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Sleight of Sand! (533)

uber gon

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WHY do ALL power pokémon have to know HYPER BEAM??!??!?!?!?? At least let one of them use Stone Edge or something......


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Hyper Beam, Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, etc. Is there a difference?

uber gon

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Dreams = Reality
I can see a difference!!! One is a normal type move, one is a steel type move.... etc

Also, It's understood that most pokemon that are that strong would be able use Hyperbeam, and there's nothing wrong with them using that move to show off their strength. Also, the writers always have a new way of making that attack look awesome!!


Team Awesome
Yay, the return of Butch and Cassidy. :) For their claims in the early episodes that Jessie and James stole their motto, it's funny that Butch and Cassidy have their own version 3.0 ("Listen, is that ... I hear?") motto when they haven't seen Jessie and James since season 9. I half expected them to recite a 2.0 ("An evil as old as the galaxy") motto instead, since that's the one they did with Jessie and James in "The Ol' Berate and Switch".

Apart from that, I enjoyed the Team Rocket action in this episode. I also liked the part where Jessie mangles Mamba... er, Nanba's... name and he yells at her on the phone. :D Pachirisu and hippopotas were cute in this episode too.


Dreams = Reality
The Nanba thing is hilarious, and on top of that, the Butch thing was awesome this time. How about their motto though, a bit of a let-down really.... Theirs had almost nothing in common with Jessie & James' one..... grrrr


Hadou Aprentice
Well, I think the Nanba thing was overdone, especially when Cassidy seemed like she was purposely screwing up Nanba's name at the end. "Oh look, it Professor Oompa."



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Another retuen of Butch and Cassidy.I re3ally thought Ash would get Hippopotas.

Pearl's Perap

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The only good thing that came from this episode was the return of Butch and Cassidy, just for the comedy value of Jessie and Cassidy's rivalry.

Nice to see the Hipopotas again, bit of a boring episode other than that, I really don't like the design of Hippowdon and the fact Pachirisu seemed to be navigating all around it from the inside ;/

Was nice 'seeing' Namba, too, even if they overdid the joke, much like with Butch's name



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Not sure why but this episode felt very first season to me..,

Cassidy's voic.. just sounded too much like Zoey's...

Best part of the episode was when They ryhorn tank fired the horn into the meowth balloon,.. the face the meowth balloon made. I laughed pretty loud.


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Just saw this ep out of boredom and curiosity since B&C are in it.

I really can't give it a fair review since I've long since grown out of Pokemon and think the show is a bit stupid now.

But I can say that once again I hate what was done to Butch and Cassidy. Personally I think they've on the decline since Johto, not just Chronicles. But Chronicles completely killed them.

The fact Cassidy yet again has a new voice annoys me. How many voice actors has she been through? I don't think this voice suits her - I really liked her original voice.

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Well i never would have thought that Butch would have a Shuckle, it doesn't seem mean enough for him.


It's a good thinking of the writes to give Butch and Cassidy Shuckle and Granbull.
Was good to see the Fire Fang.

Terry. T.

One and Only...
Dawn kept looking cute in this episode.
Kinda same for Hippopotas.