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Sleepless in Pre-Battle (572)

I'm kind of disappointed...

I knew Cresselia and Darkrai both appear in this ep, so I had very high expectations.
I wanted an epic battle scene packed with action, but the actual thing wasn't anywhere even close to that.

Team Rocket wasted wayyy to much screen time. So did Swinenub (although I'm not against its evolution in any way).

It also seemed ridiculous how a legendary Pokemon like Cresselia was owned by a simple TR net. Wow.

The battle between Cresselia and Darkrai was too short as well, and Darkrai sort of.... got owned too easily. How disappointing. I don't even think it used a noteworthy attack. This reminds me of Doc Brock when TR suddenly ran into a Zapdos.... This is like an insult to the legendary status!
That and how when Darkrai popped up I almost expected it to yell "OMFG HI ASH!!!"

Anyway. Disappointing episode, but slightly better than the average ep.


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I don't think it was a battle. I think it was a date, and Cresselia was annoyed because Darkrai showed up early. That was kind of a "yes, dear" sneaking off that he did.

(Okay, probably not, but it makes the lameness of the battle a bit more palatable.)


What a week to be here! Season Finale Time!

Screw the law! Jenny needs her beauty sleep!

How unfortunate that Croagunk can't insert a sickly "In your dreams" comeback right about now.

This is why I don't buy Gypsy crap.

If that machine is God, then I'm quitting.

Leave the sniffing to us folk with nostrils, Piplup.

About time you resurrected, Pokemon Jesus.

She was shot down for you sins.

TR really souped up that karpmobile. Poured soup all over it?

Let's not be silly guys. Swine containment doesn't work. You do not want the WHO all over ya.

That pork butt's boiling my blood(high cholesterol)! Dont make me go Egypt on you!

Piloswine: You'll never know a better tasting hump of ham. Eat it before it becomes stringy elephant meat!

Why hasn't Darkrai crawled back into the shadows yet?

Oh, it's a dance off (Fantina will decide if I'm sane). Darkrai always did have two left leg spikes.

Because of the Moon God we have the miracle of wet dreams, passing out, and snoozing instead of doing our work! Praise the Moon God! Bow down before her! Also burn sacrifices at a local communion of your choosing. ALL HAIL MOON GOD! ALL HAIL!

"Where is Cresselia going?"
"Probably some place we've never even heard of."
The atheist response.

6/10 I didn't hate this nearly as much as I should. Reasons? 1) Cranky Jenny 2) The Karp scaled a cliff 3) TR knocked our lord and saviour down to size (how often do these 3 do that to a legend?) 4) Manually beat the stuffing out of a swine. 5) Jessie's mad delight at Pika's pain 6) A fresh pair of tusks means THINGS WILL BE GETTING GORY AROUND HERE. Glad to have another Donphan in the team. So many episodes wouldn't be passable if not for the small things.


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That was an ok episode but not really as good for the season finale. Swinub evolving was good though and I liked the use of the lunar wing being used as well. Apart from that it was a bit disapointing
Having now seen the dub episode, I can still say that the episode was still extremely disappointing. It had promised so much, yet failed to deliver.
I think Swinub's evolution and 'battle' was far more entertaining than the uber battle.
I had really been hoping for a longer fight between Cresselia and Darkrai. A fight between two legendaries would, especially polar opposites, would normally be really exciting. Also, odd time for them to have Swinub evolve. Just kinda' threw it out there, don't you think?


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I think the episode was ok. I still can't believe a pokemon like Cresselia got caught by a net by TR. I would understand if it was by Hunter J.


2 Legendaries in one episode? This felt awkward.

I had hoped that Cressilia would get an episode for her own, instead of having to share one with Darkrai.

I liked the fact that Swinub evolved. That was unexpected. 7/10

Shadow XD001

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Darkrai was probably in this because it would be odd for Cresselia to appear out of no where for no reason and Darkrai is like a complete opposite. An actual battle would be cool as well.


Boring episode, except Swinub's evolution.

the battle between Cresselia and Darkrai wasn't good as we thought....


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Oy, the insomniac look for this episode on nearly everyone was ugly animation (though Wobbuffet's tired voice was cute). It seems odd that one machine of Team Rocket's would cause nightmares in everyone, which confused me the first time I watched this episode. At least repeat viewings helped me understand that the machine lured Darkrai, causing the nightmares. Makes me wonder where they got the machine (probably not the Magickarp Salesman LOL).

The Cresselia/Darkrai battle could have been better. I did like the part where Piplup sniffed out the Psyduck, though. And it's interesting that this is the show's first season finale with an evolution (it's true!). Too bad that it would mean Swinub becoming the modern-day equivalent of Ash's Charizard.


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I`m glad they had a evil Darkrai in this Episode.Swinube evovling into Piloswine was unexpected.It was nice to see the Moon Rivalry in this episode.



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I thought the Darkrai vs. Cresselia battle should have been a lot better than it was, pretty disappointing. But at least Swinub evolved into Piloswine. This was an OK episode.

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Was there a scene cut when Jenny was showing her Lunar wing? Because one moment Jenny pulls it out and then suddenly Dawn is saying "Lunar Wing pendant I have" or close to that but it looked like something was cut.

Not a bad episode I guess, I think there should have been a bigger battle between Cresslia and Darkrai.

You sure don't want to piss off Jenny lol, but you think she would know if it was forged.

Uh yes Ash, you can't sent someone to jail when you BLAST them off! I wonder if any Jenny ever gets ****** because technically they don't ever catch TR and that's because Ash and Pikachu blasts them off, is he aware that if Officer Jenny caught TR that they probably be in jail for a bit and wouldn't bother them.
It was good for Swinub to evolve though, and the episode could have been alot of better.

Last episode that was seen in Australia, it is taking forever for us to see the next season and I believe it's been about a year or so since S11 aired in Australia. It's so annoying considering you guys are on S13 now.
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