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Sleight of Sand! (533)


I watched this recently. I thought it was good the first time but now there are some issues.

I did like the fact that it started out with Pachirisu getting stuck in Hippowdon but then things got messy. I didn't like how Hippopotas appeared all of a sudden. That made things a little crowded.

Then we get the usual Team Rocket and their rival Butch and Cassidy thrown into the mix. It seemed like too many event happening at once :S 4/10


Man of Mystery
It was nice to see Butch & Cassidy again, I love when people mess up Butches name, it's always funny. I thought it was weird how Pachirisu was popping up out of all the holes on Hippowdon, what's on the inside of that thing? Overall this was an alright episode.

Willow's Tara

The Bewitched
Not a bad episode, it was nice to see Cassidy and Butch showing up, I remember watching this episode for the first time and I was thinking that Cassidy and Butch hadn't appeared in Sinnoh and wondered if they would and bam here they are lol. The fight between the two TR was kinda funny.
I liked how Pachirisu seemed to be in Hippodown's mouth too in a way, thing kept playing hide and seek lol but I don't want to imagine what it saw in there.
It was nice to see Butch and Cassidy again, and the robot fight was sort of amusing. How could Pachirisu survive in there?

You don't want to know.
Just kidding.

Ah, the return of Biff and Cassidy. Haven't seen these guys in a while!

Lance The Champ

The Aura Guardian
James doesn't hate Butch nearly as much as Jessie hates Cassidy


No longer posting
This episode was ok... It was a very funny episode. It was cool to see a Hippowdon for the 1st time, man that thing is huge! It was funny when Pachirisu went into Hippowdon's nose, and then got stuck. It was great to see Hippopotas back again. It was odd to see that Butch now has a Shuckle and Cassidy now has a Granbull. Those 2 Pokemon don't seem to fit with them...



Lover of underrated characters
I liked this episode it was funny how everyone messed up Butch`s and that professor name`s. I also wished Hippopatos was caught by Ash

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
I really don't like the implications that come with Pachirisu going in the mouth and coming out its pores on its back. Does that mean Hippowdon doesn't digest food? Does that mean actually all that sand is Hippowdon...excreting? Euch.

I do sometimes find the name confusion tiresome, but not this episode. Not with "Professor Fanboy" oh sorry, "Oompa."

Hooch and Cassidy having Shuckle does seem slightly random. It'd be like the TRio with a Kricketot. Just...random.

Hippowdon still doesn't physically make sense as a Pokemon to me. I think someone threw up on Sugimori's pad one day and he mistook it for a new sketch.

Also, thumbs up to Meowth balloon changing expressions before exploding.


The Pokémon Punk
Hippopotas yawn scenes were always hilarious! It's a shame Ash didn't catch it...
And the return (and the final time we see them, as of this moment) of Butch & Cassidy? AWESOME!
Fun filler! I'd give it a 7.8/10


Just a member
I liked this episode. It's funny seeing Dawn's Pachirisu getting stuck inside Hippowdon....Pachirisu appearing out of Hippowdon's nose was funny too.

Good to see Cassidy and Bif Butch after a long time, it was funny when Butch and Dr.Namba's names keep getting mispronounced.


I thought it was cute how some of the Pokemon were building sand castles in the desert and I screamed when Hippowdon flipped over and when Namba got his cameo. TR's Slowbro mecha made Butch and Cassidy's Rhyhorn mecha look basic in my view, and I was surprised that Butch and Cassidy now had a Granbull and Shuckle of all Pokemon.


Butch & Cassidy returning made the episode worthwhile because we hadn't seen those 2 clowns in ages. Poor Pachirisu getting stuck in Hippowdon though. 8/10

Mrs. Oreo

Aww I liked seeing the group's pokemon playing in the sand as well as seeing the Hippopotas from before again ha ha. Cassidy and Butch were fun, especially the Rhyhorn mecha vs Slowbro mecha scenes.
Dawn's little Pachirisu being stuck in Hippowdon's mouth was my favorite scene from here. However, it made me sad that this wasn't a Bertha episode.
Ugh, I hate what was done to Butch and Cassidy. Personally I think they've on the decline since Johto, not just Chronicles. The fact that Cassidy yet again has a new dub voice annoyed me. How many voice actors has she been through? :/


When I saw Hippowdon, I got excited thinking that we'd see Bertha here. I was still happy with the end result though since Hippopotas coming back was cool.

Mrs. Oreo

When I saw Hippowdon, I got excited thinking that we'd see Bertha here.

Hmmm well I didn't expect to see her here myself cuz the chances were slim regardless of the Hippowdon. I kind of preferred seeing Butch and Cassidy return over seeing Bertha here any ways.


Hippopotas was just as cute as I remember. As good as it was to see Cassidy & Butch in Sinnoh, I hated their dubbed voices. Also, why did they have such a silly scheme planned here? Using mechas was Jessie, James & Meowth's specialty, not Cassidy & Butch's. I miss the days when those two were competent. ;_;


Pachirisu getting stuck inside of Kabarudon was humorous, and I was glad that the writers remembered that Kabarudon is immune to Electric-type attacks. I was so pleased to see Hippopotas again, although Yamato and Kosaburou's comeback was unexpected. I didn't like their incompetence here, nor did I think that Granbull and Tsubotsubo suited them.