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Slyph's 6th Generation Breeding Shop

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Sylpheon, Dec 29, 2013.

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  1. Sylpheon

    Sylpheon ❀Sylveon❀


    Welcome to Sylph's XY Breeding Shop! In this thread, you will find Pokemon that I have bred for competitive use. Although there are not a lot currently, the list will continue to expand, so I hope you visit often. Enjoy your stay. :)

    - ALL Serebii rules apply to this thread
    - Don't constantly ask if your Pokemon is ready. I will PM you or post in the thread when it is
    - Only make comments related to a trade.
    - Have fun :)

    Trading Information
    Friend Code: 4484 8949 7886
    In Game Name: Trixy
    Timezone: EST

    Things I accept
    - 5IV Pokemon I don't have
    - 48BP items
    - Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos*Worth three Pokemon, one time offer on one*
    - Better IV Spreads of Pokemon I already own
    - Shiny Pokemon*Depending on the IVs, they may be worth 3-6 Pokemon*
    - 5IV Ditto's are worth five Pokemon.

    Things you should know
    - I don't do cross generation trades
    - I can breed low ratio Male/Female Pokemon on request, but they will require a breeding pair due to the gender ratio
    - As mentioned in the opening sentence, the selection is minimal currently, but will get larger as time passes
    - Hidden Abilities are currently unavailable to Ralts and Absol
    - I do not breed specific PokeBalls, as I find they are irrelevant
    - V.I.P List - Order gets higher priority

    Pokemon currently in stock

    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]






    Things I am looking for specifically ONLY EGG MOVES WITH * ARE REQUIRED
    - 5IV Swablu - Female, Calm, Natural Cure, [-Att] Hyper Voice
    - 5IV Rotom - N/A, Modest, Levitate, [-Att]
    - 5IV Venipede - Female, Adamant/Jolly, Speed Boost, [-Sp.Att] Toxic Spikes - *Spikes*
    - 5IV Scatterbug - Female, Timid, Compoundeyes, [-Att]
    - 5IV Skarmory - Female, Impish, Sturdy, [-Sp.Att] *Whirlwind* - *Brave Bird* - Stealth Rock
    - 5IV Phanpy - Female, Impish, Sturdy, [-Sp.Att] *Ice Shard* - *Play Rough*
    - 5IV Spritzee - Female, Calm/Relaxed/Bold, Healer/Aroma Veil, [-Att] *Wish*
    - 5IV Pumpkaboo - Female, Impish/Careful, Frisk, [-Sp.Att]
    - 5IV Vullaby - Female, Impish/Careful, Overcoat, [-Sp.Att] *Foul Play* - *Knock Off*
    - 5IV Abra - Female, Timid, Magic Guard, [-Att]

    Trade Form
    To avoid further confusion, please use this form.
    Name(Forum and In Game Name):
    Friend Code:
    Wanted IV Spread:
    Egg Move(s):

    Offer Form
    IV Spread:
    Egg Move(s):

    Failure to follow any of these rules will result in me ignoring your post.

    Have fun, and Happy New Year. :)

    Dew Watatsumi - Solosis
    Mega-Absol - Tyrunt, Vulpix, Marill, Mawile
    Sito - Mawile
    MarcDKramer - Tyrunt
    Charizard_Rulez84 - Tyrunt, Flabebe
    Sito - Flabebe, Solosis
    Dew Watatsumi - Absol
    Charizard_Rulez84 - Tyrunt, Flabebe
    ohjeezitskim - Solosis
    RasenShuriken6 - Mawile
    RasenShuriken6 - Flabebe, Tyrunt
    Corbins Mix - Squirtle
    Sito - Squirtle

    None for now

    2797jake - Klefki
    Sito - Squirtle
    The Mighty Tuma - Flabebe, Tyrunt


    Last edited: Mar 14, 2014
  2. Sylpheon

    Sylpheon ❀Sylveon❀

    I will start taking requests tomorrow. :)
  3. Sito

    Sito Shiny Breeder

    Could I have a Adamant Male Mawile 31/31/31/x/31/31 with egg moves, Fire Fang,Ice Fang and Sucker Punch, I can offer you a pair of 5IV 31/31/31/x/31/31 Adamant Technician Scythers with egg moves Baton Pass and Night Slash.
  4. Sylpheon

    Sylpheon ❀Sylveon❀

    @Sito: Approved. :)
  5. Charizard_Rulez84

    Charizard_Rulez84 Pika Pika

    i'm interested in your tyrunt adamant male with poison ice fire DD and your blue flower flabebe calm w/it's HA
    i have chimchar, treecko, turtwig with HA i can offer or possibly honedge already bred 31/31/31/xx/31/0
  6. Sylpheon

    Sylpheon ❀Sylveon❀

    @Charizard_Rulez84: Could you give me the exact IV spreads of the Turtwig and Honedge?
  7. Charizard_Rulez84

    Charizard_Rulez84 Pika Pika

    honedge has 31/31/31/xx/31/0 brave nature male turtwig is all random i just got em however i have plenty of ditto from safari i can breed u one with nature n spread u want
  8. FairyWitch

    FairyWitch Metroid Hunter

    charizard ditto can't breed XD not sure if you know that unless you mean you breed a turtwig with ditto its just how you worded it but congrats on your shop slyph ;)
  9. Sylpheon

    Sylpheon ❀Sylveon❀

    @Charizard_Rulez84: Honedge is accepted. Would you be able to breed a Calm Turtwig with the IV Spread [31/31/31/xx/31/31]? Or if its 4IV - [31/31/31/xx/31/xx] Also thanks Fairy :3
  10. Charizard_Rulez84

    Charizard_Rulez84 Pika Pika

    yah meant with turtwig :p

    yes i can breed u turtwig with calm nature n 31/31/31/xx/31/31 i will get started tomorrow after work :)
  11. Sylpheon

    Sylpheon ❀Sylveon❀

    Okay thanks. :) Also, is your Trade Shop open right now? xD
  12. Charizard_Rulez84

    Charizard_Rulez84 Pika Pika

    no prob :)
    yes it is, 5th gen though n haven't updated it in a while only holds about half the shiny pokes i actually own
  13. Mega Typhlosion

    Mega Typhlosion Pyreon | VGC Player

    Good luck for your shop Sylpheon ;)
  14. Sylpheon

    Sylpheon ❀Sylveon❀

    Thanks. :3
  15. Mega-Absol

    Mega-Absol Elite Four No. 3

    Name: Mega-Absol / Noel
    Friend Code: You have mine.
    Want: Mawile and Marill
    Gender(s): Female
    Ability(s): Intimidate and Huge Power (respectively)
    Nature(s): Adamant
    Nickname(s): None
    Timezone: GMT

    I have a shiny female Relaxed Wooper with Water Absorb and 31/x/31/x/31/31 IVs. I can add to my offer if you want.
  16. Dew Watatsumi

    Dew Watatsumi Water Type E-3

    Hi Sylph.

    I do have a 5IV Zorua

    Name(Forum and In Game Name):Dew/Jesse
    Friend Code:
    Want:5iv Solosis
    Ability(s):Magic Guard
    Timezone:GMT-6 (US. Central)
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2013
  17. Sylpheon

    Sylpheon ❀Sylveon❀

    Mega-Absol: Is the Wooper for both of them? I'm willing to offer a third one, since its shiny.
    Dew Watatsumi: Accepted. :)
  18. tomatohater

    tomatohater Golden Sun 4?

    Good luck with your shop bestie!
  19. Sylpheon

    Sylpheon ❀Sylveon❀

    @Dew Watatsumi: Are you able to trade right now? I have a Solosis ready for you. :)
    Thanks Tom :3
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2013
  20. Mega-Absol

    Mega-Absol Elite Four No. 3

    Yes, it was for the both of them. I figured, since it's not 5IVs and not Unaware it'd only be worth 2.
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