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Sky High Gym Battle! (361)

Professor Ivy

1st Princess Serebii
I don't know what to think of this epodise. I like winona, but they something about the battle I did not like?


Whoa! This gym battle kicked áss!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't really complain much of this episode since it has everything I liked. One of my friends thought it was the hottest battle ever. There were parts that did crack me up that someone mentioned earlier.

Team Rocket and the disco was funny. That was crazy and this quote from earlier someone mentioned.

V Faction said:
Some quotes.

*TR blasts off*
May: Was that a shooting star?
Brock: ...whuh?

Winona: Ash, on days that are so beautiful and clear like today, my flying Pokemon and I are able to manifest much greater power than we're able to in less perfect conditions. Those of us whose dreams reach towards the sky are loved by the sky in return.
Ash: Wow, I didn't know the sky could love you.

The sky part what Ash said was funny. Also the way MAy and Max were going bananas where they thought Ash and Swellow was going to mess up or somethin'.

All battles were off the hook! It was intense, which what I like. Grovyle vs. Altaria was unexpected, Pikachu vs. Pelipper, the Steel Wing was genius! Swellow vs Swellow rocked on! One of the best battles in a while.

Winona is one the best female gym leaders in a long time. I loved her style. Her genius in Flying Pokemon made great use in the battle. I glad she gave Ash a challenge, because the made him to battle harder.

Then at the end, I liked how Ash said quote, "Oh yeah!" It sounded pretty cool to me, don't ask why.

This episode gets my 3rd 10/10.


That was an awesome episode and I loved every minute of it. Has anyone else noticed the similarity between this Gym and the last flying gym Ash went to in the Johto region? (I forget the name) Both times Ash used a grass type in a flying gym as if to mock the so-called "type advantage" however, this time it actually worked.


Lightning Swordsman
This battle puzzled me a lot. For instance, why would you use Grovyle against a flying Gym in the first place...unless it's gained a lot of levels. The only way I can see this happening is if all three Grass attacks scored Criticals. See, the last time I tried battling Winona with a grass-type, it got Aerial Ace'd for some 9999 damage.

The Swellow vs. Swellow matchup was interesting too. It's always one of those fights where the first one to get hit loses, basically. Especially taking into consideration how high Swellow's Evasion is and how low its Defense is. I think Winona's Swellow went into Overdrive on those Hyper Beams, then just ran out of gas as Ash's went into Overdrive.

I liked this ep and the last. Very well done.


This episode was cool. From Grovlye PWNing Altaria to Swellow finishing the battle with Wing Attack this was probably the best gym battle so far.


Contaminated KFC
Concerning the fact that Leaf Blade was able to KO Altaria. I don't think it should be an issue at all. Even if you take the type of the move into consideration, its still an obviously brutal physical-based attack. I'd imagine being slammed by that thing in the back of the neck, full force, and having it plough you into the ground from several feet above ground would be enough to KO anything. In the long run, it does make sense and shouldn't be a problem. Having that Leaf Blade NOT have the creature injured to the highest degree would just seem stupid. Realistically, that thing is going to hurt, and its going to hurt bad.
I think you people are just letting the game mechanics cloud your judgement a little too much.

This episode really made me appreciate Swellow's dub voice. It was a lot easier to warm up to this version than it was to the likes of Oosubame and its deeper-than-a-dinosaur's-grave voice. Though having said that, I do like both, and they're unique in their own awesome little ways. I'm also glad to see (or hear?) that Winona's Swellow had a slightly different voice to Ash's. It wasn't too noticable, but the difference is there.
And I comend them on keeping the original music that counts, such as the piece played duirng the last half of the match, and the Elite 4 theme.

And of course, the animation and battle was choreographed incredibly well. Ota never seem to dissapoint do they? Hell, they even made Team Rocket's rather pointless addition to the episode pretty funny. It takes some talent to make those guys amusing in a gym episode, thats for sure.
Its a shame the Gym battles in the future don't get any better than this.

Ash: "OK Swellow, use quick attack and after that use dive!"

And so, Swellow realised its dream of becoming a water pokémon. The end.
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...Several feet? That's abit of an understatement. Alteria was knocked down from a couple dozen meters. Also, did you notice a healthy difference in the wingspan between Winona's Swellow and Ash's? I'd say theye's more to that bird than a lick of paint and some cool moves.

Ahh, but I was so happy when Winona offered a prair to the sky... Just by looking at her sprite I knew that she would be a religious type...


I've said it before and I will say it again, I really don't care much for the gym battles as much as everyone else. This one was alright...However, when I saw the commercial on KidsWB throughout this week, I was kind of upset because they showed a picture of the badge being held by Ash...Kind of giving away that he was going to win...


They did kinda give it away but you knew he'd get it eventually.
The anime doesn't really much about game mechanics. So it't not all that weird that Grovyle was able to KO Altaria with leaf blade, or that Ash's Swellow has crazy endurance that always makes it able to survive hyper beams as if it were nothing.

Wind Waker

Now that's Effulgent
I agree, please the only reason they made grovyle defeat altaria was because the writers want to make it look cool, but you know what, i am sick of treecko/grovyle's personality, i mean its so up itself, like after it evolves, corpish was all crazy and it just lied back and was a like "what a breat go me"and i can't stand it, i like treecko and grovyle in the games, but it is a real idiot in the anime


*enters this thread late as hell*

I liked this ep a lot. The best Gym battle in a LONG WHILE. *points and laughs at Falkner*....It was action packed and VERY entertaining....Except I'm on the "WTF was up with that Grovyle vs. Altaria?" bandwagon. I found that to be..."odd". But, what REALLY gnawed at my brain was that ONE Wing Attack taking down Winona's Swellow, after it hit with Hyper Beam, Aerial Ace, Peck, and Quick Attack....Damn those cheap devices to end battles quickly. =\

And TR had a real quick part in the ep. That's pretty rare for a big battle.

And, for some reason, I found the part at the VERY end of the ep when Ash said the "Oh, yeah! I got a Featherbadge!" thing to be cool. Not Ash saying that, but when Swellow popped up from the corner and said, "Swellow" all happily and whatnot. IMO, it had a look of accomplishment on its face, and in the sound of its voice...Meh, that's just my little observation. I thought it was cool, anyway. *shrug*

9.9/10...That one Wing Attack crap chipped off .1....-_-;


Team Awesome
This was a fairly good episode. Ash did some good moves, and it was great that Grovyle overcame type disadvantage against altaria. At least now I know why they ran "True Blue Swablu" last week, to give us a (brief) refresher course on altaria.

The thing I liked best about the episode, though, was Jessie and James's disco dancing sequence. ROFLMAO about that one. :D And I got to see Chimecho again! Yay! :D

Overall, 8/10.


*swoons for Noland*
I have this on my parents' TIVO. I love watching it. It was a truly great battle. To me, it rival's Clair's battle.