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Sins of the Flesh [R]


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Sins of the Flesh​


Name: Ansgar Ambrose Skollsgard
Player: Dias
Gender: Male
Species: Helltouched

Name: Jonalai Lekraa
Player: Nirarekdan
Gender: Female
Species: Helltouched

Name: Rend (Leo Bandaruk)
Player: Tearen the Absol
Gender: Male
Species: Helltouched

Name: Shari
Player: .:Faithless:.
Gender: Female
Species: Helltouched

Name: Chi Novastra
Player: AmazingChi
Gender: Male
Species: Helltouched


Location: Southern Denmark

The winds were blistering. The sky was nothing but a crepuscular haze, completely distorted by dark clouds that had drifted in at nightfall and now hung in omnipotence, shielding the earth from star and moon alike. Snow had fallen earlier and the ground was dusted with it; not much, perhaps a half an inch of it, softy and powdery. As the blasts of wind shot down the street they turned up only old newspapers and aluminum cans, scattering them into gutters and the sides of weathered old buildings. An old car sat about fifty feet ahead, its tires long since shredded, its windows broken. The green compact sat at an angle, its left wheels jarred down into the old crumbled curb and into storm drains. The snow had fallen lightly on it and showed no disruption in its settlement. No lights on the porches of the houses that flanked the street were on; the only illumination was sporadic, coming from a bent streetlight, flickering in silent desperation. The howling air was the sovereign ruler of sound here. This town was deserted.

Ansgar treaded down the street, unworried about the tracks he was leaving. He couldn’t tell whether or not this town had been the site of a human-Helltouched battle or if it had simply been raided by the netherspawn but either way, it had happened some time ago. His tracks were the only ones in the area and the silence spoke well enough of the death and the time that had rotted here. He passed the streetlight and it flickered at him, almost as if it were pleading for help. He eyed it carefully and noted that it was bent about twelve feet up. Far too high for a car to have hit it, and the only car he had seen was a stone’s throw away, and without damage to its front. It flickered again.

“What are you trying to tell me…” he muttered, his voice a low rasp, tinted with the air of a question though he was speaking to himself. He touched the post and it was cold, as he expected, but also dirty. There was a trace amount of mud on the lower part of it. The white-haired Helltouched took a step back, looked back the way he came, and slowly set his eyes on a path down the street to the lamppost, up it, and then back down. He walked to a new point, ten feet away from the streetlight, knelt down, and carefully brushed away some of the snow that had accrued there. Beneath it, there was a footprint.

He briskly moved from that location back to the streetlight, looked up again at the bend, and his eyes followed a new arc a few feet away, and when be distorted the snow there he saw drops of blood, freshly stained on the concrete beneath. A low growl that came from above was just the audible conformation of his assessment.

Ansgar stood and straightened and look up to see another Helltouched standing on the building before him. He was a large one, seven feet perhaps, well muscled with the shortest of dark hair on his squared skull. Two horns, black and curved forward, extended from his temples and his eyes flashed red. He also noticed the soul shard embedded in the man’s shin.

“This is my territory,” he said. “I do not accept intruders.” He pointed a single large finger down at Ansgar.

“I didn’t request you to,” Ansgar replied. He quickly took his gun from his side and pointed it at the Helltouched. Or, at least, to the place he had been standing a second before. He is swift… he thought as he ducked and turned, just dodging a blow aimed for the back of his skull. He fell into a back-stepping routine, turning away form the blows as they came out at him as the enemy Helltouched pressed the attack. He took note after a few swings that the foe was slowing and putting more distance between them, and then he remembered the streetlight and understood why.

The Helltouched leapt and the soul shard in his shin flashed brightly for a split-second. He drew his fist back in mid-air and light energy swirled around it. Ansgar threw himself forward and rolled as his enemy came down where he had just been standing, driving into the ground with his energized fist and leaving a crater with a two-foot diameter in it.

“Impressive,” Ansgar offered him. “See what I can do.” Ansgar began to channel his power through him, drawing from the soul shard, and began to utilize it. He aimed for the snow, easier for him than pulling vapor out of the air.

“Stand still? Clearly your demon stone was a bottom feeder in hell,” laughed the other Helltouched. “Though I will gladly send you back!”

“I’m afraid you are mistaken. You’ve made your last threat on this planet.” Ansgar held his hand at his side, waiting to give the command.

“I’ll break your fucking neck!” the enemy roared. He channeled his power again and began his charge. To steps into it, Ansgar flourished his wrist upwards and two semi-transparent, crescent-shaped blades of energized water vapor burst out of the snow, sweeping through the enemy’s legs and up to his arms. They cleaved through his flesh and bone effortlessly, his demonically-enhanced skin proving to be nor more resilient than a normal man’s as it parted before the attack. Blood spray arced out of each wound and lapped the snow as his limbs fell away, severed from his torso. The Helltouched roared in pain and fell helplessly to the ground.

“You won’t be breaking anything with no arms or legs,” Ansgar told him as he walked to the fallen warrior. Blood was streaming steadily from his wounds, staining the snow-cloaked ground around him a dark pink that seeped out to constantly cover a larger area. The Helltouched groaned but mostly his brain had shut itself off to the pain by now, only realized it was about to die. “You couldn’t have been the one to turn this place into a ghost town… No, you probably just came across it and settled here. You’re body is so soft I don’t think a group of humans would have had a difficult time stopping you. Granted, my attack is stronger when pulled from snow since the molecules are so much stronger already… Ah, I suppose it doesn’t matter at this point.” He rose his hand and a blade of concentrated vapor hovered above him.

“Death suits you.” Ansgar sent the blade plunging through the Helltouched’s throat, and what little blood his body had left oozed out from that wound as the slashing vapor dispersed back into the air.

“To think I came from the same stock as him,” Ansgar mused. He stepped over the mutilated corpse and continued walking and, remembering the difficulty of his last fight, wasn’t so disappointed at the reprieve that this one had turned out to be.


Right now there isn’t a developed plot as such - that is, no Starting Point A and Ending Point B to get to and from. It’s rather freeform right now, get a feel for your characters, interact with the world and such. As things progress more central and obvious storylines will show themselves but for now its more or less do as thou wilt (in keeping with the rules of course). The rules of course being general forum and RPG rules which can be found stickied at the top of this forum so I won’t bother explaining what I’m sure everyone knows anyway. If you have any questions, feel free to post them as an out of character addition to an in-character post (such as this), but please do not post anything that is 100% out of character. If you want to know if something you plan on doing would do something that could possible mess up something plot related (not that that should be any problem right now, but later on) feel free to PM me and ask. If you have any other questions regarding the world, powers, plotlines, or anything, PM me and I’ll be happy to answer.

Also remember, as per the rules, this has been marked as a R-rated RPG and avoiding the profanity filter is allowed in your posts.

Also, posts should generally be two paragraphs long (I’ll say 200 words) at minimum. I don’t want to see any one line posts in here. If your posts are too short I’ll give you a warning, but beyond that it will be ejection from the game if it happens more. I don’t want to seem too restrictive by putting numbers to it, but I find it to be a good general baseline that makes for developed posts that shows the actions, progress, and development of your character in a way everyone else can see and understand.

When posting, please include the location of your character in the beginning (as I have done above). This doesn’t have to be anything specific as most towns and such are gone or destroyed or otherwise not the towns we know. A general region/country and location within that country (western, northern, southern, eastern, central, et cetera) will suffice.

Finally, when interacting with other players, it would be a good idea in the beginning to PM each other first. This RPG spans the entire planet, so characters can be anywhere; we don’t start in the same place or anything. You can travel to wherever you want, keeping in mind that going places will elicit certain reactions. If you’re a ravaging Helltouched that walks into London, you will probably get destroyed, for example. Like I said, though, plotlines will appear soon, which will work to bring characters together, as RPGs are interactive, after all.

I think that is everything. Depending on how things I work I may look into making a Discussion Thread for this RPG though as of now I’d rather just see if things an run well enough with private messages and questions here as far as discussion goes.



Volcanic Rage
Location: Northern Scotland

The cold, snow-ridden highlands of Scotlands made Chi feel right at home. Despite the fact that he was completely unaffected by the cold, he was wearing his long coat. Wandering along the hills and troughs of the land, he seemed felt detached. Of course, Chi was never fully detached ever, always alert and always ready. He had seen little wildlife in these parts so far, most likely due to the almost arctic condition that had befallen upon Scotland since the shard storm. It had become one of the first areas to be abandoned and desolate. Few people stayed behind and most of those people had succumbed to the cold shortly.

Hours passed as he wandered and wandered. Anyone who gazed upon him would have thought he was rambling aimlessly, but he had an agenda. He was following a trail; a trail few could follow. This trail had led him further and further north, into harsher and harsher wildernesses. This didn't phase him whatsoever. In his mind, it was imperative that what he was trailing must be found and dealt with accordingly.

Finally, his tracking skills wound him up in a small village, primarily consisting of small wooden houses. There was a small grocery store at one end, and what appeared to be a small track road running through the middle of it, of which most of it could not be seen through the blanket of snow. The village had been abandoned for a long time. What Chi was looking for didn't reside here. No, the trail beckoned him further north up a hill. So he trapsed up the heavily snowed upon hill, all the way to the top, where he found himself face to face with a castle.

It was an old castle, possibly built over a thousand years ago. The signs of aging were apparent; crumbling walls; broken portcullis; damaged ramparts and of course all of this was covered by several inches of snow. Still, despite the bleakness of the castle, something was here. He could feel it. So, with that determination in mind, he entered through the long since destroyed portcullis and into the castle's grounds. The state of disrepair was even more apparent from inside and most of the inside structures were no longer of any notable shape. The only remaining structure was the castle itself, which wasn't too badly damaged. Chi approached the larged wooden doors, which were dark wood and taller than he was. He wrenched the doors open and walked into what would have been used as an entertaining room where guests waited to be met by the castle's owners. Surprisingly, there was a lot of decor. In fact, too much decor for an abandoned castle. Which, would lead one to believe it was not in fact abandoned. Naturally, Chi had known this all the way here, as it was part of his brief at the beginning of this mission. At the back of this room was another door; wide open; revealing a corridor behind. He walked into the corridor and up the spiral staircase that adjoined it. Careful of making no noise, he gracefully climbed the stairs to the top, where he could feel power emanating from.

Eventually, he reached the top which led onto another corridor. At the end of the corridor was a door, again wide open. He couldn't believe how complacent this guy was. He neared the door, silently and with supreme agility. He stepped through the door and found himself stood behind a man, taller than he was and wider too. He was wearing a thick black jacket and combat trousers. He managed to take in most of the rooms sizings and decorations before the man's head snapped round, followed by the rest of his body.

"Who the hell are you?" the man demanded. His face was grizzled and brutish, thick-jawed and square-nosed, the man also was sporting a short cropped haircut, his hair was also a dark-blonde colour.

"My name is of no importance," Chi replied calmly. He sized up the man, judging where his weakspots were. He noticed that man had a shard right in the centre of his forehead, no larger than a grape, "However, I suggest you listen to me."

"Why on earth should I do that?" demanded the Helltouched, his voice made it seem that all questions were in fact, orders. With that, he launched himself at Chi; with right fist ready to strike him.

"Never test me." With that Chi calmly stepped aside and produced a path of ice where he was stood just a few seconds ago, which led all the way to far wall on the other side of the room. The Helltouched lost his footing and skidded into the wall, crumpling into a position which should not be possible. He looked down for the count. Chi stepped over his path of ice and headed for the door, when he heard a snarl to his left. Blimey, this guy is persistent He thought, as the other Helltouched lashed out, aiming at his temple. Chi raised his left hand, and the Helltouched's hand connected with the back of Chi's, where his Shard was located. The Helltouched reeled in pain, whilst Chi felt relatively little, thanks to the integrity of the Shard. Whilst the man backtracked clutching his hand, Chi spread his hand out and fired a burst of ice, which slammed into the foe sending him through an ornate stained glass window. Chi stepped over to the smashed window and peered out. The Helltouched had landed on part of the damaged and upturned portcullis, and the sharp, pointed spear like posts were extruding through the man's chest from left to right, one seemingly straight through his heart.

"You really should have listened." Chi announced to fallen Helltouched. He turned and made his way back down the winding staircase.
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Well-Known Member
Location: Southern Arizona, USA

Kids laughed and played under the hot Arizona sun, some wrestling while others played tag on horseback. The children roughhoused under the watchful eyes of their parents nearby, who were working diligently on breaking a couple of young horses. One of the horses, a golden bay beauty, reared his head and tossed and kicked with a ferocity like none other.

Suddenly, the rope pulling the horse closer snapped. The young gelding was loose. The children jumped to safety as the horse leapt the corral fence, taking off at high speed into the desert. Two of the men leapt onto their own horses, not bothering to saddle the four-legged beasts. All ran off after the young horse, eager for a chase and worried for its safety.

A young woman watched the town from the rocks nearby. A hot breeze whispered past her into the town, a door creaking open quietly. A tumbleweed rolled through part of the street, and a few coyotes tussled over the carcass of a wild mare. Few things could evoke the feelings of nostalgia and sorrow that the young woman now felt as she looked down on the little ghost town. It was little more than a few small homes and three ranches, but the ruins had once been her home.

You're too attached, Kitten... a small voice said inside her mind. The young woman merely smirked, staying back in the shadows of the boulders which were only the beginning of the mountain range nearby.

There's no harm in revisiting the past every now and then... she thought to herself, replying to the little voice that had plagued her every since she'd been given that horrible curse which had torn all of her friends away from her. Her town had been attacked and destroyed by another of her kind shortly after she'd been driven away. If they'd only let me stay...then maybe I could have at least saved a few, rather than having to come back to this...

"Damn people..." she muttered angrily. "Too stubborn for their own good..."

So are you... her inner voice muttered to her.

"Well...it's hard not to act like those you were raised with..." she replied.

...It's not healthy to talk to yourself, you know... the voice said again before going silent. Kitten shrugged a little, stepping out into the bight, burning sunlight and heading for the tussling coyotes. The carcass looked fresh enough, and she needed food as much as they did. The feral canines growled and yiped at each other in their constant battle for a higher place in the hierarchy. Only when Kitten was a few steps away did the creatures finally notice her. The alpha growled and snarled at her, ready to defend his pack and food. Kitten's own eyes flashed, and she dropped the black hood from her face.

Her own fangs were bared in a vicious threat, her cat-like eyes narrowed in a threatening glare. The lesser members of the pack yiped and backed off, fleeing to several meters away. Kitten locked eyes with the ones who stayed, stepping forward and letting loose a low growl from her throat. Only the alpha stayed now, but even he was growing nervous. Kitten was about three feet away from him before he finally fled. Smirking with satisfaction, the young woman bent to the carcass. There was fresh blood in the sand, and the meat was dark but not yet green. The young woman quickly cut a few choice pieces of meat, enough for about two weeks, then got to her feet and left. the coyotes watched her for a moment before leaping at the dead horse, devouring it so quickly that some regurgitated the tough flesh.

Kitten went into one of the buildings, looking around for a moment before her eyes settled on a human skeleton. Well, parts of one, at least. The Helltouched who'd come through must have decided that people were either fun to dissect, or tasted delicious. The young woman looked at what was once as old friend for only a moment longer before she gathered wood for a fire. Several hours later, the meat was dried and ready for travel. Kitten had it packed away in a small leather pouch in which she carried her foodstuffs, and was lying next to a low-burning fire, looking up at the starry night sky. Yips and whines nearby were quickly followed by long, high-pitched howls; no doubt the coyote pack was celebrating full stomachs for all. Kitten joined in with her own howl, though it was of a lower pitch and much longer than those of the coyotes.

The wild dogs quickly were silenced, and the young woman heard the shuffling and yipping fading away as they retreated. Kitten would be safe to sleep here for the night and remember what life had been like as a human.
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.:~Silent Strength~:
Location: London, England - SERAPH Headquarters

Shari tossed and turned in her bed. Anyone watching her would have assumed she needed a cup of warm milk, but yet another conflict was raging in her head.

Why did you seal me away? I'm not gone forever.

"I don't need you! I have unimaginable power, respect- everything I've ever wanted."

No you don't.

"Just shut up and let me rest! Be gone!"

You will never be rid of me.

"I got rid of you over 50 years ago."

I will always be a part of you, whether you like it or not.

"You aren't a part of me anymore. You were weak, you let emotions run over you like a cane toad in front of a car. I don't need you. I have true power, and what do you have? Love to give. What kind of bullshit is that?"

Emotions are a part of me, and I am a part of you. They will always be within you. You cannot escape. That shard has only masked your identity with so-called power.

"I have shut you away for years on end, what's gonna stop me from doing the same for another 50 years? When will you learn that you cannot win?"

After I beat you.

"You can't beat me. I am Shari!"

And I am Laura, and so are you. You cannot wipe me from your past- I AM your past.

"You aren't my past! You're a sad little girl who needs to piss off!"


"THANK you!"

I am still here, Laura.

"Don't... EVER... call me that."

Furious, Shari thrust her covers off of her bed, and went to get a glass of warm milk. "Anything to get away from you," she whispered.
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Tearen the Absol

Carpe Noctem
Location: Northeastern America

The Tribe had been spotted yesterday by a human child. Other Helltouched had given chase, but to no avail. The only option now was to pack up and move camp to a new location. The tribe leader, Bloodstain Thompson, had decided to move farther south to the location previously known as Baltimore. The city was still a comparitively large human populated area, and the natural wildlife and wildstock was plentiful. All non-essential possessions were to be left behind, and only tents and rations brought on the migration.

Leo occupied himself with burrying his unfinished pieces of art, packing the rest into a large sack he used to carry his works. At the same time, he was smoking some cuts of meat, animal and human, over a small fire. Slappy the butcher walked around the side of Leo's collapsed tent.

"Hey there Rend, can I help you with anything?" asked the ever amiable butcher. Leo shook his head and grinned, the effect of which caused a few nearbye birds to flee.

"You know me Slappy. Low maintenence. I just hope we run into a few settlements I can prey on while we're moving. Ol' Shardboy here gets grumpy if he can't get his daily dose of sweet human." Leo said, chuckling lightly. The shard gave an impatient mental huff. Slappy pointed at the drying meat.

"Is that what that jerky is there for? Why didn't you ask me to do it?" asked Slappy. Leo looked at the butcher for the first time, smiling.

"Oh come on. I'm not that dumb." Leo said, putting his finger aside of his nose. Slappy cackled and waved goodbye, and Leo waved as well. This migration was going to be longer than usual, and Leo wondered why Bloodstain had chosen such a distant location. He set off in search of the Pyre Tribe leader. He found the blood red helltouched cavorting with his succubus of choice, Rose. She gave an indignant snarl upon Leos approach, and Bloodstain turned around.

"Ah, the tribe artist. Shouldn't you be packing your things?" asked Bloodstain, rubbing the dull shard protruding from his abdomen.

"I am packed, as mostly. I've just got some rations to prepare." Leo said, regarding Roses tent. "I'd focus more on how Rose still has to pack her tent. But then again, she'll never get off her ass if she doesn't have to." Leo quipped. Roses spiky hair bristled.

"I'll lift your ass!" she screeched, lunging at Leo. Leo readied his claws, but the Helltouched woman never reached him. All solid wall of blood blocked her path to Leo. Bloodstain lowered his hand and the wall of Blood retreated back into the Helltouched.

"Easy Rose, Leo's right, let's go get your tent down." Bloodstain said, following a venting Rose to her humble abode.

"Wait, Bloodstain!" shouted Leo.

"What Rend? God dammit. I'm busy!" Bloodstain roared. Leo tilted his head, but he did not blame Bloodstain for his bipolarness. It was just the demon in him.

"I meant to ask why you chose such a long migration. That's all." Leo queried. Bloodstain seemed to take this as an insult. Rend prepared himself mentally for a rogue attack.

"Well hell, why are you complaining? You don't think you can frag your ***gy *** all the way there?" Bloodstain seethingly retorted. He walked away grumpily, leaving Leo with no new information. He threw up his arms in defeat and trudged back to his tent. It was going to be a long trip.


Volcanic Rage
Location: North-West Scotland

Sensing trouble, instinctively Chi formed a wall of ice to his right. As suspected, the attacker hit it head on, yelped in pain and ran off.

"Dam wolves," he muttered under his breath. The sun was setting and the wolves were coming out, wolves spread across Scotland briefly after the shardstorm and it's consequences. Scotland was not a place to be at night, well not place for a human to be at night.

It was hours since the confrontation with the man in the castle, the collection squad had been and gone. They had been rather swift. Chi felt as if something was afoot, but didn't ask, he preferred it when he worked it out himself. He had also turned down the offer to ride with them back to SERAPH HQ, there was something else here; something else left to find. He was going to find whatever that was. He also had other things to do here before returning. Of course, he didn't tell them that, he just politely declined.

He had wandered west since then. Several wolf attacks later, he was nearing the latter of the two tasks he had yet to do here. Chi finally approached a large hill, there was signs of a fight ahead, displaced snow and scuffle marks. Probably wolves, and they've gone anyway. He climbed up the hill and once at the top, what he had travelled all the way west for, was visible. In front of him, down the other side, embedded in a small forest was a hut, a small wooden hut. He walked down the hill towards the hut and was soon stood in front of it. There a small amount of light coming from the windows that had frosted up and appeared to have been that way for months, eventually he eased open the door.

Inside was a man in a thick fur coat, old, but still had an air of energy about him.

"Long time," the man said.


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.:~Silent Strength~:
Location: Eastern England

Looks like the Helltouched menace has spread here, too, Shari observed as she navigated her way down the streets of the remains of Hertfordshire. Knowing she'd never been this way before, Shari decided to take a look through the rubble. She could still see the faint outline of a road.

"HEY!" Shari wheeled around to see a group of about 5 Helltouched approaching. "What the hell are you doing on our territory?!" The first one yelled. "I'm exploring," Shari answered. "Is that a problem?!" She added fiercely. "Yes, it is," the second one pitched in. They all had strange tattoos over their faces. They were definitely members of a tribe.

"How is my being here a problem?" Shari repeated again, slowly reaching for the matches in her back pocket and undoing the box... "Enough talking!" The first Helltouched announced, before rearing back and leaping with inhuman speed and strength at Shari, who in turn raised her hands up with lightning speed and shot a stream of fire into the Helltouched's face. He screamed in pain before falling to his knees on the ground.

As the flames cleared, the remaining Helltouched all sprang at Shari, who calmly stepped aside readied herself. One went for Shari in a rush of fists and kicks, failing to land even one as Shari parried every blow meant to cause her harm. It was like this with the next one, and the one after that except to finish him off, Shari took the helpless Helltouched into a headlock, spread her magnificent wings and thrust herself into the air. Reaching the pinnacle of her jump, she gracefully careened down back towards the ground, thrusting the Helltouched's head into the ground, knocking him unconscious and breaking his nose as blood spilt into a puddle on the floor.

The last remaining Helltouched had his shard embedded in the middle knuckle of his right hand, and it was poking through a hole in a well designed glove that had other sharp objects attached to where the other knuckles would be. Quickly analyzing his body type, Shari decided this guy would rely on power more than speed. Making the exact same mistake, he lunged. Stupid boy, Shari thought. Sidestepping the attack and lighting up her fist with fire, she karate-chopped the back of the Helltouched's neck, pinpointing the exact location of the nerves. He also fell to the ground with his comrades.

Shari looked amusedly at the unconscious bodies around her. 5 Helltouched would be a lot to carry back to SERAPH. "Cleanup on Isle 7," she shrugged, grabbed two bodies and took off back towards SERAPH Headquarters. I'll be back for the rest of you.

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Tearen the Absol

Carpe Noctem
Leo was concerned, as the tribe was taking far too long to pack up their belongings. Bloodstain Thompson was, understandably, seething with anger. They'd stayed in one spot for too long, and the tribe had become sluggish. By the time that the tribe was ready to move out, It was already sunset. It was also possible, more than possible, the humans had organized a hunting group. They needed to move. Bloodstain approached Leo.

"Hey Rend, you move to the rear of the migration train. We'll need you if the stinking humans catch up with us." the tribe leaders said. Leo nodded and threw his belongings onto the ox wagon. Sure they, didn't have oxen, but they had Wall. Wall was, to make an understatement, big. He wasn't a very good fighter, because of his girth, but he could sure as hell pull stuff.

Bloodstain climbed a nearby tree and shouted into a megaphone he'd recently found at a homeless shelter.

"Listen up Pyre tribe! You took too damn long packing yer shit, so pick up your asses and MARCH!" he shouted. He leaped down and moved to the front of the migration, in his rightful place as leader. Leo respected Bloodstain Thompson, sure, he was aggressive, and sure, he was brutal. But he did care about the tribe, that's what counted.

As the migration picked up speed, night fell. In the distance, the sun slipped below the wooded hills, turning the sky a foreboding purple and orange. It wasn't long before, Leo saw a cluster of lights moving down a far off hillside. Leo ordered a nearby Helltouched to go tell Bloodstain that a human search party was about an hour behind them. The other tribemate nodded and dashed off. Leo noted it wouldn't be that hard to follow the tribe, as Wall left a very conspicuous trail of flattened saplings and underbrush. Leo scaled a nearby tree and waited. It was pitch black by the time the humans reached the area he stayed at, and the tribe had long since moved on. If Leo could dispatch these humans quickly, he could catch up.

"Woowww, these demon bastards really know how to cover their trail..." quipped a younger member of the group. There were 7, heavily armed, men in the group.
Their will be good eating tonight, Leooo! sqealed the voice. Leo smirked, and shook his head. Maybe he'd grab some choice cuts for the road, but he didn't have time to devour all of the men. He sighed.

"Keep moving guys, we'll get them by sunrise, come on!" said one member. He wore a hunting outfit, orange cap and all. How condescending. Leo dropped from his tree quietly and trailed the group. His padded footsteps went unheard by the men, loudly snapping twigs and leaves. Leo would have to dispatch the first few men quietly. Leo crept up quietly behind a lagging member of the group. Quickly, he covered the mans mouth with one hand and drove his spiked palm into the man's eye. A muffled gag was all the sound that was made. Leo moved into cover before the other men noticed.

"Johnny, whaddya think?" asked another hunter. After waiting for Johnny's reply, the men stopped and turned around. "Johnny?" they called, again and again. "Gee, we better go look for him. Us two will go and look, the rest of you stay. Buddy system, remember?" The other hunters nodded as the other men faded into the darkness. Leo followed them from afar as they tracked back to Johnny's final resting place. "Oh...my God." gulped one man. He bent down to examine the hunters bloody face, the runoff from his eye dribbling into his silver beard. The other hunter stood by with the light, sobbing quietly. "Those *******s, they'll pay. *gulp* they'll *sniffle* pay...". Those were flashlight man's last words as Leo drove his spike into the back of his head. Leo switched the flashlight off as the man fell. "Cory? **** ****!" screamed the other man. In the total darkness, Leo widened his eyes, and contemplated the horror and dark desperation as the other man stumbled through the bushes. Leo enjoyed his kill, biting into the man's neck and slurping his lifeblood.


Back at the main group, Leo chuckled as they bickered into sending more men to search for their two friends. Like death on wings, Leo dashed past the group, stabbing one man in the neck. Leo jumped into the bushes.

"What was that?"

"Holy GOD! It got Jack! It..." trailed off one man, sobbing.

"Stay together, stay together!" screamed one man, as Leo did another flyby run, dispatching another man by goring him inthe gut. This hunter gasped and retched as he fell to the ground.

"No, NOOO!" shouted the evident leader. He flashed his light furiously around in circles. There were just two of them now. Easy. Leo crawled, on his belly, towards the more frigtened looking one. In the contrast of the pitch blackm his face was erily illuminated by his flashlight. Leo got within five feet of the man when the hunter decided to shine his light at the ground. He loosed a terrified scream as Leo lept at him, the two flying ten feet into a bloody tussle on the ground. Leo's victim screamed as Leo savagly tore at his body, trying to land a lethal blow. But the frenzied man thrashed about, damaging himself and Leo. The other man fumbled with his gun, and upon cocking it shouted.

"Dieyoupieceofshitdemonmotherfuckeeerrr!!!" He shouted, squeezing five rounds off at Leo and the other man. But this other hunter looked, he realized he'd just killed his friend, and the nightmare was nowhere to be seen. He wheezed silently, and then began screaming, randomly firing his gun into the forest beyond. Actually, one of the bullets whizzed past Leo's head, rousing the helltouched.

The after expending his clip, Leo made his move, dropping from an overhanging tree, snatching the man's flashlight. Leo indulged in slashing the man's face with his claws, blinding him. Cackling, he withdrew, watching in nightvision as the man wobbling around, moaning in agony. But then something unexpected happened. Suddenly, the man unclipped a flashlight from his belt and blasted the light right in Leo's face.

"Ahhhghaaaaghh!!" Leo screamed, as he vision went to a searing white, then black. He fell down, clutching his eyes.

"That's right you, you thing! I'll kill you!" called the man, who tripped over a carcass. Both Leo and the man panted quietly in the dark, coming to terms with their pain. The crickets chirped, as if laughing at the cruelty and inhumanity of the situation.

"I'll find you demon boy, and I'll strangle you like...like...like you deserve it!" the man shouted. He moaned as he got on his feet, and Leo could hear him stumbling around, searching. "I can hear you breathing!" he said, walking over to Leo's location. He stamped the ground, and Leo rolled around, avoiding the assault. Leo got to his feet, panting.

"Your breathing betrays you! Ahhaahaha!" Cackled the crazed hunter. He lunged at Leo, and Leo felt the man's fists slam into his body. He sputtered as the other hunter smashed Leo's jaw, popping it out of place. Leo grabbed the loose jaw, and snapped it back into alignment. Both men's sweat drew the other to his opponent. Leo growled as he lunged and drove the hunter into the ground. He blindly slashed at the man's chest, panting angrily. The man let out a huff and shoved Leo off, stomping on him. Leo rolled away and remained still.

"Where did you go, eh? Afraid-oogh!" grunted the man as Rend drove his spike into the man's thigh. He fell to the ground, emitting pathetic sounds as Leo loomed over him.

"I win." Leo said, seething with hatred. He put his foot on the stricken man's neck, and snapped the frail human. He growled lowly, and sat down amongst the carnage. His sight had not yet returned, and the tribe was moving farther and farther away. Leo got to his feet and walked slowly, paused, then turned around. His demon enigma bared down on him, and he sank his fangs into a random body he found. He growled and roared, as he blindly fed on the human meat. After feeding, he lifted his now haggard frame and lurched off into a bush. He would rest here until morning, when his sight returned. Only then could he have a chance of catching up with the group.




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Location: Northern Arizona

Kitten walked along the barren path quietly, the sun blaring down on her. She could see waves of heat rising on the path ahead, but despite the heat, she refused to change into any clothing other than black. A quiet sound, like the distant sound of a breeze, echoed in her ears, growing to a roar. The truck flew past Kitten wish a whoosh of air and sand, and her eyes flashed before returning to a mildly normal state. The truck's brakes squeaked a little as it slowed to a stop.

Kitten kept walked, almost ignoring it as a man in his fifties looked her over, not noticing any of the minor changes which revealed what she really was. "You need a ride, miss?" he asked, she glanced at him, her eyes just hidden enough to hide their strange color and form. "There ain't a town for miles...and its hot as hell out here..."

Kitten looked at him and the truck, some sort of patch job that would only last a few miles. The man had a gentle face, but hungry eyes. He wouldn't be missed if she had to do him in. "Thank you...it's quite appreciated..." she said, her low, strange voice seeming stranger in the blistering heat. The man opened the other door, and she walked around the truck and climbed in, grateful at least for the cold rush of working air conditioning. Not many in these parts have that nowadays...not after the Storm...

Kitten sat in silence, looking out the truck window as the man started off once again. The smells were strange in the car, but not unfamiliar. Many felt like he did until they discovered what she was. Then, the lust turned to wrath. And they died. Hopefully, this man would leave her to her own devices so that she could go on with her life without the murder of another 'innocent' over her head.

"There's a nice city a few miles away...that where you headed?" the man asked, trying to start up a conversation.

"...It'll do for now...I'd be grateful if you'd drop me off there..."

"Of course! Anything for a pretty little thing like you!" the man said kindly. Kitten glanced at him, then looked back out the window. She'd have to be careful with this one. Very careful...


Going to break my own rule here and make an out of character post:

I apologize for being inactive since i kicked this game off. Work has been ripping me a new one between managerial training, being understaffed, and other such things. I work nights so its been pretty much work-sleep-work-sleep rinse repeat for a while. I thank everyone who has posted thus far and appreciate the activity. I will definitely have a post up on friday at some point seeing as I am actually off. That's about it, just wanted to let everyone know that I don't have any plans of abandoning the game.

Again, thanks and apologies to all.


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(OOC: I'm only posting this because no onoe else seems to be posting...)

Location: Northern New Mexico

An abondoned truck sat on the side of a road, its windows rolled down and dust covering the seats inside. An older man sat in the driver's seat, old blood crusted on the front of his plaid shirt. His eyes were dull and partly open, his face sunken in and pale with death.

Men like that are all going to meet the same fate... Kitten thought, miles down the road, once again walking. She shifted the bags on her back, heading for the glimmer of a city on the horizon.

I'll have to stick to the shadows there, but as long as no one looks at me too closely, perhaps I won't have to clean my knives while I'm there... she thought, fingering the one at her side. And hopefully, no more idiotic passerby will try to rile me up...