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*~sizida's Pokémon Rakuen~*

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Traded 4 eggs away to Earendil~

Cherish Ball even Darkrai and Mew are on hold for SmeargleRocks.

Updated the Touched Jap Event session as many people got their 3rd gen exploded lol.
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I'd be interested in trading you for the Meloetta. I don't have any event Pokemon on your list, but I could trade you an event Raikou (shiny) or the Night Sky's Edge Jirachi. If you aren't interested in those two, let me know.


Updated once more.

Ah sorry. I have too many of those event Pokémon in my 4th gen. Maybe other shop owners won't mind.



Keldeo has been traded away. I should take note that in Resolute Form, it cannot be traded to White or Black.

Eggs has been traded as well.

Both traded to stressbuild.


Hey, I have a movie 14 victini
Cherish ball
Wifi gift
Fateful encounter
Strongly defiant
Id 12031
V-create, fusion flare, fusion bolt, searing shot
It is UT

Would like either the 10th anniversary deoxys( I think it's 10th anniversary )
Or the movie 12 meloetta in return. However I can only trade in 5th gen.


Ok Jap 10th Deoxys TRADED to physi1~

Soon I need to update the Jap event Pokemon in the list. Time to gather!

2 events Pokemon traded to SmeargleRocks~

Updated the DW session and I forgot who should I hold the DW Horsea and the person didn't care so I don't hold it anymore.

Traded an egg (hatched) to meowth_city for yellow shard.
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Feel the...BANG!
I would like: A Hatchling egg, Hidden Ability Smeargle, Hidden Ability Riolu, and Shiny Dratini
Will trade:SPR2012 Reshiram, Hatchling egg, Female Gabite, and Female Zoarark :D


But none of them are event Pokemon so no SPR2012 Reshiram. That is solely for event trade only.

SO yeah only the shiny dratini and Wonder egg I can trade it to you. For the others please read my wants for DW session.


Updated the Event wants session. Generator Genesect, if you have the Pokemon I want will be great. Please read my wants in the Event Session.

I shall put Jap Meloetta on hold just in case.

4 Eggs traded to flyinggurtboy.

Got Timid Cresselia in 4th gen from -Espada-~

Updated the shiny session.

Updated the event session and DW session.
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Given 3 eggs to scizor64.

Yeah I updated my site for DW session and Event session, please check it out!


I did messaged you. Have you seen it?

I am free to trade now though.

Since I missed you, maybe the same time tmw? Well to me is tmw.Yup you know my GMT.

Touched Darkrais and an egg were traded off to Xaby.
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sin tori

New Member
Hi im interested in your V-create raquaza I can offer DW Gothorita you have on our wants


Oh double Gothorita trades.

Hmm ok I am fine by this since I love it and all.

I shall hold that Ray for you.


3/4 dead...
hey, i would like this pokemon:
Cherish Ball
Lv70, Modest, Likes To Run
Pokémon Event
Apparently had a fateful encounter at Lv70
Moves: Psystrike, Shadow Ball, Aura Sphere, Electro Ball
Premier Ribbon

got an ut dw gothorita :)


Ok 3 is too much.

I am stopping at 2 Gothoritas. Sorry.

Traded Jap Rayquaza event to sin tori.

Traded Jap Palkia to ZakRs1.
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Im interested in the shiny Braviary, but I need to clarify: if you are selling a shiny, do you only want a shiny in return for it?


If you have seen the offer, you could have look into my wants for that shiny session. It is just under the ones I am offering.
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