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Slow Start ability

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Raptorg, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. Tabs The Omnipotent Hamster

    Tabs The Omnipotent Hamster And yet, it moves!

    If you were turned into a statue, thrown into the middle of an ice rink and sealed inside a temple, you'd be pretty slow too.
  2. Phrexyian Garguantua

    Phrexyian Garguantua Gyarados Tamer

    What ****** me off about him is that he can't learn TM's that would help him survive that 5 turns...Namely Will-O-Wisp and Bulk Up. (Although he did get Confuse Ray, which is a bonus, I guess.)
  3. jse

    jse Pokémon Imaginer

    I think Slow Start is a silly ability...like useless ability...I never thought of pokemon diamond and pearl have this type of ability
  4. _outrage

    _outrage Member

    waist of an ability. i know its to make him less god-like, but its stupid.
  5. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite Member

    Just teach it Avalanche and that will do it. my untrained Regigigas used that on a lvl82-ish pokemon(i don't remember what it was, but it wasn't super effective or weak) and it took out about 1/3 of it's HP, so if they where at the same lvl, odd's are that would have been a OHKO, or very close.
  6. RedBaron

    RedBaron Well-Known Member

    Regigigas can actually work very well in doubles with support from gastro acid, skill swap, or worry seed.
  7. Dark Romantic

    Dark Romantic New Member

    I guess you could force the ability on the foe with skill swap
  8. LordKelvin

    LordKelvin It's not Lupus.

    ...except that Regigigas can't learn Skill Swap, and any Pokemon on your team that does the Skill Swap would get royally screwed in a double battle.
  9. RDSchley

    RDSchley The Anti-Hero

    I actually used a Xatu with skill swap with regigigas. It worked extremely well. my regi isn't perfect so i can't say that its a perfect double battler but skill swap once on regi then skill swap agian on an enemy pokemon... nasty. my regi knew EQ, Giga Impact (yeah so!?), Ice/Thunder Punch. Just experimenting.

    Anyway it turned out fairly well, my only concern is Xatu ofcourse now being uber slow but it turned out okay. You just gotta get skill swap off before xatu gets KOed. Choice scarf..
  10. A-Burrito

    A-Burrito <-- Favourite Shiny

    skill swap is fair i guess. but it would be an uber god with pure power lol, imagine that
  11. HazzaY2J

    HazzaY2J </3 Kid

    There is no point, it just is annoying It should just have pressure, or something like that.
  12. I think Regigigas might be practical in Singles as well, maybe alongside Celebi? Ninjask? The SubSeeding strategy would work, only that Celebi would be the one passing it. Then, if the opponent switches, the Substitute would stay intact and give Gigas an extra turn to cripple the enemy or Focus Punch. If they attack the Substitute will be gone but Regigigas will be able to implement SubseedPunch itself. And its not just Celebi, many BPers can help Gigas by passing all kinds of boosts. I was thinking of a set like this though

    Thunder Wave/Endure
    Focus Punch

    It wont be so good against Ghosts and Psychic-Types but it is viable on other types. Pity I cant give it a powerful STAB because then it would be Ghost/Flying Fodder. Even without support this just possibly could survive long enough for SS to wear off if the opponent falls victim to paralysis or if he switches...... man AT LEAST they should have given Gigas Protect. Endure is an option for survival after Gigas loses all its Substitutes.... but with just a base 100 Speed many could outspeed it so this is flawed. Best for late-game sweeping.

    Or it could have a pure support set

    Regigigas@Lum Berry/Leftovers
    Thunder Wave
    Knock Off
    Confuse Ray
    Giga Impact

    THis is also good for late-game performance, as they probably wont be able to heal Paralyzation if they only have 1-3 Pokemon left (hopefully no Natural Cure, Aromatherapy, and Heal Bell). Confuse Ray usually causes a switch, if possible. Knock Off is also a good move, taking off a held item. Giga Impact is like a "Kamikaze" move, though it phails if your opponent sets up during your recharge turn.

    Or you could suprise your opponent by simply saying "I dont give a damn about the ability he is just a bulky sweeper lets do this" with something like this

    Regigigas@Leftovers/Life Orb/Choice Band
    Giga Impact/Brick Break
    Fire Punch/Thunder Punch
    Return/Giga Impact

    I do believe in Kamikaze moves for Pokemon in desperate situations to make a final, I-will-put-my-life-into-this-attack shot. Hyper Beam really has helped me kill Pokemon other moves couldnt and made my Porygon-Z go down in peace, knowing it has done all it could.

    Go for Special Attack/HP for a pleasent suprise (Special Attack is the same as Attack assuming SS is in effect) too if you want, though it is completely limited to TBolt, Focus Blast, Hyper Beam, and and Hidden Power. (which really is not bad)

    Regigigas does have many possibilities and he is hard to use but I dont believe he is NEAR useless. It takes creativity. If he dint have Slow Start he would be UBER material...... no he would ABOVE ubers, as even though his Total Stats are the same as normal ubers, they are more well-placed than most. Regigigas would be like Arceus, only less bulky and much much stronger
  13. Wait.... Medicham could learn Pure Power...... hmm idea strikes.

    Ninjask Used Protect
    Medicham used Detect

    Ninjask's Speed Boost raised its speed

    Ninjask used Baton Pass
    Regigigas came out
    Medicham used Skill Swap

    Regigigas sweeps the frick out of everybody that is not flying or does not have Levitate with EQ, its also bulky enough to whitstand a few hits, though its partner could help Protect Gigas with say Follow Me, Hypnosis, or Fake Out.

    Mmmm yea tasty...... new BL Team idea! *starts using Nasty Plot*

    EDIT: Oh shucks it can't...... well this is still a great combo no matter WHO I use as my Skill Swapper, because Regigigas has enough power to devestate most everything in BL with Speed Boosted and stats at max.
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2008
  14. LightingKimba

    LightingKimba Listenin' t'Dragons!

    Uh.. You know that if you remove Slow Start prematurely, the stats do NOT jump back up. Instead, you're just screwing yourself.
  15. GokuRikaku

    GokuRikaku Derp

    Your sure? I tryed it once and it work... I used Gastro Acid on that thing and it did got speedyer... but since I didn't train it, it didn't do too good anyways.

    Pokemon Battle Revolution had this in its "How to play" in battle mode about double battle strategies, saying to remove the effect of Slow Start use Gastro Acid...

    Heres something off-topic, I battle someone with Regigigas, I used Gardevoir, iy copyed Slow Start, it got screwed...
  16. shinygroudon232

    shinygroudon232 I plead the 5th!!

    There is no point to it. Just deal with it. I would suggest using his tanking capabilities.
  17. The best pokemon to go into 2-on-2 battles with Regigas that comes with skill swap, gastro acid, or worry seed is actually shuckle. Shuckle comes with huge defense stats that just require HP EVs to make him survivable. he should go out with:

    Gastro Acid, of course
    Thunderwave/Toxic to assit Regigas to defeat the pokemon
    Protect to annoy the opponent, preferably maxed pp
    Stealth rock to stop the switching in of some pokemon
    and leftovers so that he heals during all the time they attempt to knock out Regigas.

    This strategy should also work nicely with slaking who is not used much because of truant.
  18. EmpoleonRules

    EmpoleonRules Water FTW!

    Yeah but i think they should let it be powerful or at least make slow start with less turns
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2008
  19. regigigas is held back by slow start. regigigas also cant learn rest(a Killer) or Explosion (otherwise it would destroy)
  20. regigigas is held back by slow start. regigigas also cant learn rest(a Killer) or Explosion (otherwise it would destroy)
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