanz Well-Known Member

    They are really amazing. You are great at spriting.
    The only thing that bothers me is that they are too dark, and the fountain is too cone shaped.
  14. Lugia Tamer

    Lugia Tamer < Is friggin awesome

    I really hope you know how much you have contributed to the Spriting Community with this sheet ;)

    The only thing I could critique is that the pokecenter looks a little too striped, for lack of a better word. I think something like a gradient would look better.

    Everything else looks great. I think this is going to be the standard tilesheet for DP for quite a while.
  15. kyledove

    kyledove Rainbow Trainer

    Yes I mainly did this for the Spriting community and the fangame making and hacking ones.

    Work on Oreburg has begun thanks to an awesome friend of mine.
  16. arcanine lover

    arcanine lover Whee........ *thonk*

    Oh. My. Fucking. God. Those are AWESOME!!! xD I love what you did with the colours! All those earthy tones! *drools* And I LOVE Oreburg. Keep going! |3
  17. EvilPikachu79

    EvilPikachu79 Congrats! You Fail!

    Sorry to tell you but Spriters Resource just started to make the DP map sprites...
  18. arcanine lover

    arcanine lover Whee........ *thonk*

    Who cares? THESE ARE FREAKING SCRATCHES!!! Plus, they're better than the original DP tiles.
  19. Jade

    Jade Myuu...

    This is awesome Kyle and hope this will be completed :D
  20. Papa. L

    Papa. L Scratcher!!!

    OMG that's amazing! Please PM me when you're done! I have this EliteMap and I really wanna hack a Sinnoh based game for GBA.

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