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Slayers General Shipping Thread

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by Skiyomi, Jun 1, 2009.

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  1. AbsolXWolf

    AbsolXWolf Well-Known Member

    This is me...being busy...Remembering that I have a boatload of stuff to do...And HECK WITH IT I'M GOING ONTO SEREBII
    Please do tell.
    Thank you for not forgetting about me! XD
    I had a chance to look at your healer and I was like "Whoa! It's Fillia!". The resemblance is kind of creepy. The Xellos link wouldn’t open for me, so I wouldn’t know what your monk looks like XD
    It really is too bad you can’t give her a mace…
    'Cause I'm betting she could kick monk
    monster-monk butt.
    Ignore it. Focus on Xellos and Fillia. Give in to their awesomeness. Can you feel the love
    randomness tonight?
  2. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Oh, I know how that goes. That's how I ended up writing a oneshot during dead week. WHY DO I MAKE THESE DECISIONS?!

    Uh... for any real writing I'd have to date back to Highschool and anything serious would be more college (as in the last couple of years).

    XD No problem!

    I know! It's amazing. That's why I was really happy to be able to name her after Filia.

    Here's a stable link to the Onmyo Monk. Yeah... too bad it doesn't look like Xellos at all. *sigh*

    XD Healers aren't really designed for bludgeoning impliment... but my Filly's different!


    Gaaaah. Just a little longer... once finals end on Wednesday I'll have more of a chance to work on Xellos/Filia fanfiction.
  3. AbsolXWolf

    AbsolXWolf Well-Known Member

    Because you like giving me stuff to read?

    Do you ever look back on your previous work and wonder "Who the heck wrote this--oh wait...I did."

    Just need to catch up...got two other people I need to review for too. SO much work *cries*

    I must apologize. I can't believe I mispelled her name in the last post. I usually don't do that. I hope I'm not getting sick or something.

    I'm sure it would look like the spitting image of Xellos...if I was drunk...and...I don't know...standing fifteen feet away. Then it would definitely look like him, I'm sure of it!

    I take it you don't have very many options to change the way this guy looks.

    Your finals end on Wednesday??? That is the epitome of unfairness. I don't get a break until the first week of December is over.

    BTW...Hey there Valgaav.
  4. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead


    Oh hell yes. That's probably why I avoid looking back at a lot of it XP it's embarrassing.

    :O I don't mean to make more work for you!

    I honestly didn't even notice it until you pointed it out.

    *sigh* It doesn't look anything like him. Who am I trying to fool?

    Not really. As you level them up you get options to make different color versions of them. I doubt there's a purple-hair one though. :(

    Well, I have 10-week trimesters. My reward is getting the month of December off. It consoles me during super fast-paced terms in which I have no days off and when I have to go back January 3rd. X_x

    Valgaav's taking the place that rightfully belongs to his adoptive parents!

    I want to do another screenshot taking session for Slayers Try... maybe I'll squeeze in some time after I finish my take-home English final.

    Oh! And here are some new Xellos/Filia graphics:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  5. AbsolXWolf

    AbsolXWolf Well-Known Member

    I was tempted to burn one story I wrote when I was in the fifth grade. I threw it away instead, because it was just too painful to look at.

    Noooooo! I like reading your stories. I just hope you don't take offense to my lack of spewing out reviews more often. Your stories deserve to get long-winded reviews, it's just that I don't seem to have a lot of time in the day to write them as often as I'd like to.

    I'm constantly bothered by my own spelling mistakes. It irritates me, and I secretly hope to myself that no one notices them and thinks I'm stupid or something. I know it's normal to mispell things now and again, but i can't help but be paranoid.

    You never know until you try, right? If the world were perfect, I'd have 5 billion dollars and not have to waste time going to college.

    Well then we're about even in terms of school time.

    YOU HAVE A TAKE-HOME FINAL??? I have two cumulative finals that aren't open-book. SO unfair *cries*

  6. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Yeah, I don't think I could force myself to look back quite that far. Sometimes stuff you look back on can have surprising gems in it--that's always nice. But sometimes it's just embarrassing X_x

    ...Of course, perhaps that embarrassment should be seen as positive. At least it means there's been progress!

    :D Thanks! There's absolutely no rush though. I'll be happy to hear from you when you have the time, but there's no need to press yourself on my account.

    :/ People who make a big deal about typos are usually just trying to look smart by putting someone down. 98% of the time typos are finger mistakes, not brain mistakes, and everyone makes them sometimes, regardless of intelligence. So don't worry about them!

    A helpful thing in Slayers is that there are different spellings of characters names :p

    Xellos--Xelloss. That kind of thing.

    Cry all you want, but take-home finals are always always more difficult and time intensive then regular tests. Anything is fair game to ask, you have to treat it like a real essay, and it can be much longer than class time would allow.

    :D Thanks! I was really happy with that one.

    I'm trying to brainstorm for my next chapter of Diary of a Dragon. I'm sure things'll bounce along far better once Xellos shows up and Filia can be all consumed with him. That'll be fun to write.
  7. AbsolXWolf

    AbsolXWolf Well-Known Member

    Yeah, maybe that's the only reason I even bothered to look back on something from as long ago as the fifth grade. It's...comforting to know that I'm not as bad as I used to be.

    I'm reviewing a couple of other people's stories, mainly one person in particular who promised to review mine in return. I wish I didn't have random family issues right now. Annnnnd the final exams coming up aren't exactly helping when it comes to time either. So yeah, needless to say I've been busy.

    Try telling that to the subconscious part of my brain that goes "YOU MADE A SPELLING MISTAKE YOU STUPID PERSON". XD

    Yeah, but I like to go with whatever spelling the person I'm talking to is using. Because I'm OCD like that.

    Ouch. Good luck with that. Or "break a leg", as we musicians might say.

    I'm just not happy with my grade at the moment. Granted, no one else is (the class average is around a 65% or so?), but it's still a little upsetting.

    If I can only figure out how to add images into my signature without the forums hating me...
    Ooooh...brainstorming! The point in the story where I type the word "random" into Google's images search engine to get ideas. You'd be surprised at what you find. You'd be even more surprised when you turn off the "safety" filter. lol
  8. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    I pretty much try to choose a spelling and stick to it, though I can't always even manage to do that. I think I'm pretty inconsistent between Claire Bible and Clair Bible, but I'm trying to get better at that.

    Thanks! Well, I'm all done now until January.

    :( I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck on your finals!

    Are the image tags not working or is it a problem finding a place to upload the image?

    XD I've never tried that--sounds scary.

    I did another round of screenshot taking; this time from episode 19 of Try. Here are the screenshots. Unfortunately there's no Xellos/Filia interaction, Xellos himself only makes his triumphant return from the land beyond the filler for about 30 seconds. Not really any shipping in general, actually. Unless you like...


    Jillas/Elena. ...Which I do, actually. They're really cute and it'd be nice to see Jillas return to his adoptive family after awhile (though I love him and Gravos working with Filia at the end too).
  9. AbsolXWolf

    AbsolXWolf Well-Known Member

    I'm not back for good yet, because several drastic things came up, but I did want to stop by and save this thread. You'd probably be disappointed if you had to close it due to inactivity. IT HASN'T BEEN 9 MONTHS YET AND NOW THE TIMER HAS BEEN RESET. MWAHAHA.

    I think I like Jillas/ Elena better than Jillas/Fillia. I think maybe because giant, anthropomorphic, talking foxes look best with other giant, anthropomorphic, talking foxes.
  10. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    Eee! Thank you so much for posting! I actually saw your post awhile back and was all squeeing at the threads revival, but I held off posting because I wanted to gather some rad new stuff for the thread... and then I forgot. *headdesk* So sorry about the delay, but I'm so glad you posted :)

    Yeah, I agree with you on Jillas/Elena. Don't get me wrong, Jillas's onesided crush on Filia is both cute and funny, but for who he'd actually end up with, I think Elena makes more sense.

    Let me see... what new material can I add here? Well, when I last posted in this thread I'd shared screenshots from episode 19 of Try. So many months later and I haven't done much more screenshotting to be honest. I got sidetracked. But I did screenshot 20 and 21. ...Unfortunately neither episode has much in the way of shipping material, so I don't have anything really to share from them. But if you (or anyone else) want to see the screenshots I've gathered anyway, here's the link to episode 20's gallery and Here's the link to episode 21's gallery.

    Once I get to episode 22 matters should improve. After all, I believe that's the one where Xellos takes Filia hostage. ...I should worry that I see that as shippy. But they're very close to each other so it counts!

    Umm... gotta find some new material to add... Oh! Graphics! I'm sure I have new shipping graphics since I last posted.

    *wipes brow* Phew! That's all for now.

    Once again, thanks for the activity boost, AbsolXWolf. Best of luck with things IRL.
  11. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    I didn't know this thread was bumpable O.O Ya guys got room for one more? :3

    Well, first of all, Skiyomi-san was the one who made me like Slayers >.> I've only seen Next, Try and Premium. The others, not yet. Just clips and bits from YouTube.

    What Slayers couples do you support?
    I'm a multishipper in everything I watch xD (They're in a row)

    Filia x Xellos (Ohoho. There's tons of reasons why this is my OTP in Slayers. One reason is that they always argue.)
    Amelia x Lina (They're always together and stuff :3 Not to mention the Hot Springs ;))
    Amelia x Xellos (Who said a monster and a princess can't be together? :p I'm into fairytales, that's why.)
    Xellos x Zelgadis (I was bored and I ended up reading a fic of them xD)
    Lina x Gourry (The kiss in Next. Wow. But weird they don't remember.)
    Amelia x Martina (They were both scared in that Doll ep in Next xD They ended up hugging each other)
    Amelia x Zelgadis (Half of my doesn't like this couple, so it's 50/50)
    Gourry x Zelgadis (Hah. Saw that weird commercial break scene of these two and I totally went LOL.)
    Jillias x Filia (Jillias had a thing for Filia. It was tooooo cuuuuute)
    Martina x Lina (That hot springs ep was really funny when they ended up fighing and called Lina a washboard xD)
    Martina x Zangulus (They're married... It was weird that it was sudden.)

    These are threesome shippys :3

    Filia x Jillias x Xellos (Wow, One likes Filia..the other likes to make fun of her..it's weird.)
    Xellos x Zelgadis x Amelia (I have no idea why I like this one xD)

    I've made alot of Filia/Xellos fan art... but this is my most fave :3
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2012
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