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Sleepless in Pre-Battle (572)

Hm, a lot of people here seem to be disappointed by this episode.

Personally, I think the plot for this episode is what a season finale should be. Not that every season finale should now have two legendaries battling.
Sorry, but Swinub evolving just didn't do it for me as much as I thought it was going to.

Awesome! we get to see Cresselia make her debut in the show. I'm calling Cresselia female because she looks like she can only be female. This episode made me like Cresselia a bit more. I think this is the first time I've ever seen Darkrai in the Anime. I haven't seen the movie he's in...yet.

And their you have it, ladies and gentlmen, the end of Battle Dimensions! It's been quite the ride hasn't it?

Bring on the Galactic Battles!

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I wanted to see Cresselia and Darkrai battle like Kyogre and Groudon did


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I think if I had to list my top 5 worst dp episodes, this one would probably be on that list. And that's not because the episode itself is that bad, b/c it really isn't. But, anyone watching at the time this episode actually came out knows how disappointing this episode was. It was very falsely advertised as Cressalia vs Darkrai; the preview contained the only fight scene b/w the two pokemon, as if to say, this is only a taste of what's to come. There are some really funny reviews in this thread about the absurdity of this.

This episode marks a transition in the story from Ash back to Dawn. Ever since Fantina's first appearance (which feels like a good few episodes ago), the story has really focused on Ash. A couple of episodes somewhere in that stretch had to do with Dawn, and they were both similar in that they showed Dawn not being able to take care of her pokemon properly, and feeling depressed as a result (one with Piplup and one with Pachirisu). But neither of those episodes are really that fun to watch for that plot point alone, and I think the story is beyond the point now where Dawn struggling with confidence is something that's entertaining to watch. It seemed to me with those episodes that the writers were really struggling to find what to do with Dawn's character. And this is their solution: have Swinub evolve. And it works well (I was really surprised by how entertained I was when I watched some of these future episodes; I knew what they would be about, and I thought it wouldn't be anything I hadn't seen before, but that wasn't the case), especially since it shows a progression of Dawn's character. I think it correlates to the way Piplup has been written in the past few episodes, where its vanity has gotten it into embarrassing, funny situations. And even though it's aware (and Dawn is aware) that this often happens, it still does it anyway. It doesn't mind the ensuing embarrassment, and Dawn doesn't really mind it, either. Dawn is that type of a quirky character; I really think May was sort of that way, too, and this type of storyline might have worked for her as well. I think I tend to appreciate this sort of stuff more from Dawn than I did for May b/c Dawn just strikes me as a quieter, more introverted character. She doesn't seem to me as being someone who's that concerned with how others view her (she cares about what Zoey says, she's supportive of Ash, and she normally says a witty comment to TR, or to Brock-that's really about all she does), and I think that goes to her talent level so far as a coordinator. Once Sinnoh is all said and done, I think it's fair to still to say that the Wallace Cup victory might be the achievement she's most remembered for. Unlike May, Dawn never feels like that superior type of coordinator-why should anyone really have something to say to her, in the first place? When the anime reached the Grand Festival part a few months ago, I think no one really had a clear idea of where Dawn would place, and whether that would be a disappointment or success. For Ash, we knew he would go far, b/c he's shown to be a better/more experienced trainer than just about anyone who's come his way, excluding Paul. How far Dawn would go was much more in the air.

That was quite a tangent. For the episode itself, this story could fit really, really well in the LoZ, the Wind Waker game. Sailing at night has quite the adventurous feel to it, there's islands everywhere, and even a shrine where a beautifully shining pokemon (a sage or something might be more befitting a LoZ game) is be summoned. Of course, there's an evil monster that's imprisoning the sage, so that has to be defeated (TR in this episode). And once the sage is freed, it's power enables the really bad guy to be sent back to another dimension (and since the bad guy is not destroyed, there's room for a sequel). Yep, I could really see this episode being incorporated into a LoZ game, particularly the Wind Waker. That's a good thing, and there's really nothing that wrong with this episode. There's even some fun normal scenes, like Dawn saying Ash should go shopping to get over his repeated rejection of not being able to find the gym leader (and also, I like how the writers are letting Ash's repeated sayings that he's going to win the gym go, and not inserting some sort of moral that Ash is arrogant-he isn't, and he has the right to be this confident; this is his fourth region of gyms, and he's been offered to be a frontier brain-no way he shouldn't be confident, especially after his last victory), as well as Brock skipping to Jenny to find out what's going on in the town. This episode's main negative was the terrible way it was advertised. It was like being told you would get the feather from a Cressalia, and instead received the feather from a Pidgey.


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This episode was ok. It was great to see Cresselia and Darkrai for the 1st time. It was cool to see Dawn's Swinub evolve into Piloswine and defeat TR to save Dawn and the others. It was cool to see how Darkrai's nightmares are in the Anime, when everyone was asleep. It was annoy that people were falling for the fake Lunar Wings that TR was selling everybody. It was cool to see Cresselia's Lunar Dance move. It was interesting how this implyed that Darkrai causes the nightmares, and Cresselia dispells them.



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Cool to see the debut of Cressilia. Nice to see Swinub to evolve into Piloswine. It was ashame that the battle was like 30 seconds long between Cressillia and Darkrai. Overall it was an okay episode. 7.5/10

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I loved the Arrested Development reference in the dub.

This should have been a two-parter. You don't just bring two legendaries into the anime to battle for three seconds.


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Sigh, this episode was disappointing. I was expecting a good battle between Cressilia and Darkrai, but instead we got a 30 second battle.
It annoyed me when Team Rocket managed to capture Cressilia with a net, it's right that they capture a lot of Pokemon with nets.....but capturing a Legendary Pokémon with a net was just plain stupid!
Swinub's evolution was unexpected, but I'm glad it finally evolved into Piloswine and taught Team Rocket a lesson.


I cackled when we saw the tired Canalave Gym referee and Officer Jenny. I also thought that Team Rocket's fake Lunar Wing scheme was pretty smart and clever. I liked seeing Ash and friends set off to Fullmoon Island and I screamed when Cresselia and Darkrai appeared and started chasing each other. Dawn's new Piloswine slayed as well.


Cresselia and Darkrai encountering each other seemed rushed and should have been saved for a movie or special instead of used in this filler. 5/10

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Hee hee, I liked how Team Rocket was making fake Lunar Wings, plus it was interesting seeing Cresselia make Darkrai leave Canalave city. I was pleasantly surprised to see Dawn's Swinub evolve however.
When I saw the hints of Cresselia and Darkrai's involvement here, I expected a huge fight between them which we didn't get. But I liked seeing the Lunar Wing. :)

Mrs. Oreo

When I saw the hints of Cresselia and Darkrai's involvement here, I expected a huge fight between them which we didn't get.

I'm guessing that Darkrai and Cresselia didn't get much of a showdown here due to time constraints, tho since we had seen Darkrai in a film already any ways, we didn't necessarily need to see him in action much here either. ^^;
It's interesting that this is DP's first season finale with an evolution, even though Swinub didn't deserve to evolve so suddenly. Too bad that it would mean Swinub becoming the modern-day equivalent of Ash's Charizard too.


Darkrai and Cresselia fighting was a letdown and Canalave City itself looked bland. The Lunar Wing plot from the games just wasn't handled well here at all.


Ever since Satoshi and his friends arrived in Mio City, I was expecting the Lunar Wing subplot from the games to show up. What I didn't expect was to see Darkrai have direct involvement since we had already seen one in the tenth movie. Creselia acting as the antidote to Darkrai's powers was fantastic, and I loved seeing Inomoo evolve, too.


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Darkrai and Cresselia colliding into each other a few times and Cresselia using Lunar Dance or whatever it was to end the battle felt so anti-climatic. Overall, not a whole lot happened in the episode.


Creselia versus Darkrai was admittedly kind of a letdown, although perhaps we didn't get much of a match between them due to Darkrai having already gotten enough screen-time back in Alamos Town.
Sucks how Ash and co. didn't exactly have a good time in Canalave City, first they got separated and now they had to solve a mystery involving the Lunar Wing and Darkrai. Cresselia could've been cooler if she had had a bigger fight with Darkrai but whatever. Dawn's Swinub evolving is what made me like his episode. Piloswine rocks.