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Sky High Gym Battle! (361)



It was a great battle, the best one in a long time. All I have to say is that all of Ash's Pokemon were great, but Grovyle was the most amazing, it took down a flying type. But the best battle scene was when Swellow used Wing Attack to make the sand blind Winona's Swellow. Awesome scene, I kept rewatching it.


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*sigh* People fail to realize what goes on in Gym Battles and pitch a fit over things. Thank you for explaining the Juptile vs Tyltalis match, Gravy.

As for Ohsubame vs Ohsubame, I don't see how any of you couldn't get this one. Hyper Beam is a powerful move, yes? And in the game it requires time to recharge (aka rest up). You'd figure that a small bird that firing a BIG blast of energy would be worn out somewhat by using the attack repeatedly, no? Especially considering it's taking up quite a bit of energy to keep firing them. Not to mention, Satoshi's kicked up a cloud of dirt to conceal itself and catch Nagi's Ohsubame off guard, smashing it while it was at a disadvantage.

And to those complaining about KidsWB giving away the ending, please. The episode's been out in Japan for almost a year and you couldn't have guessed that Satoshi was going to win either way? Especially with all the Houen League titles over at site? :| It was going to obviously happen.

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About the Altaria and Grovyle battle, since the various posts addressing it (very well I might add) seem to be being ignored by subsequent posters, I'm going to say this as succinctly as I know how.

It's the same as how Charizard could ko practically anything with a successful Seismic Toss. You get something to crash into the ground at high speed from a great height and not much will stand up to it regardless of the element type of the attack that was used. Heck a String Shot could do it if the user could swing a pokemon stuck on it down hard enough. ^_^

Jynxie said:
I liked this ep a lot. The best Gym battle in a LONG WHILE. *points and laughs at Falkner*....It was action packed and VERY entertaining....Except I'm on the "WTF was up with that Grovyle vs. Altaria?" bandwagon. I found that to be..."odd". But, what REALLY gnawed at my brain was that ONE Wing Attack taking down Winona's Swellow, after it hit with Hyper Beam, Aerial Ace, Peck, and Quick Attack....Damn those cheap devices to end battles quickly. =\
Allow me to help quell your confusion. This is how I see it:

1. Winona's Swellow previously got a HUGE slash across the chest from Grovyle. And though it didn't work too well it also got hit earlier by a Wing Attack.
2. It had likely been drained considerably from using so many attacks. Especially the Hyper Beams (only one of which hit). Remember that episode with the Mareep where Ash had Pikachu keep avoiding attacks until the Mareep simply collapsed on its own?
3. Ash's Swellow in particular is known for its extreme endurance.
4. Ever wonder why head-on collissions are so disasterous with cars? You have two objects going toward each other instead of one going toward another, hence the energy in the impact is much greater. Ash's Swellow went up while Winona's went down. However, Ash's knew to brace for the attack whereas Winona's was caught off guard and hit right in the chest. Being able to brace for an impact alone can greatly alter how much damage one takes in a fight.

And, for some reason, I found the part at the VERY end of the ep when Ash said the "Oh, yeah! I got a Featherbadge!" thing to be cool. Not Ash saying that, but when Swellow popped up from the corner and said, "Swellow" all happily and whatnot. IMO, it had a look of accomplishment on its face, and in the sound of its voice...Meh, that's just my little observation. I thought it was cool, anyway. *shrug*
And it WINKED! ^_^


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Omg...this epsiode was soo great!! I remember watching the Japanese version(which is totally awesome). I was waiting for this one. Great Animation and a awesome battle. Ash did a awesome job for real. I loved it when he made Swellow did Wing Attack on the ground. So great. Great Stragey. =O And Winona was great. Plus as always Team Rocket was funny. Got shocked...I was laughing. And Grovyle...WOW...totally awesome. I will give this 10/10. I wish I can give it a 20/10. XD!


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I really enjoyed this gymbattle. Ash's Swellow finally came through alot. Boy, Ash's friends are so unsupportive. Brock should know how Ash battles after being with him all this time and when the gym battle came to be he acted like he didn't know what he was doing.


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Anyone else think that Ash looked a lot madder than he sounded....
In the raw Satoshi's anger matches better with the scenes than Ash did in the dub IMO

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Toto said:
Anyone else think that Ash looked a lot madder than he sounded....
In the raw Satoshi's anger matches better with the scenes than Ash did in the dub IMO
Nah, I don't. But then, I wouldn't be looking for detail like that.


YTV aired that episode today at noon...
It was a pretty cool gym battle, IMO...
I actually wanted Winona to win since I think she was a great flying type trainer, but the writer made Ash won..How many times did Ash actually lose to a gym battle so far? *counts* Only one time in the Dewford Gym...Geezz, the writer should make him lose a few times!!! Oh well...I am pretty impressed by Winona Swellow's Aerial Ace attack..It was cool! ^^
Overall, I give a rating 7.5/10 for the episode! :D


WindyNight said:
How many times did Ash actually lose to a gym battle so far? *counts* Only one time in the Dewford Gym...Geezz, the writer should make him lose a few times!!!

well, there's Brock, Lt. Surge, Sabrina, Whitney, Norman, Brawly and that's it..I think


Wow I really liked how Ash figured it out. and the Aerial Ace was an awesome move.


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5/10 nice animation, nice music, ok battle. but its so ovious(sp?) that ash will win...... >.> i wanna try using grovyal(sp?) against altaria in emerald! =)

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this was a totally awsome gym battle and i am happy ash won


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good battle

no stars for Swellow..................



Man... Grovyle and Swellow totally owned in this battle! :D This is one of the best gym battle episodes ever! ^_^

I'll definetely give it a 10/10. It is superb! *thumbs up*
I like shiny pokemon .
I have a shiny crobat , raticate , vieleplume
Winonna is a good pokemon Trainer

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winnona is the best looking female gym leader in hoenn!


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loved the gym battle! suprised me how peliper and altaria fainted so easily though. i liked how the two swellows battled at the end. i was suprised that skarmory wasnt used intead or peliper though.


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Pokemon Advanced Battle Episode (361) - Sky High Gym Battle!

I have seen this Fortree Gym Battle epsiode. It was cool that Ash won against the Fortree Gym Leader, Winona and get the Feather Badge from her. I like this episode. I know that on the first match Ash's Grovyle defeated Winona's Altaria. Beacuse Grovyle's weakness to Fire, Ice & Flying. The second battle is quite easy for Pikachu to take down Pelipper because its weakness to Electric. But actually it ends in a tie. For Ash's final match, probably it is not going to be easy, Ash's Swellow VS Winona's Shiny Swellow. Swellow finally defeats Winona's Shiny Swellow. So thats why Ash won.
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10/10, Ash really did very well in this battle and I was impressed of his strategy, it also shows that pokemon types do not matter, what's more important is the trainer's confidence and strategy. Grovyle looked so cool in this episode although it fainted when hit by aerial ace. Winona was really good but Ash was better.