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Skaisdead and a Sprite Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Sprites' started by Skaisdead, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Skaisdead

    Skaisdead Movers and Shakers

    Attempt number two.


    Scaraby, the Young Beetle Pokemon

    Ability: Shield Dust - Blocks the added effects of attacks taken.

    HP: 42
    Attack: 58
    Defense: 29
    Sp. Attack: 24
    Sp. Defense: 40
    Speed: 37
    BST: 230 (38.33 average)

    Scaraby is rare in the wild. It likes to hide in rocky areas and in dense forests. It uses it's formidable horn to ward of potential predators. The method of combat it uses will affect how it grows.

    Scaraby will evolve into Heracross if it knows Horn Attack and it will evolve into Pinsir if it knows Vicegrip. It learns both attacks starting at level 22. If it knows both attacks, it will not evolve.

    EDIT: If I'm going to include old Pokemon, I may as well give them new poses.

    Last edited: Oct 23, 2009
  2. Bossk

    Bossk Like a champ.

    Seems decent. Where are the names for these guys?

    and I clicked here because I saw the snake and thought it was Grovyle + Ekans

    It has Grovyle's color scheme with his eyes and the leaf on his head. Has that thing near his tail like Dragonair

    That should be Dragon and Fighting/Flying?

    The reason is because it looks like a prehistoric bird in the dinosaur age and those stripes make it look so much like a Dino Bird. Just a small suggestion.

    And the Swan which is Normal and Flying I think it might be able to become Water and Flying, don't you think? Just seems like it, being a Swan
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2009
  3. Skaisdead

    Skaisdead Movers and Shakers

    The snake (Serplant) uses Treecko's pallet, but it's body was entirely scratched and does not use any part of Ekans or Dragonair's sprite other than the fact that it was modeled after them.

    The raptor/ostrich sprite was created based on Kecleoshrew's original design. He named it Brawlauk, and I'm certain he knows what types it uses. Fight/Fly was simply my guess. As I said, I didn't create that Pokemon.

    The Swan Pokemon (Squaln, Skwaln, etc.), much like Bibarel, gains a water type when it evolves.
  4. Serris

    Serris Specialist Operator

    The second attempt of Scaraby is much better, in my opinion. It isn't hindering off similar colour palettes. Also, the evolution methods you've put with it are great.
  5. Zelionax

    Zelionax Well-Known Member

    Your main problem is perspective and the outlines. The fire dude has an impossibly scrawny body despite its head size. Because of the stick-like body, it looks pretty fat. Try to be more careful with the colours of your outline. Dark outlines complement portions with dark shades.

    That water squid thing seems to be the best, due to its simplicity in shading. But do note that while the dotted method of shading is effective at times, an overuse of it will make the shading look choppy. Once again, use it sparingly.

    As for the trainers, pay attention to the human anatomy. Although it's anime style, the heads are too big for the body. The girl has an abnormally long torso.

    A helpful method is to take Pokemon with similar bodies and learn from the existing sprites the method to shade. Keep it up.
  6. Bossk

    Bossk Like a champ.

    I'm guessing that Shell Fish guy is water starter? You should make it second. and the snake seems a bit large for a starter, you should make it 2nd evo as well as fire
  7. Canto

    Canto Well-Known Member

    Cool sprites!
    The only thing is, the firefly thing kinda looks like an alternate version of Kricketot.
    Oh, I have an idea, you should make an evolution of Jynx, similar to the way Magmar and Electabuzz got evolutions.

    EDIT: I think Scaraby should just evolve straight into Heracross.

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