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Sinnoh Platinum Gym Leaders.


None of them were hard, but I stopped for like a day or two on Volkner because all I had was Empoleon, Staraptor, & Luxray. I finished EV training and then swept him away :]


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Only beat 7 gyms so far but.

Roark - Easy - Monferno just Mach Punched away
Gardenia - Easy - Staravia's Wing attack and Monferno's Flame Wheel
Fantina - Easy - Floatzel and it's Crunch were unstoppable
Meyleen - Easy - Staravia one shotted them all with Aerial Ace
Wake - Moderate - If he didn't have that freakin Gyarados it would have been so easy
Byron - Easy - Infernape + Floatzel = Win
Candice - HARD - the only gym leader who actually managed to beat me.

I went up against Candice full of confidence having Infernape, Staraptor both knowing close Combat, Lucario, a Gabite with Flamethrower and good old Crunching Floatzel for Frosslass and she still managed to beat me -_- my team were between lvl 40 - 44
Stupi Frosslass and its Doubleteam.

hardest fight in the game so far for me has been Cyrus in the distortion world, freaking Gyarados, i hate them, Who'd have thought a Crobat would so hard to kill -_-, I'm currently saved before fighting Giratina, thing keeps dying when it runs out of moves to kill me with, stupid struggle move.


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all of them took me one try all i took was a little bit of planing from the begining
these are the pokemon that were used to defeat all of the gym leaders and elite four


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Roark - Easy
Turtwig pretty much swept his team.

Gardenia - Easy
Easy with Staravia and Ponyta

Fantina - Moderate
Grotle almost lost.

Maylene - Hard
Took me several tries to beat her.

Wake - Moderate
Would've been easy if Luxio and Grotle weren't knocked out, Budew hasn't evolved yet at this stage.

Byron - Easy
Swept with Torterra and Rapidash

Candice - Hard
Also took me several tries before I decided to train my newly caught Sneasel to level 45 and defeated Froslass.


ummm, for some reason, maylene was really difficult for me :/
she knocked out my monferno & togetic very quickly, so all i had left was leafeon & gyarados.
gyarados got the job done for me though ^_^
voklner was downright annoying!
he kept on switching his pokemon >_>
I beat all of them in one go apart from maylene who somehow got one over me i think it was due to my line up being wrong. I beat her easily next time wihtout further training it was just a minor error on my part.


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Fought volkner Today

I swept through his entire gym with Infernape Alone

Infernape Lvl 47
Earthquake - good against all electric types
Flame Wheel - pwnd the magnemites and magneton
Close Combat - smae as earthquak
Strength - for finishing off those with little hp

Infernape left the gym at Lvl 50

Volkner was the only one who actually damaged me.


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I had no trouble at all what so ever. I was past level 50 at Candice so guess how easy the gyms were

It was something like this:

Roark @ 16 All 3 used
Gardenia @ 26 All 3 used
Fantina @ 32 Ambipom Sweep :)
Maylene @ 37 Ambipom and Infernape I think
Wake @ 42 Torterra and Togetic
Byron @ 46 Togekiss, Infernape, Torterra I believe
Candice @ 51 Togekiss :) and Infernape I think
Volkner @ 56 Torterra
I can't remeber who was the hardest, but I got a lot of O/THKO :)

Team was Yanmega, Togekiss, Espeon, Torterra, Infernape and Ambipom.
Guy with 3 eeveelutions rocks for training.
Because of him I was overlevelled all game


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Fantina gave me a lot of trouble, actually...

Though my Pokemon were of relatively high levels when I fought Wake, and I had to re-challenge him. I haven't ever lost to a Sinnoh Gym Leader, playing through either Diamond or Platinum, so it surprised me.

For Fantina and Wake both, though, I was caught off-guard. Maybe the fact that the gyms were reordered threw me off...?
Beat Candice the other day. I was surprised at how easy she was; Jolteon and Rapidash alone took her down. Jolteon knew Rock Smash, which made Sneasel easy, and of course Abomasnow is double-weak to fire. And (whatever it is that Snorunt evolves into) was pretty easy too, but I forgot about it being part Ghost-type. >>
I was really worried about her gym, since my starter is usually who I use the most for gym battles, and Torterra is doubly weak to Ice. But I didn't have to use him at all!


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Fantina owned me pretty hard... like twice. Only gym leader to ever beat me. Her Mismagius kept knocking out all my pokemon which were essentially the same level.
I'd have to say the easiest was Volkner. Garchomp's Dig and Rapidash's Flame Wheel and Fire Blast were all I ever needed.


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Roark - Easy
Piplup swept the whole gym.

Gardenia - Easy
Had to train a Ponyta. Prinplup got lucky and managed to peck Cherrim and Turtwig to death.

Fantina - Moderate
Bronzor and Prinplup swept, had trouble with the Mismagius though.

Maylene - Easy
Bronzor's extrasensory was a beast, and I taught Prinplup pluck, so that helped.

Wake - Easy
Empoleon murdered the entire gym with Grass Knot.

Byron - Easy
Swept with Vaporeon.

Candice - TBA

I'll probably have trouble since I'm only using Steel/Water types.
Bronzong, Empoleon, and Vaporeon..and training a Milotic (at level 24).


Every gym was incredibly easy for me as long as I had the right type out at the right time, the only trouble I had was Gardenia's incredibly fast Roserade.
That just made me angry D:< It probably took me 10 times to beat her. And my winning was just on pure luck.


I had the most trouble with Fantina. I had to level up my Pokemon even higher than her's before I could beat her.


I've got 7 badges at the moment

My Pokemon are EV trained, so even though they are always at the same level as the Gym Leader's....I usually K0 all their Pokemon in one hit...

Crasher Wake had to be the most hilarious though

Gyrados = 1HKO from Drifblim's Thunderbolt
Quagsire = 1HKO from Roserade's Magical Leaf
Floatzel = 1HKO from Gallade's Leaf Blade

With Infernape, Magnezone, Roserade and Gallade in my arsenal....I don't see Volkner being a problem either...lol


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This probably my fault but Gardenia gave me problems. I chose Piplup as my starter so I needed some ground to cover up the electric weakness. (I would cover grass with ice beam or blizzard) I chose Shellos because I knew that Gastrodon was ground and water. When I faced gardenia my prinplup had no ice moves so that was a huge problem because Shellos was weak to grass too. I had to rely on my Ralts a lot but it couldn't take many razor leaves because of poor defense.
Surprisenly though none of the other gyms gave me much trouble, not even Fantina.


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Crasher Wake had to be the most hilarious though

Gyrados = 1HKO from Drifblim's Thunderbolt
Quagsire = 1HKO from Roserade's Magical Leaf
Floatzel = 1HKO from Gallade's Leaf Blade

LOL, nice. I wish he was that easy for me, his Gyarados just would not faint.


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Crasher Wake. Him and his Gyarados, whose typing completely walled my Thunderpunch-less Infernape. Infernape was my team. Nothing else. That's how I roll!


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I can't say I had major problems with any of the gym leaders but Fantina may have been slightly harder then the others.