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'Skittedy Doo Dah'-Mimi's Fan Comic


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*LOL* 8D I just thought it would be a cute awkward situation...


mai husbando
^ Well, there have been over 500 views of this page, that's not bad for a fan comic here. :) It's really good though, there should be more comments from different people. ;_;

Yesh, the mating channel seriously had me on the floor laughing. XD It's so funny how you think of this stuff, and the "Guess that Pokemon". Ha ha, fantastic. They always seem to pop up at those moments where you just want it to go on. T_T I'm still crazy about the things you remember to add in, like when Jessie is walking by a booth and there is that Snorlax doll. I'd laugh if Meowth won Mimi a Skitty doll. XD


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Awww! Thank you guys! I'm so glad you like it so much. :) ^_^

I try... Hahah... Even though I'm really not good with backgrounds... I should try and learn... XD

But yeah, I'm trying to make this as funny as possible, even though it's a love story... I was gonna finish it by today, but I had a bad stomach thing going on...T_T

Oh well, I'll do more ASAP! <3


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You guys! Thank you!

I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while... I'm on a nasty art block and I'm so stressed, lately.

No fun.

I'll try to update asap, now...<3


New Member
aaaah~! This comic is so cute~! And you especially draw Meowth and the others so well!
(seriously, why isnt this more popular? I love it~!)
Cant wait to see what happens next~!

(ps. maybe we could have some collab when I get my comic finally uploaded and set up? |3 ...if you wanted to)


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I love this!!! o^0^o I especially love the random things she mumbles in the last panel of page 1!!!

One small piece of advice--there's still some faint traces of lines left over from where they were erased. My advice would be to use a program such as MS paint to clean this up--it might take a while, but the end result is nice and polished. ^^