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slightly changed i have to verify between silver and soulsilver

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation I & II Discussion' started by pantelis, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. pantelis

    pantelis Member

    I've been playing pokemon for long. My favourite was Charizard and i am proud to have achived one of the best avaliable in red version. (The first one yes).

    Stats were:

    Hp: 357
    Attack : 257
    Defence: 234
    S.a. : 318
    Speed: 299

    My main wonder is, if there is any way to make a similar one in soul silver or heart gold. I've tried the E.V. training but always some stats were way too lower. This is something that happened with more pokemon. None of the current ones is as good as the old ones. I think this is the end of it. If there really is any way to make the similar, i am doing something wrong i would really want you to infrom me.

    Thanks in advance, Pantelis.
  2. Ocosn

    Ocosn Member

    EV's and IV's worked differently in Generation 1/2 to what they do today. Back in Gen 1/2, you could maximize the EV's in all of your stats.

    Also, I'm actually amazed by your Charizard's stats. Some seem to be higher than what Smogon says they can be in Gen 1/2...

    HIT - 359
    ATT - 266
    DEF - 254
    SPA - 316
    SPD - 268 (Special in Gen 1)
    SPE - 298
  3. pantelis

    pantelis Member

    You all proove my point right :) New pokemon can't be as good as old ones. And to someone like me who got used to have high stats pokemon for all those years is going to be hard to get used to the new fashion again :)
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