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Skipping stones ( advance + a hint of palletshipping ) Rated T

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by XxMays_flowerxX, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. XxMays_flowerxX

    XxMays_flowerxX Golden eyes <3

    Hey everyone! this is my first fan-fic! okay the whole story is OOC but hey... what ya gonna do? XD
    Disclaimer: I do not own pokemon or any other characters.
    (A/N) = Author's notes.
    Ash Satoshi: Junior 17.
    May Hakura: Junior 17 (?)
    Misty Kasumi: Junior age:17(?)
    Brock Takeshi: Senior age:19
    Dawn Hikari:Sophmore age:16
    Barry Jun:Sophore age: 16

    Ash’s POV
    Chapter 1:Ordinary day?
    High school.
    There are millions of words I could describe it, but only one seems to make sense to me. Hell- high school is my personal hell on earth. It’s so plain, boring around here, nothing ever happens because everyone is so ashamed of being themselves, having fun, getting hurt, and all that stuff. They don’t even act like teenagers, there mostly adults then hardly a child.

    I sank in my seat, bored out of my mind. I never paid attention to the teacher, because mostly what he teaches is just re-runs. Oh, right. My mom used to home school me until I decided I wanted to be like a ‘normal kid’, and go to regular school. So really, everyday is just like chilling out to me.
    I picked up my pencil, gliding it over a blank page in my notebook, it slid across the surface, the lead creating lines and random loops, as my finger fallowed. My eyes watched, the skinny lines overlapping each other, then twisting when they met. They fallowed, but my mind didn’t. It was somewhere else. Why can’t the class pick up speed? I want to leave this dump so BAD. Gosh, maybe I was better off homeschooled.

    I huffed in frustration, and glanced up to look around the class of 4D. The rows full of students stared at the teacher, while he fed them knowledge, and education into their heads. I scanned down the rows of heads around me, naming the people I knew as I reached them. Melaine, Jordon, Ryan, Misty, Jose, Isabella, Drew, Eliza…. After that I grew bored, and gave up. I hated first period.

    My teacher looked up to me, his expression smug. My teacher was fairly old, probably around his late 50’s, his pale face covered with wrinkles and liver spots down to his arms and fingers. His hair was gray, with stripes of white below his neckline; his eye’s were the shade of almost sliver. That was an odd color of eyes.

    I grinned half-heartily, and placed my sight on my doodled page. I stared into the loops, focusing on the strange picture forming inside my head. It morphed into a smile, then to a frown with two sharp eye’s looking out the page. I shut it, realizing that my Imagination got the worst of me. I sighed, and peeked up one more time. Mr. Greenvale was erasing his blackboard, and the time above his desk was 10:37.

    Thank goodness, that class was coming to a closure, and everyone was starting to pack up. I threw my pencil and doodled notebook in my bag, yanked it off the floor, and made a dash for the door. Passing my teacher’s desk, he grunted, and grasped my collar.

    I was pulled back, coughing by the force the collar had caused. He sniffed, and raised a gray, bushy eyebrow, “Mr. Satoshi, I noticed your lack of attention in class today…again.”

    I shrugged, “Sir, I already have learned the lesson.”

    He folded his arms, leaning against the desk, “hmm, have you ever thought about moving into an advance class, Ash?” I nodded. “Then why do you still come here?”

    “Basically, because the advance class is all senior math level, I still have some stuff I don’t know about in this level. That’s why sir.” I sighed impatiently, tapping my fingers on my pants. He stared at me, then grunted, nod, and walked away to where two students who were horse playing in the back.

    I rolled my eyes, and sneaked out behind his back, before the bell could ring. Next I was going to chemistry, like every day I have been. The halls were fairly quiet, my feet only filling the silent air. I liked it like that, when it was quiet. It didn’t add on to my headache that I had every day, thinking of ways to ‘ditch’ my good-for-nothing school. My locker was approaching me as I got closer to the end of wing B; I picked up my speed, and made it to number 239.

    I slid my bag off and dropped it to the floor. My hands pinched the red knob on the lock- my fingers twisting it around to access my code- and yanked it down to unlatch it in place. I removed it, and then placed it down inside my open locker. I took out my chemistry notebook and textbook, and replaced it with my previous books. I stuffed the two in my bag, shut my locker, locking it, and swung my bag over my shoulder, just in time before the rusty bell.

    The hallways were no longer quiet, now up roared by students flowing out of their classrooms, talking to their friends about class and outside dilemmas. I waited like I always did by my locker, for Berry, Brock, Dawn, and Misty to come meet me so we could walk to class together. I searched through the crowd of buzzing students, to find any of them heading my way. Seconds pasted, but luckily I spotted them laughing, coming my way.

    Out of all of them, I spotted the tallest, Brock. He grinned, his hand up high to smack mine. He wore a black, long sleeve uniform, covering over his dark skin, and his eye’s where beedy black that barley open, but always twinkled with joy. He was a senior, and was my best friend. We were friends since middle school, and have we actually live right next to each other too. Next to him was Barry and Misty.

    Barry is one of my recent friends, but it feels like I known him for a long time. He’s the kind of person when you feel like doing something crazy; he’s the one you should call. He wore his trademark scarf to school today- even though he knows it’s not allowed- and a white short sleeved shirt. His smile never disappears for some reason, and his odd, golden eyes were an mystery for me too. Barry is a sophomore, along with Dawn, by the way.

    Misty, I met on the first day of middle school, through Brock. Her and him were pretty good friends when I met them, and they still are. She’s the only person that I know that’s a junior-other than me- around the school. She wore a white short sleeved uniform, with a pink outline and tie that matched it, and also a pink bow that tied her bright orange hair.

    Last was Dawn, who skipped behind Brock. I think off dawn as my very own little sister. She’s so energetic and bubbly all the time- Not to mention when she’s p***** off, she can be a pain in the but-, but she has a good heart. I met her in Gym when she got hurt last year twisting her ankle during basketball. Brock and I carried her to the nurse’s office, and then when you know it, we became friends. Dawn wore the same uniform as Misty, but had two yellow clips in her bluenette hair and a pink scarf around her neck, her deep blue eye’s full of energy.

    I smacked Brock’s hand and smiled to the rest of the pack, “So…what’s been going on with you guy’s lately?”

    Brock grinned goofily, his dark brown eyebrow’s wiggling, “Did you hear about the new flower that just arrived at our school! I heard she’s a beauty! Not to mention smart too! Meeoooow!” He laughed and started walking forward. We fallowed.

    Dawn eye’s glistened when she heard the words, “Your right Brock! I heard she has class with you next Ash! This would be great! A new team mate to our pack- not to mention a new makeover friend- and a best friend!” she squealed, jumping up and down like a five year old.

    Barry chuckled, pointing to Dawn, “Uh, how old are you?” Dawn punched his right arm, both of them laughing. “Yeah, she’s probably not all that great… probably just an average girl from a small town,” Said Berry.

    I shrugged, not really interested about the topic they spoke of. This was mainly the most exciting thing that could happen at this school. A new student, that’s it and that, was pretty stupid. Misty tugged on my sleeve; her green eyes wide with excitement, “What do you think Ash?”

    I stared, “About what?”

    “The new girl, DUH! “ She playfully hit my shoulder and giggled. “Do you think she’ll be nice? Or she’ll be fashionable? Oh, oh! Maybe do you think-“

    “Honestly, I don’t really care.” They all glanced at me, their mouths opened wide. I flushed, “What?!”

    “ARE YOU JOKING MAN?!” they yelled in synch.

    “GAH!? I’m just saying that I don’t care! Is that a crime?”

    Dawn folded her arms; her eye’s narrowing at the same time, “That’s not such a polite thing to say, Sa-sa! (A/N Sa-sa is her nickname for ash, for his last name. ex: Satoshi=Sa-sa.) ‘You don’t care’ BAH! That’s so rude of you!”

    I growled, “DON’T CALL ME SA-SA!”

    “SA-SA! SA-SA!! SA-SA!!!” she stuck out her little tounge at me, then started to skip away. The nerve of that girl...
    " Bye SA-SA! bye Barry!" He flushed and waved bye to her.

    I sweat dropped, looking away, huffing in anger. We were turning a corner where my class door was comining up ahead. I took this opportunity to escape, and ran to it as fast as I could. They all yelled behind, saying: Hey! Come back Ash! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!? And He’s such an mmmmaaaaaannnnnnn…

    Once my feet crossed over through the door I sighed in relief. I didn’t like being p**** off in front of my friends. My chemistry teacher smiled and signaled me to take a seat. I sat in the front, second row, which sucks because I couldn’t doze off like I could in Math. I had time on my hands before the period started, so I grabbed out my textbook and notebook out and set them on the table, along with my pencil. Once that was done I had nothing else to do.

    I looked around the class, it was barely full. I made my way to the back, where the chemistry sets where placed back in the room. John- an A plus student in this class- was seen checking all the sets, making sure they were set to use for today’s activity. I wasn’t Interested so I looked forward back in my seat.

    “Excuse me but is this class 1A?” ringed and chimed voice.

    My head snapped up to the lovely tone, coming from an unfamiliar brunette. She stood next to the door facing my teacher with a white, wrinkled paper in her hand. I stared at her, amazed at how beautiful the girl that in front of me was. Her smile was like magic, and those eyes were… such beautiful eyes. My heart throbbed, causing my hand to clench over it. What’s going on? Why do I feel like this?! I have never felt anything like it. What was this I was feeling?

    The teacher nodded and pointed to the open seat next to me,
    “You must be May! Welcome to our school! Please take a seat next to Ash.”

    I froze, Oh no… She’s my lab partner? Oh why! WHY!? Her sapphire eye’s contacted with mine, her gaze sending a tremor upright my body. My palms grew sweaty, my heart aching and throbbing. Her smile grew with her orbs in her eyes, as she approached my table.
    “Hi! I’m May Hakura; it’s an honor to meet you!”
    Okay so Dawn's nickname for ash is San-San.
    Aso I didn't feel like calling the characters 'May maple' and such.
    so I used thier jappaniese names! XD
    R&R and tell me what you think!
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2009
  2. XxMays_flowerxX

    XxMays_flowerxX Golden eyes <3

    thank you! I miss things like that... hehe.
    so now his name is..... BARRY!!!!
  3. XxMays_flowerxX

    XxMays_flowerxX Golden eyes <3

    Hey everyone -again-
    hmm...nm reveiws. But here I go!
    Well there are: a HINT of ashXMisty alot of: ashXMay.....
    OH! and BarryXDawn! XD so there you go! and I want to say thanks for the reveiw too!
    Ash's POV

    chapter 2:Bursting Bubbles

    “Hi! I’m May Hakura; it’s an honor to meet you!” She pulled out the chair that was next to me, and seated her.

    I realized that I was still staring at her, so I removed my sight to the floor. “Hey.”
    What are you doing? Are you hiding from her? SHE’S JUST A GIRL! Come on Ash, be a man, and act cool. Now get your head up, and talk to her at least, shouted my conscience. I bit my lip, ‘I know she’s just a girl! But… I just can’t talk to her for some reason.’

    Wimp! It screeched.

    SHUT UP! Why am I even talking to myself?
    Why was I? I blocked out the mental screams in my head, inhaled a gush full of oxygen, holding it for a couple seconds, and then exhaling it all out. I did this three times, before I started to feel a little better. My stomach started to twist and turn, my heart pounding against my rib-cage, sending a sharp pain through my body. I cringed, holding my waist with my arms wrapped around it. When the pain goes, WHY does it come back?! GIVE ME A BREAK HERE! My anger was bubbling inside me; I wanted to scream, to tell the pain to go away, to tell the GIRL-

    “Are you okay sir?”

    I narrowed my eyes, placing my gaze onto hers. She flinched; her cheeks changed from her creamy color, to rosy, pink. Her eye’s trailed down to her lap, where her tiny fists clenched into her skirt. I clenched my jaw, “Everything is okay.” I could have added: Nah, I’m okay, except the fact that I can’t stand to be around you, because you cause me all this pain inside me. Other than that, I’m OKAY!

    She bit her lip, her eyebrows creasing downwards, eyes morphing into a deeper shade of blue. I didn’t like that look on her face. I wanted to put my finger in between the V in her eyebrows, to straighten it, but that would seem strange to her. I sighed, thinking about the first thing that popped in my head.
    “So, where did you come from?”

    She glimpsed up at me, her expression surprised. Right now I could have laughed at her, her face looked funny! Her eyes were wide, mouth partly open in shock; she should have seen it herself. Her head tilted a little, her face returning back to normal, “W-what?”

    I slipped, letting out a short chuckle, “You know, where you lived before you came to kanto?” This girl must be from a small town, like Barry said. Her actions seem to be like she was.

    “Oh.” Her smile crawled back to her face, “I used to live in Hoen, in Petalburg city, and then we moved here.” She came from a city? In Hoen? Well that was a surprise. The thing is why did she move from Hoen –where their famous for their beaches and schools throughout the land – to here?

    “Why did you move?” I would have been thought of being nosy- and I was - but, I was really interested in the fact that she moved.

    Her frown reappeared, “I rather not really talk about it. It hurts.” She sighed and continued, “Kanto is a really nice place though! Everyone her seems… um, nice? She glanced at me for a second and then back to her lap, “I haven’t really made friends yet, but I’m hoping I will until the end of today. The teachers around here are really polite too.” She grinned at herself then started to look around the class.

    I took this as an escape for her, so I didn’t question her further. I wanted to say more, for her to talk to me for a while longer. I continued to watch – because I didn’t know what to do – as she twisted her hair around her finger, winding, and unwinding, scanning the class around her. I had no Idea, but just something about this girl really fascinates me. It wasn’t her beauty that really caught my attention… Maybe it’s something about her expressions, like when she smiles, it kind of makes you want to too. But what do I know? It could be something else.

    The sound rang through my ears, banging the inside of my head. Uh…stupid bell. Late students rushed through the door pushing and shoving to get to their seats. My thoughts felt like they just came back to reality. Oh right! Class… forgot about that for a second.

    “Alright Class! We are going to be doing an activity today involving freezing bubbles! Wouldn’t that be great! Now before we begin, let’s begin with the safety rules.” Mrs. Ivory moved to the sets in the back of the room, her long white coat floating in the air as she past the rows of tables. She twirled around to face us. Everyone twisted in their seats to see her explain the ground rules.

    “Okay, your partners are going to be the person who is sitting next to you.” I felt May’s eyes on my right cheek. I rolled my eyes and continued to pay attention.

    “First in order to do this is to put on gloves to protect your hands. Then your partner is to place a chunk of dry ice in the bottom of the glass bowl. Allow about 5 minutes for carbon dioxide gas to accumulate in the container. Then Step two is the fun part class! Take turns to Blow bubbles down into the container. The bubbles will fall until they reach the layer of carbon dioxide. They will hover at the interface between air and carbon dioxide. The bubbles will start to sink as the bubbles cool and the carbon dioxide replaces some of the air within them. Bubbles that come into contact with the dry ice chunk or fall into the cold layer at the bottom of the container will freeze! You can pick them up for closer examination. The bubbles will thaw and eventually pop as they warm!” She giggled and gestured her hand to the sets.

    “Now let’s get a move on shawl we?”

    Everyone jumped out of their seats, walking to the back of the tables, where Mrs. Ivory stood. I rose, pushed in my chair and fallowed the class; May fallowed behind me. The noise of the class buzzed, as they laughed and enjoyed blowing the bubbles. I made my way to our station and grabbed the box where the gloves were dispensed.

    I threw a pair to May, and slipped my hands through the plastic cover. I peeked to look at her, and laughed. She was having trouble putting the gloves on. Her thumb was in the index finger spot, with her pinky hanging out of the glove.
    I approached her removing the gloves off, and chuckling. She stared at me as my skin touched hers, her sapphire pupils wide with curiosity, and wonder.

    I smiled looking down at the gloves in my hands, “You seriously don’t know how to put on gloves?” She flushed, shrugging. “Lay your hand out to me, so I can help you.” She raised an eyebrow, but did as I asked.

    I made sure that all the fingers were going in the right place and slipped it up to her wrists, her fingers now covered in the plastic material, like mine. Her lips stretched to the corners of her face, as her eyes gazed around the gloved hand. “So that’s how you put it on! Neat!” She smiled to me, “Thank you, Ash!”

    It was my turn to blush, “Eh, no problem.” Mrs. Ivory interrupted the class, explaining the second part of the rules again; her young eye’s brightened with auze, and excitement. The class was already to the ‘holding the bubbles part’. I gasped, and-unthinkingly- grasped May’s wrist and pulled her back to our station. “Were behind! Come on and put your other glove on! I’m going to place the cube in the glass.”

    She nodded, and placed her hand through the glove, easily this time. I reached for the tongs, grabbing it, and carefully headed for the block of Ice in the ice box next to me. May whimpered next to me, worried about the dry ice that was so close to my hands. I managed to pick it up, and place it in the glass bowl without any problems. She sighed in relief, and looked over my shoulder.

    “Now what’s next?”

    “We wait for 5 minutes. Then blow the bubbles inside it.”

    Both of us stared at the cube, wondering if it would poof, or smoke or something. It didn’t, it just sat there…like a block of ice. We gave up and decided to ignore it in till it was time to blow bubbles. She rocked on her heels back and forth, looking down, “So…”

    I was leaning against the black table top, too lazy to stand. I raised an eyebrow, curious of what she was doing or going to say. “So what?”

    Her blush came –again- crawling back to her cheeks. Why was she blushing so much today? Her eye’s trailed upward, in till they met up with mine. May’s arms folded, her fingers tapping on them,
    “Can I ask you something Ash?”


    She paused, thinking if she wanted to tell me. I smiled to reassure her to go on and speak. She sighed,
    “You can laugh if you want but… I’m I your friend?”

    This caught me. My face became blank, almost rude really. Was I? Was I her friend? The question repeated itself continuously in my head. I really didn’t know, but the girl was waiting for an answer. Well I wouldn’t know! I just met her didn’t I? But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be her friend… She waited patiently, her gaze still locked with mine. I shrugged, and smiled to her,
    “Well… we just have to see.”

    It wasn’t a complete smile, but it was enough to convince me that she understood. I slapped my palms together, and picked up the bubble cylinder, that contained the soap. I unscrewed the top, placed it on the table, and pulled out the wand that came inside. I gestured it to May who was watching me.
    “Lady’s first?”

    She smiled and plucked the wand out of my hand. Her head bent over the bowl, her bubble wand in front of her lips, she blew into it, creating a round, medium sized bubble into the air. She watched – as did I – it float down lightly, sitting on top of the cube, without being popped. Her head ascended, and for the first time, I heard her laugh. I froze in place. It was the most loving sound I have ever heard, like chiming bells singing in a mesmerizing melody. Her laugh forced me to smile; I couldn’t get myself to stop it. It just happened.

    She coughed, passing the wand to me. I broke out of my trance, and slowly took it out of her hands. I walked around her to the bowl, bent down, and blew. My bubble came out smaller than I expected, but it was a decent size. It also landed drifty, down into the bowl, next to the cube. She started to laugh again as she saw my bubble compared to hers. I kind of was annoyed, but her laugh was all it took to forget that. She covered her mouth with her hand to try and stop, throwing me an apologetic glance to me. I sighed, and smiled to her, showing all was forgiven.

    “Let’s see who’s laughing when we see YOUR bubble pop first!” I exclaimed. She giggled, hovering her hand over her bubble in the bowl.
    “Is this a challenge you are requesting, ash?
    I winked, “Something like that.”

    She stared dumbfounded, “uh...Err, okay then. Let’s go!” She was the first to lightly, pick up the bubble with her hands. The colorful sphere balanced in her palm, shimmering in the light that came through the windows. I thought it was cool, but through May’s eyes, I thought she might have seen it differently.

    I just went ahead and grabbed mine. The sphere was surprisingly cold; I thought it would have felt like nothing. I smirked, knowing the size of my bubble would last longer than hers, due to the mass. She threw back a ‘just wait and see’ look at me. A boy in class named Kenny came over to us, curious about why we still weren’t done with the activity. May told him the details, and he became full of ideas about having bets and stuff. May thought it would be fun –even though she had no idea what it meant-but really, why waste money on a bubble?

    Kenny smirked, “all the money goes to the winner.” That got me to agree, so I placed a $5.00 bill, on the table, May put $2.00, Kenny $5.00, and lastly some random guy $8.00. All summing up the winner pot was a total: $20.00. Not bad if you asked me, I could use some extra dollars in my pocket.

    So then we watched, the bubbles sitting perfectly still on are palms. May’s started to wiggle a little, as mine stayed. I’m so going to win this… Not two seconds longer mine was doing the same thing as hers, and that worried me a little. Kenny and the other kid barked and howled behind us, causing all this commotion to track attention to the other students. Then when you know it, we attracted a crowd.

    May peeked up, wondering what all the noise was, only realizing, that it was the students huddled around us. She glanced at me confused. I just rolled my eyes and went back to focusing on my bubble. Mine stood still for a moment- I sighed relived- then not until… POP!

    My jaw swung open in shock, eyes widening in disbelief. May squealed with joy, crushing her bubble by squeezing it. The crowed was hallowing and cheering, some booing and sulking. Kenny smacked the other guy’s head in anger, due to losing his bet. I lost? B-but how? WHAT?!

    May smiled to me patting my back, “its okay, Ash! Better luck next time! Your bubble was worth the fight!” I stared at her. She scratched the back of her head in embarrassment, “I’ll make it up to you! I’ll buy you lunch today how about that? If you don’t mind.” She stuck out her hand to me, waiting for some sort of answer. I laughed, grasping it, and shaking it once.

    “You got a deal May.”
    Okay! this chapter had some shippyness!!! huh!
    next WILL have some palletshipping so... stay tuned!
    ( along with DawnXBarry! )
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2009
  4. XxMays_flowerxX

    XxMays_flowerxX Golden eyes <3

    Yes drew is going to be MAJOR in one chappie that is soon to come!
    only Melaine and Ryan will be enterduced in the story by the way!

    Yeah... he was weird! But hey... isn't ash like that sometimes? XD
    TT___TT I thank you for your reveiw by the way.
    you help me have a shead of hope in still making this story.
    ( I'm I that bad people? )
    I got to go finish the next chappie!!! Bye!
  5. XxMays_flowerxX

    XxMays_flowerxX Golden eyes <3

    Thank you waterpokes! I won't lose faith! I will continue!
    - does anime pose -
    well here's the next chappie!!
    Ash Satoshi: age: Junior 17.
    May Hakura: Junior age:17
    Misty Kasumi: Junior age:17(?)
    Kenny Kengo: Junior: 18
    Jacob Satamoto: Junior age: 18
    Ash's POV ( A/N: authors notes )
    Chapter 3: change

    The air. It’s warm. Why?
    Isn’t it suppose to be cold? It’s winter in the kanto region, and the weather over here is pretty bad. I mean, not as horrid as the Sinnoh region, but it’s enough to prove it’s winter. Outside, the hills were covered in a blanket of snow, frozen water droplets, hanged on branches of trees. They shimmered in the light, like diamond chandeliers. Students and even teachers, wore long sleeved shirts and sweaters over their uniforms. Some people even wore scarfs and beanies- even though it was against dress code rules.

    It looked like winter to me, but somehow, It doesn’t feel like it. The air felt so think, warm like summer. I felt hot, that’s what I felt like. I fanned my hand in front of my face, blowing a light breeze on my left cheek. I sat on top of the black, table top in the back, looking over to the two trouble makers, talking to Mrs. Ivory.

    After May was announced winner of the ‘ longest lasting bubble’, the crowed behind her roared louder then before, attracting Mrs. Ivory to break the commotion. She found out that Kenny, and Jacob – who I found out while she screamed his name – were the two responsible for the whole shenanigan. That’s how they ended up being the ‘two trouble makers’

    I laughed to myself at the thought. Kenny wasn’t really the trouble making type. Yes, Jacob was indeed, but Kenny? I Imagine him as a little kitten, spilling over his milk and saying he was a bad ***. That’s how the whole thing is so funny. A kitten…

    The sapphire eyed girl arched an eyebrow to me, her curious expression overruling her face. She leaned against the table’s edge, her body facing the same direction as me, also waiting for the bell to be rung. I swear this girl is like a duckling. Everywhere I went she fallowed! Even when I went to get a tissue to blow my nose, she trailed right behind me. Not that I didn’t mind, but it kind of gets embarrassing when the class stares at you when you sit down.

    She sighed and went back to her crumbled paper in her hands. As curious as a cat I am, I peeked over her shoulder to read what her eye’s trailed over and over. It was her scheduled. I recognized some names like, Mr. Greenvale, Mrs.Ivory, Dr.Bloom, and Mrs. Shine, but what I really noticed was her sixth period. May had P.E after lunch with me…and Dawn.

    I froze. Dawn.
    DAM! Out of all the classes, she had to be in the same class with me and Dawn! She was the only person who knew how to crush me into a million pieces when she wanted to, an this was an open invitation. Was this Karma? Because I really hate it.

    Jacob, walked slowly up to us, his black eyes wide with fear, his face was pale as a sheet of paper. He sat himself next to me, his body language was rigid, and hard. May glanced up from her paper and gasped. So she wasn’t the only one to notice his face. She stuffed her paper in her shoulder bag, and sprinted over to the other side of the table.

    “ Jacob, are you okay? Are you sick?” She placed her hand on his forehead. “ What happened? Where’s Kenny?” She moved her hand on his right cheek.

    Jacob didn’t notice her touch, “ Mrs.Ivory… Said some scary stuff man.” He shivered at the memory.
    “ Kenny is still getting the lecture. She said that if we try anything like that again, we’d be kicked out of school pronto.”

    May’s eyes widen, her fingers up against her own cheeks, “ That’s horrible! Oh this must be my fault! Ooh, I’m so sorry Jacob! Dearly, DEARLY sorry!” She bowed up and down, her expression changing from worried, to guilty. “ I’m sorry! I’m sooooo sorry!”

    I couldn’t take it. First off, Kenny and Jacob were the two who suggested the idea, Second, May didn’t even know what was even going on, and lastly, It doesn’t seem right to me that she is the one saying sorry. I slipped of the table and straightened up May. My hands cuffed her shoulders, halting her from her continuous bowing. Jacob laughed half-heartily, and stood by May.

    “ You shouldn’t apologize for something you didn’t do. And don’t bow like that, it doesn’t look right.” She tilted her head, reading my eyes. I sighed, playfully punching her lightly on the head,
    “ Don’t sweat about any of it right now. It’s done and over with.”
    I shot a glance to Jacob. He shrugged and headed to the crowd forming in front of the entrance. I glimpsed at the clock, then turned to grab my bag, “ Come on, lets go.”


    We trailed behind Jacob, with every step we grew anxious to leave. I was fairly tall for a 17 year old, but not as tall as Brock. I could see over the heads of students, to the small window over looking the hallway. The air was so think and hot I could hardly breathe. Was I getting sick or something? I trailed down to May beside me, her smile grew back on her face, and her eye’s lightened the space between us.

    Aww… It’s getting hotter! Her expression became curious, then questionable. I tilted my head, anxious to hear what was on her mind, “ What’s up?”

    Her teeth bit into her lip, “ I’m not sure… But were do I go to meet you for lunch?” Oh… right. The deal.

    “ How about I go get you. So I could introduce you to my friends.” They would be happy to get to know her a little. Yeah, I could even get her to meet Misty. Dawn… Eh, I’ll try and keep her away from her until P.E.

    Her eye’s sparkled, her smile growing two more inches, “ Okay! That sounds good to me! I think I have Art before lunch, so you could pick me up there. How’s that?” Art? So the girl is the creative type… Barry would get a kick out of that. He doesn’t get to meet people like that often.

    I grinned, “ It’s settled then. Art before lunch.”


    We both cringed at the metal scraping noise. Dam bell…. The class started to flow smoothly out the door, to the hallway. Kenny appeared in front of us, whispering in Jacob’s ear. Jacob peeked back to me, then May, and whispered back to his friends ear. After that they were gone. May tugged my shirt, pleading to get my attention.

    She smiled, “ Remember! Art before lunch”

    “ Art before lunch. Got it.” We stood there in the middle of the hallway for a moment. I scratched the back of my head out of habit, “ So I’ll see you later?” Well duh, I’m going to meet her later. Idiot.

    She nodded, and begin to walk the other direction, deeper and deeper into the crowd of students. I stood there in till I couldn’t see her anymore, and headed torwards my next class myself. I didn’t pay any attention while walking, just thinking the whole time. The temperature lowered, and dropped with every step I took, the air returning back to normal with it. I shivered, the sudden chill that ran up my spine, sent my skin in goosebumps. This is weird. Why I’m I feeling this now? Stupid weather, and I left my jacket in my locker too.

    Something was changing, I knew it. The vibes of energy in the air gave it a dead on answer. Something was coming, -and I didn’t know what that might be-but it would be great for a change. Maybe this was some sort of sign, the new student. As stupid as it sounds, maybe May was here for a reason. Was she the change that would happen in this school? I don’t know, maybe I’m thinking too much.

    I rubbed my palms together, puffing heat of air to warm them. It helped a little. Building C was approaching, the doors that connected to the entry way to Building D on my right also. Maybe I’ll take the long route today… I turned right, pushing my way through the double doors, and to the outside of the school. No one uses the outside hallways during the winter, because of the harsh temperature and freezing snow. And this is what I needed from being in that hot room for so long.

    I gasped at the rush of air that flowed along my face, but soon relaxed as my skin adjusted to the temperature. It felt refreshing. the smell of evergreens, and crisp cold air overwhelmed me, the sound of loose gravel crushing beneath my shoes, the sight of the gray clouds and white blanket hills. I haven’t really realized how beautiful it was. I shivered again, rubbing my arms and hands.

    I watched my breath, the clear puff of heat forming into a cloud, then evaporating. It’s the middle of the school year, and when I think about what major things that happened in this school, the only thing that come to mind is the first day of school, the opening dance. In my book, that’s just plain pathetic. On T.V I always hear about Hoen and Johto schools, how the students there pull pranks on their teachers, and have big school dances and stuff. Here we only have two dances: the welcome back dance and end of the year dance. To be truthfully, there not really that great of dances either.

    I groaned, “This school is just begging to be named the worst in the region of kanto! Are we seriously that lame? Two school dances, please…” Were not begging to be named the worst school on all the lands, we WERE the worst.

    I’m going to be a senior next year, and if nothing happens by then, I’m seriously looking forward to sue this school for every penny they have. I feel sorry for Barry mostly, he’s a sophomore and he has to struggle everyday to not pull a stunt-or in fact, the fire pull the fire alarm. Barry is from Sinnoh, and he was know there as the prankster of the school. Here he can’t do nothing, cause’ he’ll end up being expelled. Poor guy.

    I know Dawn is too, but she makes her own fun. I don’t know how she dose it, but she finds a way to keep herself happy. That dam girl is like a pike, prancing around every where like she’s on top of the world. How the HELL can a girl smile and have fun at a place like this?

    The concrete was no longer under my feet, now white tiles replaced them, and the roof over my head protected me from the down fall of snow flakes. Through the windows of hallway E, the flakes have turned unfortunately to rain at the last second. The droplets crashed down to the earth, the sound of the water replacing the silent snow. I sighed, I hated the rain, for that matter, anything that evolved being wet.

    The metal handle rubbed against my palms, my fingers curled around it, twisting it, and released the door to open. Mrs. Johnson was already talking about today’s Japanese assessment today, writing down the sentence: ‘ Hello sir, may I please have two dozen of oni-grins?’ on the board. I took this chance to slyly rush to my seat, were Misty was glaring from the distance.

    “ Hey Misty, what did I miss?”
    “Well this is new.”

    I sat down quietly, bending down to grab out my Japanese handbook, “ What is?”

    I felt her eye’s roll, she snorted slapping the back of my head. I cringed at the pain, and shot her an glare.
    “ HELLO! Your late! Your NEVER late to class. Do you know how much trouble you could have been if Mrs. Johnson noticed you were late?”

    What is she my mother? I tossed the handbook on my desk, and sat still, ignoring her for the moment. An teacher aid was passing out worksheets down the rows, her face was serious, as if she was the teacher handing out the assignment. I picked up the sheet in front of me and read.

    Japanese learning worksheet.
    Activity #16

    Directions: write down in English five sentences due to the topic given to you. After this is complete, translate it into Japanese. Work with your partner by saying the sentence out loud. Ask teacher if you need help, or look up in you student hand book.

    Life Interest:
    Funny moments:
    Scary moments:

    I love my culture to death,I hated worksheets, there so boring. I threw the papers aside, and folded my arms. Why did I take this elective? Misty didn’t even bother to read what was on the sheet, she was surprisingly still staring at me. Was she still waiting on an answer? Or something else?

    Her index finger swirled around the table top clockwise; yeah she wanted to know something. I hated hints, couldn’t she just tell me what’s on her mind?
    It was more like: What-annoyed by the fact that you can’t talk normal for once.

    She caught on in my tone, and narrowed her eyes, “touchy.” She murmured. My eyebrows furrowed, this was starting to turn into a sour conversation. She held up her hands, “ Easy there Mongrel, don’t get your attitude up on me. I just wanted to know why you were late. Nothing else.” She was still in ‘mommy mode’.

    I shrugged, “I just took a different route today that’s all.”

    “ What hallway did you use?”

    I grinned, “ I used the outside walkway, around building C, and through Building E’s double doors that was connected outside.” I hoped that would get her mad; her outbursts were funner then her shock.

    Her hands curled around the desk’s edge, her fingernails diced into the paint, “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING ASH! WHAT WAS GOING THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL, THAT MADE YOU WALK OUTSIDE, WITH NO JACKET ON!” ah, music to my ears. She fumed in her seat, puffing in anger, cursing under her breath. I laughed, my hands supported my chest. Her face looked like an tomato ready to explode. Her head snapped up, “WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING ABO-“

    “黙ってください、ミスチ! この狂気を止めてください!” That was the well knowledge teacher, Mrs. Johnson. ( A/N: ‘ shut up Mrs. Kasumi! stop this madness!’ ) I ducked under the table, hoping she hadn’t caught me sitting here yet. She smiled torwards my direction, “Good morning Mr. Satoshi.”

    Dam. Teacher’s really do have eyes behind there heads. I rose up slightly, waving half-heartily to her,
    “お早うございます、ジョンソン夫人。.” Dear god I hope I got that right. She bowed politely to me and turned around back to her black bored. I slugged in my seat, Thank you Mr.handbook.
    (A/N: ‘ good morning, Mrs. Johnson.’ )

    I picked up my sheet and pencil that laid on my desk, and decided to get working. Misty on the other hand was still fuming beside me. I swear I could feel heat radiating off her body. I punched her shoulder lightly and smiled. She looked at me like she was ready to pounce.

    I had to distract her… but how? My eye’s darted left and right on the table top, searching for anything that could provoke her to return back to normal. I knew I could of probably say sorry and get over it, but this way was more… how do you say it, ‘educational’

    I opened the black book in front of me, flipping pages back and forth, through the vocabulary and nouns that popped out at me. My hand pressed down on a recessional page, “私はすまなく思っているミスチです、あなたは私を許すでしょうか?” Her face shadowed curiosity, and eagerness. I rolled my eyes,
    “ It means I’m sorry you dum-dum”

    Her lips made an O, then back to a straight line. She smiled to me, then started to work on her sheet along with me. Honestly, I thought this was going to be hard, but really it’s just copying words from the handbook. What I knew what was going to be hard was the end of this period, when I have to bring up the subject of the new girl coming to sit at our table.


    “ Huh? So you met her, the new girl?” I nodded leaning against the wall closest to the door. Her emerald eye’s brightened with excitement her little red head bobbled as she jumped up and down.
    “ What’s her name? Is she nice?” I knew she wanted more on the conversation, details, all that stuff girls talked about. What did they talk about?

    My sight was locked on the ceiling lights, “ May Hakura. She’s from hoen.” The clock ticked over my head sending me into a trance. “Yeah, she’s a cool girl. Strange but very nice.” I murmured.

    Well, telling Misty wasn’t hard and harmful as I thought it would be. She actually was glad that a new girl was coming to sit with us this afternoon. Of course I mumbled the whole time – as such a nervous wreak I am – so that was surprising when she didn’t punch me to the floor or slap me when I did things like that.

    Every second got farther, every tick meant that time was flying by. Did I want this to happen, for time to go faster? Yes, and I have no idea why I did . I just did. The red needle circled another round on the clock, one more and it was home free. I felt like I was shackled, waiting to be let free for the first time out of my cuffs. Needle was on 9…10..11…

    I blinked, my hand curled over my shoulder strap. Then are class was let out by the call of the rusty bell. I nearly ran to get to my locker- which was the next hall over – Misty yelled words from behind me, catching up to my side as I slowed down at my locker. She bumped into my back, and from the sound of a faint slap, she fell. I half-way turned to her to check if she was okay. She was rubbing her head, her knees were on the floor, along with her bag beside her.

    “ You alright?” I picked her up by the elbows, to set her up on her feet. She looked up at me surprised, her cheeks lightly shading. I laughed and walked around her to open my locker, “ Watch out next time.”
    She stood there watching me, then shook her head.

    Her lips pouted, “ you were in the way.” A typical response from Her, glad to know she didn’t get hurt by her fall. Well she has a hard head, nothing to really worry about.

    “霧が深くて、あなたはもっとリラックスする必要があります。” I traded my books for my notes and folder, shut my locker, and locked it. I slinged my backpack on my shoulder, and started to walk forward. She got that sentence and smiled. She punched my shoulder and grabbed my hand.

    “COME ON! Let’s catch up to Brock and Barry! There probably already in class already! And I don’t want to be late!” She lead on, my hand cuffed by her clutches. I sighed, when Misty got a hold of you there’s no fighting back. I rolled along with it.

    Her eye’s glanced up with mine as we ran. I stuck my tongue out in a childish way, like I did when I was little. She blushed, either from anger or shock- I don’t know, I couldn’t tell these days. Then turned away, pushing herself faster, dragging myself behind.

    Something was going to change. You could feel it. Somethings changing, for the better good.
    There you go!
    ^.^; sorry! i thought I could have added twinshipping in their...
    I do hope more people could review my ship.
    and I say thank you again waterpokes for helping me have hope in writing this fic.
    Now I'm off to make another chappie! Bye!
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  6. Eon Master

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    I've gotta say, this is a really good story, but I don't like how you've reversed the personalities of Dawn and Barry. Barry is the hyper kid who can't sit still for five seconds, while Dawn is usually the one to make a snide comment, and usually has at least some degree of self-control. However, I really like your style, and the shippy moments are great.
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  7. BlazeFusion76

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    I like it so far the shipping in this so far is pretty good,I think dawn is going to get so hyper when she meets the may she will faint o.o lol
  8. advance4ev

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    How come is it that every time I look for a story, I always end up coming to one of yours? xD Anyways I like this so far. I also can't wait to see Dawn's reaction when she sees May. She'll probably be like "OMG so your the new girl eeekk so happy to meet you!!!!" and May'll be like "Heh nice to meet you too". I didn't really see any grammar/spelling mistakes surprisingly*rereads chapter*.
    I thought that was kinda cute. [For some reason it kinda reminded me of that one episode(I think it was called 'A Ruin with a View' or something like that) where Ash went in the air vent thingy and May followed and Ash was like "What are you doin' here?"]
    Anyways keep up the AWESOME work!! :)
  9. XxMays_flowerxX

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    Ash Satoshi: Junior 17.
    Misty Kasumi: Junior age:17(?)
    Brock Takeshi: Senior age:19
    Dawn Hikari:Sophmore age:16
    Barry Jun:Sophore age: 16
    Melaine Yukki Senior age: 18
    Ash's POV
    Chapter 4: Past and Present

    Fourth period. Ah, the irony, the pain fourth period brings me. I hate anything that’s wet and that includes paint. And right now, I have a bucket of paint on me thanks to Barry. He ‘accidentally’ tripped and the bucket of blue paint that he was holding onto, splashed on me. I can see why Dawn always talked about him in PE, they were almost alike.

    You see there both very energetic, both clumsy, and both very troublesome. The only thing is, that Barry has is an On and Off switch, while dawn is just on all night and day. Perfect match. Thanks to the apron, not much paint got on my uniform, but there was a little on the bottom of my shirt.

    What did I ever do to you karma?! I helped at least three times today, but no… you just decide to throw some paint on me. You know what, I don’t care anymore! Stupid karma. The paint was smudging into my shirt, the rag in my hand scrubbed harder against the cotton material, only making the whole predicament worse. I growled, frustrated by the fact that I was going to be yelled at my mom once again, for my stained shirt.

    “UH! This isn’t working!” I threw the rag over my shoulder. What was the use in using it if it didn’t help at all! A loud grunt came from behind me, I turned around to an rag covered Brock, tapping his foot. I laughed quietly, reaching out to remove the rag, “Sorry Brock.”

    “ No problem. So your shirt.” I frowned, looking at my blue smudge. “ You know that will come out quickly with soap and bleach. The chemicals help your shirt to remove the stain, and brighten your shirt.” Were did he get this stuff? He has an solution to everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. The guy is like a walking computer. “ Barry said he was sorry… again.”

    I got up and threw the rag in the sink, “ Tell him don’t worry about it. I’m going to ask If Mrs.Shine has some bleach.” He nodded and walked back to his table. Mrs.Shine was talking with an student I knew in the class. What’s her name… Melo,melon, Mel? Melaine! There we go.

    Her charcoal eye’s met up with mine, she smiled and bowed, “ Hello Satoshi-Chan. How are you today?”

    I bowed, forcing a smile on my face, “ I’m okay.”

    Her eye changed to blue, then back to black again. She frowned, facing the teacher “ Mrs.shine, Satoshi-Chan would like to ask you if you had any bleach” I knew she would do that, I sighed looking down to my feet. My teacher glanced to me and back to Melaine, confused and scared at the same time.

    Melaine was a strange girl, very polite, well behaved, and more importantly she was psychic, meaning she could read peoples thoughts and futures. What’s even stranger, is that she’s the only person in her family that has psychic powers. Not a lot of people hang around her, because they find her very frightening.

    “ Y-yes… It’s in the bottom cupboard, second drawer.” I replied my thanks to her, bowed to Melaine, and past both of them to the cupboard where the bleach was kept. Unreliable mind reader. She sniffled a giggle behind me. I clenched my hand on the handle, and lifted it up with my strength.

    It was fairly heavy, but I managed to get it over to the class sink, where the rag hanged on the faucets neck. I placed it on the counter, and propped myself on the sinks edge, turning the faucet on, and re-wetting the rag. I ringed it out, pumped two amounts of soap on it, a half a lid of bleach, and lightly dabbed the bottom of my shirt. The blue was sticking on the rag, in it’s place, a white clean spot. I smiled, rubbing the rest off quickly. Like Brock said, it did work better, and came out whiter too! I had to thank him later, right now ask Barry something.Fortunately, he approached me, his eye’s locked down with his hands, they tied and untied in front of him, guilt glowed on his face. I ringed the rag under water, and turned off the faucet. I ringed it out one last time, before hanging it on the drying hook above the counter. I inhaled and exhaled and turned to him.

    “Hey, er ash. I’m sorry about the paint again. I should really watch were I’m going! Clumsy, clumsy me!” the blond scratched the back of his head, his golden eye’s trailing up to my face.

    I shrugged, leaning against the sink, “ I said it was alright Barry, accidents happen.” I stretched the bottom part of my shirt, showing him the missing stain. “ See, it’s all gone anyways.” He sighed, and smiled. I stared out the window next to the last cupboard. The rain was coming down harder, the noise reminded me of a shower. My eyebrows furrowed, uncertain about something.
    “ Hey Barry… Do you think somethings going to happen?”

    “ Well yeah!” he pumped a fist in the air, all excitement rushed through his bloodstream. “ Something happens everyday! Even though it’s not exciting or fun, It counts as something to get happy about! You know, everyday is like an adventure! You don’t know what might happen!” He sounds like dawn.

    I shook my head, waving my hands in front of me, “No, no, no. That’s not what I mean Barry. I mean like, do you feel if something, I don’t know, major will happen?”

    He pondered a little, his thumb and fingers curled around his chin. He raised an eyebrow, “ You mean major like an earthquake?” I placed my hands on my hips, raising one of my own eyebrows. He grinned, shrugging in failure, “Eh, I give up.” That’s a typical response coming from a blond like him.

    “Never mind” I passed him, patting his shoulder, “I-I’m just thinking to mu-“

    “You always do ash.” He rolled his eyes and slapped my back-quite too hard- “But that’s just you Sa-Sa! Come on! Lets do something for lunch, want to go play in the gym?” I coughed, gasping for air. “It’ll be so much fun! And Dawn will be with us!” Well if Dawn was there then forget it, plus I have to introduce May to them all.

    “Nah, I have to introduce someone to the pack, and I wouldn’t want to ruin the mood for you guys.” Hehe.

    “WHA?! Where not-I mean she’s not- GWAH!!!!” his hands clenched the back of my hair, pushing my head up and down from his control. I think I’m going to be sick. “DON’T TELL HER!!!! I SWEAR ON MY SOUL I’LL-“

    “Barry! Barry, I’m kidding!” I chuckled, leaning my shoulder against his. His face was brightly flushed, his golden eye’s stared down at me. Fear, that’s what I read in his eye’s Fear. “Your secret is safe with me, Barry” I winked, walking back to my table next to Brock.

    He was working on a painting, all the reds and pinks where mixed in the picture to form a sky, the different shades of greens were on the bottom of the painting. I expected it as grass, like in a meadow. The back ground was very peaceful, and realistic. I looked up to Brock with his paint brush dabbed in black paint. He waved his eyebrows , his paintbrush waved in the air.

    “ Ah! I see you are fascinated in my painting! I’m almost done, just have to put the person in the picture and then off it go’s to the new dove of the school!” Oh how sweet. An welcome present. His brush lightly on the surface, the paint trailed behind it, as it made a shape of a circle, and five straight lines. Wait… he isn’t thinking of.. “ ALL DONE!”

    I slapped the back of his head, his face bannged into the table top. “ WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!” My finger pointed at the outlined stick figure. What was he thinking? I would of thought that he would make the person look amazing as his background. BUT A STICK FIGURE?! She isn’t a twig!

    He rubbed the front of his face, false tears flowing down his cheeks, “ I-I worked so hard! And all you say is what the hell is that!? How rude! It symbolizes beauty and hotness!” He sounds like a perverted old man. I gagged, hiding my face with my arm, using it as a divider between me and him.
    “Hey! Why are you hiding? Don’t you want to admire my beautiful masterpiece?”

    “If you say junk is beautiful, then no.”

    “WHY IS SA-SA SO MEAN!!” Dam not him too. I hate that name, it sounds so childish!!

    I leaned my cheek on the smooth, cold surface of the desk. I closed my eye’s, blackness appeared, then a light of orange and red. I focused on the colors behind my eyelids, my hearing muted out. Everything was dead silent, the colors clashed and spun, bumping into each other then unattached. They continued to to that, then the picture became clearer and clearer.

    My breathing slowed and pace it’s self into a peaceful state, I slipped into the colorful pool, I felt like I was sinking, the surface of the water grew darker, turning orange and red, to purple and dark blue. I was sinking lower into the depths of the blackness. It called for me. I called for it. I fell… and closed my sight of the world, to let the blackness take me away…

    If you ever miss me. Think of me, and I will appear in your dreams. I will be there waiting, to wait for your body to be in my arms again. If you want me, I’ll be there. Just think about me, and I’ll be there…
    Waves. Water. The sea.
    The sand being crushed by the hands of the powerful ocean, floated inside my mind. The warmth, the sun, it was there too. An aroma was lifted in the air. the scent was so sweet, and mouth watering, I couldn’t handle myself from opening my eye’s. The light entered through my opened lids, blinding me with its beam,I hovered my hand over my face to block it out. The noises grew louder, my sight became clear too. Where was I?

    The grains of sand ran through the cracks of my fingers, they fell like an hour glass, forming a small mountain below where I held my hand. The light sun kissed breeze hit me like a car, the blue clean water splashed on my feet. They flinched back from the freezing temperature.

    The ocean.
    The ocean! I jumped up, my adrenaline ran through my bloodstream, excitement clouded my thoughts. I ran along the water’s edge, my soul felt released and younger. The ocean! I never been to the ocean! I paused staring at the sun behind the sea’s horizon. It was so wonderful.

    “Hey Ash, don’t run out to far 'kay? Your mother wants you back by 8:00 and I don’t want to lose you!” Two long arms wrapped around my waist, they pulled me up into the air, and settled me onto of it’s shoulder.

    My eye’s darted left and right, fear suddenly came to mind. I glanced beside me where my hands clenched into someones jet black, hair. I froze staring at the hands that where know as mine. They were small, the size of a five year old’s. A laugh coming from the person beside me, caused me to jump. it sounded very famiar, like someone I knew very well, but I didn’t know who it would belong to. The tilted his head, his gray eye’s appeared behind his long bangs.

    I gasped, my heart skipped a beat.
    I knew who this person was. He squinted his eye’s, his white gooffy smile grew in his tan face.
    “Did I scare you there kiddo?” He reopened his eye’s, meeting his sight with me. I stared, to shocked to speak. His eyes softened, love and sadness shadowed his expression,
    “ I always knew you would have your mother’s eye’s…” He sighed looking at the ocean.

    Something was in his eye. It was running along his cheek, it shimmered in the light. I was curious and wiped up the water that was slowly on the bottom of his jaw. I realized he was sad.
    “Papa-San, why are you crying?” I was taken aback by the sound of my voice.

    Papa-San reached out his hand torwards my face, his finger brushed below my eye. His hand backed off a little. I seen the small, wet tear that was now on his finger. He smiled, the same expression still showed on his face, “The same reason why you are.”

    I stared at his eye’s, memorized by the love that was deep inside them. I slowly placed my finger where he wiped the tear from. It was wet. I sudden found myself hugging his neck. He swung me around and placed me on my feet, where they touched the soft sand below. I didn’t want to let go, I wanted to hug him forever. I didn’t want him to leave, I wanted to be with him forever. I tightened my squeeze, sobs and gasp escaped my lips. I don’t want to let you go…

    He pushed down on my shoulder, my arms untied around his neck, back to my sides. Papa-San bended down, so he was at the same level as me. His hand didn’t move away from my shoulder, and his eye’s were overflowing with tears.

    “ Ash, do you want to see your mother happy?” I did. “ Do you want her to smile again, and be healthy too?” I did. I wanted my mother to smile. He pushed me into him, his arms wrapped around me like a soft blanket, “ Then I have to go. This will only make your mother to smile again. I have to go…”

    “ NO! NO!” I nozzled my face into his chest, my heart felt like it cracked, and shattered into dust.
    “ I don’t want you to leave! I don’t want to loose you, like we lost Grammy! I’d never be happy of I never get to see you again!” I didn’t care if this was only to make my mom happy again. I didn’t care if I was selfish, I wanted him to stay.

    He squeezed me tighter, his eye’s still carried with sadness, “ I know ash…But this is for you and your mother’s own good.” He backed away a couple inches, his lips twitched forming his loving smile,
    “Tell you what, if you ever miss me. Think of me, and I will appear in your dreams. I will be there waiting, to wait for your body to be in my arms again. If you want me, I’ll be there. Just think about me, and I’ll be there.”

    I didn’t like the fact that he was going away, but if he promised to visit me through my dreams, then at least I could say yes. I embraced him again, and hugged him as tight as I could, “ You promise me Papa-San? Y-You’ll be there!?”

    His lips touched the top of my hair, and then he laid his head on mine, “ As long as you want me to be with you, I’ll be there…”
    You think he’s dead?
    Shut up Barry, he isn’t dead you idiot! He’s asleep.
    Come on Ash, wake up it’s time to go.

    The faint voices echoed in the back of my head, they swirled with the colors, and images of my father.
    Uh…I was dreaming. The blue and purple streaks morphed back to orange and red, then a flash of yellow burst through the two colors. The water was rising, I was being pushed up torwards the surface. The rush of force pulsed my brain, a wave of pain burst into the yellow light.

    “ Ah! Welcome back sleeping beauty!” Barry rustled the top of my hair, his huge grin welcomed me back into my reality. I blinked, and straightened up in my seat. He laughed and yanked me out of my seat.
    “ Had a nice nap? Cause you wasted the whole period by drooling all over the table.” We were approaching the exit where a few students were walking out of.

    I felt wobbly, and covered my face with my hand, “Barry, I don’t care about Art the way you do.” He rolled his eye’s. I ignored him, That was a strange dream... He tapped my shoulder and pointed, I followed where he was referring at. It was Dawn skipping with her books in her arms. I groaned, flinching at the ping of pain that ringed inside my head,
    “It’s one headache after an other Isn’t it?”

    She matched our pace and walked ( or rather skipped ) on the other side of me, “ Hey Sa-Sa! Why do you look so glum? Did Sa-Sa get in trouble with the teacher again!”

    “ Stop calling me that!” I snapped. My fingers pinched the bridge of my nose. Ahhh! Headace!

    “ EH?! Well sorry Mr. Grouchy pants! If you don’t get happier before lunch, then you’ll scare of the new girl!” My head snapped up, my eye’s narrowed. She giggled, “Oh yeah! I asked Melaine if I was going to see the new girl latter! She said at lunch!” Dawn squealed, sprinting over to Barry’s side. “ How about you Barry? Are you excited about meeting the new member of our pack?!”

    He flushed and looked away, “ I don’t know what your talking about!”

    “Wahhhhhh!!!! Barry is being like Sa-sa! Please Barry! I rrrrreeeeeaaaallllyyy want to see her! Pppplllleeeeaaaasssseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!” She clinged on to his arm, her puppy face was on full blast. I shined, disgusted by her effort on actually wanting to meet May. Unreliable fortune teller.

    Barry looked up to me for help, I shrugged and pretended that they weren’t there. He glanced down back to Dawn, “Eh, er… okay?:”

    She screamed, “ YEAH! I GET TO MEET HER! YEAH!! ISN’T THAT GREAT SA-SA!!!!”
    I pouted, crossing my hands in anger. “Oh cheer up Ash! Don’t be such a sower pickle!” She twirled around, grasping Barry’s wrist, “ Come on Barry! Let’s get to our next class!”

    “Uh… okay, Bye ash!” Dawn waved to me, then turned around and ran off, with Barry dragged behind her.

    I sighed, and turned right at the end of the hallway. Lunch was going to be very long today. At least she didn’t know about May being in her P.E class with us. I frowned, I wonder what she’s doing. I shook my head. No, don’t be nosy Ash. You’ll ,meet up to her soon. I was at my destination, I wrapped my hand around the handle.

    “ One more class.”
    there you go!
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    And I see that Barry's picking up on Dawn's habit of calling Ash Sa-Sa. lol

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    Ash Satoshi: Junior age:17
    May Hakura: Junior age: 17
    Ryan Stone: Senior age: 19

    May's POV
    Chapter 5: Trouble

    I thought today would have been a little frightening because I was the ‘fresh meat’ in the school, but really everything has been going along fine. The teachers were very helpful and kind to me, showing where my classes were when I need assistant. Students here were also quite friendly here too... kind of. I particularly liked that boy in chemistry, he was so kind and helpful.

    Ash Satoshi, he was fairly tall for a junior, and he had those type of eye’s that were pure. They reminded me of a man I met in Hoenn, but the person had silky, sliver eye’s, not Ash’s bright hazel eye’s. I didn’t know what it might have been, maybe the depth in his orbs, that reflected off his personality. I don’t know, but the first time my eyes meet with his, the man popped in my head.

    My fingers tapped on the surface of the desk, my eye’s watched them go up and down continuously, as my head laid on top of my arm,. I sometimes peeped over my shoulder to read the time, only to find myself sigh in disappointment. I couldn’t do anything because I had to get a permission sheet signed by my parents, in order to work on the computers. ( found out that I actually had computer lab fifth period, other then art ) I didn’t have anything to do, and there really was nothing around for me to keep me busy. So I just waited, listening to ticks of the clock.

    I didn’t have luck making friends other then Ash. I didn’t understand, when I introduced myself to them they would grunt and turn away, or just plainly say ‘ they didn’t care’. That didn’t happen when I did that to him. Sure he was quiet after I introduced myself, but he asked me questions, and even helped me when I didn’t know how to put on my own glove! The most amazing thing about him, was when I won that… what is it called, a bet? Well anyways, he didn’t get mad, or blew up on me when the crowd was chanting my name, he smiled and congratulated me.

    I really wanted him to be my friend, but I didn’t know if I was able to be his. I mean, I don’t even know how to put gloves on. Who would want to be friends with me? he said that he would introduce me to his group at lunch. I grew nervous when he said that, what if they find me strange, or think I’m a freak? Uh, I’m so nervous.

    My fingers ceased from their tapping, I straightened up in my chair, and decided that I needed to get out of here. I push in my chair, and headed forwards to ask to be excused for the bathroom. I twirled around, and advance over to my teacher’s desk. The rows of students glanced up at me while I passed, I scanned over at the rows of students, my teeth bit into my lip, my cheeks were flaring up in embarrassment.

    Then I bumped into something hard, causing me to stumble back, “ Ah! I’m so sorry! I-" I looked up and froze; I shivered in fear.

    The person in front of me starred down at me with his bloody red eye’s. They were shadowed with darkness, and something else that I couldn’t put to words. He grinned, walking around me in a complete circle. I fallowed him, curious and cautious at the same time. He wore a senior, black uniform, his hair was light brown, cut up in a choppy, skater hairstyle. Something in his eye’s screamed trouble.

    The boy laughed, placing his hands on his hips, “ My, look what I bumped into. Your rather cute, what is your name?”

    I backed up a little, my sight locked on him, “May. My name is May, I’m sorry for bumping into you sir.” I tried to walk around him, but he glided by me, blocking my way. I didn’t like this person, something about him doesn’t seem right.

    “ What a pretty name. My name is Ryan, It’s so nice to meet you.” He laughed again and crossed his arms.
    “ So where are you heading to?”

    I narrowed my eyes, “ That’s nothing you should worry about.”

    “ Oh, no need to be hasty…” His hand reached out to my face, lifting up a strand of my loose hair, and placing it behind my ear. I flinched when his skin touched my cheek. Did he just do that without asking!? How rude! He frowned, his eyebrows furrowed,
    “What’s the matter, May? All I’m doing is being a gentlemen. Now…” He stepped one foot closer to me, hovering over my head. “ How about you and me-“

    he moaned, and stepped back from me, facing the man who called out to him. I stared at Ryan, watching his every movement, “ Please stop lally-gagging and go back to your station.” He glanced down at me with his piercing eye’s, and then strolled past the teacher, and down the row to his station. I sighed in relief and approached the teacher. Thank goodness for miracles.

    “ Sir can I use the restroom, please?” He nodded, and shew me away with his hand. I didn’t wait for his words, I sprinted across the room- not caring if he yelled after me-, and jumped through the door.

    The air merged into chill cold vibes, they hit my body like a bullet. I gasped at the quick change, and puffed heat into my cuffed hands, trying to warm them up. I needed to get out of there! One more second in there and I would have gone crazy! And that strange boy… he was so frightening.

    I shook the memory out of my head, and ran on. I found the bathrooms coming up ahead, I jolted farther and faster then before. The turn was coming up fast, I leaned right and twisted my body to skid across the pavement, to point me in the right direction. When the skidding slowed, I pushed forward and leaped into the tiled room. I shuffled to the end and sat down against the wall. I huffed and panted hard from running, a bead of sweat flowed down my right temple. I wiped it away, with my palm and laid it over my forehead.

    I was out of that classroom, and I only had a couple minutes to spend enjoying my free time outside. My eyelids fluttered, staring at the bars of lights on the ceiling. One more period… Then I could be back next to him. The back of my neck heated up, I curled into a ball, my arms wrapped around my legs. Why was I like this? I just met him today and all of a sudden I want to be close to him.

    May something is definitely wrong with you, the mental voice noted. I shook my head slowly, taking the sentence in. There’s nothing wrong with me, I-I'm probably going through a stage. Yeah right If you call liking- I covered my ears, forcing my inside voice to mute. SHUT UP!

    The heat rose a degree higher, my cheeks were blazed by the truth. This boy, he was driving me crazy, he’s the reason I’m like this. The problem would have gone away if I didn’t invite him to be my friend. I’m a magnet for trouble or something?! My eye’s fell down to the white, tiled floor. My arms fell to the sides of my hip. But… I didn’t want the problem to go away. I was addicted to the problem, I wanted to be near the problem, to laugh with it. I wanted to be Ash’s friend.

    I urged to gaze into his hazel eye’s, to experience his laughter, I was addicted to his kindness. I smiled, closing my eyes. I don’t care if he brings me this trouble. As long as I’m going to be near him. I’ll be okay. Yeah, that will be my promise. No matter what, I’ll be fine as long as I see his smile.

    “Do you really have to go May?” asked my friend. Brendon carried my bag of clothes down the stairs, trailing behind me. I nodded, the reminder wasn’t a happy one. And I would remember this sad moment in my life forever. “ It sucks that you HAVE to go. Your mom was serious wasn’t she?”

    I couldn’t handle the truth, it was so painful to even think about it. I jumped off the last step, and strolled through the entrance, “Yes. I-It’s true. We no longer have the money to afford this house. So were leaving to a place called Kanto.”

    He snorted, “ I can’t believe this is happening. I thought you guys had a lot of money!” I blinked, surprised by the fact he thought we were actually ‘rich’. We did, we had money. But that was before when my mother grew very sick. Then all the money we had went tords her medical bills.

    “ Can we change the subject please?” I didn’t like to be reminded about these things. I set down the box of valuables on the floor of our truck, Brandon placed his bag next to it. I stood there overlooking all our prize positions and stuff that was once furnished in our house.

    I lived here all through my life. Born here, raised here… and now I had to leave my haven on earth to a far away place. The tears overflowed , falling down to the floor. Splash. Why! Why did they have to take away my home! Max is only still a child, and they still take our haven away! I couldn’t stand it, I can’t watch my home grow empty and silent while I stand here. It hurts…

    “ May?”

    I leaped out of the truck, down to the pavement on the ground. I ran around the truck, and dashed forward away from where my home would never be seen again. Brendon screamed my name behind me, but I didn’t care about that right now. My home was ripped away from me, like stealing a bottle from a baby. The end of my street was appearing ahead. Right was down an other street, Left was down to the city. I took my chances and headed for the city. If they were ripping my love away from me, then I was going down with it.

    My tears blinded my sight, the black streets came out a blurry lane. My heart throbbed and ached, my legs wobbled, I felt weak. I am weak... Then my body collapsed, tumbling down to the cement. A shot of pain shocked my leg, it tingled and stung, the blood oozed out of the deep wound. The tears flowed down thicker, adding pain to my sadness. I’m so weak.

    My eye’s shut, my sobs and gasp grew louder. I was in pain, take this pain away! Why did you have to give me so much pain! “ Are you okay?” My eye’s shot open, I yelped in surprise.
    “ Don’t move! Your hurt pretty badly.” I stared at his eye’s. They were so elegant, peaceful, loving. They were the eye of a god. The strange man smiled, scratching the back of his head.
    “ I apologize if I frightened you. Let me introduce my self” He held out his hand. “My name is John Matsubara.” His eye’s twitched, like he didn’t like the sound of his name.

    I didn’t even blink, I was memorized by the silky silver of his eyes, “ May Hakura. Nice to meet you.” I gradually accepted his hand, and he pulled me up on my feet. I finched when the pain shot up my leg again.

    He glanced up to read the street sign and back to me, “ Are you apart of Norman family?”
    “Yes sir”
    “ You are moving away to Kanto, I’m I right?”

    He frowned, looking up to the sky, “ I see you are unhappy with the situation. It’s hard to move away from where you grew up, I understand that very much.” He sighed, and started to walk forward. I fallowed him, limping a little to walk beside him. “ I had to move away from the person I loved so I could let him move on in life. In that I also had to leave my hometown.”

    My eye’s widened, “ I’m so sorry.” This man had to move away from his loved one? Wow, I guess I’m a little lucky to leave with my family. He turned down my street name, and continued walking.
    “ Why?” Maybe I shouldn’t have asked, but I wanted to know what caused him to leave. Did he do something bad to his family! Or did he traumatize his kid and-

    “ His mother was sick.”
    I stopped in my tracks. He also halted and glanced over his shoulder. Just like my mom… He turned half-way to me, his eye’s shadowed sadness and dis-pare. “ My wife was mentally ill, she accused me of being the reason of her always yelling at her son. I was realizing that the more I was here, the more my son was growing depressed. That’s when I decided to simply vanish from the picture.” He stared down at a dandelion on a neighbors lawn. He bent down, yanked it out, and twirled it between his fingers.
    “ On my last day I was to be see him, I took him to the beach. He was so young back then, and never has gone to a beach. You should of seen the smile on his face.” John chuckled, watching the flower twirl. “ Well he found out I was going to leave him.”

    The weed fell from his hand, floating gracefully to the ground. He stood there quietly, staring at the now limped dandelion. “ What did your son say?”

    His silver eye’s carried mine, the water in his pupils were hard to look away from. “ He begged for me to stay. I dreaded having to decided to leave him behind, but it was for manly his own good. And for the first time ever, my son cried in front of me. He never did, because his mother told him I wasn’t worth crying for. Those eye’s, overflowed with tears. That was the last Image I remember the most.” John stepped closer to me, reaching out to rustle the top of my hair, like a child.
    “ But now that I think about what I’ve done, I knew it was good. Because now he’s happy, and living his life with a smile on his face.”

    His hand returned back to his hips, and the warm smile returned too. This man had his love, home, and son slip away from him. He has nothing and I’m complaining how horrible my life is? Oh, I feel so bad. I hugged the man, and backed away with my hand pupped up in the air, “ John, if I ever met your son, I’ll tell him all about you! I’ll take that to the grave!”

    He laughed and rustled my hair again, “ Thanks May! It’s odd to see such a smile like that around here! But promise me something when you meet him ‘Kay?” I nodded, ready to accept anything he offered me, to tell his son. He smiled, “Tell him I still love him.”

    My eye’s re-opened, seeing the same bathroom I sat before, other then the silver eyed Man. Why does Ash remind me of him? “ There’s something up with that man, and Ash”


    “ Ehhhh??!!!!” The bell! How long have I been in here!? Oh no, oh no this isn’t good! I found myself speeding out of the restroom and into the hallway were students were barely getting out. AH!!! I GOT TO HURRY!!!

    I pushed my legs farther, dashing past students, and around them like an obstetrical course. My class was just up ahead, three more doors. Students cursed at me and hollered as I picked up my speed. If I didn’t get my bag in till… wait a second!


    AH! Things were getting worse, I thought I had art fifth period but I had it actually after chemistry! Eh! Oh god, now I have to dash and get my bag, then run back to my art class. I swung open the closed door, and lunged inside. Thankfully my station was close to the door. I yanked my bag off of my chair, swung it over my shoulder, and ran back out again before the door closed. My bag added extra weight, which was way WORSE, because it slowed me down. I wasn’t giving up yet! I won’t let ash down!

    I skidded, facing right tords Building B, and flashed forward, pushing with all my might. I had to go past building B, down hallway A, and turn right to class 10-A. Uh… one thing that’s worse being new to a school, is that you have no Idea how to read your schedules right. I panted, my strength was dropping, but I fought it back, only pushing harder. Teachers demanded me to walk when I ran past them, but I ignored them still roaming forward. I hope I don’t end up in trouble… My stomach twisted in worry, what if I was too late! I turned left, down Hallway A. I’m almost there! I just hope he’s still there.

    I was so close to my destination, all my strength was put into running. That’s when someone I didn’t attend in seeing appear in front of me. I was about to crash into him, I tried to slow down and stop. My feet tumbled forward wobbling out of control, I tried to lean back so I could fall on my bottom other then my head. It was to late, my head collided with the boys chest.

    I released an gasp as the wind was knocked out of me, I fell on my knees, my lungs pled for oxygen. I wheezed, my hand clenched into my waist. The boy who I ran into laughed in an devilish tone, My eye’s widened in sudden fear. I know that laugh. his finger lifted my chin, forcing myself to look up to him. It was him… his blood-red eyes hold a dark presents.

    “ We just keep bumping into each other don’t we?” I tried to turn my head away from him, but his hand curled around my chin. “ It seems that you are not a fond of me. That’s really a shame because I just find you very adorable.” He grinned evilly, quickly cuffing my wrists in one motion.

    I yanked, and pulled, wanting to escape his clutches. He tightened his hold of me, his face darkened in anger. I yelped in pain; he was crushing my wrists. He yanked me up to my feet, driving me back into a near by wall in the hallways. My eye’s darted left and right, searching for anyone who was witnessing this happening. We were completely alone. Why was he doing this?! I didn’t do anything to him! I jolted, trying again to wiggle out of his hands. He griped harder, banging me against the wall to stop me from moving.

    I gasped, narrowing my eyes, “ What do you want with me! Why won’t you leave me alone?!” I jolted again. He slammed my body harder into the wall.

    “ My, aren’t you a fighter? I like girls who are hard to get.” His nose bristled up my neck, I felt his cold breath running down my skin. I jolted one more time, and was able to kick him in the shin. He cringed, his hold of me loosened. I was able to yank my way free, and fall to the ground.

    I need to find Ash! I have to get out of here! I scrambled to my feet, pushing myself forward with the left over energy I had left. I needed to find him, I wanted to get away from this psycho! The hallways end was coming up, and I was panting, and breathing on the ridge of fainting. I need to move on! I can’t give-

    A dark shadow hovered over me. I glanced over my shoulder to see Ryan’s arms wrap around me like sea weed, and sending me spiraling to the ground. My cheek banged into the cold tile floor. I wormed, and jolted pleading to escape this trap.

    Ryan’s mouth hovered over my left ear, “If you think I’m going to let you go, then you got an other thing coming.” This was it wasn’t it. I wasn’t going to see ash was I? I let him down… I let him down. I faithlessly relaxed my body, I’m too late. He chuckled, “That a girl. See how easy this could be when you listen?”

    “ Get your dam hands off her!”
    I froze, the sweet voice I longed for was here! I looked up to see if it was to good to be true. It was him, in the flesh. He stood a couple feet from us, his hands were clenched by his sides, Jaw was clenched, and his hazel eye’s darkened in rage.

    Ryan slammed me into the tile, I screamed in pain. “ What is a junior going to do about it!?” his arms were coiling me up tightly, like a snake. It hurts!! Stop please!

    Then it disappeared.
    The weight, the pressure, all vanished in one. But that was only because what I witnessed in front of me, was Ash kicking my predictor off me. He stood in front off me, guarding me from Ryan who was running tords Ash at full speed. He leaped and kicked him down to the floor beside me. I stared paralyzed in fright. Fortunately, Ash got up slyly, his fists were up ready to fight. Ryan ran to him again, only to be thrown across the hallway, and into the wall.

    Ash grasped a handful of his uniform and brought him up to his face, “ WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU, TO THINK YOU CAN BEAT UP MAY LIKE THAT!” He punched him in the face, the blood rolled down his nose. “ HOW DARE YOU, EVEN PUT A FINGER ON HER YOU B ASTERED!” Ash then threw him to the ground.
    He laid there unconsciously, his nose bleed down from his neck, on to his uniform.

    I didn’t even move an inch, I was so scared that Ash was going to get hurt the same way I was. He huffed, turning half way to me. His eye’s didn’t showed rage anymore… but strangely guilt and shock. Why was he guilty? He walked over to me, his stance was careful and slow. He bent down in front of me scanning my face and wrist. Ash reached out, his hands lightly, and carefully picked up my wrists. I yelped, and drawled back my hand to my chest.

    He gazed horrified by the evidence, “What did he do to you?” I shook my head, a wave of relief and sadness flowed out of my eyes. He was here, he saved me! I felt so happy that he was here, but yet so afraid of what could of happened to him if Ryan beated him up. His finger brushed under my eyelid, removing an tear.
    “It’s okay, I’m here. Your safe, can you walk?” I nodded, and lunged forward to him.

    I wrapped my arms around his chest, my tears were soaking into his shirt. He saved me! I sobbed in happiness, relived that both of us were okay. His hand patted my back, and brought me closer.
    “ T-Thank y-you, so much. I-I was so s-scared. Thank you!” He didn’t respond back, but he wrapped one of his arm around my waist, and the other arm lifted me up from the ground.

    “ Your going to be okay. Lets go, my friends want to meet you.” I nodded and walked beside him. He glanced down at me, his eyebrows furrowed, “ May can you do something for me?” I only stared back at him. “Don’t walk alone in the hallways.” He hugged my side, and returned back to focusing on walking forward.

    I smiled, and wiped my tears away, " I must be a magnet for trouble.." He laughed, and playfully punched the side of my head.

    " As long as I'm your friend, nothing wont ever happen to you." I was suddenly overwhelmed with the words that slipped out of him mouth. I was his friend! I giggled, my face was heating up again, Thank god for miracles...
    YEAH!!!!! So I HOPE that had some shipping...
    - crosses fingers -
    Ryan is such a meanie!!! >.< I couldn't help with making a action scene sorry!
    R&R and I'll be writting up a new chap!
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    Congrats great chapter and...*drum roll*......
    EXCELLENT SHIPPING!Brilliant I just loved it best chapter yet!I was a bit scared something was going to happen to may :O
    You are now my no.1 author ^^
    Oh and you said barry and dawn would appear...they didnt.Maybe I mis-read...
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