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Sketchie's Sick Sketches


literally some guy
what's up everybody my username is sketchie and i draw sometimes
warning: this is, of course, going to be an image heavy posts. sorry, y'all.
the current update will be out in the open, but all previous updates are in spoilers.
fanforum sister thread
tumblr . deviantArt . instagram . bandcamp

Okay, so, I do actually draw, my username everywhere else is thesketchqueen, and even here, sketchie should give it away. I work in a sketchbook, which means I have to take pictures, but I wanted to show what I've been working on. It'd also be a good a reference point for when I improve and such. (Then again, that's what a sketchbook's for, so...)

I'm not having an update schedule, that just isn't happening. I'm always open for requests, I can't say I'll do them (if you want something for sure done, that's what commissions are for) but if I'm feelin' it I'll do it. Feedback is always welcome.

Sketch Log
2016/05/10 -- You are Here.
2017/07/11 part I
2017/07/11 part II

Don't mind the words, I was having some relationship issues.

From VampirateMace's Control Freak's Contest Royale (a Teen Titan's RP), specifically the part where my character (Lucas) kisses Schade's character (Archie). It's off in a lot of ways, mostly Archie is too thin.

Arms!!! I sort of kind of figured them out!!
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literally some guy
*kickflips in* Sup guys so nevermind about an update schedule, but I drew things!

I couldn't think of anything to draw, so I asked my friend Schade, and he suggested a ferret! This one turned out pretty okay, tbh.

From VampirateMace's Control Freak's Contest Royale. There is a scene where after Lucas and Max defuse a bomb, Max surprises Lucas by kissing him. (Countless fans not included.)Though, after rereading the post, looks like I drew it a little off. Whoops.

I also tried drawing Maxwell! I kept messing up his left arm, so his left arm is conveniently being hid by an invisible wall.

Lucas "Nightmare" Moncrief belongs to me, and Max "Violet Lantern" Hudson belongs to Monster Guy.

I was practicing drawing lips, so I drew my queen, the magnificent Seer of Light.

Another character of mine! Her name is Gavroche, but her alias (and the name she's known by) is Puppeteer. She's a telekinetic. And she's the poster child of chaotic evil.

Yet another character of mine! This lady is Kathrine Smith, and I dislike her. A lot. Very little redeeming qualities. She is, however, a very talented business person. Also she's evil.

alright bye
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literally some guy
WELL these are LATE but I Drew More Things

So, in one of the RPs I'm in, it's set in the 20s and I'm using THIS loser. In this AU, Lucas owns a lounge/speakeasy as well as his parents' companies. I decided to draw him and it didn't turn out too bad, so here we are.

We had to make these nametags when I went to camp, and while everyone did these origami doll things, I just... made my own. Yeah.

So we're writing a little picture book about these nerds. Friedrich (left) and Hope (right) are siblings, Friedrich is usually down about things and hope is happy and spritely and optimistic. At one point, Hope loses her light and becomes very sad, and it's up to Friedrich to help her out. (Or, ah, something like that.)

My friend had his mission farewell a couple weeks ago, and I drew him while he was waiting his turn to speak. (He's using it as an avatar for the next two years and I'm quite honored tbh)

alright that's all for now bye
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literally some guy
sometimes i really don't know why i keep posting art, and i also don't know if i'm allowed to post like this on my own, but here i am. also! i finished my sketchbook! so the next time I post, it'll all be from a completely new sketchbook.

160627-28 -- Typography Stuff
So, I was listening to Songs and feeling Artsy, so I artfully drew their titles. The first is Citalopram, by David Carney, and it's on the Fixation soundtrack. Such a good song, very calming. The second is Exile Vilify, by the National, and it's probably my all time favorite song.

160710 -- APH Netherlands (and bunny)
I'm in several roleplays, and in one of them I'm playing Eduard van Houten, who has recently shipwrecked. So here's my shiprekt babe, holding his bunny. (The caption in my sketchbook says "tfw ur a dutch jerkface but at least ur bunny is safe.)

160712 -- "Octoboy, happily wielding poisoned aluminium daggers, killed Sketchie from Utah to honor Schade and Monster Guy's relationship."
Somewhere on this site is a game called "edit the sentence," and y'know, when I get killed, I just have to draw it. (I apologize for the lackluster quality on this one, my scanner was not having a fun time.)

160713 -- Moncrief Boys
Arguably one of my most favorite sketches in this sketchbook, this is a picture that Lucas Moncrief has on his phone of him and his three younger brothers. My adoration comes from part I really like the character, and I also really like the sketch. Starting from the left and going clockwise: Markus Moncrief (9), Johnathan Moncrief (4), Lucas Moncrief (19), and Matthew Moncrief (15).

k bye
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literally some guy
170307 -- Nightclub Terezi
so i mean i've done a lot but i also went inactive from serebii?? so as a tribute to my sin here's what i've been working on for the past few weeks
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Dude, all these look great. I really like your style of drawing! I especially like the one for "Puppeteer", since the colour contrast between vibrant pink and light green looks great on her design.


literally some guy
KSRERJHS people actually replied ohmygosho hmy g os H that makes me so happy!! okay let's respond and then y'all get an art dump here's to consistency
a little mad at photobucket bc now i have to go through everything and switch it over to imgur so ty photobucket

Wow, lots of improvement in the last picture. For anatomy's sake I think her arms should be a bit longer. Looks really cool though

Thank you!! It was my first time drawing digitally in a looooooong long time. And yeah, her arms probably do need to be longer. I struggle with arms. A lot. :V Still, thank you <3

Dude, all these look great. I really like your style of drawing! I especially like the one for "Puppeteer", since the colour contrast between vibrant pink and light green looks great on her design.

Squeee, thank you! I've been working on it for years, and it's really nice to hear someone likes it. And thank you, Puppeteer's one of my favorite villain characters because she does have those vibrant colors. #ChaoticEvilFTW fun story, when I read this, I thought you were talking about a song I've written called Puppeteer, and got really confused ;u;

Sooo do you paint complete pictures or just sketch?

Your work is amazing, BTW.

you're banned but i'll respond anyway to give answers Yeah, I do complete stuff. Every once in a great while. I have two in my current sketchbook I'm excited to show off. And thank you kindly, again this is years of practice. I feel like I'm finally starting to get good at it.

So, this is a bit of a bigger dump, though I might do it in two posts. Yeah. That's what's gonna happen. A month ago (June 6, 2017) I finished my previous sketchbook, which I started nearly a year before that (July 25, 2016). It's... kind of a low point for me, to be completely honest with you. Like, seriously. There are nine pieces of work in a YEAR of that sketchbook. But hey. Here we go.

161004 -- Bleeding Heart
I drew this for Inktober. It was recently after I got out of a horribly toxic relationship, so all the words represent excuses I made, things I told myself, etc., etc. It was really cathartic, and honestly I think one of the best things in this entire sketchbook.

For those who can't read the words, the shards include:
- Come back
- I'm overreacting
- It's my fault
- I deserve this
- It doesn't hurt
- I'm fine
- It's okay
- He's not that bad
- I'm broken
- I don't need help
- He loves me
- Don't leave
- Why did you leave

161005 -- The Best and The Worst In You
Again, for Inktober. I drew something over my heartbreak the day before so I felt like I should do something about someone who has made my life so much brighter. At one point my boyfriend told me "The best and the worst in you is mine to love and cherish," and I held onto that. So here it is, I drew that.

161213 -- Fawnee
I apologize for the quality, this page I think got so smudged that my scanner was n o t having it. Anyway. This is a character of mine, a Homestuck fantroll, named Fawnee Phykes. She's a Seer of Life, so I drew her in her godtier for... some reason. :V

161225 -- High Blood
This was for a gift! Every year I participate in the Homestuck Secret Santa on tumblr, and this was my gift for this year. She loooooved Eridan Ampora, so here he is, the high blood in all his seadwweller glory. (Here's the link to the gift I got, it was honestly amazing and I feel like tumblr user reynardlne deserves some love. She drew my Homestuck OTP, Eridan and Nepeta. <3)

Well, I think I'll make the cut off at the year mark. Next post will be the Good Drawings from 2017 from sketchbook 160725170606.
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literally some guy
alright folks

170104 -- Empty // Overflowing
Another inspired by boyfriend, though this is more of a we both had a breakdown piece. He told me how empty he felt, and I told him that I felt like I was overflowing. Thus, this.

170115 -- Him
sWEATS so my boyfriend is 1800 miles away and also in a different country so i end up drawing a lot of us hhhhahhaha (and actually this is my current lockscreen bg whoops)

170213 -- Cover II aka the part of the show that isn't garbage
Quick story. I. HATED. THIS. SKETCHBOOK. About this time in February I was seriously considering retiring the sketchbook early. My friends, Drake and Annie, encouraged me to keep going, but to break my sketchbook into two parts. So we did. I got out some crayons and colored pencils, and collectively we made this mess.

170320 -- Him, again
My boyfriend has a really nice back, okay, and since whenever I draw us as cats (DON'T ASK) I draw him with a heart on his haunches, he asked me what he would look like with a heart on his lower back.

170321 -- Girls/Girls/Boys
I was probably in GSA when I drew this, and we're all gay and I was listening to Panic! at the Disco, so this happened. Also excuse the odd blip at the top, that was me drawing me lamenting about how I didn't have a pencil. I only had my inking pens, my pencil was stolen, and the colors are actually pencils I borrowed from the teacher.

that's all for now, folks
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Ascended Dialga

Well-Known Member
You've got so much talent, Sketchie! Keep it up! :D
Aww, these are all really sad but I still love your art style! It portrays the emotions it's trying to capture really well. I hope that whatever negative feelings you're having pass soon <3


literally some guy
Aww, these are all really sad but I still love your art style! It portrays the emotions it's trying to capture really well. I hope that whatever negative feelings you're having pass soon <3

Thank you, that's what I aim for -- portraying emotions. I want my sketches to make people feel, and these are... quite emotionally charged sketches. Thank you for your kind words <3

Man oh man, that's some hard hitting stuff. I don't know what's happened, but I hope that you feel better soon. I love your art, and that final one, "08_ithurts" really resonates with me.

Thank you! Hard-hitting, that's what I want. I didn't really mean to show these off, really, but I really liked how some of them came out and I was due for another update, so why not? And thank you, 08 is my favorite out of all of them. I looooove love drawing object heads especially in my regular style because I feel like I am able to create something that people can resonate with. And looks like I was able to meet that goal! And thank you, I hope things will patch themselves over soon too...


literally some guy

170727 -- Object Heads
Heyyyyy some of you might remember this date! These were drawn later the day, as my breakdown was about midnight-ish. I might put some of these into SAI and actually color them. Maybe. Whoooo knooooows.








170730 -- YouTube?
My best friend and I are gonna start a YouTube channel, this is the art I made for it. Yaaaay.


see ya
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Man, all of these are so cool! The first one is actually really cute to me, it's probably my favourite of this new batch. The little bodies are just so tiny and adorable! Also, I love that channel art, it's just so bright and vibrant! I'm hyped to see your YouTube channel!


Oh, I have a title?
Can I just say that I love your object heads more and more. SystemFailure is a really good one there which really makes me feel something (got a little choked up, actually), and I just love it to little itty bits.

Also, nice channel art, especially the little square one. I see the word chess, as well as a blue cat and swords, so I'm definitely looking forward to checking the channel out.


literally some guy
okay folks so today we have a dragon doodle, my favorite sketch of this sketchbook so far, and two big pieces that i finished months ago that reflect my aching longing heart

170903 -- DRAGON
I'm not showing the rest because it looks weird, but look at this happy dragon who is loving life like we should.

170910 -- Summer's Day
I'm not over object heads. Clearly.

And onto the main event...

170605 -- On Melancholy Hill

Just looking out for the day
When you're close to me​

This is one of my favorite Gorillaz songs, it's such a bop so I wanted to use it as the cover of my sketchbook. I loved the bright colors in the music video (you can tell I used it as my inspiration), and it was so fun to draw all the submarines. I used crayola markers and Prismacolor pencils.​

170716 -- Transatlanticism

The distance is quite simply much too far for me to row
It seems farther than ever before...​

I am on such a Death Cab kick, even now months late. Also this song is about long distance relationships, which I'm in. It hurts. A lot. This song is so watery that I did my best to give it that feel of rain,
sea, tears. (It's such a gorgeous song.) I used crayola markers, Prismacolor pencils, and oil pastels.
i miss him so f*cking much...
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