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Skies of the Phoenix

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Artistically angry
Well, we had a fun run skam. If you need me for your next clan let me know, I'll be flying solo for a little bit. I gotta thank you for getting me back in the meta. Also I'm not going to join a clan with the intention of leaving it shortly after

Divine Retribution

Master of the freak show
Okay, this kinda sucks that a new member just came when I have to say this.


As you all might or might not have noticed, Instinct. and Blackacer have not posted since like page 5 of this thread. It's really hard to run the clan by myself, because I have to do all the accepting and try to cover up all patches that might hint of their absence. Well, it's reached it's peak for me, it's just too much. This means I will have to close SOTP. I'm sorry, everybody, so now to some shoutouts.

Witch king- you were a boss here, I was about to promote you to leader rank, but that'd draw attention, and i'd be pestered by some people for the next division. You deserve it, you do.

Dragonicwari- The first member here, and by far the most helpful. You made the clan shop, and helped me run the clan through the beginning, the hardest times. Stay cool dragonic

Aura Sensai- Since MD, i knew you'd be a great battler. The few tutoring lessons we had taught both of us some, and I hope you stay with me.

Cooloolcool- My friend for a while, also since MD. A great, cool, guy. You deserved that war team spot, and stay cool to you too.

loco1234- You're a great battler and RMT maker, and you deserve the best rmt rating spot on the SPPf Awards for all the ones you've rated and made. That post count will keep rising and be proud.

Atrocious- We barely knew each other, but i knew SOTP would be perfect for you from the moment i saw your posts, same with loco. I hope you follow me where I go as well.

Clay95- you were only here a short time, so there's not that much to say lol. i liked the way you thinked, and thank you for sharing your opinions with us. Stay with us :)

To all of the rest of you that I may have missed, farewell, or not. Because there's plans for something, but not yet. I will be joining Perpetual motion when it opens today or tommorrow, and I hope you guys follow me and put me as your refferer :) In a while though, I will be opening a clan called Assassin's Alliance. i think when PM dies maybe kyro13 will come with me because he really liked that name lol, so stay with me, please. It will have multiple leaders, around 5 or 6, so if 1 or 2 leaders leave it doesn't matter as much, and we will have all the pro battlers that everybody knows from Serebii there hopefully. Stay cool guys, and stay on my tail. Mods, please lock this. Goodbye, SOTP.
...god damn it.

Well, it was fun while it lasted. I'm actually signing on to Team AMERICA because it's not as rank/activity based as the other clans, so you can find me there as long as they accept me.
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loco1234- You're a great battler and RMT maker, and you deserve the best rmt rating spot on the SPPf Awards for all the ones you've rated and made. That post count will keep rising and be proud.
Thanks man, that means a lot. It's been fun for sure. Keep in touch?
Dang. Well, it has been fun. I wasnt here long but i really did enjoy myself here. Thank you everyone, i had a good time and you were all very friendly.

meta salamance

champ of champs...
Username :meta salamance
Po ps and or wifi: wifi; 2194 1595 1760
Po ps and or wifi name:Quill
Rate yourself as a battler: 9.5
Preferred division :dragon
Why do you want to join : Omega disbanded and I don't know where to go
How can you contribute to us: Ill bring back 9/10 war battle victories.
Referred to by:me myself and I
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