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Sinnoh Platinum Gym Leaders.


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I was warned about Fantina, who completely stopped my friend in her tracks, but I didn't have much trouble with her. This may have been because I paused my progress to train up a rather nicely-IV'd Gyarados with Bite; I wasn't fast enough to outrun Mismagius of course, but it was very helpful. I actually had the most trouble with Volkner, and it was probably a good thing since at that point in the game I get rather sick of battling Gym Leaders and I just want to move on to the Frontier where I'll actually be challenged. If I had had something other than Torterra with Earthquake I might have had an easier time, but as it was that was the gym where I used the highest number of items. I've not had to soft-reset at any gyms in the game.


Fantina was difficult. She almost defeated me, I had to trade a level 30 Spiritomb from Diamond just to counter her team.

Even then, it was a difficult battle.

If you haven't gotten to her gym, I suggest you train a Dark type for the battle.

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In D/P, Fantina was easily the hardest gym leader. She always seemed to just give me a harder time then the other gyms.

In Platinum, Candice was the hardest, mostly because of her Double Team haxing Froslass...

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To my suprise, Fantina wasn't hard at all for me. I had an Infernape by the time I got up to her.

Crasher Wake was the one that was hard for me. His Gyarados pretty much walled my Infernape, who I didn't get to teach ThunderPunch to yet. I managed to pull through with Roselia though.


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Fantina. Just... Fantina. Whoever had the bright idea to make her the third gym leader when there weren't any Pokémon with resistances to Ghost types available at that point that aren't Normal types is evil.


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As far as gym leaders go, I thought most of them were pretty easy... Especially Fantina. I had a bit of trouble with Candace, but that's only because I was fighting her with my Gabite and Crobat. The Elite 4 however were a bit more challenging for me.
I just battled all the Gym Leaders, and here is what I have to say about them:

Roark: Easy
Fantina: Pretty easy, since I had a Gengar.
Maylene: Pretty Easy
Wake: Alright, I had a Pikachu, and it was somewhat difficult.
Byron: Really Easy.
Candace: Easy
Volkener: Probably the hardest, he wasn't even that hard. His Gym Puzzle was a pain for me, though.

Well, those are my two cents. They were not hard at all, because I had well trained Pokemon.


I’m so full of shame for saying this, but Gardenia gave me a hard time. The reason being, I had started the game off with a team of traded over pokes, and by the time I reached her, they didn’t really want to listen. I had to backtrack and get Ponyta and Bronzor just to beat her. After that, though, I made sure their levels were not too high to where they disobeyed, and all the others gyms were a breeze.


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Candice was uber difficult for me. Her Mamoswine knowing earthquake and me having a Houndoom. I should have gotten a fighting type, especially after realizing most of my Pokemon were weak against ice and ground (Staraptor, Torterra, Luxray, Drifblim, Houndoom). Surprisingly, my Gastrodon one me that battle. I don't even remember how. A lot of lucky shots, I guess.

Fantina was pretty difficult, but my Torterra and Luxray knew crunch, which blew through her party. The others were 'meh'. Roark, of course, was easy. Gardenia didn't provide much of a threat. I only had to fight Wake once. Byron was easy, as has been mentioned. And I never had troble with Volkner. That fighter chick was easy, too, but her Lucario gave me a bit of a run. What the heck is her name? Wow, I'm drawing a complete blank...


The most annoying was Candice. I tried to take down her last pokemon but got beat up before I could. But other than that the other gyms were pretty easy.


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I found them all easy apart from Lucian and Cynthia of the elite 4

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I had to fight Wake a few times. My Torterra, even with Wood Hammer, would get massacred by Floatzel's Ice moves. I finally trained up a Roselia just for the Gym and eviscerated it in return for all those beatings.

The rest of the Gym leaders were too easy. Even the E4 was too easy.

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I never lost to any trainer in the whole game.All the gym leaders were a piece of cake.

Even then,only Volkner gave me a tiny challenge by killing my Mamoswine.

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Fantina was pretty tough, only because I didn't expect her being as strong as she was because her Pokemon's levels had lowered from DP. Volkner was a bit annoying to take care of, but I managed to. All the other gym leaders were a peice of cake.
Suprisingly Roark was the Gym Leader that gave me trouble even though i started with piplup. His Cranidos' headbutt flinched me 3 whole battles in a row. My piplup was level 17 so i just said screw it, leveled up so he can evolve, he learned bubblebeam before evolving, and i bubblebeamed Cranidos to death. I actually soft reset twice just to get revenge.


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Suprisingly enough, I thought Candice was easy. I went in with Houndoom and practically sweeped her team, save for that Medicham which got knocked down by my Staraptor.

The hardest? I'd say Maylene. The switch of Gym Battle Rosters is odd, so fighting her takes a while if your not prepared.


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I found Volkner to be much harder than in DP.
Perhaps because I didn't have any Ground type Pokemon or moves, but in either case, he was difficult. and it was nice.


The easiest for me was Roark, my Piplup Bubblebeamed his Pokemon to death.

Gardenia and Fantina were evil. ;_;
They both destroyed my poor Piplup with Magical Leaf.

Maylene was a bit of challenge too.