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Slayers General Shipping Thread

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Only Mostly Dead

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! Welcome to the Slayers general shipping thread where we talk about general Slayers shipping stuff.
1. All SPPf rules and Shipping Section rules apply.
2. No bashing. You can disagree with someone without being hateful.
3. If you’re going to post fanart, give credit to the artist or at least say if you don't know where you found it.
4. Spoilers should go around ANYTHING that hasn’t been released in the U.S. That means Revolution and Evolution-R.

Duclis x Pokota
Jillas x Filia
Lina x Gourry
Martina x Zangulus
Pokota x Amelia
Rezo x Eris
Sylphiel x Lina
Xellos x Filia
Zelgadis x Amelia

-NEXT Screenshots (Xellos/Martina, Lina/Gourry & Zelgadis/Amelia)
-NEXT Screenshots (Lina/Gourry)
-NEXT Screenshots (Xellos/Martina)
-NEXT Screenshots (Lina/Gourry & Gourry/Martina)
-NEXT Screenshots (Lina/Gourry)
-NEXT Screenshots (Zelgadis/Amelia)
-NEXT Screenshots (Lina/Gourry & Halcyform/Rubia)
-Scan/NEXT Screenshot (Zelgadis/Amelia)
-Scans (Lina/Gourry)
-Scans (Lina/Gourry)
-Scans (Lina/Gourry)
-Fanart by Tell-Me-Lies (Xellos/Filia, Lina/Gourry, & Zelgadis/Amelia)
-Fanart by Multiple Artists (Zelgadis/Amelia)
-NEXT Screenshots (Gourry/Sylphiel, Zelgadis/Amelia, Lina/Xellos, Xellos/Martina, & Zelgadis/Miwan)
-Fanart by Multiple Artists (Zelgadis/Amelia, Xellos/Filia, & Lina/Gourry)
-NEXT Screenshots (Lina/Gourry, & Xellos/Martina)
-Scans (Lina/Gourry, Xellos/Lina, & Gourry/Sylphiel)
-Scans and Slayers Screenshots (Lina/Gourry, Zelgadis/Amelia, & Xellos/???)
-Scans (Gourry/Zelgadis, Lina/Gourry, Martina/Zangulus, Xellos/Martina, & Zelgadis/Amelia)
-Scans (Lina/Gourry, Zelgadis/Amelia, & Xellos/Filia)
-NEXT Screenshots (Zelgadis/Amelia, Lina/Gourry, & Lina/Amelia)
-NEXT Screenshots (Zelgadis/Amelia, Martina/Zangulus, Lina/Sylphiel, & Lina/Martina)
-NEXT Screenshots (Lina/Gourry & Martina/Zangulus)
-NEXT Screenshots (Martina/Zangulus & Zelgadis/Amelia)
-TRY Screenshots (Zelgadis/Amelia, Lina/Gourry, Gourry/Zelgadis, & Zelgadis/Filia)
-Fanart by emoe (Lina/Gourry)
-Fanart by eather (Lina/Gourry)
-Fanart by arinan, chirik66, & ohri (Lina/Gourry)
-Fanart by elwita (Zelgadis/Amelia)
-Fanart by haco530 (Lina/Gourry & Zelgaids/Amelia)
-TRY Screenshots (Zelgadis/Amelia, Gaav/Valgaav, & Marco/Sera)
-TRY Screenshots (Xellos/Filia, Lina/Gourry, Zelgadis/Amelia, Gourry/Amelia, & Lina/Amelia)
-TRY Screenshots (Xellos/Filia)
-Fanart by mitukurin (Zelgadis/Amelia)
-Fanart by pikapika999 (Zelgadis/Amelia)
-Fanart by mask & piyshampo (Lina/Gourry, Zelgadis/Amelia)
-TRY Screenshots (Xellos/Filia, Valgaav/Filia)
-Fanart from e-shuushuu (Xellos/Filia)
-Official Art (Zelgadis/Amelia)
-Official Art (Lina/Gourry, Gourry/Sylphiel)
-Fanart from and I cherish you (Xellos/Filia)
-Fanart from Tegaki (Xellos/Filia, Lina/Gourry, Zelgadis/Amelia)
-Fanart from a little garden (Xellos/Filia)
-Fanart from ROSYNAIL (Xellos/Filia)
-Fanart from Beloved Enemy (Xellos/Filia)
-Screenshots (Zelgadis/Amelia, Lina/Ruma)
-Fanart by Poporin (Xellos/Filia)
-Screenshots (Gourry/Lina, Lina/Sylphiel, Zelgadis/Amelia)
-Screenshots (Rezo/Eris, Gourry/Sylphiel, Zelgadis/Gourry)
-Screenshots (Zelgadis/Amelia, Gourry Sylphiel)
-Screenshots (Gourry/Sylphiel, Eris/Copy Rezo, Zelgadis/Amelia)
-Screenshots (Valuun/Gourry)
-Screenshots (Lina/Hallas, Lina/Gourry)
-Screenshots (Lina/Gourry)
-Screenshots (Lina/Gourry, Lina/Noonsa)
-Screenshots (Lina/Gourry)
-Screenshots (Lina/Gourry)
-Screenshots (Zolf/Dilgear, Lina/Gourry)
-Official Art (Lina/Gourry)
-Screenshots (Zelgadis/Amelia, Lina/Gourry)
-Screenshots (Filia/Jillas, Xellos/Lina, Xellos/Filia)
-Screenshots (Xellos/Filia, Gourry/Zelgadis)
-Fanart from Desert Island (Xellos/Filia)
-Fanart from Desert Island (Xellos/Filia)
-Fanart from FlonFlon and Soraironosora (Xellos/Filia)
-Fanart from Pixiv (Xellos/Filia, Lina/Gourry, Zelgadis/Amelia)

Alright! Let’s get straight into this. Assuming anyone else wants to talk about Slayers pairings (*crickets chirp*) I have a lot of great ideas for this thread.

First off, a question, what Slayers couples do you support? (I’ll add your answers to the “I Support” tab. Check it.)

As for me, I support…
Lina x Gourry: This is a huge favorite for me. I like a comedic couple. Their relationship is really cute/funny. And I gotta say that kiss at the end of NEXT was…wow. Too bad they both forgot about it (??!!).

Zelgadis x Amelia: Second favorite Slayers pair. As Crispin Freeman said in a commentary, Zel’s the ultimate grouch and Amelia’s the ultimate optimist. They go together perfectly XD. They don’t have as many big moments as Lina x Gourry, but there are a lot of smaller ones if you’re paying attention. And since I could go on and on about each one of them, I won’t XD.

Martina x Zangulus: I mean…they are married. Of all the crushes Martina had on all the guys Zangulus was the only one who ever returned her feelings (I’d like to hope he doesn’t regret that now). I wish we’d heard from them again. I want to see how they’re doing rebuilding the kingdom of Zoana!

Xellos x Filia: It’s very…folkloric isn’t it? Monster and God/Dragon. I used to go back and forth on whether I supported this one or not or whether I thought it was canon or now. Now I’m pretty solidly for it, though not as much as I am for other Slayers pairings. I gotta say though, a girl like Filia who can make Xellos so childishly angry (He usually just laughs at people or kills them)…well, that’s…interesting to say the least.

EDIT: Update. I'm now a total fanatic for this pairing. My OTP by FAR.

Rezo x Eris: Umm…It obviously didn’t work out, but she loved him very much. It’s one of those tragic things, I wonder if Rezo ever really knew or if he was too blinded by..umm…his blindness.
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*drops in/looks around* Oh wow, so nobody else has seen Slayers? I mean even I haven't watched it in awhile but I still have pairs for it. XDD;;


"First off, a question, what Slayers couples do you support?"

Jillas/Filia - I think it's because I loved both of them back when I first started watching it. I find it cute, the "weird" adds to it.

Duclis/Pokota - ...*hasn't seen all of Revolution or any of Evolution-R* it makes sense to me anyway, it's obvious they have a connection.
I've thought about drawing this in their beast forms >__>;;

Pokota/Amelia -
I was spoiled about Pokota having a human form when i found a fanart of it paired up Amelia. XD I was sold to it anyway.

Sylphiel/Lina - Um.... I also never finished the first season (long story, I watched it backwards years ago), but I still like it. ^-^;; I think fanfictions influenced it.

That's all....I think I'm open to anything "non-trad" though.


Only Mostly Dead
... *falls to the ground weeping* I'd given up hope!

THANK GOD someone else here likes Slayers pairings! I've been relegated to foaming at the mouth in the corner for so long XD

ANYWAY, on topic. I still haven't seen Revolution and Evolution-R (though I've preordered Revolution), but I can comment on the others. Jillas/Filia is cute and I definately like it in a one-sided way. How could I not with a line like: "You're a whole lotta woman!" XD

I ship Gourry/Lina and am pretty rigid about it, but I've got to admit that Sylphiel/Lina has a nice dynamic and definate moments. Probably because there were so many intense moments between them at the end of the first season when she was trying to revive Lina (including the much sought after mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!)

What's your favorite shippy moment in the series?

Since Xellos/Filia has officially knocked down the other pairings to take a top place in my heart, the one I'm obsessing over is the moment in TRY where Xellos saves her from falling debris and then... drops her. The important thing to me there is also that he lies about why he did it to cover for himself.


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I don't blame you, having to wait like 8 months for a reply.

I saw most of Revolution a little bit before it got licensed last year, but I lost my place. -__-;; Don't know if I'll buy it. And LOL @ that. Oh Jillas :c

I actually used to like Gourry/Lina A LOT back when I first got into it years ago, but I don't know how i lost interest. :/

Speaking of that:

"What's your favorite shippy moment in the series?"

Obviously it's been awhile, but at the kiss scene at the end of NEXT I was like OMGOMGOMGOMG. o__0 I remember i also once interpreted this scene (swiped from your post in the shipping pictures thread, hope you don't mind) as being "shippy"....I was a creepy kid >__x;;


Only Mostly Dead
The scene at the end of NEXT is amazing. Lina/Gourry often takes third fiddle to Xellos/Filia and Zelgadis/Amelia, but it didn't always used to be that way. I still love 'em, but I sometimes don't give them as much attention. Rewatching NEXT always puts me in a Lina/Gourry mood though.

I think I'm going to have to remove Valgaav/Filia from my list. It doesn't make sense with the end of TRY and I don't really buy it anymore. I'm actually kinda getting into Gaav/Valgaav at this point. I think that's the only non-het Slayers pairing I support.


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That scene where I thought of it aside, I used to hate Valgaav/Filia for awhile, but then I started thinking it wouldn't be so bad in an AU setting...but that's about it.
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Yeah, the adopted son thing kinda puts a crimp in any budding romance that might have occured (well, not according to everyone, but to some). AU is pretty much the only way it could work in my book.

But I'm psychotic for Xellos/Filia at this point so I haven't spared much thought on it. Zelgadis/Amelia was my OTP for a long time, but I think it's safe to say that Xellos/Filia has knocked them down to the #2 spot.

By the way, I updated the "I Support..." list to put your pairings on it.


Only Mostly Dead
"Do you support any crossover pairings with any Slayers characters?"

I'm pretty meh on crossover ships. They just don't interest me. But on a somewhat related note, I always thought that Kain Blueriver from Lost Universe (by the same author as Slayers. I've only seen part of the series.) seemed kind of like the sort of son Lina and Gourry would have.

Man, I can't wait for my copy of Revolution~!

I've heard that Revolution and Evolution-R are absolutely nil for Zelgadis/Amelia, which really dissapoints me considering how TRY ended. Of course, they could make it all up to me by bringing Filia back... but that's probably not going to happen X_x


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I know what you mean about Kain even though I haven't seen Lost Universe. It's also weird how Millie looks like a blond Amelia. o__0;;

And it's kind of true from what I've seen about Revolution/Evolution-R not having much Zelgadis/Amelia, I remember reading a comment somewhere by somebody saying there were more hints for POKOTA/Amelia than anything. Wow...


Only Mostly Dead
*counts months on hand* *sigh of relief*

I'm sorry I let this go, I've just been bummed out because of my own reluctance to watch Revolution. I *haven't* watched much still (only two episodes), but it's progress. I'M SORRY I'M THIS WAY!

But the little I've seen... well, it may be a crying shame that there's not much Zelgadis/Amelia in Revolution... but Phil did knight Zel in the beginning, did he not? That's a pretty large vote of confidence, choosing him to protect his beloved daughter.

Also, I know next to nothing of Pokota, but just on shape I almost want to pair him up with Midna from Twilight Princess (not that I know much about Midna either, since I never beat that game. I'M SORRY. APPARENTLY I'M BAD AT FINISHING THINGS!)

EDIT: I've made some additions to the first post after all this time-


Summer Nights (Xellos/Filia) by Skiyomi
A Little Opposition (Zelgadis/Amelia, Lina/Gourry) by Skiyomi
Diplomacy (Xellos/Filia) by Skiyomi
Legal Matter (Xellos/Filia) by Skiyomi
Not at all Seduced (Xellos/Filia) by Skiyomi
The Oracle's Wish (Zelgadis/Amelia, Xellos/Filia) by Skiyomi


Xellos/Filia fanart from and I cherish you
Xellos/Filia, Lina/Gourry, Zelgadis/Amelia fanart from Tegaki
Xellos/Filia fanart from a little garden
Xellos/Filia fanart from ROSYNAIL
Xellos/Filia fanart from Beloved Enemy
Zelgadis/Amelia, Lina/Ruuma screenshots
Xellos/Filia fanart by Poporin
Gourry/Sylphiel, Lina/Sylphiel, Zelgadis/Amelia screenshots
Rezo/Eris, Gourry/Sylphiel, Zelgadis/Gourry screenshots
Zelgadis/Amelia, Gourry/Sylphiel screenshots
Gourry/Sylphiel, Rezo/Copy Rezo, Zelgadis/Amelia screenshots
Valuun/Gourry screenshots
Lina/Hallas, Lina/Gourry screenshots
Lina/Gourry screenshots
Lina/Gourry, Lina/Noonsa screenshots
Lina/Gourry screenshots
Lina/Gourry screenshots
Zolf/Dilgear, Lina/Gourry screenshots
Lina/Gourry official art
Zelgadis/Amelia, Lina/Gourry screenshots
Filia/Jillas, Xellos/Lina, Xellos/Filia screenshots
Xellos/Filia, Gourry/Zelgadis screenshots


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I'm also terrible at finishing things. While this thread was on hold, I managed to buy a boxset of the first three Slayers seasons that Funimation put out, and I watched more of the first one... but it got pushed aside from other things after that. >__<

Though as the months went by I became fond of Xellos with Filia.... which is hilarious because of how much I nerd-raged at it for many years. XP lol@me, I thought I'd never come around.

PS. YES at Pokota and Midna. Especially because of their spoilers. :x *zips lips*


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It's just... hard sometimes. Because you want to be in the right frame of mind when you watch things that you like.

Though as the months went by I became fond of Xellos with Filia.... which is hilarious because of how much I nerd-raged at it for many years. XP lol@me, I thought I'd never come around.
*pounces on you* YESSSSSS. Welcome to the dark side. And the light side. IN FACT: The light/dark fusion side. This pairing has got me under its hold so bad it's almost ridiculous.

Oh really @ Pokota/Midna? I'll have to finish watching the series/beat the game and find out what you mean. This might take awhile because of my aforementioned procrastination. And because I am not good at video games.


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The who light/dark fusion is what makes it interesting, really. Even though I still have uh, "unique" views of how the pairing is because the whole "Mazoku in love" thing canon has. :x PS. i love the pic in your current sig. XD

I only vaguely know the spoilers, but it's nothing big....to me (then again, I got spoiled. >__<).


Only Mostly Dead
Yeah... they sure have their fair share of complication. But I still adore the pairing.

Oh, and thanks!

Spoilers probably wouldn't matter that much to me. I've already heard quite a few Revolution spoilers and there's a good chance I'll never beat Twilight Princess.

A little rant on a possible Xellos/Filia (and Lina/Gourry, Zelgadis/Amelia, but I don't really focus on that) hint from the beginning of the Shrine of Marriage episode. Already posted up at Beloved Enemy:

Gotta love the Shrine of the God of Marriage episode. There's more I could go into here, but I want to focus on something I didn't catch the first time I saw the episode but was very pleased to find and I hope you'll like it as well.

When Jillas (in his super convincing disguise) leads our heroes to the shrine of the God of Marrriage, he informs them that in order to enter the temple they will have to be put in a boy/girl coupling.

Right after that a really quick zip-pan goes by in which you can see the characters' reactions to this. I apologize for the poor quality of the shot, but the pan goes by very fast and I only have Prt Scn and Windows Media player for taking screenshots. Stitched together it looks like this:


(If someone can get a better shot of this, I'd really appreciate it)

Amelia's looking at Zelgadis who has his eyes closed and is probably reflecting on how ridiculous the situation is. Lina and Gourry are both looking at each other. Thanks to Jillas's scheme their expectations are going to be challenged.

But forget about them. Look at Xellos and Filia! Either I've completely lost my sense of perspective or they're looking at each other.

Now this is the same Xellos and Filia who will be "objecting to this coupling" two minutes later. Inconsistent behavior? Very. Interesting? I think so.

Now, to be perfectly fair, this reaction does occur before Jillas gives his explanation of these couplings representing "the gods' chosen pairings", but I still think it means something.

In other news...

Fanfiction Updates
-New Chapter of Diplomacy (Xellos/Filia) by Skiyomi


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Oh wow, I think it does too. O__O I never noticed that.

Also speaking of Xellos/Filia pretty much everything by this artist (lol need Pixiv account) is awesome....I'd post my favorite one here but it's the bloody one there. o__0


Only Mostly Dead
I was pretty pleased when I found it. Especially since they don't look pissy at each other for once. They actually look kinda curious XD

Oh she is AMAZING. She's also got a DeviantArt account by the same name and she's very nice. I squealed and died a little of joy when I found out she read my stuff. XD

So, I'm usually a canon-person, you know. But a Slayers club I'm a member at on DA is doing a crack pairing challenge. I've already done a Gourry/Zangulus response (thanks for reading by the way!) But I might do some more. Though I have... strongly held views about Slayers pairings, so there are certain pairings I won't be writing no matter what. But it's nice to stretch myself a little.


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I just now found her dA account. I watched and comment/faved on my favorite one there. 8D

And a crack-pairing contest....I'd be all over that XD!


Only Mostly Dead
She's so super-cool. There are a lot of great Xellia artists on DeviantArt.

Crack-pairings are tough for me with Slayers, because I ulta-support Xellos/Filia, Zelgadis/Amelia, and Lina/Gourry, and when I'm that passionate about pairings -- I don't multiship. Especially not with writing.

To get ideas for the crack-pairing challenge, I literally used a randomizer to assign pairs. The most surreal moment was when Gaav/Gaav came up XD. Other ones that I thought were sort of interesting were: Hellmaster/Miwan (I don't know, I can sort of picture it!), Phil/Martina, Zangulus/Zelas (I actually got a lot of crazy Zelas ships), the sibling-stealing pairings of Zelgadis/Naga and Luna/Gourry, Valgaav/Dilgear (Hey, he would've fit in with Jillas and Gravos), and Milgazia/Martina.

Updates to the first post:
-Super sexay Xellos/Filia fanart from Desert Island [Images]
-"Just Rivals" by Skiyomi (Zangulus/Gourry) [Fanfiction]


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PFFFFT a lot of those are too crazy even for me. o__0 I need to try that randomizer thing one day...

Valgaav/Dilgear (Hey, he would've fit in with Jillas and Gravos)
Though now I want to see that/wish Dilgear WAS in TRY. XD
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