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Slyph's 6th Generation Breeding Shop

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Dragon Enthusiast
Name(Forum and In Game Name): dracolosse IGN Keenan
Friend Code: 4081 - 5563 - 2326
Want: Solosis
Gender(s): Female
Ability(s): Magic Guard
Nature(s): Bold
Nickname(s): Bloppy
Timezone: GMT +7
Egg Move(s): none

Can offer Adamant Scrappy kangaskhan 31/31/31/xx/31/31 or Modest Clauncher 31/xx/31/31/31/31


@dracolosse: I'll take the Clauncher, accepted. :)

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
Sorry for the long time in breed requests. Schoolwork has been holding me up, and only have about 30minutes a day to breed requests. I'll try my best to finish though. :)

Its fine, we're all in that spot


Klefki has been added to the card list. *Note* Most of your requests are all finished, however, planning to trade all at once on Saturday. You'll receive a VM from me when I'm ready. :)

Lightning Dragon

Name(Forum and In Game Name): Forsaken Greninja/Starvein
Friend Code: 1950 7549 3968
Want: Shiny Tyrunt?
Gender(s): Female if possible
Ability(s): Really doesn't matter
Nature(s): Adamant?
Nickname(s): Starlight
Timezone: Central Time Zone -6
Egg Move(s): I really don't care, as long as it's good for competitive...

I will offer anything from my shop (And anything else if I can get my hands on stuff)

Lightning Dragon

What would you like for it? I really don't have much... as I've only caught 10ish shinies, and one of my friends took one of an extra because Milotic (-.-)

But, my shop might have something you might want though, so please do take a look!


Name(Forum and In Game Name):2797jake, Jake
Friend Code:3282-2707-2566
Ability(s):huge power
Nickname(s):Big Blue
Egg Move(s):play Rough, Belly Drum

I can offer 5IV Venipede with any ability, and with spikes and toxic spikes if needed


Aura Controller
Name(Forum and In Game Name): FZ./FZ
Friend Code: 1736-0916-4512
Want: Flabebe
Gender(s): Any
Ability(s): Flower Veil
Nature(s): Calm
Nickname(s): --
Timezone: GMT +1
Egg Move(s): --
"--" means none

I can offer you an adamant charmander with dragon dance, flare blitz, and outrage(31/31/31/x/31/31) OR a modest porygon(31/x/31/31/31/31).


Well-Known Member
Name(Forum and In Game Name): ohjeezitskim / Serana
Friend Code: 3411-0939-9232
Want: Solosis
Gender(s): Female
Ability(s): Magic Guard
Nature(s): Bold
Nickname(s): None
Timezone: GMT -5:00
Egg Move(s): None

I can offer a female 5IV Gible with Iron Head/Outrage,
5IV Chimchar HA with Thunder/Fire Punch,
5IV Physical and Special Charmander w/ Dragon Dance, Crunch, D Pulse/ D Pulse, Ancient Power
5IV Cyndaquil with Flame Burst/Extrasensory
5IV Totodile with DD, Ice Punch, Aqua Jet

If you aren't interested in any of those, my trade shop in my sig has plenty more!
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Well-Known Member
Name(Forum and In Game Name): Rasenshuriken6/Ichigo
Friend Code: 2637 9986 5257
Want: Mawile
Gender(s): Male
Ability(s): Intimidate
Nature(s): Adamant
Nickname(s): None
Timezone: EST
Egg Move(s): Any

I can offer you either a male or female timid Espurr with a spread of 31/x/31/31/31/31 and egg moves yawn, assist, trick and barrier. Also with hidden abilities.


Updates to the shop roster! Shown below.
Fennekin - New Egg Move(s): Heat Wave
Dratini - New Egg Move(s): Dragon Dance || Dragon Rush || Aqua Jet || Extreme Speed
Turtwig - Added!
Misdreavus - Added!
Froakie - Added!
Mienfoo - Added!

Also, requesting IV breeders. Of course, you can attain a copy for yourself when breeding.
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