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Slightly less boring than your average OU team but still a fairly boring team [OU]


Largely Inactive
So this is my team, I've been using this team, or a variation of it, since before black and white actually came out from when the first base stats and DW abilities were announced, this is it's most recent incarnation. There's no real theme but I guess you could say it's bulky offense with some slight twists.



Mienshao 'Kaji' @ Life orb
Jolly, 252 atk, 252 spe, 4 spd
-Fake out
-High jump kick
-Stone edge

Standard set, was a popular lead at the start of 5th gen but has fallen out of favour recently for reasons that are completely beyond me. I use Stone edge over the sometimes prefered HP ice for killing Ninetails leads and also hurting Volcarona, a stray Chandelure or any ghost such as Gengar or Jellicent that thinks they can safely switch in on me. It means I'm useless against Landorus and Gliscor but they aren't major issues. One of Mienshao's main strengths is his surprise factor. Not many people expect him to OHKO an Ferrothorn with HJK or a Dragonite or Salamence (the former after stealth rocks or fake out) straight of the bat. He's also useful for cleaning up any mess left behind by my main sweepers late game. U-turn is just for scouting, blah blah blah.

Offensive powerhouse 1:


Dragonite 'Billy' @ Leftovers
Adamant, 252 HP, 252 atk, 4 spe
-Dragon dance
-Dragon claw
-Fire punch

Again not a great deviation from the standard, I choose to run EVs in HP for maximum bulk to allow me as many drago dances as possible, after 2 or 3 he can outspeed pretty much anything anyway, plus he's almost impossible to OHKO allowing my at least 1 dragon dance most of the time, which is still enough to rip through some slower teams. Roost is there for some reliable recovery, it also removes my flying weakness to ice which is great in semi stall battles when I'm trying to set up against something with a weak ice attack. Dragon claw is obvious safe STAB and fire punch hits everything else hard (bar heatran, who is not a problem when fully set up anyway), totally nuking Scizor, Forretress and Ferrothorn. Dragonite does have some problems with pokemon such as Donphan, Terrakion, Gliscor and Landorus if he's not sufficiently buffed, however Gyarados can deal with all of these (except terrakion to an extent) efficiently. He can also be crippled by burn or paralysis, and toxic is quite annoying too, yet if I see one these moves coming I can easily turn the tables by switching out to Xatu, unless I have 2 or 3 dragon dances up already in which case I'll just hot as many things as hard as I can before I die.

Offensive powerhouse 2:


Gyarados 'Jimmy' @ Leftovers
Adamant, 124 HP, 252 atk, 132 spe
-Dragon dance
-Ice fang

Nothing greatly original here, designed to work in harmony with dragonite and provide an alternative sweeper whose job to take out more stall based teams. Dragonite has no problem with shrugging of raw damage due to his amazing ability and roost, yet he has problems with status users. Gyarados is the opposite, sub lets him block an incoming toxic or will-o-wisp and gain a free turn or two to dragon dance up. The EVs were probably designed a long time ago to outspeed something specific, but I have long since forgotten what, after that I just maxed attack for raw damage output and threw the rest in HP to make it easier to set up. Waterfall is my generic reliable STAB move that rips through teams by its self, and has the nice added effect of flinching, which has saved me on a few occasions. Ice fang is the generic coverage move for the grass types that are popular on sun teams, dragons and anything that resists waterfall due to an ability like jellicent or toxicroak. He can rip through sandstorm teams pretty much solo, and he's great against sun, he doesn't do too well against pokemon that like to use thunder in rain though, but after a few DD's this is not a great threat. Of course like dragonite he doesn't like rocks, and if I miss predict being paralysed or burned can be fatal, but that's why Xatu's there. Which brings me on to...

Dual screens/general support:


Xatu 'Charles' @ Light clay
Timid, 252 HP, 36 spd, 220 spe
Magic bounce
-Light screen
-Thunder wave

Not a very common pokemon in OU, yet it's remarkably effective. Magic bounce is godly, it can completely wreck spikers, taunt users and statusers when predicted correctly. If the opponent runs a support lead I generally switch straight from Mienshao into Xatu to reflect back rocks or whatever they are trying to use (unless it's a Ferrothorn which I can easily OHKO), then set up dual screens using the free turns I have as they spin away their own hazards or switch away. If necessary I then use T-wave to cripple, and wish to lessen the impact of switching in, and switch to either gyarados or dragonite depending on the situation, then use the dual screens too set up as many dragon dances as possible, and sweep. Simple when it works. Assuming Xatu doesn't die throughout this process (which he does about 70%of the time) he can come back in later on a willow wisp or thunder wave aimed at my sweepers, and provide some late game thunder wave support, or at least be used as fodder to allow Mienshao another fake out in the late late game. EVs allow it to outspeed everything it needs too, and provide powerful wishes if needed, with the rest in spd for luck.

Physically defensive core/Shuffler:


Steelix 'Steely Dan' @ Leftovers
Sassy, 252 HP, 252 spd, 4 atk
-Gyro ball
-Dragon tail
-Stealth rocks

The latest addition to my team, acts as a safe switch in against electric attacks aimed at Gyarados or Tentacruel, as well as providing stealth rock support (assuming my opponent hasn't already done that for me) and shuffling around any wanna be setup sweepers. He's also a decent dragon counter due to his monstrous defense and steel typing, plus he has sturdy if he needs to take a fire blast in order to dragon tail away a salamence or something. Gyro ball and earthquake are just some hard hitting moves to do if I have any free turns, they both do respectable damage and can even KO squishy sweepers like Alakazam. No real thought put into the EVs to be honest, just max HP as usual and throw the rest into special defence to improve his lackluster base stat, with the last one in attack because why not. Finally...

Specially defensive core/spinner:


Tentacruel 'Davey' @ Black sludge
Bold, 252 HP, 240 def, 16 spe
Rain dish
-Ice beam
-Rapid spin
-Toxic spikes

Pretty common set, EVs designed to maximise bulk and provide just enough speed to outspeed whatever. Rapid spin is there incase some entry hazards slip through Xatu's net, as they can be fatal to both Gyarados and Dragonite and toxic spikes is there to provide a little extra support that gives the sweepers a little more leeway, and helps to counter stall intensive teams. I find it more useful than straight up toxic as toxic is easily healed by blissey or celebi, this way nothing can escape it (bar the things immune to it of course), it also makes them less likely to switch, which makes setting up dragon dances easier. Scald is there as a decent strength STAB move with the godly added effect of a 30% chance to burn, it can cripple enemy physical sweepers. And ice beam is there as a coverage move that hits gliscor a bit harder and wrecks weakened dragons, it also allows me to actually hurt jellicent if I need to.

So, that's my team, I'm far from a noob but I'm no pro at this game either, all and any help and advice welcomed, as long as it's not 'lel change everything to a rain team and use the same 6 pokemon as everyone else'




Random Master
Your team is nice but has a weakness of Pokemon such as Mamoswine with Eq ,Ice Shard ,Stone Edge and Standard Landorus. Rock and Ground (Standard Sand) Gives your team alot of true. Basically you need to change a Pokemon the one which stands out to me the most is the Steelix (I once myself was using Steelix in OU but please from personal experience it isnt the right pokemon), I would recommend removing Steelix for Latias (Yes I know an Ice weakness but at +1 you will be soaking up those hits), Specially Defensive with Calm Mind, Psyshock, Recover and Dragon Pulse. This gives syngery between your two walls as what's effective against Tentacruel wouldn't be against Latias. I do understand that removing Steelix you have no Stealth Rocker.... Another thing I can recommend is Changing your Tentacruel to Specially Defensive and replacing Steelix for Skarmory (But this only allows more Electric Weaknesses) Even a Physically Defensive Uxie with Stealth Rocks can do you good.

One last thing on your Gyrados, I would change the Item to Lum Berry and remove substitute for BOUNCE! Yes bounce, you would be surprised about how much damage Bounce can do at +1 to many teams as most dont have a real counter to a Flying Move and bare in mind most that do are weak to water moves. I myself have be wreaked by a Moxie Bounce Gyrados and have started to use it and wreak many others :)