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Slashin' along, slashin' along, Weaviiiiiiiilllllle!

Cipher 2008

Well-Known Member
The attacks are nice and simple, well thought out...

But Ken Sugimori art is bad for use on fake cards, and I don't like the blank.



Well-Known Member
I agree with Cipher DSX on everything except:
Ken Sugimori art is bad for use on fake cards, and I don't like the blank.

I prefer Sugimori art on cards I think it gives it a special look!

Very well made 10/10!


AKA NeoRyder
10/1o FC, great card, love that bg u made as well ;)

and guys, do my blanks suck that much? XD

fyn XD, ill leave it to teh pros from now on *crawls back into his hole*


AKA NeoRyder
Lol Neo, don't leave!!!111!!!1

Thanks for the comments

im not leaving 0_0 XP, when did i say that?;444;

I said I wont be making blanks again :p
;444; ;444;

*crawls back into his hole again*
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Final Fantasy Fan
It's certainly unique. Is this Pokemon i thing something you're doing, or is it just one off for this card?