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Slowbro Roolz


Pokemon Master

Weavile @life orb
-swords dance
-brick break
-ice punch
-night slash

-OMG its a Weavile without a choice band!!!!!

Yanmega @expert belt
-bug buzz
-air slash

-The Assassin.

Heatran @choice specs
-earth power
-dragon pulse

-Dragon pulse kills the new dragons and explosion is for Blissey.

Slowbro @wache berry
-ice beam
-thunder wave
-slack off

-So many people underestimate Slowbro. He can wall really well with a combination of slack off and thunder wave.

Togekiss @leftovers
-air slash
-grass knot
-thunder wave

-Togekiss went so far above Togetic. Overall a good special wall.

Magnezone @light clay
-luster cannon
-light screen

-Luster cannon is there to take out the rock/ground types that would normally wall him.


Well-Known Member
You should put some Natures/EVs.

Leftovers > Wache Berry on Slowbro.