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Sky High Gym Battle! (361)


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Well Grass is weak against Flying and that was also seen in the Violet Gym Battle. Pretty good episode and I lvoe that Shiny Swellow


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Well,in this episode,Grovyle beats a Altria (sorry I can't spell its name) ,even it has the disadvantage,it still won.That Pelipeer used steel wing on the ground to avoid Pikachu's thunderbolt.Ash's Swellow was the coolest in this episode,it beat a Shiny Swellow.
This a one of the best gym battles I've seen.
This gym battle was really cool to watch, as is all gym battles in the Advanced series. However, Grovyle beating Altaria was a bit...unbelievable. Although I absolutely loved the way Grovyle used its double leaf blade.

The Pelipper strategy was a really clever thing and it was good how Ash and Pikachu managed to wait and defeat it.

Swellow vs. Swellow was a really cool match, it proved how much Ash's Swellow is so tough. This battle made me think how restricted the games are, battlewise.
Err "Swellow use Dive!" yeah.....also Ash makes a crazy face when he gets his badge i'll try to post it.



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Ash has a Swellow and Winona has a Swellow too. It's so shiny others can tell it from Ash's. (Bad road for you, Winona. It seems that your Pelipper resisted Pikachu's electric attacks by going to the ground. If it didn't go to the ground, well, it must have dealt ultra damage from Pikachu.) What a battle I can't forget asking and telling to friends. I didn't watch that episode yet, but once when it's aired, I will know anything from it.


it was a very entertaining gym battle if you ask me, it had some moments in it that i didn't expect, 9/10.

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Not a bad episode. I expected Winona to use Skarmory as her last pokemon, but I was shocked to see her use a shiny Swellow. Yet, her Swellow put up a good fight... 8/10


The best gym battle in Hoenn, i think
Winona's Swellow was so strong, but i loved Ash's tactic how it beat it
And it was great to see Altaria


I was expecting so much more out of this sixth Gym battle epiosde. The only surprise during this battle was the appearance of Winona's Shiny Swellow to be honest. Overall I was very unimpressed with her team and I think she's one of the weakest Hoenn Gym Leaders, in the anime anyway. I wish she'd gotten to play a larger role or at least battle more fiercely. 4/10.
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I loved seeing the Shiny Swellow, it was nice seeing Swellow VS Swellow, Winona wasn't too bad really. I am surprised she didn't use Skarmory, I guess not all Gym leaders use the Pokemon we see with them the first time or seem like the signature Pokemon.


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I think Winnona could've won if she know Swellow had a problem in the air VS the Ariel Ace.
Her Shiny Swellow was very beautiful.


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This was a very good Gym battle.

Ash is the only trainer I know crazy enough to not only use Grovyle, but start off with it against a Flying type Gym Leader. But it did a great job against Altaria and even tangled with Swellow for a bit, so I was impressed.

Pikachu vs Pelipper was good too, it was smart of Winona to use that ground strategy.

Swellow vs Shiny Swellow was simply epic, nothing more to say about that.

Overall, this was a very good episode and one of my favorites from this saga.


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This episode was cool. It was great to see a shiny Swellow for the 1st time, Man that Shiny Swellow is strong! The Pikachu vs Pelipper battle was very cool, even though Pikachu lost to Pelipper which was very odd. It was very creative for Pelipper to use its fin to send the electricity into the ground. It was great to see an Altaria for the 1st time. Grovyle vs Altaria was a really cool battle. I like how Swellow hung in there after all of those hits, to beat Shiny Swellow. I'm glad Ash won this gym battle.

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What a bad gym battle. Altaria getting beat after it was pummeling Grovyle the entire match? The writers love Grovyle don't they? All it would need is a tragic back story and it would be the Infernape of Hoenn. The Pikachu v. Pelipper match was less grating compared to the rest of the matches. Ash's Swellow beating Winona's Swellow? Wow. bad writers writing bad matches. His Swellow gets outclassed throughout the entire match and he wins it with one Wing Attack. Bad writing all around.


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The only thing I was quite surprised at with this episode, was how easily Winona's Swellow was beaten by Ash's Swellow. But for the rest of it, I seemingly enjoyed this gym battle a lot and I thought they did it great with giving each part of the battle enough time and having Ash's thinking outside the box multiple times in order to win.